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260 Best Ferret Names: Both Fun and Furry

Find endearing and mischievous ferret names for the most beguiling of creatures you know.

Ferrets are not as well known as other small creatures in the animal world. They are natural predators and are sometimes referred to as “little thieves.” Naming a ferret seems fun, but you might want more facts before deciding on the best one.

Check out our list of cool ferret names for the most interesting little creatures. Through these well-categorized names for ferret boys and girls, plus cool nicknames, you’ll discover all kinds of names for ferret boys and girls. Let’s take a peek!

85 Adventurous Male Ferret Names

Find the most entertaining male ferret names your little guy will love.

  1. Ace – from the Latin “as,” meaning “one”; a title for a ruler (or ferret who rules).
  2. Alex – from Alexander and the Greek Alexandros, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  3. Angus – an Anglo form of the Scottish Gaelic Aonghas, meaning “one choice.”
  4. Asher – means “blessed” in Hebrew from “osher,” meaning “happiness,” and appears in the Bible.
  5. Barney – a nickname for Barnaby and Bernard, meaning “strong as a bear.”
  6. Benji – a diminutive of Benjamin, meaning “son of the right hand”; Jacob’s youngest son in the Bible.
  7. Bernie – means “strong and brave bear,” based on the German Bernard.
  8. Brady – one of the cutest boy ferret names meaning “descendant of Brádach,” “large-chested,” and “broad eyes.”
  9. Buck – an Old English name for a male deer that also means “cowboy.”
  10. Buddy – an English nickname for a “friend” like your favorite baby ferret.
  11. Buster – a famous vintage nickname meaning “tough guy” in the U.S.
  12. Buzz – is made up of the Old Norse “buskr,” meaning “bush,” and “býr,” meaning “village.”
  13. Caleb – has many meanings in Hebrew, like “faithful,” “whole-hearted,” “bold,” and “brave.”
  14. Camden – means “winding valley” in Scottish, though among male names for ferrets, it works for both genders.
  15. Carter – an occupational surname for someone who transports goods from place to place.
  16. Casper – means “treasurer” in Aramaic for ferrets who scavenge for gold (or mice).
  17. Chase – a French nickname for “huntsmen,” fitting for a predatory ferret.
  18. Chip – a cute nickname for Charles based on the Old English “ceorl,” meaning “free man.”
  19. Clyde – means “warm” and “friendly” in Scottish, inspired by The River Clyde that flows through Glasgow.
  20. Conan – an Anglo variation of the Celtic Conán, a famous Irish mythological hero.
  21. Cyrano – means “from Cyrene” in Greek and is known as Cyrano de Bergerac.
  22. Dax – means “leader” in French; also from the Germanic “dachs,” meaning “badger.”
  23. Dennis – relates to the Greek Dionysus, the god of fertility and wine.
  24. Dexter – an English occupational surname meaning “dyer”; also means “right-handed” and “fortunate.”
  25. Dino – an Italian nickname for Bernadino, meaning “little sword” and “brave bear.”
  26. Donald – an English form of the Scottish Domhnall, meaning “ruler of the world.”
  27. Duke – means “leader” in Latin and is used as a title for English nobility.
  28. Ellis – a Welsh name meaning “kind” and “benevolent” that’s also a form of Elijah.
  29. Enzo – an Italian nickname for Lorenzo, meaning “home-ruler”; relates to the German Heinz.
  30. Ernie – means “serious” or “resolute” in German as a nickname for Ernest.
  31. Felix – means “happy,” “lucky,” or “fortunate” in Latin; an ancient Roman nickname for a successful person.
  32. Fernando – associated with the Spanish Ferdinand, meaning “adventurer” or “bold voyager.”
  33. Floyd – comes from the Welsh Llwyd,” meaning “gray”; used for someone “gray-haired.”
  34. Fozzy – a variation of “fuzzy bear,” created by Frank Oz for Fozzy, one of the Muppets.
  35. Freddie – means “peaceful ruler,” and “power,” as a short form of Frederick.
  36. Gabe – short for Gabriel, meaning “hero of God” in Hebrew as one of the seven archangels.
  37. Gus – a nickname for the Latin Augustus, meaning “majestic” and “exalted.”
  38. Harry – a medieval Old English variation of Henry, meaning “home-ruler.”
