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50 First Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

All the inspiration you need for an unforgettable first birthday party for your girl.

If your baby girl is turning one, it’s time to blink back the tears and find girls’ first birthday party ideas. How do you go about planning, finding a theme, and figuring out who will receive an invitation?

Before you get too carried away, be aware that your little one will love the attention but isn’t going to remember the party later on in life. First birthdays are more for family, friends, and the lucky parents. You can also take some great pictures to commemorate the day, so your child will always know how treasured they were.

Today, we’ve gathered 50 ideas to celebrate your daughter’s first year on this planet and the impact she’s had on everyone who loves her.

50 Girl First Birthday Party Ideas

1. Unicorn Mayhem

Everyone loves unicorns, and there’s something fun for both young and old. For a unicorn bash, you don’t need much more than themed cookies and lots of blue, pink, and purple colors. You can go all out by having the guests wear horns.

2. Dreamy Balloons

If you have space or a good location, then a dreamy balloon party is perfect. Get some decorative balloons in girly colors — then arrange them to create stunning effects.

Use a vintage-style cake cart and place tables and chairs around for the guests. There are plenty of things to look at, and it screams fun.

3. Simply Pink

If you want something simple that’s still incredibly beautiful, then try using pink and white. Use a white wall and place transparent balloons with pink confetti inside on a white table beside the cake. Decorate the wall with a sign and gold tassels — it will be like a rose gold wonderland.

4. Butterfly Garden

Although I have a fear of butterflies, this one really stood out to me. Create a small butterfly garden using succulents, decorated rice crispy treats, and macaroons. Set up a table in the garden with lots of flowers, colored trays, and wooden baskets — your guests will love being outdoors.

5. Rose Gold Palooza

If you’re a fan of rose gold, then this will be a hit.

Get your hands on rose gold or golden columns to use as tables. Then place a wall of balloons in colors ranging from gray to pink over a sign with your little one’s name on it. It’s simple, yet looks extravagant.

6. Cowgirls

For fans of farm animals, this idea will take the cake. Create a small farm at your party by including cute cow-themed centerpieces — use popping colors for a child-friendly touch. You can even use fun farm-related games, like pin the tail on the donkey.

7. Moana Theme

My little one adores Moana, so this idea is at the top of my list. You can take this idea anywhere by either creating a beach setting or just using Moana-inspired decorations. You could even find a costume and maybe also ask the guests to wear something beachy as well.

8. Cinderella

Your little girl is a princess, so why not try a Cinderella theme? With lots of tulle, create a carriage-like background, and maybe place a vintage toy horse inside.

Use more tulle to set up a princess-worthy table — strategically place balloons and lights for that finishing touch.

9. Sesame Street

Everyone loves Sesame Street, and you don’t need much to execute the idea. Use Sesame Street-inspired decorations like banners and serve cakes and cookies for the little Cookie Monsters in attendance. If you’re a good baker, you can easily bake them yourself.

10. Under the Sea

Take your little one and guests on a trip under the sea by creating a magical water-world setting. Use lots of balloons and flowers to recreate the bottom of the ocean — see if you can find sea-inspired decorations. And you’ll want a mermaid-inspired cake and cookies.

11. Buzzing with Joy

A bee-inspired birthday is great if you don’t want to drown in pink and purple. Instead, you get to use yellow, black, and white to style a small beehive for your little queen bee. All you need is a table to set up the cake and decorations for the room.

12. Coachella

This idea is adorable, and adult-friendly too. Get out in the garden and set up a wall with bright colors and balloons. Use a long table and colorful plates and decorations — you could even set up a ball pit for the young kids.

13. Basketball

If the birthday girl loves playing with basketballs, or perhaps her mom or dad are big fans, take a shot with this idea. Find basketball balloons and decorate around a long table for the guests. Use associated colors like orange and black, along with pink and white.

14. Indoor Carnival

If you’re having the party indoors, why not get some food carts and a giant balloon wall? Set up a few tables facing the front of the room where the balloons and cakes are. Use fun colors like blue, pink, and white — it’s fantastic for snapping memorable and Instagram-worthy pictures.

15. Fairytale Party

With an enchanted forest-colored green background and giant pastel-colored balloons, you can quickly find yourself in a fairytale.

Arrange a few small tables in front of the background where you can take photos of your little one. Place all the desserts there for the guests to enjoy — you can use this idea both indoors and outdoors.

