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260 Popular Turtle Names: Both Big and Small

There’s nothing slow about these cool turtle names, perfect for a box turtle or tortoise, and everything in between.

Turtles are captivating animals known for their hard exterior, usually known as wise and slow-moving in popular culture. With the many varieties of turtles and tortoises, both big and small, the ideal name for your adorable pet may appear challenging to find.

Run, don’t crawl to our entertaining list of turtle names that run the gamut from the enormous to the tiny. Whether influenced by their color, appearance, or popular films, these unexpected names for turtles are categorized from start to finish. So let’s take a good peep!

85 Tough Male Turtle Names

These strong male names for turtles are perfect for the sturdiest of creatures.

  1. Achilles – from the Greek “achos,” meaning “pain,” and an ironically fast hero in mythology.
  2. Adam – means “son of the red earth” in Hebrew, taken from “adamah.”
  3. Adriel – a unique Hebrew name in the Bible, meaning “of God’s flock.”
  4. Aesop – named for a 6th-century BC folk tale author who wrote The Tortoise and the Hare.
  5. Akumal – a sea-grass-filled bay in Mexico where sea turtles call home.
  6. Akupara – the Sanskrit-Indian name for a turtle, also called a Chukwa.
  7. Alden – derives from Old English and means “wise old friend” for your best pet turtle.
  8. Aristurtle – a funny take on the famous Greek Aristotle that’s tops among turtle names.
  9. Aspen – means “quaking tree,” based on the Old English “aesps.”
  10. August – based on the Greek Augustus, meaning “exalted” and “venerable.”
  11. Basil – from the Greek Basileios, meaning “royal” and “kingly,” celebrating a boy turtle’s green color.
  12. Beckett – means “dweller at the stream or brook,” where turtles like to swim and play.
  13. Bertie – a cute take on Albert for a small turtle with big ideas.
  14. Caspian – a species of turtle that appears tan to black/brown and is mostly aquatic.
  15. Celadon – refers to a “pale grayish-green color” that mirrors a turtle’s cool colors.
  16. Clayton – means “clay settlement” in Old English to describe the mud that turtles love.
  17. Conrad – from the Old German “kuoni,” meaning “brave,” and “rāt,” meaning “counsel.”
  18. Corky – one of the cutest nicknames for Corwin and means “hill hollow” in Irish.
  19. Dante – a short form of the Italian Durante, meaning “steadfast” or “enduring.”
  20. Darwin – for Charles Darwin, who famously named a turtle Harriet from the Galapagos Islands in 1835.
  21. Denver – has French and English origins and means “from Anvers” or “green valley.”
  22. Donatello – inspired by the popular 1990s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series.
  23. Dylan – means “son of the sea” in Welsh and “flash of lightning” in Irish.
  24. Fastitocalon – a Tolkien word from the Greek Aspido-chelōne, meaning “round-shielded turtle.”
  25. Fergus – an Irish-Gaelic name referring to “the strong or masculine one.”
  26. Filburt – from the Old German Filibert, meaning “very bright” for the turtle that shines.
  27. Fillmore – the name of a turtle from Ascension Island in the Comic Strips Wiki.
  28. Franklin – the main character of an animated kid’s book series, Franklin the Turtle.
  29. Galapagos – called Chelonoidis niger, the Galápagos tortoise can be found in the Galápagos Islands.
  30. Godzilla – a snappy ode to the greatest of sea monsters made famous in film.
  31. Gumby – a 1950s clay character who’s as green as your favorite turtle boy.
  32. Hercules – the greatest of Greek mythological heroes known for his power.
  33. Hermes – means “messenger” in Greek, even if your turtle moves a lot slower.
  34. Hulk – inspired by the Marvel Comics character whose strength turns his skin green.
  35. Hunter – originally a surname for a “hunter” or “one who pursues.”
  36. Indy – possibly short for Indiana and a sarcastic allusion to the super-fast Indy 500 race.
  37. Irving – means “green river” or “sea friend,” both excellent references to a turtle.
  38. Killian – taken from the Celtic “ceallach,” meaning “bright-headed” and “little warrior.”
  39. Kurma – one of the Hindu Vedas associated with Kashyapa, meaning “tortoise.”
  40. Leo – why not use the Latin word for “lion” for the toughest turtle in the sea?
