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200+ Top Last Names That Start With T: With Meanings

These last names that start with T are totally timeless!

Are you looking to find more information about your surname? If so, you’ll be delighted with this roundup of last names that start with T. We’ve included the top exotic, well-known, and obscure options for your viewing pleasure.

You’ll discover origins, meanings, and even a few namesakes. With over 200 last names starting with T, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself within this list. Time is of the essence, so grab a drink and kick back. The best surnames starting with T are right around the corner!

66 Exotic Last Names That Start With T

These foreign last names that start with T are tres’ bien.

  1. Ta – among the shortest last names that start with T, means “thank” in Chinese.
  2. Tabor – hailing from the U.K., an occupational surname given to drummers.
  3. Tacka – of English origin, meaning “tall,” “falcon,” and “honorable.”
  4. Tadashi – a Japanese option referring to someone with loyal, honorable, and good traits.
  5. Taddai – an alternate spelling of Thaddai, meaning “beloved” in Hebrew, ideal for lovable tribes.
  6. Tafoya – taken from “tafoja,” meaning “swamp” in Spanish, initially given to families dwelling near sunken land.
  7. Taggart – of Scottish origin, means “son of the priest,” can also be short for McTaggart.
  8. Taito – hails from the Pacific islands, meaning “of Titus,” “skill,” and “peaceful.”
  9. Takai – of Japanese origin, a 5-letter topographical surname for families living near rice fields.
  10. Takamoto – means “one who lives up high” in Japanese, given to hill dwellers.
  11. Talavera – a habitational Spanish surname for families from Talavera.
  12. Tam – joins the ranks of 3-letter surnames, which means “magnificent” in Chinese.
  13. Tamasi – a patronymic Hungarian option for sons of Tama connected to Thomas.
  14. Tamayo – of Spanish origin, traditionally given to families from Tamayo.
  15. Tan – means “magnificent” in Chinese and “leather maker” in English.
  16. Tanaka – is of Japanese origin, meaning “center of the rice paddy, given to rice farmers.”
  17. Tancredi – an Italian and German option meaning “thoughtful advice” and “counselor.”
  18. Tang – a Mandarin Chinese title meaning “boastful,” “in vain,” and “from Tang.”
  19. Tanguay – of French origin, means “independent nonregistered worker” and “limit.”
  20. Tapia – means “mud wall” in Spanish, given to those dwelling near mud walls or brick layers.
  21. Tarbox – taken from “tarbock,” meaning “bullock” in English, given to cattle-raisers.
  22. Tatar – a Czech last name given to men with unpredictable personalities, ideal for free-spirited families.
  23. Teal – a brilliant shade of blue or an English surname for families resembling teal ducks.
  24. Teixeira – of Portuguese origin, meaning “place of the yew trees.”
  25. Tejada – a derivative of “teja,” meaning “roof tile” and “lime tree.”
  26. Tejeda – of Spanish origin, given to families dwelling near lime trees or roof layers.
  27. Telemaque – means “fighting from afar” in French and is inspired by the mythical Telemachus.
  28. Tellez – is of Spanish origin, meaning “son of Tello,” borne by Lilly Tellez, a Mexican journalist.
