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Best PS4 Games for Kids of 2023

Satisfy your child’s inner gamer with the best PS4 games for kids.

Do you have a Playstation 4 and are looking for a good game for your child? PS4 is fun for both parent and child — it’s something you can do together.

Finding the best PS4 games for kids is easy — there’s a vast choice with lots of options. However, it can be challenging to scope out which are the best age-appropriate ones for your child.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Marvel’s Spider-Man - PlayStation 4
For Teens
Marvel's Spider-Man
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Interactive storyline
  • Action-packed
Product Image of the Minecraft - PlayStation 4
For Creators
  • Bigger world with longer distances
  • Great graphics
  • Played online and offline
Product Image of the Rayman Legends - PlayStation 4 Standard Edition
For All the Family
Rayman Legends
  • Lots of challenges
  • Multiple gamers
  • Entertaining storyline
Product Image of the LEGO Harry Potter Collection - PlayStation 4
For Harry Potter Fans
Lego Harry Potter
  • Great challenges and puzzles to overcome
  • Two games in one bundle
  • Get to follow the books' storyline
Product Image of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy - PlayStation 4
For Adventure Fanatics
Reignited Trilogy Spyro
  • Over 100 levels to conquer
  • Fun adventures with mischievous dragon
  • Updated graphics
Product Image of the Rocket League: Collector's Edition - PlayStation 4
For Tween Racers
Rocket League
  • Fun game for all ages
  • Allows for multiple players
  • Lots of extras for download
Product Image of the Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far - PlayStation 4
For Kingdom Saviors
Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far
  • Full of favorite Disney characters
  • Good for fantasy lovers
  • Nine games to conquer
Product Image of the Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 (PS4)
Zombie Revolution
Plants vs Zombies 2
  • Visually interesting and appealing
  • Lots of levels to conquer
  • Easy enough for smaller players
Product Image of the LEGO Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition - PlayStation 4
For Star Wars Fanatics
Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens
  • Large variety of favorite characters
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Plenty of levels and activities
Product Image of the LEGO Disney Pixar's The Incredibles - PS4
For Ultimate Superhero Family
Lego Disney Pixar's The Incredibles
  • Fun introduction to the incredibles
  • Great graphics
  • Allows for two players at once

The Best Ps4 Games for Kids of 2023

Here are 15 great PS4 games for kids.

1. Marvel’s Spider-Man

Best PS4 Game for Teens

Let your teen enter Spider-Man’s world in this PS4 game from Marvel. In the game, your child gets to play the role of the famous wall-crawler, helping him fight the bad guys.

The game is the first within the Spider-Man universe to feature environmental interactions. It revolves around an action-packed storyline, taking your teen and the superhero through the streets of New York City in parkour-style. Your teen gets to steer Peter Parker around the city, trying to balance his private life with the superhero inside.

On the way, they’ll be doing incredible acrobatics, slinging Spidey webs, and your teen gets to control it all. The game offers an authentic experience with outstanding graphics, displaying New York City in a digital world as seen through Marvel.


  • Outstanding graphics.
  • Interactive storyline both as Peter Parker and Spider-Man.
  • Action-packed with acrobatics, web-slinging, and combat fighting.
  • Entertaining for adults too.


  • Some of the fights included are a bit dull.
  • There’s no indication, such as a timer, of how long you’ve been playing.

2. Minecraft - PlayStation 4

Best PS4 Game for Creators

Hop into the world of Minecraft with your kiddo, and explore a digital atmosphere like no other. The Minecraft version for PS4 offers a larger world with incredible graphics.

The game is suitable for children aged 10 and up. In it, they get to create their own Minecraft world by building, exploring, and conquering.

Keep in mind that this is the version for PS4. Your child can play offline and online. When connected, they can enter other Minecraft worlds.

With more than one controller, you can play along with them, helping to build their universe. It sparks imagination and provides hours of fun — you might even play a bit yourself after your kid’s bedtime. That can be our little secret.


  • The PS4 version offers a bigger world with longer distances.
  • Great graphics.
  • It sparks creativity and imagination.
  • It can be played online and offline with up to two controllers.


