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200+ Adorable Lizard Names: With Fun Facts

These cute lizard names are worth melting for.

Lizards are among the most popular pets, and it’s easy to see why. With their fun-loving personalities and unique appearance, they make anyone’s day. This expansive buffet of lizard names will help you christen your pet with the perfect title.

We’ve included famous reptilian names and unique options, giving you the cream of the crop. We’ve also added cool facts so you can make an informed decision. So, grab a chair and kick back; the greatest names for lizards are just around the bend!

81 Dashing Boy Lizard Names

These handsome boy lizard names will have you green with envy.

  1. Aiden – of Gaelic origin, a gender-neutral title meaning “little fire.”
  2. Antonio – a Spanish and Italian option with many meanings perfect for your unique boy.
  3. Apollo – inspired by the Greek god of crops, herds, archery, music, and dance.
  4. Artie – an adorable moniker for Arthur, means “bear” in Celtic, fitting for the badass lizard.
  5. Ash – short for Asher, a Hebrew title meaning “happy,” borne by the leading character in Pokemon.
  6. Axel – a derivative of Absalmon, the biblical son of David who came to an untimely demise.
  7. Bad Bill – featured in the hit film Rango as the primary antagonist known for his gruffness.
  8. Bodhi – means “enlightenment” in Sanskrit, making it one of the most spiritual lizard names.
  9. Buddha – an Indian title meaning “awakened one,” borne by the founder of Buddhism.
  10. Caesar – a derivative of Caesarius, meaning “head of hair,” an ironic choice for your reptile.
  11. Cash – an American slang term meaning “money,” perfect for your priceless pet.
  12. Cecil – short for Sextilius, meaning “blind” or “sixth” in Latin.
  13. Clyde – a Scottish pick that means “friendly,” often associated with criminal duo Bonnie and Clyde.
  14. Deco – of Hungarian origin, meaning “Lord,” joining the ranks of spiritual names for lizards.
  15. Delta – the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet, meaning “river mouth,” perfect for the hungry reptile.
  16. Dexter – a Latin moniker given to those without a predominant hand or an English habitational surname.
  17. Draco – derived from Drakon, meaning “dragon” in Greek, borne by Harry Potter’s Draco Malfoy.
  18. Earl – of English origin, describing a warrior or member of the nobility, perfect for the popular lizard.
  19. Eddy – short for Edward, meaning “wealthy friend” or “rich in friendship” in English.
  20. Elvis – a respelling of Alviss, meaning “all-wise” in Norse, associated with famous rocker Elvis Presley.
  21. Ender – a unisex Turkish title pointing to something scarce or a brand of 3D printers.
  22. Fabio – the Portuguese version of Fabius, meaning “bean farmer,” an ironic pick for the cold-blooded pet.
  23. Felix – joins the ranks of biblical names for lizards featured in the New Testament.
  24. Fernando – the Spanish variation of Ferdinand, meaning “adventurer,” perfect for your little risk-taker.
  25. Fuego – of Spanish origin, meaning“fire,” the ideal title for the desert reptile.
  26. Gandalf – a good fantastical lizard name featured in Lord of the Rings.
  27. Gargoyle – derived from “gargouille,” which means “throat” and “gullet.”
  28. Goliath – borne by a giant featured in the Old Testament, meaning “exile” in Hebrew.
  29. Gollum – created by J.R.R. Tolkien, borne by a creature enamored with a ring.
  30. Harry – a moniker for Harold or Henry, meaning “home ruler” in German.
  31. Hook – an English surname given to those living near valleys, best associated with Peter Pan.
  32. Houdini – borne by Harry Houdini, an escape artist who held his breath for 90 minutes.
  33. Hulk – a large boat or Marvel’s mean, green hero known for his strength and temper tantrums.
  34. Igor – of Russian origin, meaning “warrior,” perfect for your small but mighty pet.
  35. Jabberwock – a fictional monster created by Lewis Carroll, featured in Jabberwocky.
