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200+ Gorgeous Last Names That Start With G

These last names that start with G are absolutely grand!

Are you looking for more information about last names that start with G? Check out this article where we dive into this fascinating world of G last names.

From the graceful elegance of Gonzalez to the adventurous spirit of Gallagher, G last names have unique stories waiting to be explored. Let’s unravel the mysteries behind these awesome last names, starting with G.

35 Common Last Names That Start With G

Although these surnames starting with G are common, they are still extraordinary!

  1. Gagneux – a lovely French option among last names starting with G, meaning “to cultivate.”
  2. Gaines – originally a Norman nickname for a tricky or crafty person.
  3. Gallagher – of Irish origin, derived from the Gaelic Ó Gallchóir, meaning “foreign helper.”
  4. Gallegos – denotes someone from numerous places called Gallegos in Spain.
  5. Gamble – this Old Norse surname comes from the given name Gamall, meaning “old.”
  6. Gao – this 3-letter surname is among the most common in China, meaning “tall” or “high.”
  7. Garcia– the most common surname in Spain, possibly derived from the Basque “hartz” (bear).
  8. Gardner – this pleasant English occupational surname originally denoted a gardener or landscaper.
  9. Garnett – this 7-letter English surname was initially given to hinge makers.
  10. Garrett – means “spear strength” in English and Irish, showcasing a powerful and ancient ancestry.
  11. Garza – in Spanish, Garza means “heron,” giving it a lovely association with animals.
  12. Gay – originally an Old French nickname, meaning “lively” or “joyful.”
  13. Geller – possibly derived from the German “gellen” (yeller) or Yiddish “gel” (yellow).
  14. George – is derived from the Greek name Georgios, meaning “farmer” or “earthworker.”
  15. Ghani – means “rich” or “wealthy” in Arabic, common in Arabic-speaking cultures.
  16. Gibbs – this 5-letter English patronymic surname means “son of Gib.”
  17. Gibson – means “son of Gib” in English, emphasizing paternal lineage.
  18. Gilbert– of Germanic origin, means “bright pledge,” representing commitment and fidelity.
  19. Glenn – means “valley” in Welsh, indicating someone who lived in or near a valley.
  20. Gomez – means “son of Gome,” derived from the Visigothic name Guma.
  21. Gonzales – a common choice among last names that start with G, meaning “son of Gonzalo.”
  22. Gonzalez – a Spanish patronymic surname meaning “son of Gonzalo,” with a rich Spanish heritage.
  23. Goodson – comes from an English nickname for a dutiful or helpful son.
  24. Gordon – a Scottish surname, indicating a person from Gordon in Berwickshire.
  25. Gorman – is derived from the Gaelic given name Gormán, meaning “little blue one.”
  26. Graham – this surname boasts a strong Scottish heritage, meaning “gravelly homestead.”
  27. Grant – of Scottish and English origin, from the Old French word for “great” or “large.”
  28. Gray – was originally an English nickname for someone with gray hair or clothing.
  29. Green – this surname was initially a nickname for someone wearing green or living somewhere green.
  30. Greer – a Scottish form of Gregory, meaning “watchful” or “vigilant.”
  31. Griffin – derived from the Welsh personal name Gruffudd, emphasizing Welsh ancestry.
  32. Grimes – from the Old Norse name Grimr, meaning “masked person” or “shapeshifter.”
  33. Guerrero – this powerful Spanish surname means “warrior,” indicating a person involved in military affairs.
  34. Gupta – a common Indian surname of Sanskrit origin, meaning “protected” or “secret.”
  35. Guy – from the Old French “gui,” meaning “guide” or “leader.”

63 Beautiful Last Names Starting with G

These last names, beginning with G, are absolutely gorgeous!

