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253 Adorable Pug Names: for Your Furry Friend

These pug names are cute enough for your curly-tailed companion!

Step into the exciting realm of pug names with our comprehensive article, all about finding the perfect fit for your furry pal. We’ve gathered a collection of top-notch options covering popular pug names, unique choices, and everything in between.

Look no further if you’re on the hunt for a good dose of naming inspiration. Explore the world of names for pugs with us and discover the ideal picks that will perfectly suit your lovable little friend.

91 Awesome Male Pug Names

These amazing male pug names are strong enough for your little bruiser!

  1. Apollo – is associated with the Greek god of music, healing, and the sun.
  2. Archer – a name for a pug with sharp instincts, like an archer.
  3. Atticus – inspired by the wise lawyer in To Kill a Mockingbird.
  4. Aslan/ Azlan – belonging to the lion character in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  5. Bark Twain – a clever play on Mark Twain for your vocal companion.
  6. Barney – associated with the fictional purple dinosaur.
  7. Baxter – meaning “baker” in Old English, suitable for a pug who loves treats.
  8. Bear – a strong and cuddly name, great for a pug with a gentle and protective nature.
  9. Brody – this rugged Scottish name means “ditch.”
  10. Bruno – means “brown” in German, perfect for a brown-coated pug.
  11. Buddy – a loyal name for a pug who’s your true companion.
  12. Buster – a hectic name for a pug who breaks things.
  13. Casper – inspired by the friendly ghost, perfect for a friendly pug.
  14. Cesar – of Roman origin meaning “hairy,” well-suited for your furry friend.
  15. Chaplin – inspired by the famous comedian, Chaplin could capture your pug’s comedic charm.
  16. Chester – a classic English name meaning “fortress,” representing charm and elegance.
  17. Chewbacca – belonging to a Star Wars character, ideal for a pug who loves to “chew.”
  18. Dante – one of the most sophisticated male pug names, meaning “enduring” in Italian.
  19. Darwin – borne by the renowned naturalist, great for science lovers.
  20. Dash – perfect for a speedy pug who runs fast!
  21. Dexter – means “skilled” in English, great for a pug who knows many tricks.
  22. Diego – is of Spanish origin, meaning “Saint James.”
  23. Doug – borne by the famous pug icon, Doug the Pug.
  24. Duke – an ideal pug name for a pup who gets the royal treatment, representing nobility.
  25. Dusty – a name reflecting the soft gray color of your pug’s coat.
  26. Elio – a unique option among our male pug names, meaning “sun” in Italian.
  27. Elvis – inspired by the musician, perfect for a pug with an electric personality.
  28. Ernie – a youthful pug name belonging to a character on Sesame Street.
  29. Felix – meaning “fortunate” or “happy” in Latin, ideal for a cheerful pug.
  30. Finn – a spirited and youthful form of Finnegan.
  31. Finnegan – a charming Irish name meaning “fair” or “blessed.”
  32. Frodo – inspired by the brave hobbit from The Lord of the Rings.
  33. Gatsby – associated with the famous literary icon.
  34. Gizmo – a playful option among our pug names from the movie Gremlins (1984).
  35. Gordo – a Spanish word meaning “fat,” celebrating the pug’s round and lovable form.
  36. Gus – meaning “exalted” in Roman, a classic choice for an approachable pug.
  37. Houdini – paying tribute to the famous escape artist.
  38. Hugo – of Germanic origin, meaning “mind” or “intellect,” for a clever pug.
  39. Jasper – a gemstone name symbolizing the preciousness of your cherished companion.
  40. Jett – this sleek aircraft-inspired name is perfect for a black pug.
  41. Jinx – perfect for a pug who gets into amusing predicaments.