  • Some elements require purchases.
  • It doesn’t offer as many worlds as the Xbox version.
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3. Rayman Legends

Best PS4 Game for All the Family

Rayman Legends is a game the whole family can join in. Up to four people can play at once.

In the story, you get to step into the Glade of Dreams, which occurs during a 100-year sleep. It’s filled with child-friendly nightmarish legends such as dragons, sea monsters, giant toads, and evil luchadores.

The dream will take you through an enchanted forest to unravel a mystery to save the Teensies. It plays out through a series of paintings, each telling a story taking place in a mythical world.

Rayman Legends is suitable for children aged 10 and up. Your child can play online or offline. When playing online, there will be various challenges your child has to conquer.


  • It takes you through captivating mythical worlds.
  • Lots of challenges.
  • Multiple gamers can play at once.
  • Entertaining storyline.


  • It can be challenging for new gamers.
  • Completing the advanced levels may be difficult for children, leading to frustration.

4. Lego Harry Potter Collection

Best PS4 Game for Harry Potter Fans

Take a step into the magical academy of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. Everything is reimagined in a LEGO universe, bringing charm and humor to the school of witches and warlocks.

Your child gets to follow the three main characters of Harry, Ron, and Hermione as they go back to school. This is a bundle of two games — years one to four and years five to seven. The embarked adventure, through their years as Hogwarts students, spans the two games.

During the game, your child gets to follow the trio in their magical world, solving puzzles and overcoming obstacles. It begins in the dining hall at Hogwarts, where they first meet — it then continues in accordance with the books. It’s perfect for Harry Potter fans aged 10 years and up.


  • The Harry Potter world with a fun and humorous spin from LEGO.
  • Great challenges and puzzles to overcome.
  • Two games in one bundle.
  • You get to follow the storyline of the books.


  • Might be disappointing if you’re used to the original release.
  • It’s not an open-world game, meaning it can get repetitive.

5. Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Best PS4 Game for Adventure Fanatics

For adventure-loving kids, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy is more than fitting. The bundle is comprised of three games.

In game one, Spyro encounters Gnasty Gnorc and has to rescue his friends and recover stolen treasure.

In the second game, Riptor’s Rage, your child gets to defeat the villain and his minions. Spyro has to fight his way through by spitting fire and head-bashing. The third game, Year of the Dragon, sees Spyro trying to save the stolen dragon eggs.

It’s a fun collection, filled with lots of challenges. Your child gets to travel through magical realms, meet various personalities, and experience the adventures of Spyro.

However, please note that games two and three aren’t included in disc form. Instead, they’re accessible through a digital download. This trilogy is best for those 10 years and older.


  • Over 100 levels to conquer.
  • Fun adventures with the mischievous dragon.
  • Updated graphics.


  • Only the first game comes in a disc form — the other two require a digital download.

6. Rocket League: Collector's Edition

Best PS4 Game for Tween Racers

Does your tween love race cars and soccer? Then the Extensive Battle-Car game will suit them.

It’s a comprehensive game, with over 100 billion combinations to try. The player can compete online against, or with, three other players in a split-screen mode. They can unlock plenty of vehicles and items, as well as decals and designs for a customized look.

Since this is a collector’s edition, it includes previously released packages. These are DLC Packs: Supersonic Fury, Chaos Run, and Revenge of the Battle-Cars. Your child also gets access to four extra Battle-Cars. The game itself is suitable for all ages.


  • Fun game for all ages.
  • Provides plenty of items and cars to choose from.
  • Allows for multiple players — up to eight when online.
  • Lots of extras for download.


  • Some of the stated features aren’t included.

7. Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far

Best PS4 Game For Kingdom Saviors

Enter the Kingdom Hearts alongside Goofy, Donald, and Sora.

The Disney universe is under invasion, and the only one who can stop it is your child. The game involves nine epic experiences the player has to conquer. Kingdom Hearts isn’t a new game on the block, but if it’s their first time playing, they’ll have lots of fun.

Your child gets to visit all their favorite Disney characters through this fantasy world. It’s suitable for all kids aged 10 and up.


  • Full of favorite Disney characters.
  • Good for fantasy lovers.
  • Nine games to conquer.
  • Great for both child and parent.


