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Atlas Name Meaning: Origin, Popularity & Nicknames

Learn about the name Atlas including the meaning, gender, origin, popularity, and more.

Atlas Overview

  • Meaning: Atlas means “enduring” or “to endure.”
  • Gender: Atlas is traditionally a male’s name.
  • Origin: The name Atlas comes from the Titan in Greek mythology of the same name.
  • Pronunciation: Atlas is pronounced, “AT-luhs.”
  • Popularity: The name Atlas was rare until 2013, when it broke into the top 1,000 boy names. It has been steadily increasing ever since.
  • Nicknames: Atley, Attie, Lasy.
  • Variations: Atlass.
  • Namesakes: Atlas Ramachandran.

What Does Atlas Mean?

The most common meaning of the name Atlas is “enduring” or “to endure.” This definition comes from the Greek word for “atlas.”

What is the Origin of the Name Atlas?

The exact etymology of Atlas isn’t certain, but it is commonly thought to be Greek. It is the name of the mythical Titan condemned to hold up the sky as punishment for taking part in a war.

How Popular is the Name Atlas?

The name Atlas first appeared in 1883, and from 1913 on, it saw sporadic use.

In 2013, it broke into the top 1,000 baby names as the 779th most popular name of that year. It has been steadily climbing the ranks and reached 189th in 2020 (1).

That year, 2,028 or 0.111 percent of boys born were named Atlas.

How Do I Pronounce Atlas?

Atlas is pronounced much as it looks — “AT-luhs.” Some people alter the vowel sound of the second syllable to sound more like “AT-lis.”

Is Atlas a Boy or Girl Name?

Atlas is generally used as a boy’s name, likely because the original bearer of the name was male.

Variations of Atlas

There are not any common variations of the name Atlas, although it is also occasionally spelled as “Atlass.”

Nicknames for Atlas

Since Atlas is such a short and easily pronounceable name, nicknames aren’t common. They include:

  • Atley
  • Attie
  • Lasy

Similar Names to Atlas

Some names that are similar to Atlas in sound, meaning, or origin include:

  • Alice
  • Angus
  • Allan or Allen
  • Antwan or Antwon
  • Atley or Atlee
  • Atticus
  • Julius
  • Lachlan
  • Lazarus
  • Mangus
  • Mattias
  • Niklaus
  • Silas or Sylas
  • Wallace

Middle Names for Atlas

While you can pair any name you like with Atlas, here are several that sound pleasing:

Sibling Names for Atlas

To follow a theme with the name Atlas, it would be fitting to choose any name from Greek mythology.

If you want to choose a name that works well with Atlas, here are some options for brothers:

  • Achilles
  • Evander
  • Hermes
  • Jupiter
  • Leander
  • Orion
  • Perseus
  • Sirius

And for sisters:

Famous People Named Atlas

Since Atlas hasn’t been a common name until recent years, not many famous people are bearing the name. One is:

  • Atlas Ramachandran: Indian jeweler, actor, and film producer.

However, many celebrities have chosen to name their children Atlas in recent years. They include:

  • Anne Heche and James Tupper: Actress and actor.
  • Claudio Sanchez: Musician
  • Edward Norton and Shauna Robertson: Actor and producer.
  • Jonny Blu and Jacqueline Piñol: Singer and actress.
  • Shay Mitchell and Matte Babbel: Canadian actress and actor.

Atlas in Popular Culture

Atlas, either as the Titan or as a character of the same name, has appeared several times in books, video games, TV series, and comics.

  • The Titan Atlas appeared in the series finale of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys
  • In DC Comics, Atlas’s stamina is given to Captain Marvel by the wizard SHAZAM
  • Atlas is mentioned in Rick Riordan’s book series Percy Jackson & the Olympians
  • It is the name of a weapons manufacturer in the Borderlands video game
  • It is a playable guardian in the video game Smite
  • The God of War video game series, based on Greek mythology, features Atlas
  • The Titan Atlas is referenced in the title of the movie Atlas Shrugged and the book by the same title

Atlas FAQs

Check out these frequently asked questions relating to the name Atlas:

Why Are Maps Called an Atlas?

Gerardus Mercator initiated a custom in the 16th century of using an image of Atlas holding the globe on his shoulders in the front of collections of bound maps or charts (2). The name stuck.

Did the Titan Atlas Hold Up the Earth or the Sky?

Though Atlas is commonly referred to as holding the weight of the world on his shoulders, it was actually the sky that he was condemned to hold, not the earth.

Atlas was also depicted in Homer’s Odyssey, Book I, as a marine creature who supported the columns that held earth and heaven apart (3).

What Made the Name Atlas Popular?

In 2009, just a few years before Atlas entered the top 1,000 boy names in 2013, actress Anne Heche and actor James Tupper named their son Atlas. While this was, by no means, the first use of the name, it could be responsible for its emerging popularity.

Is Atlas a Biblical Name?

No, the name Atlas is not mentioned in the Bible and has no known connections to it.

What Does Atlas Symbolize in Mythology?

Atlas symbolizes strength and endurance due to his eternal task of holding up the weight of the sky. At the same time, he can symbolize suffering because of his everlasting punishment.

Is the Atlantic Ocean Named After the Titan Atlas?

The Atlantic Ocean’s name is derived from the story of Atlas in Greek mythology and means “Sea of Atlas.” Atlas was thought to stand at the western edge of the known world, which was the eastern shore of what is now the Atlantic Ocean.

What Vehicle Is Named Atlas?

Both Ford and Volkswagen have models named Atlas. Ford’s is a pickup, and Volkswagen’s is a mid-size crossover sport utility vehicle.

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