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Best Fireplace Screens for Families of 2023

Keep your home safe AND stylish with these fabulous fireplace screens.

In the last 30 years, the number of burn injuries to children under five has fallen dramatically. This is partly because fewer people have working fireplaces in their homes, and partly because we are more aware of the dangers and take the time to babyproof our fireplaces.

A fireplace screen is one piece of your fireplace babyproofing system. It protects your room from the stray sparks and embers that fly from your fire and provides a barrier between your child and the blaze.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Christopher Knight Home Margaret 3 Panelled Iron Fireplace Screen, Black
Best Wrought-Iron Fireplace Screen
Margaret 3-Panelled Iron Fireplace Screen
  • Heavy and sturdy
  • No assembly required
  • Available in dull gold color finish
Product Image of the Preston Fireplace Screen
Best Affordable Fireplace
Preston: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen With Handles
  • Affordable without being shoddy
  • Matching fireplace accessories available
  • Folds flat when not in use
Product Image of the Barton 3-Panel Fireplace Screen Decorative Tempered Glass Guard Fence w/Side...
Best Glass Fireplace Screen
“Barton: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen
  • Provides unobstructed view of the fire
  • Heavyweight at 35 pounds
  • Easy to assemble in under an hour
Product Image of the Ascot Small Black
Best for Toddlers
Pleasant Hearth: AT-1000 Ascot Fireplace Glass
  • Clean and flush look
  • Minimizes chimney’s effect on room
  • Secure glass doors for safety
Product Image of the Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen Celtic Knot Pewter | 44' W x 33' H |...
Best With Doors
Celtic Knot: Fireplace Screen with Hinged Doors
  • Wide magnetic doors
  • Sits flush against the hearth
  • Easy to clean powder coat finish
Product Image of the Plow & Hearth Metal Fireplace Screen Scrollwork Black | 38' W x 31' H | 2 - Door...
Best Stylish Fireplace Screen
Plow & Hearth: Scrollwork Small Fireplace Screen
  • Cast iron screen does not get too hot
  • Secure when opening door
  • Can be fitted to fireplace surround
Product Image of the Amagabeli Decorative Gold Fireplace Screen 4 Panel Folding 51.5 x 32 Inch Ornate...
Best Four-Panel Fireplace Screen
Amagabeli: 4 Panel, Ornate, Wrought Iron, Fireplace Screen
  • Screen folds flat for easy storage
  • Comes with handles
  • Gold color accents are easy to clean

The Best Fireplace Screens of 2023

Taking these criteria, babyproofing your fireplace guidelines, online reviews, and our own experiences into account, these are our picks for the best fireplace screens.

1. “Margaret” 3-Panelled Iron Fireplace Screen

Best Wrought-Iron Fireplace Screen

Wrought-iron fireplace screens have the advantage of being much heavier than fireplace screens made of other materials. This makes them less easy for children, pets, and adults to knock over accidentally.

The design of this particular screen is created using solid iron bars. As a result, there are no sharp edges for babies and kids to catch themselves on. Another advantage of this is that there are no molded elements where dirt, soot, or ash can collect.

The fireplace screen mesh is relatively tight, preventing sparks and embers from escaping the fire but without blocking the fire’s heat.

On the downside, the height of the fireplace screen legs means there’s a one-inch gap between the bottom of the screen and the hearth. While we didn’t experience any issues and couldn’t find any mentions, there is potential for embers to escape underneath.


  • Heavy, so not easily knocked over.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Also available in a dull gold color finish.


  • There’s a one-inch gap between the bottom rail of the screen and the hearth.

Product Specs

Material Wrought iron
Height 30.25 inches
Width 48.5 inches
Weight 36.5 pounds
Number of panels Three panels

2. Preston: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen With Handles

Best Affordable Fireplace

There’s a fine line between affordable and cheap. Fortunately, the Preston 3-panel fireplace screen lands on the better quality side of this fence.

The frame is made of steel which comes coated in paint listed as vintage iron.

This leaves the screen a pleasing dark, charcoal grey color, making a nice change from the more common black screen. The mesh is the same color, but it is difficult to distinguish this unless you are very close to the screen.

There are handles on each side of the screen to help you move it out from the fire, and some users have used these handles to secure the firescreen to the wall. However, this is not what the manufacturers intended.

There was a production run in which the mesh screen wasn’t well attached to the frame. In this case, the screen had a slightly wavy appearance, which some people found distracting. However, this does appear to be an occasional issue and not the standard.


  • Affordable, without being shoddy.
  • Matching fireplace accessories are available.
  • It folds flat when not in use.


  • The mesh is not always firmly tacked to the uprights, giving a wavy appearance.

