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160 Adorable Duck Names: With Funny Facts

These stellar duck names are swimmingly awesome.

Are you on the hunt for the best duck names for your pet? You may want to christen the neighborhood fowl with a cute title. Either way, you’ll find what you’re looking for within this roundup of names for ducks.

This list contains adorable, snarky, and downright “quacky” duck names. We’ve even added fun facts to help you make an informed decision. By the time you’re done, you’ll earn your wings and be ready to set sail. Hold onto your hat; the cutest duck name ideas are just around the bend!

54 Strong Boy Duck Names

These masculine boy duck names will leave you star-struck.

  1. Aflac – inspired by the funny duck in the Aflac insurance commercials.
  2. Alfonzo – a badass forename that’s of Spanish, Italian, and German origin, meaning “ready for battle.”
  3. Alfred – means “sage” and “wise” in English, borne by poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.
  4. Ben – short for Benjamin, a Hebrew title meaning “son,” often shortened to Benny.
  5. Bernard – joins the ranks of badass duck names of German origin, meaning “strong as a bear.”
  6. Bert – a German moniker short for Robert or Gilbert, usually meaning “shining” and “bright.”
  7. Bill – a moniker for William or a cute homage to a duck’s beak, often shortened to Billy.
  8. Buddy – is of English origin, meaning “friend,” perfect for your feathered friend.
  9. Cadet – a French title describing a younger son or a military ranking.
  10. Caesar – derived from “caesarius,” meaning “head of hair” in Latin, often associated with ruler Julius Caesar.
  11. Charlie – a gender-neutral pick that can be short for Charles, meaning “free man” in German.
  12. Colonel – hailing from France, derived from “coronelle,” meaning “commander of a regiment.”
  13. Dewey – often associated with the library’s Dewey Decimal System, can be short for David.
  14. Donald – inspired by Disney’s famous cartoon duck and is among the most popular names for ducks.
  15. Drake – describes a mature male duck but can also mean “dragon” in English.
  16. Duck Norris – perfect for pun lovers, a unique take on actor Chuck Norris.
  17. Duckie Dale – a clever character in Pretty in Pink played by Jon Cryer.
  18. Duckleberry Finn – inspired by Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain’s fictional wild boy.
  19. Dudley – of British origin, means “people’s field,” doubles as a habitational surname.
  20. Duncan – a Scottish pick meaning “dark-skinned warrior,” perfect for the ebony duck.
  21. Emmett – the masculine version of Emma, means “universal” and “truth” in English.
  22. Ernie – short for Ernest, means “resolute” and “serious” in German, perfect for the mature pet.
  23. Franklin – an English option that means “free man,” often shortened to Frank or Frankie.
  24. Frazier – a whimsical title meaning “of the forest men” or “strawberry plant” in Scottish.
  25. Gary – means “spear” in German and can be short for Gerald and Garfield.
  26. Han – the Scandinavian version of John, meaning “God is gracious,” often associated with Han Solo.
  27. Harry – a cute variation of Henry, which means “home ruler” in German.
  28. Hedge – a fence made of shrubs or a topographical surname given to families dwelling near hedges.
  29. Howard – means “brave heart” and “high guardian” in German, shortened to Howie.
  30. Hubert – a German pick that means “bright or shining intellect,” perfect for the clever boy.
  31. Huey – joins the ranks of Disney duck name ideas borne by Donald Duck’s nephew.
  32. Hugh Quackman – an adorable take on Australian actor Hugh Jackman, star of The Greatest Showman.
  33. Hunter – hailing from the U.K., a unisex pick meaning “pursuer.”
  34. James Pond – a clever play on the hero James Bond, paying homage to a duck’s favorite habitat.
  35. Jerry – short for Jeremy, Jeremiah, or Gerald, usually meaning “spear” in German.
  36. Louie – an alternative to Louis, meaning “famous warrior” in German.
  37. Manny – a spiritual moniker for Emmanuel, meaning “God with us” in Hebrew.
  38. Marley – an English surname meaning “marshy meadow,” borne by singer Bob Marley.
  39. Maverick – of American origin, referring to an independent-minded man.
  40. Moe – among the best names for ducks who keep things simple, means “savior” in German.
  41. Oliver – of English and French origin, associated with the olive tree, a symbol of peace.
  42. Otis – means “son of Ode” in English and “wealthy” in German.
  43. Paddles – inspired by a duck’s action in the water, perfect for pet owners who love kayaking.
  44. Pepper – points to the hot spice used in savor foods, fitting for the grey-feathered duck.
  45. Peso – means “weight” in Spanish, pointing to foreign currency, ideal for the priceless pet.
  46. Presto – of Italian origin, describing someone who assists a priest.
  47. Quack Efron – a cute play on American actor Zac Efron, star of High School Musical.
  48. Quack Sparrow – inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean’s mischievous Captain Jack Sparrow.
  49. Runner – a yellow-beaked duck known for its tendency to run instead of waddle.
  50. Sammy – joins the ranks of biblical nicknames, meaning “God has heard” in Hebrew.
  51. Sirius Quack – the ideal duck name for Harry Potter fans, inspired by Sirius Black.
  52. Spike – a tough title often used for dogs, fitting for the guard duck.
  53. Vernon – of Gaelic origin associated with alder trees, symbolizing resilience and strength.
  54. Xerxes – a biblical title borne by a king mentioned in the book of Esther.