  42. Kobe – associated with the famous basketball player Kobe Bryant.
  43. Koda – of Algonquin origin, meaning “friend,” perfect for man’s best friend.
  44. Kuan – suitable for a pug with an open heart, meaning “spacious” in Chinese.
  45. Leo – inspired by the zodiac sign; Leo symbolizes a brave pug who protects his family.
  46. Loki – belongs to the Norse god of mischief, perfect for a cute troublemaker.
  47. Maverick – ideal for a pug with a bold nature, meaning “independent” in English.
  48. Max – derived from the Latin “maximus” (greatest), perfect for a pug with a “great” personality.
  49. Milo – means “soldier” in Latin, perfect for a well-behaved pug.
  50. Mozart – inspired by the renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  51. Murphy – a friendly and approachable Irish name meaning “sea battle.”
  52. Nico – short for Nicholas, meaning “victory of the people.”
  53. Oliver – this popular pug name means “olive tree” or “ancestor’s descendant.”
  54. Orion – a celestial option among male pug names, associated with a prominent constellation.
  55. Oscar – a sophisticated Irish name meaning “deer friend.”
  56. Otis – associated with the pug from the movie Milo and Otis.
  57. Pippin – a cute and nerdy name inspired by a character in Lord of the Rings.
  58. Prince – perfect for a pug with a royal air or admirers of the iconic musician.
  59. Pugsworth – a funny name for a pug with a distinguished air.
  60. Rajan – an exotic choice among male pug names, meaning “king” in Sanskrit.
  61. Remy – a French name with a charming and sophisticated feel.
  62. Rocky – ideal for a pug who loves outdoor adventures.
  63. Romeo – the Shakespearean lover of Juliet.
  64. Rufus – in Latin, this charming boy pug name means “red-haired.”
  65. Sampson – a strong Hebrew name meaning “sun,” great for a pup who brightens your life.
  66. Sheldon – a nod to the quirky character from The Big Bang Theory television show.
  67. Sherlock – perfect for a clever pug with excellent food detection skills.
  68. Simba – is associated with the Lion King, meaning “power” in Shona.
  69. Smokey – a classic name for a gray pug, associated with the wildfire-preventing bear.
  70. Spock – an iconic character from Star Trek, perfect for sci-fi nerds.
  71. Sully – a catchy short form of Sullivan.
  72. Sven – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “young warrior,” perfect for a brave pug.
  73. Tao – meaning “path” or “way” in Chinese, ideal for a pug with a purposeful nature.
  74. Theo – derived from Theodore, meaning “gift of God.”
  75. Thor – belonging to the Norse thunder god, a mighty choice among male pug names.
  76. Tito – the cute Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Titus.
  77. Toby – means “god is good” in Hebrew, a funny choice for fans of The Office.
  78. Tucker – a funny name for a pug who is easily “tuckered out.”
  79. Ulysses – borne by the Greek hero, symbolizing journey and adventure.
  80. Vader – one of the best pug names for Star Wars fans.
  81. Wally – an adorable short form of the old-fashioned Walter.
  82. Walter – an elegant pug name meaning “power of the army” in Germanic.
  83. Watson – references the loyal companion of Sherlock Holmes, ideal for a clever pug.
  84. Winston – meaning “joyful stone,” Winston is a sophisticated choice for a grey pug.
  85. Xander – is a modern form of Alexander, suiting a confident pug.
  86. Yoda – inspired by the wise Jedi Master from Star Wars.
  87. Zephyr – means “a gentle breeze” in English, fitting for a tranquil pug.
  88. Zeus – borne by the ruler of the gods in Greek myths.
  89. Zheng – an exotic Chinese name meaning “righteous” or “just.”
  90. Ziggy – means “peaceful victory” in Germanic, a quirky pug name for reggae lovers.
  91. Zorro – inspired by the masked hero, a swashbuckling name for a daring pug.

