Pregnancy Test At Night: Are The Results Accurate?

Has it just hit you at 10 PM that you’re five days late on your period?

Have you been trying to conceive and you’re wondering if it’s okay to take a pregnancy test as soon as you get off work because the suspense is just killing you?

If you’re feeling any symptoms of early pregnancy, then it may be time to take a home pregnancy test. But when is the best time to take one? Will it be accurate if you take it at night?

Keep reading to find out.

How Do Home Pregnancy Tests Work?

Home pregnancy tests work by detecting the human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in your urine. Your placenta rapidly produces this hormone in the first few days of pregnancy after the embryo implants into your uterine wall. HCG supports the development of your growing baby.

Most home pregnancy tests have you either collect your urine in a cup and dip the stick into your urine or place the stick in your urine midstream. With some, you even have to collect urine and insert it into a well on the stick with an eye dropper.

Then you need to lay the test on a flat surface and wait for a designated period (usually between three to five minutes). After this time, you’ll look for a change in color, a line, or a symbol to confirm pregnancy (source).

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When to Take a Home Pregnancy Test

Most home pregnancy tests claim to detect pregnancy as early as three to four days before your missed period. But for the most accurate results, healthcare providers recommend waiting until one week after your missed period (source).

You may even experience some pregnancy symptoms before taking a test, such as:

If you’re experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy, it is certainly okay to take a pregnancy test sooner. Just know you may get a false negative from taking it too early. A false negative means a negative result when you are pregnant.

This could happen because you don’t have enough hCG in your urine yet to be detectable. If you get a negative result but think you’re pregnant, wait five to seven days and retake the test.

Taking a Pregnancy Test at Night

All home pregnancy tests are designed to detect hCG, but there are certain times of the day when it’s more readily detectable.

Take Note

No matter which tests you buy, your first morning urine will always produce the most accurate results, as it is more concentrated, allowing hCG levels to be higher and easier to detect.

However, no one can stop you from taking a home pregnancy test at night. If you really can’t wait until morning, go ahead and take one.

The only issue is it might be inaccurate.

If the test comes back positive at night, then you are most likely pregnant, as it is pretty rare to get a false-positive result (but not impossible). A false positive is a positive pregnancy test when you are actually not pregnant.

False positives are usually the result of an ectopic pregnancy, early miscarriage, fertility drugs, or user error (reading the test too soon/late or misinterpreting the evaporation line as a positive line).

If your test comes back negative, just try again in the morning. You may get a different result with your first morning urine, as there may have been too little of the hCG hormone in your urine at night to trigger a positive result.

Pay attention to the fine print on the pregnancy test pamphlet. When it says it’s 99 percent accurate, it doesn’t mean it’s this accurate before you expect your period but only after you already have missed your period.
Headshot of Christine, Traxler, MD, BS

Editor's Note:

Christine Traxler, MD, BS

What About a Blood Test?

Blood tests also work by detecting the hCG hormone but can detect a pregnancy much sooner (about 7-12 days from conception) than a urine test.

A blood test should give you the same result no matter what time of day, but they are more expensive, have to be done at a doctor’s office, and take longer to get results back (source).

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Get Testing

  • If you think you might be pregnant, but are too anxious to wait until morning to take a pregnancy test, go ahead and take one. Remember though, taking a pregnancy test at night could lead to inaccurate results.
  • If you take a pregnancy test at night and get a positive result, then you are most likely pregnant. However, if the result is negative, it’s possible you might not be pregnant. But you may have also just not had high enough levels of hCG in your urine to be detectable.
  • So if you get a negative result, take another test in the morning. You may get a different result with your first morning urine. Good luck, and I hope you get the results you want!

Have you ever taken a home pregnancy test at night? Did you get accurate results? Share your experiences with us in the comments and be sure to share this post all of your friends trying to conceive.

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58 Reader Comments

  1. Racial Dcruzz

    ALWAYS buy two tests. Unless you are a relentlessly optimistic person or a happily naive person, one test will not be enough.

  2. Juna

    Hi, I took a pregnancy test last night with a positive result. I then took another test this morning and it was negative. Why would this happen? Am I pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Pregnancy tests can be tricky. If you took two different types of tests, they might detect different levels of HCG. This means one might show positive before the other does. It’s also possible that the test you took in the evening showed an evaporation line instead of a positive. Did you read the results within the allotted time frame? I recommend waiting a few days and testing again to make sure.