  39. Hector – based on the Greek Hektor, meaning “steadfast,” for the Trojan War hero.
  40. Hercules – composed of the Greek “heros,” meaning “hero,” and “kleos,” meaning “glory,” the Roman son of Zeus.
  41. Hob – an antiquated Old English nickname for Robert, meaning “bright fame.”
  42. Holden – means “valley” as an Old English surname associated with J.D. Salinger’s Holden Caulfield.
  43. Hunter – an occupational surname for “one who hunts” and “pursuer” in England.
  44. Ivan – a Slavic form of John, meaning “gift of God,” based on the Hebrew Yôḥānān.
  45. Izzy – a funny hamster character appearing in the Japanese ZhuZhus Wiki.
  46. Jasper – means “treasurer” in Persian and is one of the three biblical Wise Men.
  47. Jax – the short form of Jackson, meaning “son of Jack,” which became popular in the 20th-century.
  48. Julian – a Latin name meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child,” inspired by Julias Caesar.
  49. Kenneth – an Anglo version of the Gaelic Cainnech, meaning “handsome” and “comely.”
  50. Lancelot – means “land” or “territory” in French and is one of the most heroic ferret name ideas.
  51. Lennox – is from a region of Scotland, meaning “with many elm trees” and “elm grove.”
  52. Leo – a nickname for Leonard, meaning “brave” or “lionhearted man.”
  53. Logan – a Gaelic-Scottish name based on “lagan,” meaning “little cove” or “small hollow.”
  54. Maxwell – means “great stream,” taken from the name for the Scottish Mack’s stream.
  55. Merlin – derived from the Welsh Myrddin, meaning “sea fortress”; an Arthurian Legend wizard.
  56. Mickey – an adorable nickname for Michael, meaning “who resembles God?” as a powerful archangel.
  57. Nash – inspired by the Old English “atten ash,” meaning “at/by the ash tree.”
  58. Oliver – refers to “ancestor’s descendants” in Old Norse and represents the olive tree.
  59. Omar – one of the most popular Islamic names meaning “flourishing” and “long-lived.”
  60. Oscar – its many meanings include “God spear,” “deer-lover,” and “champion warrior.”
  61. Owen – means “noble-born” and “young warrior” as an Anglo version of the Welsh Owain.
  62. Parker – an Old English occupational name for a “keeper of the park.”
  63. Pedro – the Spanish version of Peter, meaning “stone” or “rock” from the Latin Petros.
  64. Percy – means someone “piercing the valley” from the Old French “percehaie,” meaning “pierce hedge.”
  65. Reed – from the Old English “read,” meaning “red” for a ferret with reddish-brown fur.
  66. Remy – means “oarsman” or “remedy” in French, based on the French city of Rheims.
  67. Robin – a once medieval nickname for Robert, meaning “bright fame.”
  68. Roman – originally a word for a “Roman citizen,” from Romanus in Latin.
  69. Sammy – a nickname for the Hebrew Samuel, meaning “God has heard.”
  70. Sid – a cool vintage example of male ferret names, meaning “wide meadow” in Old English.
  71. Snoopy – the most well-known among male ferret names and a doggie character from Peanuts.
  72. Sonny – an Italian nickname for names like Salvatore and Santino, meaning “son.”
  73. Spike – a unique American name meaning “long, heavy nail,” fit for tough guy ferrets.
  74. Stewart – composed of the Old English “stig,” meaning “house” and “weard,” meaning “guard.”
  75. Theo – a nickname for Theodore from the Greek Theodōros, meaning “gift of God.”
  76. Titus – from the Latin “titulus,” meaning “title of honor” and the name of a Roman emperor.
  77. Toby – the short form of Tobias, from the Hebrew Tobiyah, meaning “God is good.”
  78. Tyson – means “high spirited” in French from “tison,” meaning “ember” or “firebrand.”
  79. Vince – a nickname for Vincent, meaning “conquering” and “prevailing.”
  80. Walter – is made of the German “wald,” meaning “rule,” and “hari,” meaning “army.”
  81. Weston – an Old English surname meaning “from the Western town (or enclosure).”
  82. Wyatt – from the medieval Wyot, a nickname for Wigheard, meaning “brave at war.”
  83. Xavier – means “new house” and “bright” in Arabic, most famous for St. Francis Xavier.
  84. Zane – an Anglo form of the Arabic Zayn meaning “beauty” and “grace.”
  85. Zorro – means “fox” in Spanish and is the most mischievous of male ferret names.