  1. Gabrielle – a surname and feminine form of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength.”
  2. Gabrielli – this 8-letter surname is derived from the Italian Gabriele (God is my strength).
  3. Gabrielson – means “son of Gabriel,” indicating familial lineage.
  4. Gadsby – a locational surname, derived from “Gaddesby” in Leicestershire, England.
  5. Gage – this 4-letter surname was initially an occupational title for a moneylender.
  6. Gale – is an English nickname for someone cheerful or boisterous.
  7. Gallardo – derives from a Spanish nickname for an elegant or gallant person.
  8. Gallo – this Italian and Spanish surname means “rooster,” indicating a proud person.
  9. Gandhi – of Indian origin, derived from the Gujarati word “gandh” (perfume, fragrance).
  10. Garçon – means “boy servant” in French, referencing an occupation.
  11. Garland – is of English origin, initially for someone who owned a triangle-shaped piece of land.
  12. Garner – an occupational name for a granary keeper or someone who gathered grain.
  13. Garrison – a surname of Germanic origin, meaning “power of the spear.”
  14. Gates – originally an English name for someone living near town gates.
  15. Gatsby – a rare variant of Gadsby, made popular by the novel The Great Gatsby.
  16. Genovese – of Italian origin, indicating someone from the city of Genoa.
  17. Gentile – from a medieval Italian nickname meaning “noble” or “charming.”
  18. Gentle – an English name, possibly from a nickname for a gentle or noble person.
  19. Gentry – this classy English surname denotes a person of high social standing.
  20. Geronimo – is derived from the Greek name Hieronymus (sacred name, holy name).
  21. Giancarlo – combines the Italian Gian (God is gracious) and Carlo (man).
  22. Gianni – the Italian diminutive of Giovanni, meaning “God is gracious” in Italian.
  23. Gifford – a locational surname referring to a place near a river or ford.
  24. Gigli – means “lilies” in Italian, giving it a lovely floral connection.
  25. Giles – is derived from Giles, meaning “young goat” in Greek.
  26. Gilliam – this variant of William means “resolute protector” in Germanic.
  27. Gilmore – an Anglicized form of the Gaelic Mac Gille Mhoire, meaning “servant of the Virgin Mary.”
  28. Gilroy – this classic Irish surname means “son of the red-haired servant.”
  29. Giselle – is derived from the Germanic name Gisela, meaning “pledge” or “hostage.”
  30. Givens – has roots in the Gaelic surname Mag Dhuibhín, meaning “little black one.”
  31. Gladstone – an English habitational name, meaning “flat stone.”
  32. Gladwin – means “cheerful friend” in Old English, perfect for good-natured families.
  33. Glass – this sleek surname was originally an occupational name for a glassworker or glazier.
  34. Glendon – this elegant title means “from the dark glen” in Scottish Gaelic.
  35. Glisson – possibly a variant of Gleason, meaning “green” or “blue” in Gaelic.
  36. Goddard – of English and German origin, meaning “brave god.”
  37. Godfrey – in Germanic, Godfrey means “God’s peace.”
  38. Gold – an illustrious choice among G last names, associated with the metal or yellow hair.
  39. Golden – a beautiful surname signifying someone with golden hair or a cheerful disposition.
  40. Goldman – of German Jewish origin, likely an occupational name for a gold merchant.
  41. Goldstein – a Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname meaning “gold stone” in German.
  42. Good – from a nickname meaning “good,” referencing a nice person.
  43. Goodman – of English origin, meaning “good man,” denoting a respectable, upright person.
  44. Goodwin – in Old English, this means “good friend” or “good companion.”
  45. Goss – possibly derived from the Middle English word “gos,” meaning “goose.”
  46. Gosselin – a French diminutive of Gosse, referring to “the Geats,” a Germanic tribe.
  47. Gould – an English variation of the surname Gold.
  48. Gouveia – a habitational name for someone from the town of Gouveia, Portugal.
  49. Grace – comes from the feminine name Grace, popularized by the Puritans.
  50. Granger – is of Old French origin, an occupational name for a farm bailiff or overseer.
  51. Graves – an English topographic name for someone who lived by a grove or thicket.
  52. Gray – was originally a nickname for someone with gray hair or clothing.
  53. Grayson – is of English origin, meaning “son of the steward.”
  54. Greco – in Italian and Spanish, Greco means “Greek.”
  55. Gregersen – is of Danish and Norwegian origin, meaning “son of Gregor.”
  56. Gregory – derived from the Greek given name Gregory, meaning “watchful” or “alert.”
  57. Greiner – a German occupational name for a potter.
  58. Griffith – a Welsh patronymic surname, meaning “son of Gruffudd.”
  59. Grimsson – this badass Icelandic surname means “son of Grimur.”
  60. Grivas – a Greek name from “grivas,” meaning “count” or “duke.”
  61. Grogan – in Irish, Grogan is a variation of the surname Ó Grógáin (descendant of Grógán).
  62. Grover – derived from the Old English “graf” (grove of trees).
  63. Guzman – is likely derived from the medieval Spanish personal name Guzmán, meaning “a Geat man.”

103 Unique Surnames Starting with G

Discover some surnames beginning with G that are out of the ordinary.