  3. Rachel

    So I am 10 weeks pregnant and had mixed positives and negatives then it hit me! All the negatives were using fmu, so I decided to test my theory I took 2 tests in the morning both negative then took 2 test at 7pm and both positive as soon as urine passed over the test! It turns out my HCG levels were too high to be detected in the morning, but by 7 pm I had drunk 4 bottles of water and 3 cans of coke, so the more diluted my urine was, the stronger the result!
    My GP told me about the hook effect which is what has happened to me. I may be further along in pregnancy or carrying multiples. Will find out at my scan!

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Thanks for sharing Rachel! That’s really interesting. Congratulations and good luck with your pregnancy 🙂

  4. Shannan

    Had a positive at night about 7 pm took 3 tests (with different pees) and all had a very faint line and then in the morning and all the next day( I have a problem lol). I got negative so not sure what’s going on. Will have to wait and see in a couple of days and do another one. The wait is killing me though, lol.

  5. It’s crazy how well a woman knows her body. I had a feeling I was pregnant, and my partner insisted that there was no way like he always did. He assumed his sperm wasn’t sufficient. I took a test, and it came back negative, but I knew it had to be wrong.

    Soon after, implantation spotting happened, and I knew for sure. He still denied it but went and got two more pregnancy tests to put me at ease. I took one that night after work, and it was negative. I took the second in the morning, and sure enough, it was positive. I’m almost six weeks pregnant. I also made sure to tell him “I told you!”

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Thank you for sharing your story, and congratulations on your pregnancy!

  6. Please help me; I don’t know what to do.

    I missed my period in June, and I feel I felt like I was pregnant before my period was due. I had some red and brown spotting, but when I took a pregnancy test, I got very odd results. I would get negatives for a few days, then positive results. I took like six tests, three negatives, and three positives.

    On July 5th I told myself I would take one more test. I took the test at around midnight, and it was positive when I checked 5-10 minutes later.

    So, am I pregnant? I took another test in the morning, and it was negative again. I don’t know what is going on!

    • Jenny Silverstone


      I’m sorry you are going through this. It is odd to get several negatives and positives all in a row. Are they all the same brand of test? I would recommend contacting your doctor to see about getting a blood test drawn. Good luck!

  7. Abhinetri

    I took a test at night, but I got a false positive, even though I think that I am pregnant. What should I do?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      What makes you think that the positive test was a false positive? Did you take another test in the morning with negative results? If you think are pregnant I would wait a few days and test again. Good luck!

  8. I have gotten 2 negative results but I have all the symptoms that come with pregnancy. I had only a light period each of the last two months as well. Could I be pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Dee,
      I recommend waiting a few days and testing again. Sometimes it can take a little while for the HCG to build up. Have you considered going to your doctor to ask for a blood test?

  9. Karina

    So last night around 10 pm I took a test and it came out positive. It had one dark line and one very light line. Today I took another test when I woke up and it came out negative. I do not have any symptoms, but I haven’t gotten my period yet either. Am I pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Karina,

      It’s possible that the line you saw last night was an evaporation line, but since your period is late it is also possible that you are pregnant. I recommend waiting a few days and testing again if your period has not started. Were both tests the from the same brand?


  10. Melanie

    With my first pregnancy, we had just decided we were ready to try for a baby. One evening, I poured myself a glass of wine and was put off by the first sip! The smell, the taste! Weird! I started to do the math in my head and realized I was about five days late which was unusual for me. I happened to have a pregnancy test on hand so I took it and it turned out positive. I think it was about 7 pm. I took another one the next morning, the same result!

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Thank you for sharing your story, Melanie! Have you tried testing at night with any of your other pregnancies?

  11. jesse

    I have no idea what is going on with my body, I had a depo shot on May 23rd and then had intercourse on June 30th. I have not had a period during my depo shot.

    I got paranoid and took four tests about a month after having intercourse; all came out negative, I did them at night though. Fast forward a 2 1/2 months later, and I take a digital test, and it came out positive. But a little later I took another test, and it came out negative.

    Now the problem is that I peed on these tests and not in a cup, I was also bleeding. My ‘period’ first started on August 1st and kept going until the end of the month; it was light the whole time. I then had a week of no bleeding, and it started again on September 7th. Today is September 18th, and I’m still bleeding. This has to be a period, right? I have no pain, no sore breasts, no pregnancy symptoms… I don’t know what’s going on.