86 Adorable Female Pug Names

Check out 86 cute female pug names as sweet as your puppy.

  1. Ada – a vintage option among female pug names, meaning “noble” in Germanic.
  2. Angel – this heavenly name is ideal for a gentle-natured pug.
  3. Aurora – a whimsical pug name inspired by the natural light display and princess.
  4. Bella – a favorite among our female pug names, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  5. Birdie – perfect for a pug as cheerful and free-spirited as a bird.
  6. Bubbles – a bubbly name capturing your pug’s cheerful personality.
  7. Callie – an adorable short form of Caroline.
  8. Chloe – a timeless Greek name meaning “green shoot,” symbolizing spring and youth.
  9. Cinnamon – a warm and aromatic name, perfect for a cozy pug born in wintertime.
  10. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, a strong option among our female pug names.
  11. Coco – a chic girl pug name linked to Coco Chanel.
  12. Daisy – this cute nature name is associated with the beautiful, happy flower.
  13. Daphne – inspired by Greek mythology, symbolizing beauty and grace.
  14. Delilah – of Hebrew origin, meaning “delicate” or “desired.”
  15. Dolly – perfect for fans of country singer Dolly Parton.
  16. Effie – short for Euphemia, perfect for vintage name lovers.
  17. Ella – a cute name of Germanic origin meaning “other.”
  18. Eloise – in French, this charming girl pug name means “healthy” or “wide.”
  19. Evie – one of the sweetest female pug names, meaning “to live” in Hebrew.
  20. Fiona – meaning “fair” or “white,” suitable for a light-colored pug.
  21. Flora – borne by the Roman goddess of flowers and spring.
  22. Freya – named after the Norse goddess of love and fertility.
  23. Gemma – meaning “precious stone,” perfect for a pug that’s a true gem.
  24. Gigi – a chic and fashionable name, great for a stylish pug.
  25. Ginger – a spunky pug name inspired by ginger root or red hair.
  26. Harriet – a strong and timeless name that adds a touch of elegance to your pug.
  27. Hazel – references the hazel tree or the light brown color, perfect for a brown pug.
  28. Isla – this aesthetic Scottish name means “island,” perfect for a pug who loves the beach.
  29. Isra – ideal for a pug that is always up at night, meaning “nocturnal journey” in Arabic.
  30. Ivy – a nature-inspired name symbolizing growth and resilience.
  31. Jasmine – associated with the fragrant flower, signifying grace and elegance.
  32. Juno – named after the Roman goddess, symbolizing strength and vitality.
  33. Kaya – in Hopi, this lovely girl pug name means “pure.”
  34. Keira – of Irish origin, meaning “dark-haired,” great for a pug with dark fur.
  35. Kiki – a playful short form of Kristie or Kristina, perfect for a spirited pug.
  36. Kona – a Hawaiian-inspired name, evokes a sense of adventure and energy.
  37. Lacey – a delicate name often related to lace.
  38. Leia – a tribute to Princess Leia, perfect for Star Wars nerds.
  39. Leila – means “night” in Arabic, ideal for a girl pug who never gets tired.
  40. Lilo – belongs to the Hawaiian Disney character, meaning “generous one.”
  41. Lucy – is the popular English form of Lucia.
  42. Lulu – an adorable short form of Louisa or Louise.
  43. Luna – is associated with the moon, symbolizing grace and elegance.
  44. Mabel – this sweet name shows your love for your pug, meaning “lovable” in Latin.
  45. Maggie – in Greek, this adorable short form of Margaret means “pearl.”
  46. Maisie – a delightful name meaning “pearl,” ideal for a precious pug.
  47. Maple – a “sweet” choice for a pug with a golden-brown coat.
  48. Mei Mei – an endearing Chinese name often referring to a younger sister.
  49. Mia – meaning “mine” or “beloved” in Italian, a loving name choice.
  50. Miko – in Japanese, this adorable name means “shrine maiden.”
  51. Molly – is of Irish origin, meaning “wished-for child.”
  52. Nala – this cute Lion King name means “beloved” and is perfect for Disney fans.
  53. Nola – a charming and lively name related to New Orleans.
  54. Nova – means “new” in Latin, ideal for a pug with a fresh and vibrant personality.
  55. Olive – a cute and quirky pug name reminiscent of the olive tree.
  56. Pearl – a timeless and precious name, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  57. Penny – this coin-inspired name could be perfect for a clever pug.
  58. Pippa – an adorable name inspired by the fictional cartoon pig.
  59. Poppy – named after the vibrant flower, ideal for a lively pug.
  60. Queenie – a regal and confident name for a pug with a commanding presence.
  61. Raina – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “queen,” suitable for a majestic pug.
  62. Rosie – a classic name symbolizing the beauty of the rose.
  63. Roxy – a lively option among female pug names, associated with the surfing brand.
  64. Ruby – the name of a precious red jewel, ideal for a cherished pug.
  65. Sadie – a regal option among female pug names meaning “princess” or “noble” in Hebrew.
  66. Sandy – short for Sandra, great for a pug with a sandy brown coat.
  67. Seraphina – one of the most unique female pug names, meaning “fiery ones.”
  68. Sophie – of Greek origin, meaning “wisdom,” well-suited for an elegant girl pug.
  69. Stella – meaning “star” in Latin, perfect for a pug with a bright personality.
  70. Suri – an exotic Persian name meaning “rose.”
  71. Suriya – in Thai, this warm and radiant pug name means “sun.”
  72. Sydney – inspired by the Australian city, symbolizing fun and adventure.
  73. Tilly – a playful short form of Matilda, meaning “strength in battle” in Germanic.
  74. Tinkerbell – inspired by the famous fairy, a whimsical name for a playful pug.
  75. Trixie – a short form of Beatrice, perfect for a “tricky” little pug.
  76. Truffle – a luxurious name for a pampered pug inspired by chocolate.
  77. Uma – of Sanskrit origin, meaning “bright” or “flourishing.”
  78. Vega – a bright and shining star name for a pug that stands out.
  79. Violet – a delicate and charming name reminiscent of the purple flower.
  80. Vivi – a vivacious name for an energetic pug.
  81. Willow – a nature-inspired name symbolizing new life and overcoming hardships.
  82. Winnie – a cute choice for a short, chunky pug inspired by Winnie the Pooh.
  83. Xena – named after the warrior princess, symbolizing strength and courage.
  84. Yara – of Arabic origin, meaning “small butterfly.”
  85. Zara – an aesthetic option among our names for pugs, meaning “shining” or “bright.”
  86. Zoey – means “life” in Greek, a lively and spirited name choice.