  1. Gabler – a unique German surname originally given to someone who made forks.
  2. Gabor – from the Hungarian given name Gábor, meaning “God is my strength.”
  3. Gadhavi – of Indian (Gujarati) origin, possibly an occupational name for a village headman.
  4. Gagliardi – from the Italian “gagliardo,” meaning “strong” or “vigorous.”
  5. Gagne – this surname is most common in Quebec, meaning “to farm.”
  6. Gagnon – in Old French, Gagnon means “guard dog,” likely given to an aggressive person.
  7. Gahan – a short form of the Irish surname McGahan, meaning “wise.”
  8. Gál – this 3-letter surname comes from Hungary and means “rooster.”
  9. Galbraith – an ethnic name for Britons living in Scotland, meaning “foreign Briton.”
  10. Galvan – this 6-letter Irish surname means “bright white.”
  11. Gan – a Chinese option among last names starting with G, meaning “pole” or “shaft.”
  12. Gang – an alternate form of the Korean family name Hangul, meaning “ginger.”
  13. Gangopadhyay – a complex option among surnames beginning with G, meaning “teacher” in Sanskrit.
  14. Garbo – this Italian surname meaning “politeness” is associated with Swedish actress Greta Garbo.
  15. Gárdonyi – of Hungarian origin, derived from the name of a town in Hungary.
  16. Garfagnini – possibly for someone from Garfagnana, a historical region in Tuscany.
  17. Garfield – means “triangle field,” linked to the cartoon cat and the 20th U.S. president.
  18. Garofalo – from the Italian word for “carnation,” a lovely surname for fans of the flower.
  19. Garrard – comes from the German personal name Gerard, meaning “spear.”
  20. Garrastazu – this unique Basque surname means “bush place.”
  21. Garrido – a classy choice among last names that start with G, meaning “elegant” in Spanish.
  22. Garrod – is rooted in the German given name Gerald (spear).
  23. Garvey – from the Gaelic surname Ó Gairbhshíth, meaning “cruel peace.”
  24. Gaspard – comes from the French given name Gaspard, meaning “treasurer.”
  25. Gass – originally a German nickname for someone who lived on a city street.
  26. Gatti – in Italian, Gatti means “cats,” making it perfect for feline lovers.
  27. Gaunt – an English surname for someone from Flanders or someone thin or pale-faced.
  28. Gautam – is derived from the Sanskrit word “gotra,” meaning “family” or “lineage.”
  29. Gehring – is derived from several German names beginning with “ger” (spear).
  30. Geier – a nickname for a greedy person, meaning “vulture” in German.
  31. Geiger – a German occupational name for a fiddle player.
  32. Geissler – an occupational name for a goat herder, from the German “geiss” (goat).
  33. Genadiev – means “son of Genadi” in Bulgarian.
  34. Genov – in Bulgarian, this family name means “son of Geno.”
  35. Georgiev – means “son of Georgi,” with Georgi being the Bulgarian form of George.
  36. Gerasimov – this Russian surname beginning with G means “old age” or “honor” in Greek.
  37. Gerber – a German occupational name for a tanner or leatherworker, associated with the baby food brand.
  38. Gereben – means “hackle” in Hungarian, referencing a tool that combs out fibers.
  39. Gershwin – of Jewish origin, possibly meaning “son of Gersh” or “left-handed.”
  40. Gerst – a German family name for a barely farmer.
  41. Getz – of German origin, meaning “goat” or “goatskin.”
  42. Gevorgyan – means “son of Gevorg” in Armenian.
  43. Ghattas – is derived from an Arabic verb meaning “to submerge in water.”
  44. Giannopoulos – is of Greek origin, meaning “son of Giannis” (John).
  45. Giese – is derived from Old German names beginning with “gisal” (pledge, hostage).
  46. Gilani – is of Arabic origin, indicating descent from the Gilan region in Iran.
  47. Gilberto – a Spanish surname from the Germanic name Giselbert, meaning “bright pledge.”
  48. Gill – this 4-letter Norse surname initially referenced someone living near a ravine.
  49. Girod – is the French variation of Gérard, from the Germanic “gār” (spear).
  50. Giunta – from the Italian given name Bonagiunta, meaning “good assistant.”
  51. Gjorgiev – means “son of Gjorgi” in Macedonian.
  52. Glennie – is derived from the Gaelic “gleann,” meaning “valley.”
  53. Glezos – is of Greek origin, meaning “son of Glezos.”
  54. Gniewek – an unusual Polish name, derived from “gniew” (anger).
  55. Goff – of Welsh and Breton origin, meaning “red haired” or “smith.”
  56. Goffe – from Breton or Cornish “goff” (smith), referencing a “metalworker.”
  57. Gokhale – of Marathi origin, meaning “shepherd” or “cowherd.”
  58. Goldhirsch – this powerful Yiddish name means “golden stag.”
  59. Goldschmidt – means “goldsmith” in German, indicating a family’s profession.
  60. Golob – is derived from the Slovene word “golob,” meaning “pigeon” or “dove.”
  61. Golovin – from the Russian word “golova” (head).
  62. Gomes – of Portuguese origin, derived from the given name Gomes.
  63. Gomólka – possibly from the Polish word “gomółka,” meaning “cheese curd.”
  64. Goncalves – in Portuguese, this distinctive surname means “son of Gonçalo.”
  65. Gorecki – is associated with various towns in Poland, ultimately from the Polish “góra” (mountain).
  66. Gorski – an adventurous Polish surname, meaning “from the mountain.”
  67. Gotovac – of Croatian origin, meaning “ready” or “prepared.”
  68. Gough – comes from the Welsh word “coch” (red), originally a nickname for a redhead.
  69. Grabowski – a Polish habitational name for someone from various places called Grabowo.
  70. Gradišar – derived from the Slovene word “grad” (castle) with the suffix “-šar” (keeper).
  71. Graner – originally referred to someone from Gran, a city in northern Hungary.
  72. Grantz – derived from the Middle High German word “gruntz” (snout).
  73. Grasso – means “fat” or “big” in Italian.
  74. Greenberg – a Jewish (Ashkenazic) surname for someone living by a green mountain.
  75. Gretzky – of Ukrainian origin, a variant of the given name Hryhoriy (Gregory).
  76. Grieve – an English surname originally given to a steward or farm manager.
  77. Grigorescu – has Romanian origins, meaning “son of Grigore.”
  78. Grillo – means “cricket” in Italian, originally a nickname for a cheerful person.
  79. Grimaldi – from the Germanic personal name Grimwald, meaning “helmet rule.”
  80. Grimm – a German nickname for someone with a stern or severe demeanor.
  81. Grint – an unusual option among surnames starting with G, possibly referencing a granary manager.
  82. Gronchi – in Tuscany, Gronchi means “numb” or “bent.”
  83. Gros – means “thick” or “big” in French.
  84. Grosz – a Polish surname meaning “large” or “big,” often based on physical characteristics.
  85. Gruber – a German occupational name for a miner, meaning “pit.”
  86. Grünberg – of German and Jewish origin, meaning “green mountain.”
  87. Guadarrama – a habitational name for someone from the town of Guadarrama in Spain.
  88. Gudmundsson – means “son of Gudmundur” in Icelandic.
  89. Guerra – of Spanish and Italian origin, meaning “war” in both languages.
  90. Guillaume – the French equivalent of the English William, meaning “will” or “desire.”
  91. Guinness – derived from the Old Irish name McGuinness, meaning “son of Aonghus.”
  92. Gulbrandsen – a Norwegian surname meaning “son of Gulbrand.”
  93. Gully – originally a nickname for a big person, from the English “golias” (giant).
  94. Gump – from the German “gumpen,” meaning “to hop” or “to jump.”
  95. Gundersen – this classic Scandinavian surname means “son of Gunder.”
  96. Gunter – derived from the Old Germanic name Gundahar, meaning “army battle.”
  97. Gustafsson – of Swedish origin, means “son of Gustaf” or “son of Gustav.”
  98. Gutermuth – means “good courage” or “good spirit” in German.
  99. Guthrie – a habitational name derived from Guthrie in Angus, Scotland.
  100. Guttuso – originally a Sicilian nickname, meaning “sad.”
  101. Gwerder – of Swiss-German origin, meaning “agile” or “alert.”
  102. Gwózdek – an original option among G last names, meaning “forest” or “nail” in Polish.
  103. Gynt – coined by Henrik Ibsen for the central character in his play “Peer Gynt” (1867).