59 Sweet Girl Names for Ducks

These beautiful girl names for ducks fit the “bill.”

  1. Angel – is of Greek origin, meaning “messenger,” fitting for your angelic duckling.
  2. Barbie – short for Barbara, often associated with Mattel’s famous doll.
  3. Bea – means “bringer of happiness” in English and can be short for Beatrice.
  4. Bella – a moniker for Isabella, meaning “beautiful” in Italian.
  5. Billie – an edgy option made popular by singer Billie Eilish, a cute tribute to a duck’s bill.
  6. Bubbles – the cutest pick for any rubber ducky, will instantly remind hearers of relaxing baths.
  7. Charlotte – the feminization of Charles, meaning “free man” in German, can be shortened to Charlie.
  8. Chicky – a Spanish pick meaning “little girl,” a popular pet name between couples.
  9. Cleo – of English origin, meaning “glory,” ideal for the majestic hen.
  10. Cleopatra – a Greek title meaning “glory of the father,” borne by Egypt’s greatest ruler.
  11. Coco – hailing from France, points to the cocoa bean, often associated with designer Coco Chanel.
  12. Cookie – an English option meaning “sweet biscuit,” often used as a term of endearment.
  13. Daffy – derived from Daphne, meaning “laurel tree,” in Greek, inspired by Daffy Duck from Looney Tunes.
  14. Daisy – a beautiful flower symbolizing purity or the love interest of Disney’s Donald Duck.
  15. Daphne – of Greek origin, meaning “laurel tree,” symbolizing victory and wealth.
  16. Dixie – a derivative of Dix, meaning “tenth” in French or the Southern states of America.
  17. Dory – short for Dorothy, meaning “God’s gift” in Greek, will remind many of Pixar’s blue fish.
  18. Downie – a Scottish surname for families living near hills or the texture of a duck’s feathers.
  19. Duchess – taken from “dux,” meaning “leader” in Latin, often given to nobility.
  20. Ermie – of German origin, short for Ermengarde, meaning “universal” and “whole.”
  21. Fern – joins the ranks of naturalist duck names, refers to a plant that adorns many houses.
  22. Fiona – the feminization of Fionn, a primary character in Irish mythology, meaning “pale.”
  23. Fleur – means “flower” in French, perfect for your stunning white duck.
  24. Flower – a general term for many varieties of blooms, a creative pick for any duckling.
  25. Gabby – of French origin, meaning “God is my strength,” borne by American gymnast Gabby Douglas.
  26. Genevieve – a French pick meaning “of the race of women,” often shortened to Genna.
  27. Goldie – stems from Golde, a Yiddish pick meaning “made of gold,” perfect for the copper duck.
  28. Gracie – short for Grace, a religious Latin title referring to God’s many blessings.