85 Beautiful Female Ferret Names

Celebrate the prettiest female ferret names for feisty ferret gals.

  1. Abbie – is based on the Hebrew Abigail, meaning “my father is joyful.”
  2. Amber – its many meanings include “the sky” in Sanskrit and “jewel” in Arabic.
  3. Arabella – a Latin name meaning “yielding to prayer”; also “eagle heroine” and “beautiful.”
  4. Ari – means “eagle” in Scandinavian, “lion” in Hebrew, and “sun-like” in Indian-Badaga.
  5. Athena – one of the strongest female ferret names inspired by the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  6. Aubrey – a French version of the German Alberic, meaning “ruler of elves.”
  7. Aurelia – based on the ancient Roman Aurelius, meaning “the golden one.”
  8. Autumn – refers to the fall or “season of harvest” when taken from the Latin “autumnus.”
  9. Azalea – means “dry,” as the Greek “azaleos,” and is a flower name for your pretty little ferret.
  10. Bella – a diminutive for names ending in “-bella”; meaning “beautiful” in French.
  11. Blair – means “plain,” “battlefield,” and “meadow,” derived from the Scottish-Gaelic “blár.”
  12. Blondie – means “light hair” in Latin and is the perfect nickname for a blonde or Albino ferret.
  13. Brooke – derived from the Old English “bróc,” meaning “brook” or “stream.”
  14. Callie – from the Greek Callisto, meaning “beautiful”; a nymph in Greek mythology.
  15. Candy – refers to all “sweets” or “confectionary” when a ferret is too sweet for words.
  16. Clementine – means “mild” or “merciful” in French as the female form of Clement.
  17. Coco – one of the most popular monikers that’s the Frenchest of female ferret names.
  18. Daisy – from the Old English “daegeseage,” meaning “the day’s eye,” for the most cheerful of ferrets.
  19. Daphne – a nymph from Greek mythology whose name means “laurel tree.”
  20. Dawn – refers to the “first light of daybreak” for ferrets who head out early.
  21. Delia – means “from Delos,” a Greek island where Artemis and Apollo were born.
  22. Desi – means “desired” in French and is also a boy’s name based on the Latin Desiderio.
  23. Dora – a nickname for both Dorothea and Theodora, meaning “gift from God.”
  24. Dottie – a sweet pet name for Dorothy that’s also linked with Dot.
  25. Ellie – a nickname for Helen or Ellen inspired by the Boeothian princess in Greek mythology.
  26. Farrah – means “happiness” or “joy” in Arabic, among the prettiest female ferret names.
  27. Felicity – derived from the Latin “felicitas,” meaning “happiness” and “good fortune.”
  28. Fiona – from the Gaelic “fionn,” meaning “fair” or “pal,” also belonging to Shrek’s wife, the famous ogre.
  29. Flora – comes from the Latin “flos,” meaning “flower” for the Roman goddess of flowers.
  30. Frida – means “peace” in Spanish, made famous by Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.
  31. Gianna – an Italian diminutive of Giovanna, the female form of John.
  32. Gidget – an invented American name combining “girl” and “midget” after a 1960s TV series.
  33. Gigi – a nickname for Georgianne, the female form of George,” meaning “earthworker” in Greek.
  34. Gillian – an Anglo variation of the Latin Juliana, meaning “youthful” and “Jove’s child.”
  35. Gracie – a short form of Grace, one of the Puritan names meaning “favor” or “blessing.”
  36. Gwin – taken from the Welsh “gwyn,” meaning “fair” or “white,” interchangeable with Gwen.
  37. Hannah – taken from the biblical Hebrew Channah, meaning “favor” or “grace.”
  38. Harriet – originally from the Old German Henriette, meaning “home-ruler” as a form of Henry.
  39. Hazel – taken from the hazel tree and the brown-green color hazel.
  40. Heidi – the short form of the Germanic Adelheid, meaning “noble kind or type.”
  41. Ivy – from the Old English “ifig,” used to describe an ivy plant.
  42. Jamie – taken from the biblical James, meaning “he who supplants;” also popular for girls.