Last Names That Start With G FAQs

What Are Some Rare Last Names That Start With G?

There are tons of rare last names, starting with G, from all over the world. For example, there’s the Greek name Giannopoulos, meaning “son of Giannis.” Or, Gronchi, which is almost exclusively used in Tuscany, meaning “numb” or “bent.” Geissler is another unusual one, as a German occupational name for a goat herder. There’s also the Basque Garrastazu, meaning “bush place.” Wherever you look worldwide, there are rare G last names to find!

What Are Italian Last Names Starting With G?

Italian last names starting with G provide a window into a country’s diverse history. Galli, initially for a proud individual, means “rooster.” Giordano hints at pilgrimage or the river Jordan. Grasso describes a large or robust person, and Gentile signifies nobility. Giovanni is a common given name and surname in Italy. Another fun one is Gatti, meaning “cats,” perfect for cat lovers! These unique surnames reflect Italy’s distinct heritage.

Which Mexican Last Name Starts With G?

Mexican last names starting with G are both beautiful and exciting. One of the most common, Gonzalez, literally means “son of Gonzalo.” Guerrero adds a dash of warrior spirit, meaning “soldier.” Garcia is another timeless classic, meaning “son of García.” Galindo is a noble name linked to Galicia, Spain. These names aren’t just labels; they’re vibrant stories of your family’s history and regional ties, making your Mexican heritage uniquely yours!

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