16. Girly Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs are often a theme for boys’ parties, but why can’t girls enjoy them too? With lots of green plants, set up a small Jurassic world of pink and yellow dinosaurs. Arrange a few balloons for the finishing touches and be ready for some a-roar-able photos.

17. Winter One-derland Smash Cake Session

Arrange a winter wonderland for your toddler by setting up small decorative Christmas trees on a snow-like carpet. Then let your little one smash the cake, but remember to bring another one for the guests.

18. Winter Party at Home

If you only want a small party with close family, then all you need is a nicely decorated living room and a theme. We love this idea of incorporating Christmas and first birthdays if your little one was born in December. Arrange balloons and perhaps set up a small table with cake and drinks.

19. Alice in One-derland

Recreate Alice in Wonderland by arranging a One-derland for the birthday girl. You can use a green background and flower crowns to create an indoor garden for photos.

Channel your inner Mad Hatter and serve tea and cake for the guests. You could even have some tarts in case the Queen of Hearts turns up!

20. She’s a Wild One

This idea is simple, but it’s fantastic if the birthday girl is already toddling around. All you need is a good location, a table, some balloons, and a background that reads, “Wild One.”

21. Hot Air Balloon

If you’ve got the room and budget, this hot air balloon-inspired idea is magical. Create a hot air balloon where the basket is the table for the cake. Use white balloons in different sizes for the clouds — your guests will be sitting in awe, and it’s one to remember.

22. Care Bears

With lots of colors and cute bears, this Care Bears idea is great for a first birthday party. Most of the adults at the party will have watched the show while growing up, making it fun for everyone. You only need Care Bears decorations and a rainbow cake.

23. Llama Fun

Something a little different would be a llama-inspired party — it’s a good pick during summer when you can host it in the garden. Arrange a small tent, tables, and the cake — decorate with balloons and succulents. Then, don’t forget about the llama — use large stuffed toys for the garden and a figurine for the cake.

24. All the Places You Will Go

After their first birthday, time will fly — all of a sudden, they’re out the door. Try a travel-themed party with a passport cake, decorated with airplanes and suitcases.

25. Sprinkles

Another idea that’s excellent for a smash cake party is sprinkles. Set up a white background and arrange sprinkle-shaped balloons in different colors. Then let your little one dig into a cake full of sprinkles.

26. Music to My Ears

Decorated sugar cookies are perfect for a first birthday party. These music-inspired ones can spark a whole theme with instrument-styled decorations and lots of music for guests to dance to.

27. Golden Girl

Arrange a golden background with balloons and a table full of fabulous cakes and desserts. This theme is princess-worthy with flowers and vases full of sweets.

28. Circles Are Best

Try something different by only using circle-shaped decorations. Set up a round background with your little one’s name on it. Then decorate with balloons, and add tables with cake and sweets.

29. Ballerina

For a little ballerina in the making, we suggest this idea. Use a cutout of a ballerina, then have a table set with tulle to resemble her tutu. Arrange lights and balloons for some stunning effects.

30. Minnie Mouse

Get inspired by Minnie Mouse and set up a small party with big black ears and polka dot bows. Place stuffed Minnie Mouse toys around the room, and don’t forget about the pink cake.

31. Let it Snow

Another winter idea is an icy, “Let it Snow” theme. Decorate a table with small Christmas trees and your cake. You can use large vases for snacks like popcorn and rice-crispy treats.

32. Do-Nut Get Older

Who doesn’t love a good donut, so why not create a donut-themed party? We love this idea of setting up a table before a wooden background, decorated with donut balloons and letters. Laden the table with your desserts, and don’t forget the donut jokes — “Donut worry, be happy.”

33. Carnival Spectacular

If you love carnivals and want to go all out, check out this idea. Place a table before a carnival-inspired background with curtains, big balloons, and loads of color. Use a shimmery cloth to cover the table and arrange your themed cake and desserts symmetrically.

34. Get Your Ticket

Set up a small ticket stand for your little one where you and the guests can take photos. You can take this idea in almost any direction, such as a circus. Arrange everything in the garden and organize some games for the guests.

35. Patisserie

Create a small patisserie for your little one with some inspiration from this idea. It’s fun and adorable, plus your guests will love tasting the delicious French pastries.

36. Autumn Birthday

If the birthday fits the season, try a fall-inspired party. Decorate with leaves, flowers, and lights. Stick to colors like orange, green, and purple, and set up everything before a white background.

37. Swan Lake

If you can arrange the party by a lake, try something classy like swans. Create a little oasis with tents, balloons, candles and stuffed toy swans. The background of the lake and the light colors are perfect for memorable photos.