  36. Johnny – short for John, a biblical title meaning “God is gracious.”
  37. Kade – a Scottish surname for families living near wetlands, an accurate pick for reptiles.
  38. Khan – of Turkish origin, meaning “prince,” ideal for the pretty lizard with a big ego.
  39. King – hailing from the U.K., meaning “monarch,” joining the ranks of royal reptile names.
  40. Kobe – a Swahili pick meaning “turtle,” an ironic pick for your statuesque lizard.
  41. Lenny – short for Leonard, meaning “brave as a lion” in English.
  42. Leonardo – of German origin, refers to one who exhibits bravery, borne by actor Leonardo DiCaprio.
  43. MacGyver – means “son of Ivor” in Norse, borne by a troubleshooter with his TV show.
  44. Maximus – of Latin origin, meaning “greatest” and is often shorted to Max.
  45. Merlin – a Welsh pick meaning “sea fortress,” ideal for the little Loch Ness Monster.
  46. Midas – borne by a mythical Greek king who turned everything he touched to gold.
  47. Miguel – the Spanish version of Michael, meaning “he who is like God.”
  48. Monty – of French origin, meaning “mountain,” a lofty pick for any pet.
  49. Mushu – featured in Disney’s Mulan as an arrogant Chinese dragon.
  50. Neo – means “new” in Greek, borne by the main character in The Matrix films.
  51. Nile – the Irish respelling of Neil, or a cool African river mentioned in the Old Testament.
  52. Norbert – of German origin, meaning “bright north,” comes with nicknames like Bert and Bertie.
  53. Odysseus – the mythical King of Ithaca, known for his part in the Trojan War.
  54. Orion – a giant mythical hunter mentioned in Greek mythology or a constellation.
  55. Ozzy – short for Oscar, meaning “divine power” in German, borne by singer Ozzy Osbourne.
  56. Phoenix – a mythical bird who rises from the ashes, symbolizing resilience and resurrection.
  57. Prince – the king’s son or a talented singer who wrote Purple Rain.
  58. Raphael – of Hebrew origin, meaning “God has healed,” is an excellent pick for the caring lizard.
  59. Reggie – an American pick that means “ruler” and “counsel,” ideal for your regal pet.
  60. Reign – of American origin, meaning “ruler,” borne by the son of Kourtney Kardashian.
  61. Rex – a Latin option meaning “king,” also associated with dinosaurs that resemble lizards.
  62. Rocky – hailing from Britain, meaning “rest” and can also describe unsettled ground.
  63. Royal – of French and British origin, initially given to men with kingly attributes.
  64. Spike – a long, heavy nail or one of the most popular lizard pet names.
  65. Spyro – short for Spyridon, meaning “basket” in Greek and Latin.
  66. Stitch – often associated with sewing or Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.
  67. Sully – of British origin, meaning “south meadow” or “stain.”
  68. Sultan – a title for Muslim rulers that means “strength” and “authority.”
  69. Taz – a funny moniker for Theodorus, which means “God’s gift” in Greek.
  70. Tiberius – of Latin origin, means “near the Tiber River,” referring to Italy’s brilliant waters.
  71. Ugo – short for Hugo, meaning “heart,” “body,” and “spirit” in Italian.
  72. Ulysses – the Latin version of Odysseus, meaning “wrathful,” associated with a namesake novel by James Joyce.
  73. Vishnu – an Indian option meaning “all-pervasive,” perfect for the lizard who rules the roost.
  74. Vlad – short for Vladimir, meaning “glorious rule” in Russian and Slavic.
  75. Voldemort – among the most unique lizard names, borne by Harry Potter’s archenemy.
  76. Waldo – short for Waldon, which means “ruler” in German, associated with the Where’s Waldo books.
  77. Wally – a unisex Welsh pick that means “Welshman,” ideal for those with European roots.
  78. Woody – a European moniker given to families who owned woods, connected to Disney’s Toy Story.
  79. Xerxes – of Greek origin, meaning “monarch,” perfect for pet owners who want the X Factor.
  80. Yoda – a cute Jedi Master featured in the Star Wars franchise, symbolizing wisdom.
  81. Ziggy – among the edgiest names for lizards, meaning “victory” in German.