  43. Jewel – means “precious stone” and the glittery best of female ferret names.
  44. Jill – a name for a female ferret; also means “youthful” based on Juliana.
  45. Josie – a nickname for the French Josephine, from Joseph, meaning “God increases.”
  46. June – derived from Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth.
  47. Kierra – similar to the Irish Kiara, meaning “dark,” and the Greek Kira, meaning “lord.”
  48. Lila – comes from the Arabic Layla, meaning “night”; it means “play” in Sanskrit.
  49. Lily – means “pure” and is a pretty representation of the Lily flower symbolizing “purity.”
  50. Liona – means “lioness” in Italian from the ancient Latin “leo,” meaning “lion.”
  51. Lucy – is based on the Roman Lucius, meaning “light”; once given to girls born at dawn.
  52. Luna – in Roman mythology, Luna was the divine personification of the moon.
  53. Maddie – means “woman from Magdala” in Hebrew; refers to a “young, unmarried woman.”
  54. Mae – also May to symbolize the calendar month and the Roman goddess of the spring.
  55. Matilda – the most playful of ferret name ideas based on the German Mahthildis, meaning “mighty battle.”
  56. Maya – means “illusion” or “magic” in Sanskrit; another name for the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.
  57. Melody – made up of the Greek “melos,” meaning “song,” and “odos,” meaning “way.”
  58. Mia – comes from the Slavic Mila, meaning “dear”; it means “mine” in Italian.
  59. Millie – a nickname for the Latin Millicent, meaning “gentle strength” and “strong at work.”
  60. Mina – a German pet name meaning “love” most famous as a character in Dracula.
  61. Muffet – means “from the long field” in Gaelic, a fun nod to the “Little Miss Muffet” nursery rhyme.
  62. Nala – a Swahili name meaning “queen” and “lion” appearing in the Disney film The Lion King.
  63. Nellie – from the Latin Cornelia and Greek Eleanor; means “horn” and “sun ray.”
  64. Nikki – a nickname for Nicole, based on the Greek Nicholas, meaning “victory.”
  65. Olive – from the Latin “oliva,” meaning “olive tree,” a symbol of peace.
  66. Opal – means “precious stone” in Sanskrit; a symbol of truth and prophecy.
  67. Penny – is short for the Greek Penelope, meaning “weaver”; also Odysseus’s wife in The Odyssey.
  68. Pixie – the most whimsical of ferret names based on a Celtic word meaning “fairy” or “elf.”
  69. Roxie – a form of Roxanne, meaning “dawn” in Persian, also spelled Roxy.
  70. Sadie – a biblical diminutive of Sarah, meaning “princess” in Hebrew.
  71. Sage – means “wise” or “healthy” in Latin and is an aromatic spice.
  72. Sally – associated with Sarah, meaning “princess”; also short for Salome, meaning “peace.”
  73. Sasha – a Russian pet name for Alexandra, meaning “defender of mankind.”
  74. Sassy – refers to someone from the Saxon tribe; it means “cheeky” and “impudent.”
  75. Sawyer – a unisex occupational name given to a “woodcutter” in Old English.
  76. Shania – a Native American-Ojibwa name meaning “I’m on my way”; a variation of Shaina, meaning “beautiful.”
  77. Simone – a French female form of Simon, meaning “hearkening” (to listen) in Hebrew.
  78. Sofia – a variation of Sophia, meaning “wisdom” in Greek; Sophie for short.
  79. Sunny – refers to various meanings like “sunshine,” “happiness,” or a “cheerful temperament.”
  80. Suzy – taken from the Hebrew Shôshannâh, meaning “lily” and “joyful.”
  81. Sydney – the only official place name on the list of unique names for ferrets.
  82. Tessa – an Old English short form of Theresa, meaning “harvester” or “reaper.”
  83. Trudie – means “strength of a spear as a nickname for the German Gertrude.
  84. Xena – pronounced “ZEE-nah” in Greek, meaning “guest” or “stranger”; known for Xena, the Warrior Princess.
  85. Zooey – both a Hebrew and Greek name meaning “life”; a geeky hedgehog character in Sonic Wiki.