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Jesse, since five out of the six pregnancy tests came out negative, I would assume you are not pregnant. However, if you are bleeding that much, I recommend going to your doctor. It might be normal with the depo shot, but I always take a better safe than sorry approach.

      Has anyone else had symptoms like this?

  12. Ann may

    Hello, I had my period on the 2nd of September, and it was due again one day ago. I got a negative pregnancy test, but it was negative. I have been having a lot of aches in my belly, and I swear they are worse than period cramps. Could I be pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone


      How late is your period? If your period is late there is a chance you could be pregnant, I recommend waiting a few days and testing again.

  13. semmy

    My period started on the 10th and ended on the 14th. I started having early symptoms of pregnancy two weeks after my period ended, around the 24th. I got really sick, like with the flu, fever, weakness, fatigue, abdominal cramps and all. I was also having a sharp stabbing cramp in my stomach, as well as constipation.

    I took a Clear Blue pregnancy test, and the result came up negative, but I still have eight days until my period is due. Please, is it possible for me to still be pregnant even after the test is negative?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Yes, it is still possible for you to be pregnant. Many tests claim to be accurate up to five days before your missed period, but really it depends on how fast your body builds up the HCG hormone. I would wait until closer to your period and test again for more accurate results. Good luck!

  14. Jennifer

    I’m ten days late, and I took a pregnancy test, it was positive although it was very faint. I took another one a few days later, and it was negative, but it was at night, and I had drunk a lot of water before taking the test.

    Do you think that the water diluted the HCG hormone? I have felt nauseous these last couple days, could I still be pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Jennifer,

      It is possible for the water to dilute the HCG, especially if you are not far along in your pregnancy. I would recommend waiting a few days and testing again.

      Have any other moms had similar experiences?

  15. Kasey Gonzales

    I had a miscarriage two weeks ago, and the doctor gave me the okay to start trying again. We did start trying again since the doctor told us it might take three months to get pregnant again.

    I have begun to feel pregnant again, I’ve had all the pregnancy symptoms with a little bit of light brown spotting.

    I have taken four pregnancy tests, some came out positive, and one came out negative. What should I do? I feel all the symptoms, but I am worried. Am I pregnant or am I just losing my mind? I really want another baby.

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Kasey,

      It is possible that you are pregnant. But it’s also possible that you were still seeing the residual HCG after your miscarriage. Did the tests progressively get lighter as time went on? I would recommend contacting your doctor to see what they might think. Good luck!

  16. Tabi

    My period is three days late, I took a pregnancy test last night, and it came out negative. Last month I was five days late as well. My sister is 14 weeks pregnant, can her pregnancy be causing my period to be whacky? I know that sometimes when women get together, their periods sync up. Should I take another test? I am so confused.

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Tabi, have your periods always been regular before this? It is possible that you are pregnant, but it’s also possible that you just have irregular periods for some reason. Your sister’s pregnancy would not make you miss your period though. I recommend taking another test, and then if you still haven’t started in a few days giving your doctor a call.

  17. Rebecca Grandison

    Last night I took two digital pregnancy tests, both came back positive. This morning I tried with two new tests (different brand, one digital one with lines) and both came back negative. I’m confused! Help!

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Were last nights pregnancy tests blue dye tests by chance? Blue dye tests have a higher chance of showing what is called an evaporation line, which can look positive. If not, I recommend waiting a few days and testing again. It’s also possible that the second tests you took were from a brand that requires a higher amount of HCG before showing positive.

  18. MyMy

    My period is six days late, I took a test last night, and it was negative. I had already gone to the restroom several times throughout the day though, should I test again in the morning?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      I would suggest testing again in a few days if your period still hasn’t arrived. Are your periods normally regular? It is possible that you also ovulated later than normal.

  19. Jake Sweedler

    My wife is six days late for her period. She took a test today and got a negative result. She also used the restroom five or more times during the day before taking the test. Should she take another test in the morning?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      Hi Jake, it wouldn’t hurt to another test, just to make sure. Does she have any other symptoms? Good luck!

  20. s p

    Hello, at the beginning of last week I started spotting a brown discharge for three days. I took a pregnancy test after that and got a faint positive. That same day I got what I thought was the start of my period though. After seven days I tested again and got an obvious positive result.

    At the doctor the next day they did a blood pregnancy test and it came back 121 hcg. But since then every pregnancy test I have taken has been fainter than the last.

