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Best Dual Screen Baby Monitors of 2023

Which dual-screen baby monitor is right for you?

Baby monitors have come a long way since the world’s first baby monitor, the Zenith Radio Nurse, hit the store shelves in 1937 (1). Today’s baby monitors range from basic audio models to simple video baby cams to multi-featured dual-screen baby monitors that track your baby’s sleeping patterns, monitor their breathing, and change their night-time diapers.

Okay, so there isn’t a baby monitor that will notice your little one’s diaper is dirty and change it for you — yet. But until that day comes, these are what we consider to be the best dual-screen and multi-camera baby monitors on the market today.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor – Two Infant Wi-Fi Cameras with Overhead...
Best Image Quality
Motorola: Halo+: Video Baby Monitor
  • Has lights, sounds, & stories
  • Aurora baby tracking utility
  • Built-in light show projector
Product Image of the Owlet Cam 2 Pack Smart Baby Monitor - Secure, Encrypted HD Video from Anywhere,...
Best with Multiple Cameras
Owlet Cam: Smart Baby Monitor 2 Pack
  • Encrypted secure connection
  • Comes with safe wall mounting kit
  • Add ons available
Product Image of the VTech VM3261-2 2.8” Digital Video Baby Monitor with 2 Pan & Tilt Cameras, Full...
Best Budget Dual Screen
VTech: VM3261 Baby Monitor
  • 260 degree pan & tilt cameras
  • Night light with color & night-vision
  • Temperature monitoring with lullabies
Product Image of the Nanit Complete Monitor System with Breathing Motion: Nanit Plus Wall Mount +...
Best with Extra Features
Nanit: Complete Baby Monitoring System
  • Sleep training guidance
  • Has digital scrapbook
  • Comes with travel stand
Product Image of the [Newly Upgraded] VTech VM350-2 Video Monitor with Battery supports 12-hr...
Best Secure Dual Screen
VTech: VM350-2 Baby Monitor
  • Large 5 inch monitor
  • 5 lullabies & 4 ambient sounds
  • Temperature monitoring
Product Image of the Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD Cameras with Infrared Night Vision...
Best with Two-Way Audio
Motorola: Video Baby Monitor
  • Has infrared night vision
  • Split screen monitor
  • Remote camera control
Product Image of the Babysense New Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio, Supplied with Two...
Best for Night Use
Babysense Video Baby Monitor
  • Auto eco-mode
  • Lots of extra features
  • Great quality display

The Best Dual Screen Baby Monitors of 2023

With all of those points in mind and plenty of experience with nighttime baby monitoring, these are what we consider to be the best dual-screen baby monitors.

1. Motorola: Halo+: Video Baby Monitor

Best Image Quality

The Motorola Halo+ monitors can be used as free-standing cameras you place on a desk or dresser top.

Alternatively, the system comes with a housing that holds the camera that can be affixed to the crib or mounted to the wall. The crib mount doesn’t require any tools or additional fixings and is easy to install, even for those of us who are not practically gifted.

Camera feeds and functions can be controlled and viewed either on your smart device or the monitor provided. You can also use the two-way audio with either.

Photo of the Motorola: Halo+: Video Baby Monitor

What We Like

Lights, Sounds, and Stories

The night light has seven different colors and a built-in light show projector, both of which can be controlled via the app or monitor. Also, the app and monitor control ten pre-installed lullabies and ten pre-installed audiobooks. You can also download more.

This is a great feature as it means you can provide comfort or amusement for your child without going into the room and further waking them up.

Aurora Baby Tracking Utility

A movement sensor in the camera tracks and records how much and when your baby moves. This information can be used to track your child’s sleep patterns. In addition, the Aurora utility lets you track development using growth, feeding, and diaper change data you can input.

What We Don't Like


Although the essential app functions are free, to benefit from all of the app’s sleep diary and tracking systems a subscription is required. This costs less than $30 per year but is still an additional expense to be considered.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras,1 monitor, mounting kit
Coverage Unlimited
Display size 4.5 inches or smart device
Camera resolution 1080p
Battery life Approximately 3 hours (parent unit)

2. Owlet Cam: Smart Baby Monitor 2 Pack

Best with Multiple Cameras

The Owl Cam streams to your smart device via a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi connection. You can stream the camera feed to as many devices as you like, wherever you want, making this a good option for traveling caregivers. Add up to four cameras to your system, and you can switch between cameras by scrolling.