79 Beautiful Girl Lizard Names

Don’t feel blue; these gorgeous girl lizard names will get you through.

  1. Acacia – a Greek pick meaning “thorny tree,” symbolizing immortality.
  2. Aggie – short for Agatha, a Greek title that means “good” and “pure.”
  3. Angel – means “messenger of God” in Greek, perfect for your best girl.
  4. Aspen – a British pick pointing to the aspen tree or a ski town in Colorado.
  5. Athena – the Greek goddess of wisdom, warfare, math, courage, and art.
  6. Aurora – means “dawn” in Latin, an alias for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.
  7. Bella – short for Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  8. Bonita – of Spanish origin, meaning “pretty” and “lively.”
  9. Bonnie – a Scottish moniker for a pretty girl, often associated with criminals Bonnie and Clyde.
  10. Carlie – the feminization of Charles, which means “free man” in German.
  11. Cedar – points to the strong cedar tree symbolizing longevity and resilience.
  12. Coco – means “cocoa bean” in French, borne by French designer Coco Chanel.
  13. Constantina – is Constantinus’s female variation, a Latin pick meaning “steadfastness.”
  14. Coral – a sea animal or hue that was Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2019.
  15. Daisy – a popular flower in shades of blue, orange, white, and pink, symbolizing innocence.
  16. Daphne – means “laurel tree” in Greek, borne by a mythical nymph.
  17. Delia – of Romanian origin, meaning “from Delos,” the mythical birthplace of Apollo.
  18. Donatella – a fancy Italian pick that means “gift of God,” borne by designer Donatella Versace.
  19. Duchess – a term for the wife of a Duke, featured in Disney’s The Aristocats.
  20. Fergie – short for Ferguson, the stage name of American singer Stacy Ann Ferguson.
  21. Fiona – of Gaelic and Scottish origin, meaning “white” and “fair,” perfect for the pale reptile.
  22. Gigi – short for fancier titles like Georgina, meaning “earth-worker” in French.
  23. Gizzy – a made-up title popular among reptile owners, similar to Lizzy.
  24. Hallie – derived from Harriet, meaning “home-ruler” in German, can also mean “praise the Lord.”
  25. Harper – an English occupational surname for those who played the harp for kings.
  26. Honey – means “nectar” in English and was once a priceless sweetener.
  27. Hope – a spiritual term meaning “expectation” and “belief” mentioned in the Bible.
  28. Hydra – of Greek origin, meaning “water serpent,” borne by a multi-headed mythical sea monster.
  29. Iggy – joins the ranks of pun names for lizards, short for Iguana.
  30. Isadora – a Greek pick meaning “gift of Isis,” often shortened to Dora.
  31. Ivory – means “white as elephant tusks” in English, symbolizing memories and wisdom.
  32. Izzy – an edgy moniker for Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  33. Jade – a beautiful green stone many wore as a sign of protection.
  34. Jasmine – of Persian origin, meaning “gift from God” or a fragrant-smelling flower.
  35. Jen – short for Jennifer or Jeniveve, meaning “fair one” in Welsh.
  36. Joy – a feeling of utmost happiness mentioned throughout the Bible.
  37. Kahlua – is of Spanish origin, meaning “house of the Acolhua people,” or a popular liquor brand.
  38. Karma – a Sanskrit concept that means “destiny” and “force.”
  39. Khaleesi – created by George R.R. Martin for the Game of Thrones series.
  40. Kira – means “mistress” in Greek and “beam of light” in Sanskrit.
  41. Lady – describes a woman of nobility or one who acts regally.
  42. Layla – is of Arabic origin, meaning “night,” perfect for the lizard you must monitor.
  43. Lilo – a Hawaiian title that means “generous one,” featured in Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.
  44. Liz – short for Elizabeth, a Hebrew title that means “pledged to God.”
  45. Liza – a variation of Eliza, meaning “God is my oath” in Hebrew.
  46. Lizzie – a cute moniker for Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise” in Hebrew.
  47. Loco – of Spanish origin, meaning “crazy,” perfect for your off-the-wall reptile.
  48. Luna – the Roman personification of the moon, an ideal pick for the night owl.
  49. Magnolia – a luscious tree symbolizing fortune and strength.
  50. Medusa – featured in Greek mythology as a woman punished by Athena.
  51. Merry – often associated with the holidays, meaning “joyful” in English.
  52. Mojo – an English term meaning “charisma” or “magic power.”
  53. Moxie – of American origin, referring to a courageous person.
  54. Myrtle – joins the list of flower reptile names, pointing to a petite white bloom.
  55. Nagini – featured in Harry Potter as Lord Voldemort’s evil snake.
  56. Nala – a beautiful African pick meaning “queen” and “lion.”
  57. Nessie – short for the Loch Ness Monster, a creature that originated in Scottish folklore.
  58. Peaches – a juicy fruit that Georgia is famous for, associated with the Mario video games.
  59. Pebbles – featured in The Flintstones as the daughter of Wilma and Fred.
  60. Penelope – a Greek pick meaning “weaver,” inspired by the mythical Queen of Ithaca.
  61. Penny – short for Penelope, can also describe a coin worth one cent.
  62. Petra – the feminization of Petros, a form of Peter meaning “rock” in Greek.
  63. Phoebe – is of Greek origin, meaning “radiant,” and is associated with the Greek sun god.
  64. Pixie – a tiny fairy or a stylish, short haircut for women.
  65. Princess – the king’s daughter, can also be described as a spoiled little girl.
  66. Queenie – hailing from Britain, meaning “queen” and is used to describe regal women.
  67. Riva – of Hebrew origin, meaning “of the sea” or “maiden.”
  68. Rosie – short for Rose, a flower title symbolizing friendship and true love.
  69. Ruby – a brilliant red gemstone doubling as July’s birthstone.
  70. Savannah – of Spanish origin, meaning “treeless plain,” a common place to find lizards.
  71. Sephira – a Greek, Latin, and Hebrew pick that means “blue” and “west wind.”
  72. Seraphina – a variation of Seraphim, pointing to the most important of God’s angels.
  73. Skylla – of British origin, meaning “scholar,” ideal for your smart girl.
  74. Suki – a cute Japanese pick that means “beloved,” perfect for your little best friend.
  75. Vega – of Arabic and Spanish origin, meaning “swooping eagle” and “meadow dweller.”
  76. Wanda – a Polish surname referring to families of the Vandal tribe.
  77. Xena – of Greek origin, meaning “stranger,” borne by a fictional warrior princess.
  78. Zilla – means “shadow” in Hebrew, but it can also be short for Godzilla.
  79. Zoe – a Greek pick meaning “life” that many view as the equivalent of Eve.