  29. Terronez – a variation of Terrones, meaning “small estate” in Spanish.
  30. Thai – of Chinese origin, means “to respect,” and can also point to someone from Thailand.
  31. Thao – a unique Vietnamese pick meaning “courteous,” ideal for polite families.
  32. Thibodeaux – a derivative of Theobald, meaning “courageous” and “brave” in French.
  33. Tiberius – is of Latin origin, an 8-letter option meaning “by the Tiber River.”
  34. Tieul – a respelling of Thiel, meaning “lime tree linden” in German.
  35. Tijerina – of Spanish origin, meaning “scissors,” referring to a tailor or scissor maker.
  36. Tinoco – a Spanish and Portuguese title meaning “reasonable” or “sensible.”
  37. Tirado – of Spanish origin, joins the ranks of moniker last names starting with T, meaning “long-legged.”
  38. To – hailing from East Asia, famous namesakes include Marcus To, a Canadian comic book illustrator.
  39. Tokuhara – of Japanese origin, meaning “benevolence,” “virtue,” “wilderness,” and “tundra.”
  40. Toleafoa – among the most mysterious T surnames, believed to be of Spanish origin.
  41. Toledo – a Spanish habitational surname given to families hailing from central Spain.
  42. Tolefree – of English origin, meaning “not obliged to pay tax.”
  43. Tolentino – an Italian surname given to families from Tolentino.
  44. Tong – means “the same” in Mandarin Chinese and is among the top 200 Chinese surnames.
  45. Toro – of Italian origin, traditionally given to bull raisers or men with a lustful eye.
  46. Torres – means “Thor’s shaft” and “towers” in Spanish, among the top Hispanic titles in America.
  47. Torrez – an edgy respelling of Torres, a Spanish option given to those dwelling near towers.
  48. Toscono – of Italian origin, refers to someone from Tuscany.
  49. Toth – means “Slovak” or “Slovian” in Hungarian and can be short for Tothorszag.
  50. Toussaint – of French origin, means “All Saint’s Day,” doubling as a popular forename.
  51. Tovar – a variation of Tobar, meaning “quarry of soft, sandy stone” in Spanish.
  52. Trahan – a French occupational surname for one working with fine silks.
  53. Tram – of Chinese origin, meaning “liquid,” “pure water,” and “to pour.”
  54. Tran – a variation of Chen, meaning “to display,” “to narrate,” and “stale” in Chinese.
  55. Trejo – taken from Trevo, meaning “from Trexo, Spain” in Spanish.
  56. Trevino – a Spanish habitational surname for those from Burgos.
  57. Trinh – of Vietnamese origin, a derivative of Zheng, borne by the leader of a Chinese dynasty.
  58. Trinidad – means “holy trinity” in Spanish and is ideal for Catholic families.
  59. Trujillo – a Spanish habitational surname for clans dwelling near Caceres.
  60. Truong – of Chinese origin, means “to open up” and “classifier for votes.”
  61. Tsai – a Mandarin Chinese option referring to turtles used in sacred religious ceremonies.
  62. Tshiteng – an Asian surname with an unknown meaning, among the rarest last names starting with T.
  63. Tu – of Chinese origin, means “paint smear,” but can also point to the Chu River.
  64. Tunick – a variation of Tunik, meaning “from Tunik” in Belorussian, can also point to tunic makers.
  65. Turcios – means “Turk” in Italian and “from Turcio” in Spanish.
  66. Tyrell – an English surname initially given to stubborn men, means “to pull.”