Cameras have:

  • 130-degree wide-angle view
  • Infrared night vision
  • Pinch to zoom function
  • Room temperature monitoring

The two-way audio works with or without the camera feed. When you use the background audio feature, the Owlet Cam audio will transmit to your smart device, even without the Owlet app open.

Photo of the Owlet Cam: Smart Baby Monitor 2 Pack

What We Like


Both cams use AES 128-bit encryption and TLS connection. As long as you follow recommended security practices, this will keep your connection secure from casual intruders.


The cameras come with a safe wall mounting kit. This easy-to-install device keeps the camera wires covered, preventing inquisitive little fingers from getting hold of them.

Add Ons Available

This camera also pairs with the Owlet Smart Sock. Available separately, the Owlet Smart Sock monitors your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels, live-streaming the data to your smart device.

What We Don't Like

Recording Footage

Built-in video storage is limited to 24 hours. If you want to store a more extended period, you can insert a MicroSD card, and the camera will save recordings to it.

Wi-Fi Stability

Some owners have had issues with the Wi-Fi signal dropping out, but we did not. The problem seems to be connected to a home’s Wi-Fi signal quality rather than with the monitors.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras, mounting kit
Coverage Unlimited
Display size Your smart device
Camera resolution 1080p
Battery life N/A (plugs in)

3. VTech: VM3261 Baby Monitor

Best Budget Dual Screen

This dual-screen baby monitor from VTech comes complete with two free-standing cameras and a monitor. The set-up consists of plugging them in, pairing the items when you take them out of the box, and you’re good to go!

Vtech recommends leaving all three plugged in, but they also operate on the pre-installed rechargeable batteries, so the system works as usual during a power outage.

The cameras have a remote or manual pan and tilt, providing you with a field of vision of up to 260 degrees, so you’re not reliant on a fixed camera position. They also have automatic infrared night vision and a temperature monitor.

Photo of the VTech: VM3261 Baby Monitor

What We Like

Good Specs

With color and night-vision, lullabies, ambient sounds, a night light, temperature monitoring, two-way audio, and pan and tilt cameras, this system has everything you find on more expensive options, and in some cases more.

No Wi-Fi

The Vtech baby monitoring cameras and hand-held monitor form a closed communication system, independent of your home Wi-Fi. It will work during a power outage and is not dependent on the quality of your Wi-Fi.

What We Don't Like

Some Limitations

As you can only use this system with the monitor, it’s not suitable for those who may want the option to watch their child when they are away from home.


The two cameras and the monitor in the set are paired as a trio. You cannot add additional cameras or monitors to the system. Even if one of them stops working, you can’t simply buy a replacement; you can only hope to repair the broken item.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras, 1 monitor
Coverage 1,000 feet
Display size 2.8 inches
Camera resolution 720p
Battery life Up to 8 hours standby

4. Nanit: Complete Baby Monitoring System

Best with Extra Features

The Nanit Plus is a baby monitor that can be expanded into a complete monitoring system. While the camera doesn’t stand out as superior to any other, the Nanit comes into its own when you use the app and the breathing wear.

HSA/FSA eligible, the breathing wear monitors breaths per minute and alerts you if they fall below a certain level.

The camera’s wall mount includes a casing that covers the wires, keeping them safely away from little fingers. The camera unit itself can be removed and placed onto the travel stand for table-top use.

Photo of the Nanit: Complete Baby Monitoring System

What We Like

Personalized Guidance

Sleep data is recorded by the app, which then provides you with sleep training guidance specifically tailored to your child’s sleeping patterns. It also takes into account how often you lift your child from the crib.

Digital Scrapbook

One of the many features the app includes is a digital scrapbook in which the system will automatically record moments of your baby’s activity. This scrapbook can be shared with others.

What We Don't Like

Second Camera Sold Separately

Unlike other dual-screen baby monitoring systems, you can only buy the Nanit one camera at a time, and each camera comes with wall mounting kits. You can’t buy a camera and stand without the wall mount.

Lots Of Add-ons Available

Sleepwear is a great idea that provides you with additional reassurance. However, you’ll probably end up buying extra sleepwear bands and swaddles to use as backups, and you’ll have to buy bigger ones as your child grows.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 1 camera, wall mount, tabletop stand, breathing wear
Coverage Unlimited
Display size Smart device
Camera resolution 1080p
Battery life N/A (plugs in)

5. VTech: VM350-2 Baby Monitor

Best Secure Dual Screen

The monitor and two cameras of this VTech unit form a closed system that works outside your home’s Wi-Fi. The cameras have pan and tilt capabilities, but they can only be moved by hand, not via the monitor.