    Is it possible that I am still pregnant, or do you think the bleeding last week was a miscarriage?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      I’m sorry you are dealing with this stressful situation. Have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns? Maybe they could do another blood draw to let you know if they are increasing.

  21. Sarah

    Hello, I took two pregnancy tests last weekend. One when I got off from work, and another the next day. Both were at night, and both were obviously positive. My question is, should I take one in the morning or am I pregnant?

    • Jenny Silverstone

      As long the lines came up within the recommended time, a positive is a positive. No matter what time of day you take it. Congratulations!

  22. Sabby

    I’m 4 days late on my period. I took 5 tests and they were all negative. I took them at night. I have sore boobs, spotting from 1st to the 4th of Jan. Should I test in the morning or am I just not pregnant.

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hi Sabby, it might be worth waiting a few more days and re-testing. You could also get a blood test at a clinic just to be sure. We’d love to hear how it all works out for you. All the best!

  23. Kellie

    My period was due January 11th and I am now 6days late. Tomorrow will make me officially 1 week late. My boobs feel heavy and my lower stomach feels like it’s “tight or bloated”. I’ve been feeling under the weather the last few days now. So, I took a hpt last night (5days late) and it was a negative. Any advice? I feel at a loss. We’ve been trying since June 🙁

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hi, Kellie. That must be anxiety-inducing for you. Our only advice is to test again and keep trying to get pregnant if it’s negative. Did you take another test already? How did that go? We wish you all the best!

  24. Gwendolyn

    I had my period twice in Dec 2018. On the 6th and the 28th.
    On the 7th of January 2019, I had a pregnancy blood test done and it was negative. I wasn’t convinced because I was having persistent abdominal pain. Then, I tested faintly positive on 25 January 2019 in the evening because I couldn’t wait till morning.

    On the 27th again, I tested positive — clearer than the first one on the 25th. Then, the following day I went for a scan, but nothing showed — no pregnancy. Please help me understand this because I’m confused.

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hi Gwendolyn, sorry to hear about all your stress. From your comment, it could be two things. One, you’re not pregnant. Usually, the pregnancy blood test is more accurate than the home pregnancy test, so if it’s negative, you’re likely negative. It could also be that you just need to give it some time and then take a blood pregnancy test again.

      Please let us know how it works out. All the best.

    • I had my period March 4th through March 8th and had sexual intercourse on the 21st. On March 30th, I had my period again but my period wasn’t due till April 5. I have been having pregnancy symptoms. So I took a test yesterday, April 22 and it came out negative. My period tracker says I’m due for another period on April 26th. I’m just confused could I be pregnant or these are just my period symptoms??

      • Team Mom Loves Best

        Hey Shay, thanks for reading. In your case, it may be best to wait until your next period. If you miss that, then retake the pregnancy test. Ultimately, you know your body best. If you continue to suspect pregnancy, see a doctor for an ultrasound and/or pregnancy blood test. All the best, and please keep us posted :).

  25. Subha

    I had decided to take the pregnancy test tomorrow but I got my period today. Should I still take the test tomorrow?

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hey Subha, I don’t see why you’d need to, but it’s up to you 🙂

  26. Bella

    I took mine at night and got a positive result. But I’m not sure I understand how the clearblue weeks indicator works. What does 3+ mean?

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hey Bella, 3+ means you’re over 3 weeks pregnant. Congratulations! 🙂

  27. I had my first day of the last period, February 16, 2019. I am already delayed, so I took the test–both negative. First one was March 23, 2019 and the second one, March 26, 2019. Am I pregnant? please help 🙁

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hey Mae, sorry to hear that you’re having issues with the tests. It might be best to see your doctor to confirm why your period is delayed and whether or not you’re pregnant. Please let us know how it goes, and we wish you all the best.

  28. My period is 8 days late. Last night I took a clear blue digital that came back “1-2weeks pregnant,” but then this morning, I tested again with my first-morning pee it came back “not pregnant.” What do I do now?

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hey Kim! That must be stressful. We’d recommend retaking the test or seeing your doctor. All the best!

  29. Its been 9 days since I missed my period, but I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I also took one when it was 3 days missed — also negative. I have all the pregnancy symptoms, what should I do? 😣

    • Team Mom Loves Best

      Hey Ija, it may be a good idea to wait another week and test again. We hope you get good news this time around! Please keep us posted — all the best! 🙂 We’re crossing our fingers for you.

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