  29. Harper – hailing from the U.K., initially pointing to a musician who played harp for royalty.
  30. Hazel – means “hazel tree” in English, a tree once considered magical.
  31. Holly – an English pick pointing to a holly tree, often associated with Christmas.
  32. Honeydew – a sweet melon usually eaten in the summer or a term of endearment.
  33. Jacee – means “hyacinth” in English, symbolizing joy and authenticity.
  34. Jade – a precious green stone that many wear to bring luck and happiness.
  35. Jasmine – borne by a sweet-smelling blossom that symbolizes purity and modesty.
  36. Lilo – a Hawaiian option meaning “generous one,” associated with Disney’s Lilo and Stitch.
  37. Lily – of Latin origin, means “pure,” borne by British singer Lily Allen.
  38. Lucy – the feminization of Lucius, meaning “light” in English.
  39. Mallory – of French origin, a unisex option traditionally given to unfortunate people.
  40. Marigold – a sunshine-hued blossom often given to grieving loved ones.
  41. Millie – short for Millicent and Mildred, means “gentle strength” in German.
  42. Molly – of Irish origin, meaning “star of the sea,” perfect for your little swimmer.
  43. Mrs. Featherby – a Disney-inspired duck name borne by Scrooge McDuck’s secretary.
  44. Opal – of Sanskrit origin, means “precious stone” and doubles as October’s birthstone.
  45. Pansy – gorgeous, cheerful flowers resembling little faces, also means “thought” in English.
  46. Peach – the juicy fruit that Georgia is known for, ideal for the sweet ducky.
  47. Penny – short for Penelope, a mythical Greek title meaning “weaver.”
  48. Periwinkle – a cool shade of light blue or a delicate flower.
  49. Princess – the king’s daughter, a fitting pick for your regal feathered girl.
  50. Queenie – an English nickname for queens or powerful females.
  51. Sandie – short for Alexandra, meaning “people’s defender” in Greek.
  52. Selena – a Greek pick meaning “the moon,” fitting for the night owl.
  53. Shirley – of English origin, meaning “bright meadow,” invoking images of serenity.
  54. Silky – a breed of duck known for their extraordinary egg-laying skills and soft feathers.
  55. Tinker Bell – Disney’s mischievous little pixie featured in Peter Pan.
  56. Trixie – an edgy moniker for Beatrice, meaning “bringer of joy” in Latin.
  57. Tulip – a classy flower symbolizing love and the arrival of springtime.
  58. Una – is of Latin and Irish origin, referring to a young lamb.
  59. Zoe – the Greek equivalent of Eve, meaning “life” or “mother of life.”

47 Cool Unisex Duck Name Ideas

These rad duck name ideas will blow you out of the water.