38. In the Barn

For something rustic-chic, excuse the animals from the barn for the day and replace them with balloons and cake. Set up a cart and a high chair for the birthday girl.

39. One In a Melon

Get inspired by watermelons and sugar cookies — this idea is fantastic for the summer. Decorate your location with green and pink balloons, and organize party games for the guests.

40. Flower Power

Create a memorable party by using lots of stunning flower decorations. Get a giant initial letter filled with flowers, then decorate the cake with pedals. Use soft colors that complement nature.

41. Cake Party

Get your guests drooling by setting up a gorgeous table with all the cakes and desserts. Use flowers and green plants to decorate with, as well as a sign with your little one’s name.

42. Cupcake Dreams

Cupcakes are always winners at parties, so why not center your theme around them? You can arrange a table full of cupcakes, even some for your little one to smash. Use balloons and flowers for decorations.

43. Garden Party

Set up small tables and picnic blankets in the garden for this party idea. You can arrange a tent for the birthday girl, and don’t forget about the cake table.

44. Ball Pit Fun

Toddlers love ball pits, so if you have the room, set up several ball pits at the party. It’s super fun and ideal if other small children are attending. All you need are some kiddie pools and lots of balls.

45. Teepee Chic

Another idea for the garden is a teepee party. Arrange different teepees for the children and then picnic blankets for adults. Set up a table with cake and use balloons for a last touch of fun.

46. Baby Elephant

For a baby elephant-inspired birthday, stick to colors like white and gray. Decorate party hats and tables with balloons, ribbons, and cutouts of baby elephants.

47. Forest Animals

We’re calling all the animals of the forest, and inviting them to this birthday. Arrange a table with green plants and flowers. Use stuffed toys or cut-outs of animals like deer, foxes, and raccoons to decorate with.

48. On the Farm

Set up a small farm-inspired party in your backyard. You can use haystacks as tables and stuffed farm animals for decorations. For a fun game, get a piñata the guests can help smash.

49. Horse Lovers

For horse lovers, take a closer look at this idea. Set up a small place in the garden with horse-inspired foods and decorations. Arrange banners, tassels, and fun games for the guests.

50. Mermaid Party

Mermaid parties are adorable, especially as you can create a magical setting. Use balloons and banners to make your own underwater world. You could even go all out and fill the room with transparent balloons to resemble bubbles.

Tips for Throwing a First Birthday

1. Arrange a Time

When it comes to first birthday parties, many parents plan a long party. However, with small children, it’s best to keep it brief, mainly because they probably won’t remember much of it.

Two hours is an excellent time to shoot for. This gives you ample time for some games, opening presents, and serving the cake. Before the party, create a flexible schedule that you can work with to get things ready.


Don’t plan a party that takes place during or near naptime. You want your little one to be happy and present, not cranky and throwing tantrums. Most one-year-olds nap during the afternoon, so plan the party for either before or after (1).

2. Guests

Be mindful of how many people you’re inviting. Too many could make your little one shy or uncomfortable, which can lead to tantrums and meltdowns.

If you invite kids of different ages, plan small activities they can engage in like drawing or painting.

3. Focus on Photos

You want lots of pretty photos of the birthday girl, so a good idea is to plan picture time at the beginning of the party. Perhaps even before the guests arrive. Then that’s out of the way, and your little one can enjoy her party.

But make sure to take momentous photos throughout the party of them getting cake on their face or playing with siblings and cousins.

4. Know Your Theme

Deciding on a theme can also keep you organized. You know which decorations to buy and have a clear image of what you’re trying to create. Even if you’re just doing something small, decide on whether it’s pretty in pink or minimalistic white and greens.

You can check out YouTube videos to get more ideas for your theme.

5. Ask for Help

Unless you’re superwoman, don’t try to do everything by yourself. Enlist some help from family and friends, or get the pros in. You can also get lots of help from services like TAKL and Task Rabbit.

If you’re too stressed, it can affect your experience and how much fun your child has (2).

You Only Turn One Once

Your baby’s first birthday can be an emotional and frantic ordeal. You remember the day they were born and their first year, which was full of tears, dirty diapers, and lots of love.

For a girl’s first birthday party ideas, you can do anything — It depends on what you like. Remember that this party is more for you and your partner, as far as remembering it is concerned. Pick a time when your little one is awake and fresh — get your pretty photos first, and then just enjoy your time.

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