Product Specs

Material Steel
Height 32 inches
Width 53 inches
Weight 14 pounds
Number of panels Three panels

3. “Barton: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen

Best Glass Fireplace Screen

Barton’s three-panel glass fireplace screen has a trio of panels held together by highly polished aluminum brackets. These brackets hold the panels in a fixed position, so you cannot change the angle as you would with a traditional, hinged, metal fireplace screen.

The glass makes it a heavy fireplace screen, and if you have to move it and tend to the fire, this can be difficult. This, in turn, makes it highly likely you’ll spend a lot of time cleaning fingerprints off of this screen.

Made of tempered glass, if the screen were to break, it would fall into small pieces of glass rather than more significant, more dangerous shards.

The downside of this glass fireplace screen is that it can get quite hot. Exactly how hot depends on the size of your fire and how close you set the screen. While we did not experience excessive or dangerous heat, some uses have reported it to be hot to the touch.


  • Provides an unobstructed view of the fire.
  • At 35 pounds, it’s unlikely to fall over.
  • Easy to assemble in under an hour.


  • Awkward to move back and forth to tend to the fire.

Product Specs

Material Glass with aluminum brackets
Height 30 inches
Width 47 Âľ inches
Weight 35 pounds
Number of panels Three panels

4. Pleasant Hearth: AT-1000 Ascot Fireplace Glass

Best Fireplace Screen for Toddlers

Designed to fit directly into your firebox, the Ascot fireplace screen from Pleasant Hearth consists of a frame, a pair of mesh doors, and a pair of glass doors.

When the fireplace is not in use, you leave both sets of doors closed. The glass doors prevent children from putting things into the fireplace or playing in the opening. It also minimizes drafts from the chimney cooling the room.

When you have a fire, the glass doors open to a position sitting flat against the fireplace. This is because the glass is not designed to withstand the temperatures of the fire and would shatter if left closed.

While you do need some basic skills to install this fireplace screen, it is not difficult, so you do not have to hire a specialist for installation.


  • Sits within the fireplace opening for a clean, flush look.
  • Minimizes the chimney’s effect on your room temperature.
  • Secure glass doors keep kids safe from the fire.


  • For masonry fireplaces only — does not work for a prefabricated fireplace.

Product Specs

Material Steel and glass
Height 30 inches
Width 37.5 inches
Weight 47 pounds
Number of panels Two doors

5. Celtic Knot: Fireplace Screen with Hinged Doors

Best Fireplace Screen With Doors

This screen has a more flush design to sit flat against the fireplace rather than standing further away like a multi-paneled design. As a result, it is inclined to become warmer than a firescreen that sits further away.

Some owners have removed the back part of the fireplace screen foot and affixed the screen to the surround, leaving it permanently in place.

We like this particular screen because of the doors. Held closed by magnets, these wide doors open to sitting flat against the fireplace. This allows you to feed fuel to the fire or otherwise tend it without moving the screen every time.

Not having to move the firescreen is especially helpful if you have the firescreen as one layer of your fireplace babyproofing system and your baby fence also needs to be moved.


  • Doors allow you to tend fire without moving the screen.
  • It sits flush against the hearth, so stays warm.
  • Easy to clean powder coat finish.


  • The knots are not three-dimensional.

Product Specs

Material Steel
Height 33 inches
Width 44 inches
Weight 27 pounds
Number of panels One

6. Plow & Hearth: Scrollwork Small Fireplace Screen

Best Stylish Fireplace Screen

This scrollwork fireplace screen is a good balance between minimalist and decorative. It combines traditional style cast iron scrollwork with a modern steel frame. The overall result is a fireplace screen that would not look out of place in most homes.

There are two adjustable feet. The feet can be moved to different points along the length of the screen, which ensures that, no matter how wide the opening of your fireplace is, the rear feet will fit within it.

Alternatively, some owners have removed the rear portion of the feet and used the screw holes to affix the screen permanently to the surround. However, this is not a method of installation listed by the manufacturer, so only do so if you are confident you can do so correctly.


  • Cast iron screen does not get too hot to touch.
  • Secure, does not move when opening the doors.
  • It can be fitted to the fireplace surround.


  • Some owners report misaligned doors.

Product Specs

Material Steel and cast iron
Height 40.5 inches
Width 34 inches
Weight 29 pounds
Number of panels One

7. Amagabeli: 4 Panel, Ornate, Wrought Iron, Fireplace Screen

Best Four-Panel Fireplace Screen

Four-panel fireplace screens are hard to come by. The majority appear to be either flay, inserts, or three panels, so there is a relatively small pool of options to choose from. Hence why the Amagabeli four-panel model made it to our list of the best fireplace screens.

There is nothing terribly wrong with this screen, but there is nothing outstandingly good either. It is adequate for the job, will keep sparks and embers escaping from your fire, and with four panels, it has a certain flexibility in the way you position it on the hearth.