  41. Leonardo – a character in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a favorite among names for turtles.
  42. Mack – among vintage male turtle names and a turtle in Dr. Seuss’s Yertle the Turtle.
  43. Malcolm – a name for one of four Scottish kings who succeeded Macbeth’s throne.
  44. Maturin – from Stephen Maturin, a character in several novels who helped name a tortoise.
  45. Maximillian – the name of Hydromedusa Maximiliani, a snake-neck turtle found in Brazil.
  46. Melvin – means “gentle ruler” in Gaelic for a different way to name a turtle king.
  47. Michaelangelo – possibly the best-known character from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  48. Mikey – the feisty nickname for Michaelangelo from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  49. Moray – a strong name in Irish and Scottish Gaelic, meaning “lord and master.”
  50. Murphy – means “warrior of the sea” in Gaelic and is the most common surname in Ireland.
  51. Mustafa – a favorite Arabic boy’s name meaning “the chosen one,” appearing in the Quran.
  52. Orin – taken from the Hebrew Oren, meaning “pine tree,” where your turtle might be hiding.
  53. Orwell – a surname and given name meaning “the branch of the river.”
  54. Oscar – has multiple meanings in Gaelic, including “God spear,” “deer-lover,” or “champion warrior.”
  55. Paulie – the best of male turtle names for small guys; from the Latin “paulus,” meaning “little.”
  56. Paxton – from the Old English “pœcces tun,” meaning “peace town” from the 12th-century.
  57. Phillip – means “lover of horses” from the Greek Philippos, when turtles make new friends.
  58. Popeye – your turtle will love being Popeye for the super strong character who eats his spinach.
  59. Raphael – a character from the TV series Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  60. Reed – from the Old English “read,” meaning “red,” and a type of tortoise.
  61. Ridley – means “reed meadow” in Old English for those living near a stream.
  62. Rocky Balboa – inspired by the greatest fighter of all when a turtle doesn’t know his strength.
  63. Romeo – refers to a “Roman citizen” or “someone from Rome;” inspired by Shakespeare’s tragic hero.
  64. Rowan – from the Irish Ruadhán, meaning “little redhead,” but it also works for green turtles.
  65. Rufus – another Irish term for a “red-haired man,” not just for big dogs.
  66. Samuel – means “God has heard” in Hebrew, but you can call your turtle Sam, too.
  67. Sheldon – an endearing name given in honor of a turtle’s famous shell.
  68. Sipadan – a place in Malaysia known for green and hawksbill sea turtles.
  69. Slash – the name of a box turtle character in the 2012 animated series Slash.
  70. Soren – means “stern” and “severe” in Danish based on the Latin “severus.”
  71. Testudo – a term for a Roman “protective shelter” for soldiers that looked like a tortoise shell.
  72. Thaddeus – a biblical name meaning “heart” and “courageous” in Aramaic.
  73. Timmy – from the Greek Timothy, meaning “in God’s honor” or “honored by God.”
  74. Toby – the character Toby Turtle appears in the 1973 Disney animated film Robin Hood.
  75. Tokka – one of the villains in the 1991 film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II.
  76. Tommy – the character Tommy Turtle appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series.
  77. Tony – the most casual of male turtle names taken from the Latin Antonius, meaning “priceless.”
  78. Trevor – is made up of the Welsh “tre(f),” meaning “homestead,” and “fawr,” meaning “large.”
  79. Triton – in Greek mythology, Triton was a merman and one of the gods of the sea.
  80. Tucker – an occupational surname for a “cloth-weaver,” ideal for a turtle playing peek-a-boo.
  81. Tyler – given to a “housebuilder” and a minor character in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles universe.
  82. Varden – from the Old French Vardon, meaning “green knoll,” whose color suits a turtle well.
  83. Wade – means “to go” or “ford,” yet implies how turtles like to swim.
  84. Walter – for W. Grey Walter, an inventor of turtle robots in the 40s and 50s.
  85. Zale – means “sea strength” in Greek, which most turtles have in droves.

88 Beautiful Female Turtle Names

These lovely turtle names for females salute all their best qualities.