The volume, two-way audio, lullabies, and light can all be controlled via the monitor, which also displays the temperature of your baby’s room and the power levels of the monitor and camera.

Photo of the VTech: VM350-2 Baby Monitor

What We Like

Large Monitor

The screen on the parent unit of this VTech dual-screen baby monitor measures a full 5 inches diagonally from corner to corner. This is larger than most similar systems, and the LCD is crystal clear in both color and the black and white infrared mode.

Sound Options

The cameras have five lullabies and four ambient sounds, including a white noise option. The sounds and the two-way audio can be controlled via the parental monitor unit.

What We Don't Like

Coverage Range

While the specifications say that the camera to monitor range is up to 1,000 feet, that range is measured without any obstacles between the two. In reality, in a home, the effective range is up to 160 feet.


You cannot add additional monitors or cameras to the system, even if one of the existing items breaks down. If something happens to one of the cameras or your monitoring unit, the entire system needs replacing.

Auto Shut-off

The system shuts off automatically if the camera doesn’t sense any sound or movement. Therefore you cannot see your child unless they are making a noise or are moving.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras, 1 monitor
Coverage Up to 1,000 feet
Display size 5 inches
Camera resolution 1080p
Battery life Up to five hours standby

6. Motorola: Video Baby Monitor

Best with Two-Way Audio

This expandable Motorola monitor and camera system has infrared night vision, temperature monitoring, two-way audio, and built-in lullabies. It provides you with a secure way to monitor your baby and reassure them at night.

The cameras are designed to sit on a table or dresser, but you can buy the Motorola StarGrip, which will affix a camera to a shelf, light stand, and more.

Photo of the Motorola: Video Baby Monitor

What We Like

Split Screen

This Motorola is one of the few dual-screen baby monitors that will simultaneously display both cameras on one screen. There’s no need to swap back and forth between two cameras, which can be incredibly frustrating if you monitor two babies at once.

Remote Camera Movement

The cameras in this system have pan, tilt, and zoom functions, which can be controlled via the parent unit. If your little one climbs out of their crib or bed, you can move the camera and track them down.

What We Don't Like

Single Monitor Only

While you can operate a total of four cameras on the system, you can only have one monitoring unit, so you can’t have one upstairs and one downstairs or one each for different adults.

Limited Battery

The cameras and monitor are designed to stay plugged in. While they have a rechargeable backup battery, this only lasts for up to five hours, which may not be anywhere near long enough if your power outage lasts a while.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras, 1 monitor
Coverage 160 feet
Display size 5 inches
Camera resolution 720p
Battery life Up to 5 hours

7. Babysense Video Baby Monitor

Best for Night Use

The Babysense baby monitor has two-way audio and a sound-sensing system. Moreover, it has pre-installed melodies to soothe your baby to sleep. To add further the infrared technology enables clear and crisp video transmission even during the night along with its extremely useful night light.

You don’t need Wi-Fi to operate the system, its hack-proof and secured connection is enhanced by 2.4 GHz FHSS technology for a stable and safe video and audio transmission.

Photo of the Babysense Video Baby Monitor

What We Like

Auto Eco-Mode

The monitor automatically shuts the screen off when no noise is detected for quite some time. This is particularly useful during the evening for uninterrupted sleep. It automatically lights up when a sound on the baby nursery is detected, nevertheless. However, for those moms who want to see their precious one round-the-clock, this feature can be disabled.

Lots of Extra Features

One feature that I particularly love about Bbaysense is its crisp video transmission even during the night, thanks to its infrared technology. Moreover, I like the fact that I can still operate the unit even without the internet with its unparalleled stable 2.4 GHz technology. Aside from that, the maximum number of cameras that you can use for the entire system is four, unlike others which are restricted to only two.

What We Don't Like

No Recording

There isn’t an option for recording the video. This isn’t an issue for everyone, but if you leave your baby with someone else and want to see what happens while you’re not there, this isn’t the system for you.