If you are looking for a lightweight fireplace screen, then at under eight pounds, this is your best option. However, being this light means it will not stand up well to falling kids or curious toddlers.


  • The screen folds flat for easy storage.
  • Has handles, so you don’t have to touch the dirty screen.
  • Gold color accents are easy to clean.


  • Only 7.7 pounds, so it could easily be knocked over.

Product Specs

Material Steel
Height 32 inches
Width 51 inches
Weight 7.7 pounds
Number of panels Four

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Material Height Width Weight Number of panels
Margaret 3-Panelled Iron Fireplace Screen Best Wrought-Iron Fireplace Screen Wrought iron 30.25″ 48.5″ 36.5 lbs 3
Preston: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen With Handles Best Affordable Fireplace Steel 32″ 53″ 14 lbs 3
“Barton: 3-Panel Fireplace Screen Best Glass Fireplace Screen Glass with aluminum brackets 30″ 47 ¾” 35 lbs 3
Pleasant Hearth: AT-1000 Ascot Fireplace Glass Best for Toddlers Steel & glass 30″ 37.5″ 47 lbs 2
Celtic Knot: Fireplace Screen with Hinged Doors Best With Doors Steel 33″ 44″ 27 lbs 1
Plow & Hearth: Scrollwork Small Fireplace Screen Best Stylish Fireplace Screen Steel & cast iron 40.5″ 34″ 29 lbs 1
Amagabeli: 4 Panel, Ornate, Wrought Iron, Fireplace Screen Best Four-Panel Fireplace Screen Steel 32″ 51″ 7.7 lbs 4

Does a Fireplace Need a Screen?

If you have fires in your fireplace, then you need a fireplace screen (1). The main reason for this is to prevent sparks and embers from the fire, either popping out and burning your child directly or falling onto a surface or item that can ignite and cause a more extensive home fire.

Do Fireplace Screens Get Hot?

Fireplace screens can get hot. How hot they get depends on the material from which the screen is made, how close the screen is to the fire, the size of the fire, and the type of fire.

For example, a glass screen in front of a gas fire can become hot enough to cause significant burns. It can also stay hot for an hour or more after the fire has been turned off.

On the other hand, a metal fireplace screen, set further back from a fireplace in which a small wood fire is burning, might only become warm to the touch.

As a rough guide:

  • Glass screens get hotter and retain the heat for longer than metal fireplace screens.
  • Gas fires burn more efficiently than wood fires. Therefore screens around wood fires are less likely to become dangerously hot than those around gas fires.
  • An inset screen that sits within the fireplace’s opening will become hotter than a firescreen standing a foot or more away from the fire.

How to Choose the Best Fireplace Screens

When you are looking for a fireplace screen, these are the things you should consider.

Fireplace Size

The first thing to do is measure the opening of your fireplace.

For inset or recessed fireplace screens that do not sit on the hearth but fit directly within the opening, the manufacturers list the size of opening each model will fit.

A flat fireplace screen that sits on the hearth, right against the opening, has to be at least one inch bigger than your fireplace opening across the top and down each side.

A folding fireplace screen that sits further back from the opening must be at least three inches taller than the opening and a minimum of 10-12 inches wider.


Glass fireplace screens provide a clearer view of your fire. They also absorb and radiate heat from the fire, so you do not get any reduction in efficiency.

The downside of this is that a glass fireplace screen will become noticeably dirty when using your fireplace. If you have to pick your screen up to move it and add more fuel, you’ll see finger or glove marks, and you also get soot from the fire.

Plus, even glass designed for a fireplace screen can get hot enough to cause burns. So you must have another barrier between a glass screen and your child.

Other fireplace screens are metal, which will still become hot but, generally speaking, not as hot as glass. They may have different color finishes, but the underlying material is usually iron or steel.


You will see low-profile screens that sit directly against your fireplace opening or larger, paneled designs that sit further back and form a barrier around the fire.

There are modern designs with straight lines and little decoration or more traditional styles with decorative elements.


As a general rule, fireplace screens are stable when no one is touching them. They are not stable enough to stay upright if a child tries to pull themselves up on them.

You will see screens with stability rods or stability rods that can be retrofitted to screens. However, although they add an extra level of protection, they can not be relied on to keep your screen upright when a determined toddler pulls against it.


Fireplace screens that affix to the wall or fireplace will minimize the chance of the screen tipping or falling, causing injury, or allowing your child to get to the fire.


The majority of fireplace screens are in the $70 to $100 range. However, as with all things, you can find examples that are double, triple, or more.

Safety First

A fireplace can be as beautiful as it is practical. But if you are using it for heating and have a child in your home, it is critical to ensure you take all precautions to keep you, your child, and your home safe.

The best fireplace screens provide a barrier between the fire and the room, preventing accidental blazes caused by flying embers. They also protect your child from sparks and embers and prevent them from poking items they should not into the fireplace.

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