  • It doesn’t contain the same amount of bonus materials as older versions do.

8. Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Zombie Revolution

How do you make zombies child-friendly? You mix them with superhero plants. In Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2, your child gets to fight the undead in a hilarious setting played out in the suburbs.

The game can support up to four players at once, and it’s recommended for children aged 7 and up. In this version, there are more characters and plants to choose from. There are also seven lawn-inspired modes, with 12 maps in total, for hours of fun.

Your child can also play online with people from around the world. Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2 is fun, but also a little addictive.


  • Visually interesting and appealing.
  • Lots of levels to conquer.
  • Easy enough for smaller players.


  • It works best with a large screen in multiplayer.

9. Lego Star Wars: Force Awakens Deluxe Edition

For Star Wars Fanatics

If you and your child are Star Wars fans, then you’ll love the story retold through LEGO characters. The game revolves around Star Wars: The Force Awakens, with a unique LEGO touch. It’s suitable for children 10 years and up.

Once again, LEGO puts a fun and witty spin on a popular movie, making it more kid-friendly.

The game consists of exclusive story levels never played before. The player becomes one of their favorite characters and blasts off into the universe. Along the way they get to experience various vehicles and places.


  • It’s a kid-friendly version of the Star Wars PS4 game.
  • Large variety of favorite characters to choose from.
  • Fantastic graphics.
  • Plenty of levels and activities.


  • It can be glitchy at times, but that’s the norm with most LEGO games.
  • You’ll have some repetition.
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10. Lego Disney Pixar's The Incredibles

PS4 Game for the Ultimate Superhero Family

Join The Incredibles through this game from LEGO, which is filled with fun adventures and great experiences. It will take your child through the two movies, encountering some of their favorite scenes.

The game features super graphics, combined with LEGO’s signature humor, making it extra fun. The player has to take the role of the characters as they battle crime and balance it with family life. It’s thrilling and full of adventure.

Your child can partner up with you, another family member, or a friend to create a dream team. This game is recommended for everyone over 10 years of age.


  • Fun introduction to The Incredibles.
  • Great graphics taking you through favorite scenes.
  • It allows for two players at once.


  • It’s not as challenging as other LEGO games and there are fewer levels.
  • It takes a while to load.

11. Cars 3: Driven to Win

For the Small Racer

Based on the 2017 movie Cars 3, this game takes your child right into the action. If your kiddo loves the Cars franchise, then they’ll cherish this game.

The player has to train to advance their abilities. This will enable them to do two-wheel driving and barrel rolls, among others.

There are six different modes in the game — Race, Battle Race, Stunt Showcase, Takedown, Best Lap Challenge, and Playground.

The Playground mode gives the range to perform stunts, compete, or simply cruise around the Cars 3 world.

Once your child has completed their training, they can compete against friends or family. Anyone aged 10 and up can join in.


  • Plenty of challenges.
  • Super fun for old and young.
  • Allows for two players.


  • It might not be fun for older kids, or those who aren’t fans of the Cars franchise.

12. Little Big Planet 3

Best PS4 Game forSmall and Big

For the smallest player, we recommend the Little Big Planet 3 — it’s the perfect combo of fun and challenges, without being impossible. In the new version which is good for any age, the player gets to control Sackboy and some of his new friends.

Throughout the game, your child can collect quirky costumes to express some individuality. Alongside Sackboy, the player can travel through the digital Little Big Planet, climbing and jumping. It’s a creative and vibrant world, excellent for young players.

Another new feature in the game is the customization tools, allowing the player to create their own unique version of the world.


  • Good challenges for young players.
  • It allows for customization.
  • Excellent graphics.


  • Not challenging for older kids.
  • It takes some time to load.

13. Crash Team Racing - Nitro Fueled

For Fast-Going Kids

Get into the driver’s seat with Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled. It’s a new take on the original Crash Team Racing for PS4.

The updated game for 2019 is packed with levels and adventures. Drive around with the furry characters, and as your child progresses, they unlock more content and figures.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled fits ideally for children aged 10 and above. They can race online or offline. However, there’s a lot of content to download, so an internet connection is required.