  1. Adelaide – means “noble kind” in German and is a city in Australia.
  2. Alana – a mermaid named Princess Alana appears in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  3. April – a human character called April O’Neil appears in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  4. Arcadia – a play by Tom Stoppard featuring a pet tortoise called Plautus.
  5. Ariel – means “lion of God” in Hebrew and is the main character in Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  6. Athena – the strongest female turtle names for the Greek goddess of wisdom.
  7. Beryl – means “light green mineral” in Greek and is one of many green names for turtles.
  8. Celeste – an ancient Roman word for “heavenly,” when you love your turtle girl best.
  9. Cassidy – for Mrs. Cassidy Shells, a turtle in The Fantastic World of Louise.
  10. Constance – based on the Latin “constantem,” meaning “resolute” and “faithful.”
  11. Coraline – a French diminutive for Coral, the precious stone found in the sea.
  12. Costa – based on the Costa Rican sea turtles called Leatherbacks, the largest of them all.
  13. Doris – based on the ancient Greek Dorians, it means “gift from the sea.”
  14. Elphaba – another name for the green-skinned Wicked Witch of the West in the Wicked play.
  15. Emerald – means “green” in Persian and is the deepest of green gemstones.
  16. Esmeralda – is possibly the oldest tortoise worldwide; an Aldabra giant tortoise who’s 179 years old.
  17. Everleigh – means “wild boar in a woodland clearing” in Old English, which turtles don’t worry about.
  18. Fern – another green name based on the food that turtles love most.
  19. Frida – in honor of artist Frida Kahlo, the perfect “peaceful” name for a painted turtle.
  20. Giada – refers to the green Jade stone in Italian, a sign of good luck.
  21. Ginger – means “pep” or “liveliness,” which a turtle owner has to be patient about.
  22. Goldie – from the Yiddish Golda, meaning “made of gold,” when a turtle is yellow.
  23. Halley – a 7th-century English surname for “one who lived at the hall in the grove.”
  24. Hisako – means “longevity” in Japanese since tortoises can live up to 150 years!
  25. Holly – a leafy green name meaning “dwelling by the meadow” in Old English.
  26. Ivy – one of the Victorian plant names; means “vine” and symbolizes loyalty.
  27. Jade – from the Spanish “piedra de la ijada,” meaning “stone of the bowels.”
  28. Jasmine – originally the Persian Yasmin, meaning “fragrant flower” or “gift from God.”
  29. Jocelyn – a German name meaning “a member of the Gauts,” a Germanic tribe from Gautzelin.
  30. Juniper – from the Latin “juniperus,” meaning to “think” or “produce” as the Juniper tree.
  31. Kaia – a favorite among female turtle names based on “kai,” meaning “sea” or “ocean.”
  32. Kiwi – a fruit common to New Zealand and a nickname for those born there.
  33. Lana – a character in The Loud House TV series with a turtle named Snappy.
  34. Liberty – from the Latin Libertas, the personification of freedom in Roman mythology.
  35. Lilith – means “belonging to the night” from the Akkadian “lilîtu,” meaning “demon” or “spirit.”
  36. Lily – short for Elizabeth, meaning “God’s promise” inspired by the white flower.
  37. Malaysia – known for its turtle population, including the Hawksbill, Leatherback, and Olive Ridley.
  38. Malena – a location in Panama known for its plentiful turtle population.
  39. Mallory – means “unlucky” in French, but turtles make their own luck!
  40. Mandana – a girl’s name meaning “everlasting,” also belonging to a Persian queen.
  41. Margarita – one of the world’s favorite cocktails that’s a lime shade of green.
  42. Mary Shelley – a take on English Frankenstein writer Mary Shelly, emphasizing the shell.
  43. Matcha – means “to rub” in Japanese and is the name of a common green tea.
  44. Midori – means “green” in Japanese and is a vivid green liqueur.