78 Cool Lizard Name Ideas

These rad lizard name ideas are out of this world.

  1. Ace – a high-ranking card or a person with extraordinary skills.
  2. Alpha – of Greek origin, meaning “beginning,” can also describe the best person.
  3. Arizona – a Spanish option meaning “small spring,” mentioned in Grey’s Anatomy.
  4. Atari – means “to hit a target in Japanese,” often connected to the popular gaming console.
  5. Barron – hailing from the U.K., meaning “son of strength,” borne by Donald Trump’s son.
  6. Basil – an herb belonging to the mint family, used in Italian cooking.
  7. Blackbeard – a fierce title borne by an English pirate known for his daring feats.
  8. Blaze – of Latin origin, referring to a fire or flame.
  9. Bongo – a type of drum played with your hands, often seen in African countries.
  10. Boo – of French origin, meaning “beautiful” and can also be used interchangeably with Sweetheart.
  11. Boomerang – a curved stick that comes back to you when thrown, a popular sport in Australia.
  12. Bubba – an American pick that means “bro” or “brother.”
  13. Bubbles – a silly title for your lizard that loves soaking in puddles.
  14. Buzz – short for Busby, an English surname for families dwelling in the woods.
  15. Chaos – of Greek origin, meaning “abyss,” can also refer to out-of-control situations.
  16. Charlie – short for Charles, a Greek option meaning “free man.”
  17. Charmander – means “fire lizard” in Japanese and is featured in Pokemon.
  18. Cheeto – a cheesy brand of American snacks that leaves your fingers orange.
  19. Chief – the person in charge of an organization made popular by the Native Americans.
  20. Claws – a unique pet name referring to a lizard’s long nails.
  21. Cleo – short for Cleopatra, meaning “glory of the father” in Greek, borne by Egypt’s greatest ruler.
  22. Cobra – a Portuguese option that means “hooded snake.”
  23. Cyan – refers to a gorgeous mixture of light blue and green.
  24. Diesel – a moniker for Matthias and Dietrich or a type of gas.
  25. Dino – of Italian origin, meaning “little sword” and “brave bear.”
  26. Dragon – a large mythical creature or breed of lizard.
  27. Duo – refers to a pair or a couple and can also point to a musical duet.
  28. Dynamite – an explosive used to blow up mines or another word for “awesome.”
  29. Eragon – a made-up title connected to dragons, featured in a namesake book by Christopher Paolini.
  30. Falcon – of Latin origin, points to a large bird known for stalking its prey.
  31. Fang – a Chinese pick meaning “virtue” and “fragrance” can also point to a large tooth.
  32. Flick – short for Felicitas, meaning “happiness” and “luck” in Latin.
  33. Gatsby – a German surname meaning “from Gaddesby,” featured in the classic novel The Great Gatsby.
  34. Ghost – an apparition of the spirit of a dead person, often associated with Halloween.
  35. Godzilla – a monster who resembles a mix of lizards and dinosaurs, perfect for the large pet.
  36. Googly is often used to describe someone in love or with large eyes.
  37. Gremlin – an American term for a small, mischievous child, featured in a namesake scary film.
  38. Haiku – a Japanese poem that follows a specific pattern.
  39. Hobbes – short for Robert, often associated with the hit cartoon Calvin and Hobbes.
  40. Horchata – a Spanish drink made of milk and warm spices.
  41. Horntail – a breed of lizard known for its unique appearance.
  42. Indigo – refers to a dark blue dye that originated with the Native Americans.
  43. Jagger – hailing from the U.K., an occupational surname for those who cart goods.
  44. Jaxx – a trendy twist on Jackson, meaning “son of John” or “son of Jack.”
  45. June bug – a green beetle that is prevalent in spring and summer.