90 Adorable Unisex Ferret Nicknames

There’s no shortage of endearing ferret nicknames based on color, personality, and scent!

  1. Antic – refers to an “old soul,” a Serbo-Croatian surname derived from the Latin Antonius.
  2. Arrow – used in war and a symbol of “peace” and “alliance” for fast-moving ferrets.
  3. Astro – describes anything “from the stars” in Greek, also a dog in The Jetsons.
  4. Bandit – another word for “thief” given to ferrets who are as mischievous as a raccoon.
  5. Beady – an Irish variation of the surname Beatty, meaning “voyager through life.”
  6. Biscuit – refers to a bread product in the U.S. and a cookie in the U.K.
  7. Blaze – from the Latin “blaesus,” meaning “stutter” or “lisp”; also means “fire” or “flame.”
  8. Bolt – from the English “thunderbolt,” also meaning “lock” and “to run away.”
  9. Boomer – a Dutch occupational name for a “barrier guard” or a “lumberjack.”
  10. Bouncy – another word for a ferret who is “peppy,” “spirited,” and “zippy.”
  11. Brainy – a pet name among ferret name ideas for the smartest ferret you know.
  12. Bristle – means “stiff hair” and perfectly suits a ferret with a rigid aesthetic.
  13. Chance – a unisex diminutive of the English Chauncey, meaning “good fortune.”
  14. Chatty – a nickname for Charles or Charlotte, meaning “free man”; a pun for a chirpy ferret.
  15. Cheery – sometimes used for those named Cheryl or Cherith; associated with a happy disposition.
  16. Chippy – a nickname for the surname Carpenter, perfect for ferrets who like to talk.
  17. Chuckles – a cute pet name for Chuck or Charles when your ferret can’t stop smiling.
  18. Cinder – means “low burning ash or wood” in Old English meant for a black or gray ferret.
  19. Cinnamon – the name of a popular spice; can be used for a reddish-brown ferret.
  20. Cuddles – refers to hugging closely, which many ferrets are known to do.
  21. Dash – from Dashiell, meaning “to run quickly,” as peppy ferrets love doing.
  22. Ember – means “spark” or “burning low” from the Old English “æmerge.”
  23. Fireball – refers to a “bright meteor” or a “bright, energetic person” (or ferret).
  24. Flash – a DC comics character almost as fast as an excited young ferret.
  25. Freckle – when you’ve got a spotted ferret on your hands, only Freckle will do.
  26. Frisky – means “playful” and “lively,” which usually applies to dogs but also works for ferrets.
  27. Frolic – means “fun” or “merriment,” like when pairs of ferrets romp in the leaves or snow.
  28. Gizmo – refers to a “gadget” or “device,” a character name in the Gremlin movies.
  29. Goofy – means “crazy” or “silly,” just like the lovable Disney character.
  30. Hightail – an American slang term referring to a cow that raises its tail.
  31. Hooligan – a surname of an Irish family appearing in a late 19th-century song, meaning “rowdy.”
  32. Imp – describes a European mythological creature similar to a fairy (or an adorable ferret).
  33. Jagger – an English occupational name for “one who carts”; the surname of Rolling Stones’ Mick Jagger.
  34. Jester – a medieval entertainer in the royal court perfect for the most playful of ferret names.
  35. Jolly – a French nickname for someone with a “cheerful” or “attractive” personality.
  36. Kits – a term for ferret babies, usually born in a group of eight.
  37. Kodo – an exotic Japanese word meaning “heartbeat”; also means “children of the drum.”
  38. Liberty – comes from the Latin “libertas,” the Roman personification of freedom.
  39. Lightspeed – describes moving at the “speed of light,” which some ferrets can do.
  40. Loony – associated with a Loon bird and an American nickname for a “crazy” person (or ferret).
  41. Lyric – means “songlike” when derived from the Greek “lyrikos,” meaning “of the lyre.”
  42. Maverick – means “an independent man who avoids conformity,” one of the most powerful names for ferrets.
  43. Merry – refers to anything “joyful” or “lighthearted” for a ferret with a happy disposition.
  44. Mighty – another word for “powerful,” given to someone who is “very strong.”
  45. Nibbles – the ideal nickname for a ferret who loves chewing on anything they can find.
  46. Noisy – describes anything or anyone making noise, like a ferret chirping away.
  47. Oreo – an ode to the famous cookie when a black and white ferret looks like a skunk.
  48. Orion – means “dawning” or “great hunter”; the name of a famous constellation.
  49. Peppy – a special variation of the Spanish Pepe/Pepita, meaning “God will increase.”