  45. Mikayla – a female form of Michael, meaning “who is like God” in Hebrew.
  46. Minerva – the Roman goddess of wisdom whose name also means “peace” and “ocean.”
  47. Moana – a Disney movie that contains turtles named Squirt and Crush.
  48. Morla – a giant turtle known as “the ancient one” appearing in The Neverending Story.
  49. Myrtle – a character in the Baby Looney Tunes series that rhymes perfectly with turtle.
  50. Nessie – means “pure” in Greek when turtles are great in size, like the Loch Ness monster.
  51. Olivia – means “olive” and “olive tree” in Greek to honor a turtle’s green shell.
  52. Opal – a milky white precious stone known to symbolize “faithfulness” and “confidence.”
  53. Orna – means “little pale green one” and appears in The Big Bang Theory series.
  54. Paloma – from the Latin “palumbus,” meaning “dove,” a symbol for peace.
  55. Patience – a quality you’ll need to acquire for a slow-moving turtle to finish its journey.
  56. Paz – means “peace” and “gold” in Spanish, referring to the Virgin Mary.
  57. Priscilla – a Latin name meaning “ancient” and “venerable,” which describes a turtle well.
  58. Ramona – means “wise protector” in Spanish, for a different approach to female turtle names.
  59. Renata – from the Latin “renatus,” meaning “born again.”
  60. Rosy – a diminutive of Rose and Rosemary/ie, meaning “horse,” “fame,” or “rose.”
  61. Ruby – from the Latin “ruber,” meaning “red,” and a stone symbolizing love and romance.
  62. Sabira – means “patient” in Arabic for turtles that take a long time for a walk.
  63. Scarlet – a nod to the Pokemon Terapago turtle appearing in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.
  64. Sela – originally used for the ancient city of Petra, meaning “rock.”
  65. Selena – the goddess of the moon in Greek mythology whose name means “bright.”
  66. Serenity – means “calm” and is the ideal way to describe a turtle’s inner mood.
  67. Shannon – consists of the Irish Sionainn, meaning “possessor of wisdom,” and “sean-amhan,” meaning “old river.”
  68. Shelby – means “willow” and “from the ledge estate” in Old Norse.
  69. Shelly – is the female equivalent to turtles named Sheldon and a turtle in Mickey Mouse Works.
  70. Sienna – from Sienna, Italy, meaning “reddish-brown,” and the mud turtles love.
  71. Sisu – indicates “stoic determination” and “hardiness” in Finnish for a tough turtle.
  72. Summer – an ode to the season turtles get out most, deriving from the Old English “sumer.”
  73. Sydney – a unisex name meaning “wide meadow” inspired by the Australian city.
  74. Sylvia – means “woods” or “forest” in Latin for the greenery where a turtle loves to play.
  75. Tammy – the female form of the Greek Thomas, meaning “twin,” also meaning “date palm tree.”
  76. Tatum – an Old English name meaning “Tate’s homestead,” where a turtle hangs her hat.
  77. Thalia – one of the three Graces in Greek mythology; means “to flourish.”
  78. Thea – is short for names ending in “-thea,” like Dorothea, meaning “goddess” and “godly.”
  79. Tilly – a nickname for Tilda and Matilda, meaning “mighty in battle.”
  80. Tippi – for Tippi Turtle, an animated character on Saturday Night Live.
  81. Tricia – means “noble” or “patrician” in Latin and is a pet form of Patricia.
  82. Umi – is a sea turtle character in the manga series Dragon Ball Z.
  83. Vanessa – means “of Venus” and is linked to the Greek goddess Phanessa, who loves butterflies.
  84. Venus – refers to the ancient Greek goddess of love and the second planet from the sun.
  85. Verna – means “spring green” in Latin in honor of a turtle’s vivid shell.
  86. Vivienne – from the French Viviana, meaning “lively” and “alive” for high-powered turtles.
  87. Winifred – a Welsh girl’s name meaning “peacekeeping” whose nickname is Winnie.
  88. Wren – means “small brown songbird,” but works for a turtle who also loves to sing.