There are several action-packed levels to conquer and opponents to defeat. The various karts that the player can choose from allow for customization.


  • Updated from the older version with better graphics and more levels.
  • Allows the player to advance through levels, unlocking new characters and karts.
  • Can be played online or offline.
  • It’s split-screen compatible with up to four players at once.


  • The offline version isn’t as advanced as the online.
  • It takes a long time to load.

14. Carnival Games

Best PS4 Game for All the Family

Get your tickets and immerse yourself and the whole family into Carnival Games. It’s like the country fair, and included are a total of 20 mini-games suitable for everyone in the family aged 10 or above.

It’s fun and challenging, and capable of supporting up to four players at once. Every player can advance at their own speed, or you can choose to play against each other for more competitive action.

Throughout the game, each player can win tickets, which you can choose to keep or trade for outfits and characters. There’s plenty of fun to be had, but you’ll need a controller for each player.


  • Fun game for everyone — perfect for family game night.
  • Packed with mini-games.
  • Prizes to win.


  • Might not be fun for just one player.
  • It is not challenging for seasoned gamers.

15. Hasbro Family Fun Pack

Family Game Night Favorite

If your child enjoys playing board games on family nights, then they’ll never want to put this disc down. It takes your kiddo into a 3D world of the popular Hasbro games, Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble, and Risk. Every inch of the boards come to life, putting a fun spin on them.

The games can be played online and offline. In online mode, players can compete against others from around the world. In offline mode, you play against family and friends.

Anyone aged 10 and up can play the games. The age restriction is for the age a child can comprehend the rules rather than any censorship. So if you have a child who easily grasps rules, they may be able to play this before the age of 10.


  • Packed with family favorites.
  • Allows for online and offline modes.
  • Multiple player games.
  • Features four fun and familiar games.


  • The trivia questions begin to repeat themselves rather quickly.
  • It contains in-game purchases, which are unnecessary.

Types of Games Appropriate for Children

PS4 games are available in all types of genres. There are sports, racing, puzzles, and even board games. These games all carry an age rating, indicating which age group they’re appropriate for.

As with watching movies, it’s not recommended to let a young child play a violent or scary game. For young children aged 10 and under, games such as Little Big Planet, Minecraft, and any LEGO game are a safe option. These allow for creativity, encouraging players to build and customize.

LEGO is a great example of what’s right with children’s games. They’ve recreated countless Pixar and Disney movies, transforming them into fun games.

Older kids, in the tween or teenage years, can move up to games such as Spider-Man. These do contain some violence, but it’s still moderate and censored.

An Appropriate Amount of Screen Time

Looking at screens has become the norm in today’s world. Adults and children are spending a lot of time scrolling through their phone or tapping on the tablet (1).

It is, however, imperative to limit the time spent with the PS4. A rough estimation showed that children are sitting in front of the screen for two to three hours per day (2). This doubles or triples the recommended one-hour limit set by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Here are a few ways to limit screen time:

No Screens During Meals

When your family sits down for a meal, let your child know screens are not allowed. Instead, they should focus on interacting with the people at the table.

Screens and Cars are a No-No

We get it, having a distraction such as a tablet can make car rides with babies and toddlers easier. However, it’s better to avoid it, especially if you’re spending a lot of time commuting.

Family Time is Sacred

If you have a weekly family night, limit the screen time by having everyone hand in their phone. If you decide to use your screen time allocation for family night, there are family-friendly PS4 games such as Monopoly, which put a digital spin on the board game.

Bedrooms are a No-Screen-Zone

Avoid letting your child have their own PS4 in their bedroom. If it’s allowed in their room, it makes it challenging to limit the screen time and monitor what type of content they’re playing.

Present a Time Limit

Before they begin playing, set a boundary for how long they’re allowed to play. This could be 30 minutes to one hour, or they could choose to play small amounts throughout the day.

The Takeaway

PS4 games are a lot of fun for young and old. There are many games to choose from, but it’s important to choose ones that are age-appropriate. Most have a clearly labeled indicator.

The best PS4 games for kids allow for creativity, minimize violence, and offer something educational. However, it’s important to limit your child’s screen time to one hour per day. Encourage other activities and set a timer when the game begins.

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