  50. Perky – means “spritely” or “lively” when a ferret has a lot of energy.
  51. Plushie – when your ferret reminds you more of a soft, velvety plush toy.
  52. Podo – one-half of a pair of ferret characters Kodo and Podo in the Beastmaster movie.
  53. Prankster – refers to a person who plays pranks, which a playful ferret may love to do.
  54. Puck – means “goblin” or “sprite” and is Shakespeare’s sprite in A Midsummer Night’s Dream.
  55. Rapscallion – a vintage term for “one who is playfully mischievous,” which a fun-loving ferret may be.
  56. Renegade – means “defector” or “rebel” for ferrets who think outside the box.
  57. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – the name given to a mongoose character in The Jungle Book.
  58. Riot – describes any kind of “violent civil disorder,” like when ferrets aren’t fed on time.
  59. Rocket – from the Italian “rocchetta,” meaning “bobbin” or “little spindle”; short for a rocket ship.
  60. Rowdy – another word for “boisterous” for a ferret with a lot of life in them.
  61. Rush – taken from the Old English “rysc,” meaning “dweller by the rushes.”
  62. Scalawag – when ferrets act like pirates, calling them a “disreputable fellow” works.
  63. Scamp – another word for a “rascal,” “rogue,” or any mischievous person.
  64. Scooter – a lovable nickname for “someone from Scotland” or a person named Scott.
  65. Scoundrel – means “wicked person” or “villain” when a ferret acts out.
  66. Seeker – means a person “looking for something,” whether spiritual or actual.
  67. Silky – a good description for a ferret with smooth, soft fur.
  68. Slick – means “sleek,” “plump,” and “fat”; also a nickname for a “clever” person.
  69. Spaz – a modern nickname for a “stupid or clumsy person” when your ferret can’t sit still.
  70. Sprite – derived from the Latin “spiritus,” meaning “spirit,” as another term for a “fairy.”
  71. Squeaker – the ideal moniker for a ferret who loves to squeak.
  72. Stinky – the only name that reflects the sometimes unfavorable shite odor ferrets create.
  73. Streak – an obscure Old English surname for a “strong man” appearing at a fair.
  74. Swift – describes anything “quick” and “windblown” and works well for celebs like Taylor Swift.
  75. Swindler – an American term for someone who “steals money” (or food if you’re a ferret).
  76. Tricky – a way to describe a “difficult” or “challenging” task or a term for a clever ferret.
  77. Troublemaker – the only nickname for a ferret who likes to cause a ruckus whenever possible.
  78. Velocity – means “swiftness” and “speed,” which works for ferrets who can run up to 30 mph.
  79. Velvet – a “soft-napped” fabric once associated with nobility that fits a ferret with smooth fur.
  80. Wiggles – aptly describes the funny zigzag pattern ferrets sometimes run in.
  81. Winter – the coldest season, ideal if your ferret was born during winter.
  82. Wiry – a great way to describe a ferret’s body, which is both thin and strong.
  83. Wolverine – another member of the weasel family similar to ferrets in behavior.
  84. Woozle – describes fictional creatures in Winnie-the-Pooh who are very similar to ferrets.
  85. Zander – a nickname for Alexander, meaning “defender of man” in Greek.
  86. Zen – refers to “mediation” in Japanese Buddhist culture for a ferret focused on calm.
  87. Zephyr – inspired by the ancient Roman god Zephyrus, who ruled the west wind.
  88. Zesty – means “lively” and “pleasing,” which best describes an excitable ferret.
  89. Zippy – refers to anything “speedy,” “bright,” or “spirited”; short for the Hebrew Zipporah, meaning “bird.”
  90. Zoom – means “fast” or “sudden”; the popular video mode of communication nowadays.

Ferret Names FAQ

Are Boy Or Girl Ferrets Nicer?

Ferrets are known for being social creatures, but it’s important to remember that they’re natural hunters. When a ferret of either gender is neutered, it can help quell aggression. Male ferrets are larger than female ferrets and are sometimes considered more lazy. Female ferrets can be seen as more independent and less cuddly than their male counterparts.

Do Ferrets Learn Their Name?

Ferrets are known for their intelligence among the weasel family. Many recognize having their name called, along with responding to other voice commands. Some ferrets are capable of doing tricks like a dog or being trained to use a litter box like a cat. Once you get a ferret to respond to their name, there’s no telling what else you can teach them to do!

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