87 Bizarre Unisex Turtle Names

Go a step further with weird unisex turtle names that cover many turtle traits.

  1. Apple – a cute name for a turtle who loves their snacks crunchy.
  2. Avocado – a healthy alternative to food turtle name ideas as green as they come.
  3. Bonsai – a traditional Japanese miniature tree that a turtle would love in their garden.
  4. Broccoli – an offbeat vegetable name for special turtles who stay healthy.
  5. Bubbles – when turtles swim, this name honors their ability to blow bubbles.
  6. Camo – a nickname for camouflage, referring to a turtle’s covert green color.
  7. Creeper – derives from the Old English “crēopere,” meaning “one who creeps.”
  8. Cruiser – a nod to a turtle’s own way of going “fast” through the woods or water.
  9. Crush – is the main turtle character in Disney’s Finding Nemo.
  10. Crwban – the Welsh word for “turtle” or “tortoise” that stands out.
  11. Dumbletort – a take on the Harry Potter name Dumbledore, which includes “tort” for tortoises.
  12. Edamame – means “stem beans” in Japanese for beans with a bright green color.
  13. Esiotrot – the title of a children’s book by Roald Dahl, which spells tortoise backward.
  14. Ewok – perfect for Star Wars fans to include their favorite characters in their turtle’s name.
  15. Ferrari – a sarcastic reminder that one of the fastest cars can’t compete with a turtle.
  16. Flatback – a nickname for an Australian gray-green sea turtle.
  17. Fleetfoot – means “able to run fast,” while a turtle runs at their own pace.
  18. Flipper – because dolphins aren’t the only cute creatures in the waters.
  19. Freckles – alligator snapping turtles sometimes appear to have freckles on their skin.
  20. Fudukazi – related to “fugazi,” referring to anything “fake” or “damaged beyond repair.”
  21. Goji – is considered a “superfruit” that a hungry turtle may love to munch on.
  22. Honeydew – a term of endearment for a turtle that is the color of a honeydew melon.
  23. Jet – how the famous Gamera can fly with “jets” built into his leg holes.
  24. Kai – means “sea” in Hawaiian and “shell” in Japanese, tailor-made for turtles.
  25. Kale – when your turtle is health conscious, feed them lots of green leafy kale.
  26. Kermit – the sweetest green frog on The Muppets is a good starting point for turtle names.
  27. Koopa – Koopa Troopas are turtle-like characters from the Super Mario Brothers series.
  28. Leggs – perfect for tortoises who have strong legs with claws for walking the land.
  29. Mambo – from the Haitian-Creole “manbo,” meaning “voodoo priestess,” and the Yoruba “mambo,” meaning “to talk.”
  30. Molasses – a word describing how slowly a turtle moves across the street.
  31. Mossback – for the turtles who carry moss on their back during their travels.
  32. Muddy – when your turtle loves to play in the mud and ends up with dirty claws.
  33. Natura – is a Spanish word meaning “nature,” where a turtle reigns supreme.
  34. Nibbles – means “to bite gently,” which is exactly how a hungry turtle eats.
  35. Nixie – a German word meaning “mischievous water spirit” for a feisty turtle.
  36. Nugget – from the Old English “nug,” meaning “lump of gold,” describing a turtle’s treasure.
  37. Peekaboo – the name of a turtle Beanie Baby toy, the most adorable among turtle names.
  38. Pickles – a funny nickname for a green turtle that you love.
  39. Pika – the name for “whistling hair” and a Hawaiian name meaning “rock” or “stone.”
  40. Pistachio – one of the only nut-based turtle name ideas using the only green nuts around.
  41. Pokey – a horse character and faithful friend who can pair up with a turtle named Gumby.
  42. Poppy – refers to a “red flower” in Latin, symbolizing “sleep,” when turtles love their naps.
  43. Puddles – why not celebrate the puddles that turtles inevitably love creating?
  44. Punk – for a turtle with an edge who moves to the beat of their own drum.
  45. Racer – the fastest turtle can enjoy this name when they beat the rest.
  46. Reptar – a green T-Rex character in the animated series Rugrats called Sir Turtlesaur.
  47. Safari – means “journey” and “expedition” in Swahili for adventurous turtle names.
  48. Scooter – a fun way to describe how turtles make their own way across land.
  49. Shamrock – the luckiest Irish-loving turtle will appreciate this iconic green symbol.
  50. Shelbow – a turtle drummer in the Catfish Band of Disney’s The Little Mermaid.