  1. Ace – is of Latin origin, meaning “unity,” often associated with a winning hand of cards.
  2. Blubber – the fat on whales and other sea animals, a good pick for the chubby duckling.
  3. Captain – a term of respect for a high-ranking sailor or soldier.
  4. Copper – a metal that takes on a reddish-brown color, perfect for the tan duck.
  5. Darkbeak – joins the ranks of badass names for ducks inspired by black-billed fowl.
  6. Duck – the most straightforward name for your winged friend.
  7. Ducklett – an adorable water-type Pokemon known for using its feathers as weapons.
  8. Ducktape – a cute play on duct tape, every homeowner’s best friend.
  9. Feathers – refers to the most beautiful part of any bird, ideal for the majestic fowl.
  10. Firequacker – a respelling of “firecracker,” a moniker given to hyper individuals.
  11. Flamingo – a hilarious option inspired by the tall, pink bird.
  12. Flapper – an independent girl from the 1920s or a playful bird.
  13. Float – a drink made with ice cream or what a duckling spends most of its time doing.
  14. Fluffy – the cutest pet name for the duck with downy feathers.
  15. Fowl Play – an excellent option for the naughty duck who might be an undercover criminal.
  16. Fuzzy – a popular duck name among children that describes your cuddly friend to a tee.
  17. Honey – means “nectar” in English, a once priceless sweetener.
  18. Ivory – of English origin, means “pale white,” pointing to an elephant’s tusks.
  19. Jelly Bean – a classic sweet that comes in many flavors like licorice or strawberry.
  20. Jemima Puddle-Duck – a fictional character from Beatrix Potter that teaches kids the power of discernment.
  21. Le Quack – featured in Courage, the Cowardly Dog, often found saying, “What’s this?”
  22. Lucky – means “fortunate” in English, the perfect pick for your good luck charm.
  23. Midge – short for Margaret, meaning “pearl” in Greek, borne by Barbie’s little sister.
  24. Ming-Ming – a curious, lovable duck featured on Nickelodeon’s Wonder Pets.
  25. Munchkin – a petite being featured in The Wizard of Oz or a term of endearment for a child.
  26. Nibbles – the ideal pick for your duck who loves to bite playfully.
  27. Peanut – a pet name often given to children, inspired by the delicious nut.
  28. Pickles – an Anglo-Saxon surname or a sour treat enjoyed on burgers.
  29. Pipsqueak – a playful nickname given to young people, means “unimportant” in English.
  30. Plucky – another word for “spunky,” describing someone who shows courage.
  31. Psyduck – a popular Pokemon character known for his dazed stare and tendency to get headaches.
  32. Puddles – the perfect name for the fowl who find water everywhere they go.
  33. Quacker Jack – a play on Cracker Jack, a delicious brand of caramel popcorn associated with baseball.
  34. Quackie Chan – a punny respelling of Jackie Chan, a Hong Kong actor and filmmaker.
  35. Redwing – a small songbird, can also describe any bird with a different colored wing.
  36. Rocky – of English origin, means “rest,” but can point to unstable ground.
  37. Scrooge McDuck – Disney’s fictional duck focused on money and sales.
  38. Snickers – a delicious American candy bar or a tight-lipped laugh.
  39. Snowball – among the best parts of winter, a fitting title for the white duckling.
  40. Splash – a great pick for the duck who makes waves with others.
  41. Suds – among the best duck names for domesticated ducks who love baths.
  42. Sweetie Pie – a less formal version of Sweetheart, often used as a term of endearment.
  43. Turducken – the ideal pick for foodies, a dish made by stuffing a duck into a chicken.
  44. Waddles – a clever title describing the way a duck walks.
  45. Wade – of English origin, meaning “to go” and can also describe swimming in shallow water.
  46. Wiggles – the best option for the duck who can’t sit still.
  47. Willow – points to the willow tree, known for its resilience and strength.

Duck Names FAQs

What Is a Good Name for a Duck?

Good duck names are in the eye of the beholder. Thankfully, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you’re looking for a rubber duck name, try Bubbles, Suds, or Float. If you need a title describing your sweetheart, you’ll adore Sweetie Pie, Honey, and Peanut. Fiesty duck names include Ace, Captain, Queenie, and Duchess.

What Should I Name My Silly Duck?

If you’re the proud owner of a silly duck, consider yourself lucky. You’ll have endless laughs and joy. Some funny names for your best friend include Aflac, Moe, Cookie, and Lilo. Celebrity-inspired names are also a “quack,” such as Duck Norris, Quackie Chan, and Hugh Quackman. You may also like obscure names like Peanut, Puddles, Wade, and Flamingo.

What Is the Cutest Duck Name?

Cute duck names are popular among pet owners who enjoy making a “splash.” Monikers like Bea, Trixie, Harry, and Huey are among the cutest picks. Terms of endearment are also adorable, like Pipsqueak, Cookie, and Buddy. Cartoon duck names are also a great option, including Daffy, Daisy, and Mrs. Featherby.

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