76 Clever Unisex Pug Names

Check out some of the best unisex pug names with adorable meanings for a boy or girl pug!

  1. Adrian -a sophisticated unisex name, suitable for a pug with an elegant demeanor.
  2. Avery -means “elf ruler” in German, perfect for a charming and magical pug.
  3. Bao – means “treasure” or “precious” in Chinese, befitting a beloved pug.
  4. Basil – an adorable plant name for your little sprout.
  5. Bean – a great food name for a pug as cute and tiny as a bean.
  6. Biscuit – perfect for a pug as delightful as a freshly baked biscuit.
  7. Blake – of Old English origin, meaning “black,” perfect for a black pug.
  8. Boba – a fun name inspired by the Taiwanese drink.
  9. Brownie – a brown pug name inspired by the delicious chocolate treat.
  10. Bumblebee – a playful pug name, potentially appealing to Transformer fans.
  11. Cairo – inspired by the capital city of Egypt, giving a sense of mystery.
  12. Caramel – associated with the rich brown treat.
  13. Casey – a versatile unisex name meaning “vigilant” in Irish.
  14. Charlie – one of the most popular names for pugs, meaning “free man.”
  15. Cherub – an angelic name for your innocent little baby.
  16. Chestnut – a classic choice for a brown pug born in wintertime.
  17. Chewy – this funny name is ideal for a pug with a great set of chompers.
  18. Cocoa – a comforting name for a pug with a deep brown coat.
  19. Cookie – perfect for a pug who is as sweet as this treat!
  20. Cosmo – associated with the cosmos, perfect for a pug with a mysterious aura.
  21. Dumpling – perfect for a fat pug, reminiscent of the plump and tasty treat.
  22. Drew – short and snappy, this unisex name means “manly” in Greek.
  23. Espresso – an adorable option for a pug whose energy is off the walls.
  24. Eureka – signifies a moment of discovery, great for a pug with a curious nature.
  25. Frankie – this lovable pug name means “Frenchman” in Latin.
  26. Fudge – a charming food-inspired name for a pug with a rich brown coat.
  27. Harper – this unisex name meaning “harp player” is excellent for a pug who loves music.
  28. Hong – meaning “red” in Chinese, suitable for a pug with a fiery personality.
  29. Indy – inspired by Indiana Jones, great for an adventurous pug.
  30. Jesse – comes from Hebrew, meaning “gift” or “wealth” for your treasured pug.
  31. Kieran – a gender-neutral name of Irish origin, meaning “little dark one.”
  32. Kismet – a unique name for a pug who was “meant to be.”
  33. Kiwi – a short and playful pug name associated with the delicious green fruit.
  34. Lucky – this auspicious pug name could bring luck to your family.
  35. Ming – inspired by the Ming Dynasty, an excellent pug name for history lovers.
  36. Mocha – perfect for an energetic pug inspired by the coffee drink.
  37. Mochi – inspired by the Japanese treat, fitting for a pug with a sweet temperament.
  38. Nimbus – associated with clouds, perfect for a pug who’s always dreaming.
  39. Noodle – a fun and quirky name capturing a pug’s wiggly and playful nature.
  40. Nugget – inspired by the food and great for a short pug who’s cute enough to eat.
  41. Oreo – inspired by the classic cookie, suitable for a pug with black and white markings.
  42. Ozzy – a rock ‘n’ roll name inspired by musician Ozzy Osbourne.
  43. Parker – means “park keeper” in English, suitable for a pug who loves the outdoors.
  44. Peanut – associated with the nut, perfect for a petite pug.
  45. Peewee – this playful name is perfect for a pug who’s as tiny as a baby.
  46. Pepper – a spicy name for a pug with a fiery personality.