  51. Shellington – a distinguished name for a turtle with a polished shell.
  52. Shellshock – some turtles have an indescribable shell that can only shock those who see it.
  53. Slowpoke – an endearing name inspired by the gait of your favorite turtle or tortoise.
  54. Snail – why should snails have all the fun in the category of slowest creatures around?
  55. Sonic – from the Latin “sonus,” meaning “sound”; turtles happen to make more than a few noises.
  56. Speedy – works when you’ve got the fastest turtle around (who may not be fast at all).
  57. Sprout – from the Middle English “sprout,” meaning “(new) shoot of a plant” or “bud.”
  58. Squint – means “looking obliquely” if your turtle happens to be a little cross-eyed.
  59. Squirt – like “runt,” a nickname for little kids that also works for little turtles.
  60. Stompy – when tortoises can’t help but stomp around, calling them Stompy is all that will do.
  61. Stretch – from the Old English “stræc,” meaning “strong” and “violent,” a nickname for tall creatures.
  62. Sunny – a nickname for those with a “cheery temperament” or “joyful” type.
  63. Swimmer – a cool pet name for turtles who swim with impressive dexterity and skill.
  64. Tank – sometimes, turtles are so giant they deserve a big name like Tank.
  65. Tardy – from the Old French “tardif,” meaning “slow,” to describe most turtles.
  66. Tipsy – a vintage way to describe anything “containing liquor” that describes a turtle’s drunken walk.
  67. Tonka – means “worthy of praise” in Croatian and is best known as a Tonka turtle toy.
  68. Tortellini – a nonsense name for turtles when you simply love pasta too much.
  69. Torti – a short form of “tortoise” that also means “strange” in Latin.
  70. Tortura – from the Latin “tortura,” meaning “twisting” or “writhing,” as tortoises swim.
  71. Treasure – an Old English word meaning “precious objects” or “to cherish.”
  72. Truffle – inspired by the turtle truffle, a combo of chocolate, caramel, and pecans.
  73. Tua – means “peaks on the back” in Maori, a turtle in Turtles All the Way Down.
  74. Tuck – a fun pick among names for turtles – their ability to tuck themselves inside their shell.
  75. Turbo – for Turbo the Turtle, a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  76. Turtleneck – a sweater name inspired by turtles poking their head in/out of the shell.
  77. Twix – the name of a famous two-headed turtle located in Newport, Virginia.
  78. Urtle – calling your turtle Urtle makes them stand out from their other green friends.
  79. Vettel – the opposite of Sebastian Vettel, a Formula One racing champion.
  80. Viper – when a turtle thinks they’re more of a dangerous snake than a common reptile.
  81. Waddles – a fun-loving way to describe the gait of a turtle on a long walk.
  82. Waterloo – for Napoleon’s doomed battle, a turtle’s Waterloo is much more peaceful.
  83. Wobbles – another great description of a turtle or tortoise.
  84. Yertle – from Dr. Seuss’ children’s picture book called Yertle the Turtle.
  85. Yoda – when your turtle is more of a Jedi master than a reptile, call them Yoda.
  86. Zippy – for the fastest turtles who can move across the pond as quickly as possible.
  87. Zoom – one of many speed-related turtle name ideas for turtles who (try to) go fast.

Turtle Names FAQ

What Are Famous Turtle Names?

Some top turtle names include names like Flippy or Mack. There are also characters from the most famous show about turtles ever made, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You can even name your hard-rock pet Donatello, Leonardo, and Michelangelo and remember your youth fondly while doing so.

What Is a Cool Name for a Turtle?

Many fun turtle names exist because of the attributes turtles are best known for. You may be inspired by their unique looks with the cool names Nippy, Waddles, or Shelly. Names influenced by green shades are also great, from Ivy and Holly to Esmeralda and Verne. You can also refer to their slow and wise nature by calling them Sage, Tank, or Speedy (as a fun opposite!).

What Are Good Tortoise Names?

Tortoises are big, strong turtles who love turtle-friendly names like Sheldon or Turtleneck. Going with pop culture influences like Koopa is a nod to the Super Mario Brothers character, Bowser, also referred to as King Koopa. Powerful ancient names that celebrate the strength of the tortoise are well-liked, too, from Mercury to Achilles.

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