Freemie Breast Pump Review (2019 Edition) - Will It Give You Pumping Freedom?

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Your bundle of joy will be arriving soon and you’re in the nesting phase. One of the most difficult decisions when it comes to baby gear is choosing the right breast pump. It’s a piece of equipment moms who plan on breastfeeding will need on hand.

This Freemie Breast Pump Review will help you decide if it can give you the Freedom in a pump that you’ve been looking for.

In This Guide

    Product Overview

    The Freemie Freedom is a double electric hands free and concealable breast pump. What separates the Freedom from other breast pumps currently on the market is that not only is it hands-free, but it’s also surprisingly silent.

    Included in the box is the following:

    • The pump unit
    • One power cord
    • Two funnels
    • Two collection cups
    • The connection kit with all the tubing and valves you need

    The collection cups fit inside of your bra and allow you to pump with your clothes on and each collection cup can hold 8 ounces of breast milk.

    • This pump allows you to express milk while clothed.
    • Quiet pump.
    • Comfortable pumping experience.
    • You can’t use battery power so you have to be plugged into an outlet to use it.
    • The milk sometimes flows back into the tubes.

    Key Features and Benefits

    The Freemie Freedom is a hands-free pump

    As the name implies, the Freedom really does give moms the ability to keep their hands free while they are pumping. Whether you want to work on the computer, hold your baby or read a book while you’re pumping, you can with this unit.

    It gives moms a little bit of their lives back, which I really appreciate as a busy mom.

    Ditching your clothing is optional, not required, with this pump

    Finally, a pump that lets women show a little modesty if they want to. When you pump 10 to 12 times a day, after a while you start to feel like you live in a nudist colony because you never seem to have a shirt on.

    With this pump, you can put those cups in right under your bra and go about your business as usual. Yes, you may look a little like Dolly Parton because of the added bulk the cups give your breasts, but that’s a small price to pay.

    Pumping won’t sound like you are stuck in a wind tunnel

    Pumps can be loud and distracting at times, especially when you’re trying to pump without drawing attention to yourself at work. Moms who value discretion may appreciate how quiet the Freemie Freedom is.

    These collection cups can be used with other pumps if you have the proper connection kit

    Sometimes you like certain aspects of one product, but some other features of another one better. So while the Freedom’s collection cups might be more comfortable for you than the ones that come with other brands, maybe you prefer the suction speed of a rival pump better. Normally, you’re out of luck.

    But the Freedom allows you piece together your own unique combination. You get to play Dr. Frankenstein – you can use the Freedom collection cups with other pumps, which gives you the best of both worlds.

    It’s offered at a reasonable price

    While it isn’t the cheapest pump in the world, it isn’t overly expensive either. Many moms will find it fits into their budget. It is a good middle-of-the-road pricing for a breast pump.

    Assembling this pump is a breeze

    You won’t spend long piecing this pump together, and when you’re done, you can easily take it apart and clean it. Having quick assembly is important, especially in the workplace where you lose money when you clock out for pumping milk.

    How Do They Compare?

    1. Medela Pump In Style

    Moms who want their breast milk pumped on the double may prefer the Pump In Style, which has extremely powerful suction. This pump can help time-strapped moms express milk in just a few minutes. Those saved minutes really add up when you consider how many times a day women typically pump.

    2. Spectra S2

    Moms who don’t want to be stuck sitting or standing next to an outlet every time they pump will like that they can use batteries with the Spectra S2. Sometimes finding an open outlet can be a pain.

    3. NUK Expressive Double

    Moms who already feel saddled down with too much baby gear might like the NUK Expressive double electric breast pump. This lightweight pump can be taken anywhere with moms barely noticing any additional weight.

    4. Philips AVENT Double

    Moms who are worried about any discomfort they might feel with breastfeeding may want to go for the Philips AVENT Double Breast Pump. It has massaging cushions to help get your breast milk flowing. Plus, it offers three different expression settings and a stimulation mode.

    5. Ameda Purely Yours

    The Purely Yours double electric pump may be a better choice for moms who are struggling with their finances. Sometimes, women need to go with a cheaper option, like the Purely Yours, because it can be the difference between putting groceries on the table that week or going without.

    Who Should Buy This Pump?

    If it weren’t for the bigger than normal appearance of your breasts and the quiet whooshing noise of the pump, people might not even know you were using your Freedom Freemie.

    Since you get to keep your clothes on, it changes the pumping experience for many women. You can sit and have a cup of tea with your friends while you’re pumping and not feel the least bit self-conscious about it.

    If discretion, a reasonable price tag and a peaceful pumping experience are things you are looking for in a breast pump, the Freedom is definitely an excellent choice for you.

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    8 Reader Comments

    1. Emily Niles

      Is the lady in the second video using the regular Medela with a travel battery or is she using the portable Freestyle Medela pump, which I thought is not compatible with the Freemie cups?

      • Jenny Silverstone

        Hi Emily! Thanks for leaving a comment.

        The pump she shows in the video is the Pump in Style (which usually comes with a travel battery pack)

    2. Priscila

      Is this review still available? I can only the comments. Thanks.

      • Jenny Silverstone

        Thanks for pointing that out Priscila! Small technical issue, but the review is back online! Hope it helps.

    3. Erin Loesch

      I have the Freemie Liberty. I would not recommend wasting your money on their pump. Mine died on the FIRST use and they won’t refund or replace because they “don’t take returns for sanitary reasons,” even on defective parts. $330 down the drain.

      That being said, the collection cups are worth their weight in gold. I adore them. They hold more than the average storage bag or bottle and they are compatible with a lot of pumps.

      I wish I’d have known how crappy the Liberty pump was… it is only $70 for the cup system and a $17-25 on Amazon for the battery pack for the Medela PumpInStyle. For $90, I could have accomplished the same I am doing now and saved myself the additional $260 on a heavy piece of plastic that is now a paperweight.

      • Team Mom Loves Best

        Hi Erin, thanks for leaving a comment and sharing your experience. We’re so sorry to hear you had a negative experience with the Freemie Liberty. But thank you for an objective review — mentioning that you loved the collection cups. We hope other moms find your thoughts helpful. The Medela PumpInStyle is one of our favorites, so we’re glad it’s working for you! 🙂

    4. TJ

      Can the Freemie collection cups be connected to a Spectra 2?

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