  47. Pickles – a quirky food name for a mischievous pug.
  48. Pixel – this techy name symbolizes the tiny details that make your pug unique.
  49. Plumpkin – a cute and creative name combining “plump” and “pumpkin.”
  50. Pudge – a unique name embracing the pug’s chubby cheeks and belly.
  51. Pugzilla – a funny twist on Godzilla, perfect for a pug with a larger-than-life personality.
  52. Qing – of Chinese origin meaning “pure,” symbolizing a pug’s innocent spirit.
  53. Quasar – references a type of black hole (like your pug’s stomach).
  54. Quincy – meaning “fifth” in Latin, a unique name for your fifth family member.
  55. Quinn – a unisex name meaning “wise” or “counsel,” suitable for an intelligent pug.
  56. Reese – an adorable name inspired by Reese’s peanut butter cup.
  57. Riley – means “courageous” or “valiant” in Irish, ideal for a brave pug.
  58. Rowan – associated with the rowan tree, symbolizing protection.
  59. Rui – means “smart” in Chinese, great for a clever pug with keen instincts.
  60. Saffron – inspired by the precious spice.
  61. Sawyer – inspired by the classic novel, ideal for a pug with an adventurous spirit.
  62. Scooter – a playful and energetic name for an active pug.
  63. Shu – meaning “kind” or “gentle” in Chinese, ideal for a sweet and affectionate pug.
  64. Skyler – a modern option among our pug names, symbolizing freedom and openness.
  65. Snackmaster – a lighthearted name for a pug that’s always ready for treats.
  66. Soren – of Danish origin meaning “stern,” great for a pug with a serious demeanor.
  67. Squishy – a fun and playful name that captures the pug’s squishable cuteness.
  68. Sunny – a cheerful name for a pug that brightens your day.
  69. Sushi – inspired by the Japanese dish, perfect for a pug who loves to eat.
  70. Taco – a playful and flavorful name inspired by the Mexican dish.
  71. Taz – inspired by the energetic Tasmanian Devil.
  72. Teddy – one of the cutest pug names for a puppy who’s as cuddly as a bear.
  73. Wolfie – inspired by the gray coat of a wolf; perfect for a pug with a wild spirit.
  74. Ying Yue – a combination of Chinese “Ying” (clever) and “Yue” (moon).
  75. Yoshi – of Japanese origin, meaning “good luck.”
  76. Yuki – meaning “snow” in Japanese, a cute choice for a white pug.

Pug Names FAQs

What Are Good Pug Names?

When it comes to choosing the perfect pug names, it’s all about embracing your furry friend’s special qualities. Consider popular male pug names like Max or Buddy, which echo their loyal and friendly nature. For female pugs, names like Luna or Daisy beautifully capture their sweet and gentle demeanor. The best pug names reflect your pug’s unique personality, creating a meaningful connection between you and your beloved companion.

What Is a Rare Pug Name?

Choosing a rare pug name is like discovering a hidden treasure! There are plenty of unique names for pugs, such as Nimbus, inspired by the type of cloud, or Quasar, associated with a type of black hole (just like your pug’s belly)! These unconventional choices give your pug a distinct identity that stands out in a playful and memorable way.

Who Is the Most Famous Pug?

The most famous pug is undoubtedly Doug the Pug, an adorable and charismatic social media sensation. With a massive following and a knack for capturing hearts, Doug has become a beloved celebrity in the doggy world. Choosing Doug for your pug could be a cool and trendy choice, especially for fans of this adorable four-legged celebrity.

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