  46. Kong – points to King Kong, a mighty fictional monster who resembles a gorilla.
  47. Kush – a Sanskrit pick referring to sacred green grass.
  48. Littlefoot – borne by a lovable dinosaur featured in The Land Before Time.
  49. Loki – featured in Avengers: Endgame as the God of Mischief.
  50. Matcha – a delicious green drink that originated in Asia.
  51. Mayhem – refers to chaos and disorder, perfect for the wild reptile.
  52. Mint – a cool-tasting herb used in baking and gourmet cooking.
  53. Mr. T – an American actor and wrestler known for his role in the Rocky films.
  54. Nova – of Latin origin, meaning “new,” often associated with astronomy.
  55. Onyx – a precious black gemstone once rumored to be the god’s fingernail clippings.
  56. Peanut – points to a savory nut but can also be a term of endearment for kids.
  57. Pendragon – of Welsh origin, meaning “chief dragon,” mentioned in many Arthurian legends.
  58. Pistachio – a green nut used in baking or a popular flavor of ice cream.
  59. Pluto – equivalent to Hades, the ruler of the Underworld or a planet.
  60. Puff – a German moniker for an aggressive person, can also describe something soft.
  61. Quill – describes the pointed part of a bird’s feathers or a type of pen.
  62. Rainbow – a multicolored arc first mentioned in the Old Testament, symbolizing faith and promise.
  63. Rango – a comedy that features a chameleon played by Johnny Depp.
  64. Remi – of French origin, meaning “remedy,” “cure,” and “oarsmen.”
  65. Scarlet – a beautiful shade of red symbolizing passion.
  66. Scoot – to exit a situation or to slide on the floor.
  67. Skrillex – borne by an American DJ and producer.
  68. Speedy – the perfect lizard name for the fastest reptile.
  69. Spot – a quirky pick for your polka-dot friend, often used for dogs.
  70. Sunny – a moniker describing someone with a cheery disposition.
  71. Sweetie Pie – a less formal version of Sweetheart or a combination of Sweetheart and Cutie Pie.
  72. Tex – short for Texas, a hot spot for reptiles of all kinds.
  73. Tigger – a hyper tiger featured in Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, who is always hopping.
  74. Tiny – the perfect title for your petite pet with a big personality.
  75. Tongues – refers to a prominent feature for most lizards, as they’re always sticking out their tongue.
  76. Tortoise – another word for “turtle,” often mentioned in Aespo’s Fables.
  77. Twitch – a sudden jerking motion or a streaming service for gamers.
  78. Yoshi – refers to an adorable dinosaur appearing in the Mario video games.

Lizard Names FAQs

What Are Cute Gecko Names?

A gecko is a type of lizard known for its noisy antics. There is no shortage of adorable titles for your gecko king or queen. The most obvious option would be Geico, inspired by the insurance gecko. Other cute picks include Bad Bill, Artie, Draco, and Gandalf. If you’re looking for girly gecko names, try Aggie, Bonnie, Loco, and Moxie.

What’s a Good Name for a Lizard?

There’s a lizard name to fit anyone’s taste, from popular to obscure. If you’re looking for fictional lizard names, try Mr. T, Rango, MacGyver, Voldemort, Nessi, Nagini, and Woody. Celebrity-inspired titles include Bonnie, Fergie, Elvis, Xerxes, and Kobe. Downright silly names like Bubbles, Rex, Taz, Honey, Gizzy, and Hydra are also good picks.

What Is a Cute Name for a Green Lizard?

There is nothing cuter than a little green lizard. Of course, your darling pet needs the perfect name. Speak to your pet’s strength by naming it Maximus, Bonnie, Apollo, or Hulk. Treat your girl lizard like a princess by calling her Aurora, Bella, Bonita, or Jade. Other great picks include Jasmine, Daisy, Basil, Mint, and Cyan.

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