66 Popular Last Names Starting With T

These common last names, starting with T, are unbelievably terrific.

  1. Talbot – a derivative of Talbald, meaning “bright,” “valley,” and “bold” in German.
  2. Tamas – of Hungarian and Sanskrit origin, meaning “twin” and “darkness.”
  3. Tanks – short for Tankard, meaning “blast on a horn” in French.
  4. Tanner – the Americanization of Tanour, a French occupational surname for leather workers.
  5. Tarver – means “hut made of turf” and “shelter from the storm” in Norse.
  6. Tatum – hailing from the U.K., meaning “Tata’s homestead,” borne by actor Channing Tatum.
  7. Tavares – of Portuguese origin, meaning “descendant of the hermit.”
  8. Tavarez – an edgy respelling of Tavares, a Portuguese surname given to those with hermit-like attributes.
  9. Taylor – of French origin, meaning “tailor,” pointing to one who alters clothing.
  10. Teagan – an Irish forename and surname meaning “attractive,” ideal for fair families.
  11. Temple – means “dweller near the temple” in Latin, borne by actress Shirley Temple.
  12. Tennant – of Scottish origin, meaning “tenant,” given to farmers who rented their land.
  13. Teran – taken from Terra, which means “earth” in Latin.
  14. Thames – of Celtic and English origin, means “dark one,” perfect for raven-haired clans.
  15. Tharp – a derivative of Thorp, meaning “village” and “farmstead” in English.
  16. Thatcher – an English occupational surname for those who thatched roofs.
  17. Thiel – taken from Thietilo, meaning “lime tree linden” in German.
  18. Thomas – of Aramaic origin, initially given to twins, mentioned in the New Testament.
  19. Thomason – a French patronymic surname given to sons of Thomas.
  20. Thome – taken from Thomas, meaning “twin” in Aramaic.
  21. Thompson – of English, Irish, and Scottish origin, meaning “son of Thom.”
  22. Thomson – an exotic variation of Thompson, meaning “twin” and “son of Tom.”
  23. Thorne – of English origin, given to families dwelling near thorn bushes.
  24. Thurman – means “watchman” and “tower man” in German.
  25. Thurston – inspired by Thor, meaning “stone” and “rock” in Norse, doubles as a habitational surname.
  26. Tibbitt – a derivative of Tibba, meaning “generous person” in English, fitting for kind families.
  27. Tierney – the Americanization of O’Tierney, meaning “lord” and “master” in Gaelic.
  28. Tillery – of Scottish origin, initially given to families dwelling near royal land.
  29. Tilley – an English occupational title for farmers, doubles as a derivative of Matilda.
  30. Timbers – a derivative of Timmers, a German and Dutch surname for carpenters.
  31. Timm – means “son of Dietmar” in Dutch and “add” in Chinese.
  32. Timmons – of Irish origin, means “son of Tioman.”
  33. Tipton – an English habitational surname for families living near Staffordshire.
  34. Titus – a common biblical option meaning “title of honor” in Roman.
  35. Tobias – joins the ranks of 6-letter Hebrew surnames starting with T, which means “God is good.”
  36. Todd – of English and Scottish origin, traditionally given to men with fox like qualities.
  37. Toft – means “plot of land where a house stood” in English, can also point to homesteads.
  38. Tom – is of Chinese origin, meaning “to talk,” and English origin, meaning “son of Thomas.”
  39. Tomlin – means “twin” and “Gemini” in English, borne by Christian singer Chris Tomlin.
  40. Tomlinson – of English origin, given to sons of Tomlin, meaning “twin.”
  41. Torrey – taken from “torr,” meaning “hill” and “mound” in Gaelic.
  42. Towns – means “town” and “settlement” in English, can also point to families dwelling near manors.
  43. Trace – of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of Treasach” and “fierce.”
  44. Tracey – means “warlike” and “fighter” in Irish, taken from Treasach.
  45. Tracy – a respelling of Tracey, meaning “fighter” and “warlike” in Irish.
  46. Trammell – a derivative of Tremmell, a German surname given to rude men.
  47. Trapp – of English origin, meaning “trap,” “gin,” and “snare.”
  48. Trapper – an English option given to fur traders or a German pick given to troublemakers.
  49. Travis – a French occupational surname meaning “toll collector,” doubles as a beautiful forename.
  50. Trello – taken from “trellis,” meaning “to swing” or “vine” in Latin.
  51. Tremain – of Celtic origin, meaning “town made of stone.”
  52. Trent – hailing from Britain, means “the flooder,” pointing to the River Trent.
  53. Triplett – of Scottish origin, meaning “dancer” or “butcher.”
  54. Trowbridge – an English habitational surname for families dwelling near Wiltshire.
  55. Troy – which means “descendant of Troightheach” in Irish, doubles as a prominent forename.
  56. Troyer – a variation of Treuer, a German topographical surname for those living by cattle tracks.
  57. True – of English origin, meaning “by the tree,” can also point to someone with good morals.
  58. Tucker – means “to torment” in English, doubling as a surname for cloth workers.
  59. Tudor – is a respelling of Tudur, meaning “people king” in Celtic, borne by the Tudor dynasty.
  60. Turk – of Scottish origin, meaning “from Turkey” or “boar,” given to those with fierce personalities.
  61. Turley – the Anglicization of Toirdhealbhach, meaning “like thunder” in Norse.
  62. Turner – is of English and French origin and means “woodworker,” ideal for crafty families.
  63. Turpin – a derivative of Thórfinnr, pointing to Thor, the mythical Norse god of thunder.
  64. Twitty – of Scottish origin with an unknown meaning, borne by American singer Conway Twitty.
  65. Tyler – taken from “tieuleor,” meaning “tile maker” in French, borne by rocker Steven Tyler.
  66. Tyson – of French origin, meaning “high-spirited,” famous namesakes include fighter Mike Tyson.

70 Unique Surnames Starting With T

These uncommon surnames, starting with T, take the cake!