Product Specs

What’s in the box? 2 cameras, 1 monitor, pre-installed li-on battery
Coverage 900 to 960 feet
Display size 2.4 inches
Camera resolution Not available
Battery life Unspecified

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best What’s in the box? Coverage Display size Camera resolution Battery life
Motorola: Halo+: Video Baby Monitor Best Image Quality 2 cameras,1 monitor, mounting kit Unlimited 4.5″ or smart device 1080p Up – 3 hours (parent unit)
Owlet Cam: Smart Baby Monitor 2 Pack Best with Multiple Cameras 2 cameras, mounting kit Unlimited Your smart device 1080p N/A (plugs in)
VTech: VM3261 Baby Monitor Best Budget Dual Screen 2 cameras, 1 monitor 1,000 feet 2.8″ 720p Up – 8 hours standby
Nanit: Complete Baby Monitoring System Best with Extra Features 1 camera, wall mount, tabletop stand, breathing wear Unlimited Smart device 1080p N/A (plugs in)
VTech: VM350-2 Baby Monitor Best Secure Dual Screen 2 cameras, 1 monitor Up – 1,000 feet 5″ 1080p Up – 5 hours standby
Motorola: Video Baby Monitor Best with Two-Way Audio 2 cameras, 1 monitor 160 feet 5″ 720p Up – 5 hours
Babysense Video Baby Monitor Best for Night Use 2 cameras, 1 monitor 900-960 feet 2.4″ N/A Unspecified

Benefits of Dual Screen Baby Monitors

  • With a dual-screen baby monitor, you don’t have to creep from room to room, checking on your children and potentially disturbing their sleep.
  • Multiple cameras, which are monitored through a single interface, allow you to watch two children or more without switching between screens or devices.
  • Dual-screen baby monitors tend to have more features than a standard monitor. These features often include the ability to remotely monitor the cameras via an app and two-way microphones so you can speak to your child from another room.
  • Monitors with infrared night vision allow you to see your baby in the dark without having to turn on a light and disturb them.

How to Choose the Best Dual Screen Baby Monitors

With so many options available, how do you choose the best dual-screen baby monitor?

Number of Add-On Cameras

Consider how many kids you want to keep an eye on and whether you will use the monitor in other locations, such as other locations in your home or another caregiver’s home. You may wish to have the ability to purchase additional cameras for a more complete view.

Image Quality

The minimum quality you should look for is 720p. Anything lower than this may produce a fuzzy or grainy picture that isn’t clear enough for viewing.


Some cameras operate on a closed system, which only allows direct contact between the camera(s) and the monitor. Even in smaller homes, signal coverage can be an issue. Unless you are using a system that piggy-backs onto your home Wi-Fi, the farther away the screen is from the camera, the weaker the signal and subsequent image quality.

If you want to use your dual-screen baby monitor over distances of around 300 feet or use it while you are away from home, look for a system with an app interface that is viewed via your home’s Wi-Fi.

Camera Features

A camera with infrared will allow you to see your child at night without the risk of disturbing them by turning on a light.

Meanwhile, tilt, pan, and zoom functions will allow you to take a closer look should you need to. Plus, if you have a little one who, like mine, climbs from their crib and goes to sleep in odd spots around their room, you can still check that they’re safe without disturbing them.

Battery Quality

The majority of rechargeable systems will keep the screen on the go for eight hours of constant use or up to 12 hours of intermittent use.

Ideally, go for a system that can be left plugged in and used wirelessly if desired.

Audio Features

Walking into your child’s room when they seem a little unsettled can raise their level of wakefulness and make it more difficult for them to settle down again. Two-way audio will allow you to talk to or soothe your little one via the camera, giving them the chance to doze off without making them more alert.

Extra Features

Some dual-screen baby monitors come with nightlights, the ability to play lullabies, room temperature monitoring, breathing monitoring, and even apps that will track your child’s sleep over an extended period.

However, don’t be dazzled by loads of add-ons and additional features. Instead, consider how much use you will get from each feature.

For example, with an adjustable sound activation feature, you can set the system to alert you when there’s a sound in your child’s room above a certain level. This prevents you from being alerted every time your kiddo turns over and rustles the sheet.


While a closed system where the camera and monitor are paired is marketed as secure, almost any device that connects with another via a closed network or through your home Wi-Fi has the potential to be hacked. However, generally speaking, it is rarely the device that is the issue but our use of passwords and other log-in features (2).

Whatever camera you choose, ensure you take the simple steps that will make it more difficult for someone to gain access to your system, especially your baby monitor (3).


There are dual-screen baby monitors available at almost every price point. When considering how much to spend, set your budget and look for something in that range, rather than choosing a device before considering the cost.

Peace Of Mind

When it comes to dual-screen baby monitors, every home and every family has different needs. Some will want the ability to watch over their child when away from home and record what happens when they’re not there. Others prefer a simple camera-and-monitor system that doesn’t require Wi-Fi, apps, or other bells and whistles.

Fortunately, there is something for everyone, no matter what their needs.

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