  1. Tabon – is among Filipino surnames beginning with T, which means “excavate.”
  2. Tackett – joins the ranks of 7-letter last names, which means “buckle” in French.
  3. Talbert – is of English and Scottish origin, meaning “bright valley.”
  4. Talley – is the shortened variation of Ó Taithligh, meaning “peaceable” in Irish.
  5. Tallman – of German origin, meaning “servant of Christ,” can also point to tall families.
  6. Talon – means “bright proud” and “valley” in French and “waterfall” in Filipino.
  7. Tate – is of Norse origin and was traditionally given to cheerful men.
  8. Taulbee – an English habitational title for families hailing from Taillebois, Normandy.
  9. Taveras – of Spanish origin and is connected to Tavera, meaning “from Tabera.”
  10. Tayloe – a derivative of Taylor, meaning “tailor” in English.
  11. Tea – which means “to open up” in Chinese, can also point to a tea farmer.
  12. Teacher – is of English origin, meaning “by the ash tree” or “one who teaches.”
  13. Teague – taken from “teg,” meaning “beautiful” and “fair” in Welsh.
  14. Tempest – of English origin, initially pointed to someone with a stormy temper.
  15. Templeton – hailing from the U.K., meaning “temple settlement,” borne by the rat in Charlotte’s Web.
  16. Tennyson – of British origin, meaning “son of Dennis,” with namesakes including poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  17. Tenorio – a Spanish nickname turned surname, given to men with many romantic escapades.
  18. Terrazas – of Spanish origin, a topographical title for those dwelling near terraces.
  19. Terrell – hailing from Britain, means “follower of Thor” and “stubborn.”
  20. Terry – is short for Theodoric, meaning “powerful” and “rich” in German.
  21. Testa – of Italian origin, meaning “head,” originating as a nickname for someone with a large head.
  22. Tex – an American habitational surname for families hailing from Texas.
  23. Thacker – of English origin, given to roof thatchers.
  24. Thayer – taken from Taylor, meaning “tailor” in English.
  25. Thigpen – a derivative of Thickpenny, an ultra rare English option originating with a family of merchants.
  26. Thoreau – of French origin, meaning “strength of a bull,” borne by essayist Henry David Thoreau.
  27. Thorn – an English habitational title for families owning thorny land.
  28. Thornton – means “from the thorn bush enclosure” in English.
  29. Thorpe – derives from “thorp,” meaning “small enclosure” or “hamlet.”
  30. Thrasher – of English origin and means “thresher,” given to wheat threshers.
  31. Tice – a respelling of Teece, meaning “kid goat” in English, initially given to shepherds.
  32. Tidwell – a derivative of Tideswell, meaning “dweller by the tide” in Scandinavian.
  33. Tilman – of British and German origin, meaning “farmer” and “plowman.”
  34. Tilson – which means “son of Till” in English, can also refer to a farmer’s son.
  35. Tinsley – an English habitational surname for those dwelling near South Yorkshire.
  36. Tisdale – of English origin, meaning “Tice’s dale,” borne by actress Ashley Tisdale.
  37. Tobar – a Spanish topographical surname that means “from Tobar.”
  38. Tobin – a variation of Toibin, meaning “Tobin’s town” in English, can point to descendants of Tobias.
  39. Tolbert – means “bright valley” in English and is a variation of Talabert.
  40. Toler – a derivative of Tollere, meaning “tax-gatherer” in English.
  41. Tolkien – of Prussian origin, means “son of Tolk,” borne by author J.R.R. Tolkien.
  42. Tolley – means “the god Thor” in Scandinavian, can also point to a toll collector.
  43. Tolliver – of English origin, means “metalworker,” ideal for families as strong as steel.
  44. Tomas – is a respelling of Thomas, meaning “twin” in Aramaic.
  45. Tompkins – of Irish and English origin, means “son of Tom,” borne by actor Jason Tompkins.
  46. Toney – means “from Tosny” in English, doubling as a respelling of Tony.
  47. Toomey – is a variation of Ó Tuama, meaning “burial mound” and “descendant of Tuaim” in Irish.
  48. Towner – of English origin, pointing to someone dwelling in a large town.
  49. Townsend – an English topographical surname given to village clans.
  50. Traylor – a derivative of “trel,” given to those operating sewing treadmills.
  51. Traynor – taken from “trayne,” meaning “to trap” and “to snare” in English.
  52. Trenta – of Italian origin, meaning “thirty,” doubles as a Starbucks cup size.
  53. Trice – a derivative of Treis, an English pick given to families living on uncultivated land.
  54. Trimble – a variation of Tremblay, meaning “dweller near ash trees” in French.
  55. Tripp – of English origin, means “to dance” and “to stumble,” good for athletic families.
  56. Trotter – means “one who rides a trotting horse” in English and Scottish.
  57. Troup – of Scottish origin, given to those living near a parish.
  58. Trout – among animal-inspired T last names, given to Englishmen who resembled fish.
  59. Troutman – a respelling of Trautmann, meaning “beloved man” in German.
  60. Truett – is of English origin, meaning “river bend,” doubling as a rare forename.
  61. Truitt – a respelling of Truett, given to English families dwelling near rivers.
  62. Truman – means “loyal man” in English, borne by former President Harry S. Truman.
  63. Trunchbull – a fictional surname belonging to Roald Dahl’s mean headmistress in Matilda.
  64. Tubbs – an alternative to Tubman, an English occupational surname for tub makers.
  65. Tuck – among 4-letter T surnames, meaning “son of Toke” or “cloth tucker.”
  66. Tully – of Irish origin, meaning “flood,” ideal for water-loving clans.
  67. Turnbull – means “one who herds bulls” in English, perfect for cowboys.
  68. Tuttle – of English and Irish origin, means “porkell,” referring to Thor’s cauldron.
  69. Twain – means “divided in two” in English, borne by author Mark Twain.
  70. Tyree – is of Scottish origin, meaning “son of the carpenter,” and is a respelling of Tyrie.

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