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Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys of 2023

These are the gifts 17-year-old boys want to receive. 

Gift-giving can be simple when you know exactly what the recipient wants, you’re good with the request, and the gift is within your budget. However, if there’s no clear request, you don’t approve of the present, or it’s not within your budget, choosing the best gift for a 17-year-old boy can be difficult.

If you’re in this situation, don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We asked the 17-year-old boys in our lives, their friends, and anyone else with relevant insight and compiled what we learned into an ultimate guide to the best gifts for 17-year-old boys.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Razer Wireless Charging Pad
Quick Charge
Razer Wireless Charging Pad
  • Fast charging up to 10 Watts
  • 16.8 million colors or lighting effects
Product Image of the Canon EOS Rebel Camera Bundle
DSLR Dream
Canon EOS Rebel Camera Bundle
  • Full HD 1080p videos, 24.1MP photo
  • Complete camera bundle kit
Product Image of the Book Accidentally Wes Anderson
Whimsically Wonderful
Book Accidentally Wes Anderson
  • Stunning photographs of real-life places
  • Presented with fascinating human stories
Product Image of the Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop
Budget-Friendly Gaming Quality
Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop
  • 15-inch Full HD Widescreen display
  • 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H processor
Product Image of the U.S. Art Supply Tabletop Easel
Compact and Sturdy
U.S. Art Supply Tabletop Easel
  • Wooden H-Frame Studio Easel
  • Holds up to 23-inch canvas
Product Image of the Gonex Portable Home Gym
All-In-One Home Gym
Gonex Portable Home Gym
  • Full body workouts system
  • Includes 10 workout equipments
Product Image of the Aftco Reaper Hoodie
World’s Best Hoodie?
Aftco Reaper Hoodie
  • 100% micro fleece hoodie.
  • Integrated vented facemask
Product Image of the Multi-Tasking Lap Desk
Lap Work Comfort
Multi-Tasking Lap Desk
  • Foldable office workstation
  • Mouse pad features smart phone slot
Product Image of the Curve and Template Pack
Multi-Purpose Tools
Curve and Template Pack
  • 15 piece curve & template
  • Multi-purpose use
Product Image of the Adidas Adilette Shower Slides
Great for Almost Anyone
Adidas Adilette Shower Slides
  • Rubber soled
  • Available in 30 color combinations

The Best Gifts for 17-Year-Old Boys of 2023

Blending all of our gift choosing advice with our survey of teens and personal experience, here are our suggestions for the best gifts for 17-year-old boys.

Razer Wireless Charging Pad

Quick Charge

The soft rubber top of this wireless charging pad ensures your devices remain unscratched and do not slip off the charger. You have the option of setting one of 16.8 million colors or lighting effects.

For gamers who already own other items in the Razer Chroma RGB ecosystem, this charging pad links to and coordinates with your gear to create a seamless game lighting experience.

Canon EOS Rebel Camera Bundle

DSLR Dream

With various basic but invaluable items, this bundle is ideal for teens who want to upgrade from their phone’s camera to a DSLR.

The wi-fi enabled, 24.1 MP Canon EOS Rebel captures photographs and has the capacity to record full HD 1080p videos. In addition to the camera, this bundle has everything they need to get started, including an 18-55mm II lens, auxiliary wide-angle and telephoto lenses, two SDHC memory cards, a padded camera bag, tripod, and more.

Book Accidentally Wes Anderson

Whimsically Wonderful

A team of photographers traveled the world for this book, capturing quirky, unconventional, and idiosyncratic locations. Authorized by and with a foreword by Mr. A, Accidentally Wes Anderson takes you on a journey to some real-life places evocative of the filmmaker’s unique visual style.

There are examples from every continent, and each image is accompanied by the location’s back story.

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

Budget-Friendly Gaming Quality

The Acer Nitro 5 has an LED-backlit, 15 inches full HD widescreen display, which is combined with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB of VRAM graphics card and delivers up to 90 frames per second.

Powered by a 9th Generation Intel Core i5-9300H processor, which can reach 4.1 GHz, the Acer can perform as well in gaming environments as it can in the academic.

U.S. Art Supply Tabletop Easel

Compact and Sturdy

If your teen is a budding artist, then a tabletop easel could be spot on.

This tabletop easel from U.S. Art Supply has an adjustable track bar with seven settings for quick and easy-angle settings. The angle ranges from almost vertical to completely horizontal, and the adjustable top bar will accommodate a canvas of up to 23 inches in height.

A fabulous gift idea for a 17-year-old boy, this easel is sturdy enough to be used at home, yet compact and light enough to be taken on the road.

Gonex Portable Home Gym

All-In-One Home Gym

Gonex has combined resistance bands, ab rollers, push-up bars, and more to create a home gym that’s as suitable for beginners as it is for intermediate and advanced users.

The lightweight honeycomb structured training base will hold up to 300 pounds and can withstand up to 250 pounds of tension. This lack of weight combines with the fold-up design to create something tough, robust, and easy to store and transport.

Aftco Reaper Hoodie

World’s Best Hoodie?

Either as a hoodie alone or as a component of a layered clothing system, the Aftco technical fleece works is the ideal piece of clothing for almost every occasion your 17-year-old boy is likely to encounter.

Block Tapey closures keep pockets closed. Without the annoyance of hook and eye closures, laser-cut under-arm vents allow you to remain cool, and the integrated, vented face covering of Aftco’s technical fleece hoodie can be used with or without the hood raised.

Multi-Tasking Lap Desk

Lap Work Comfort

Lap-top or no lap-top, this lap desk is an all-in-one spot to study or play in bed, on the sofa, at the park or anywhere your teen wants. The surface of this desk comfortably fits a 17” laptop, and the memory foam underside provides comfort for extended use.

A slide-out mouse pad gives the option of extra desk real estate when it’s needed and has a spot in which to stand your phone. An upper tray tablet-holder slot provides a place for your device, whether for use with a mobile keyboard or to watch while writing in a notepad.

Curve and Template Pack

Multi-Purpose Tools

Whether your 17-year-old boy enjoys designing, planning, technical drawing, or exploring their artistic creativity, this French curve and template pack is likely to have all they need to expand their skills.

The templates and curves are made from rugged but flexible plastic so they won’t snap like other rigid plastic options. The selection includes basic curves, shapes, ellipses, measurement items, multiple electrical, plumbing, and building furniture templates.

The set is rounded out with both 0.7mm and 0.5 mm mechanical pencils and enough refills to keep them going until next birthday.

Adidas Adilette Shower Slides

Great For Almost Anyone

These Adidas shower slides are on the wanted list of many teenagers, but by the time the teen in your life has been around for 17 years, these slides could be considered essential. Available in 30 color combinations and running up to a size 18, these shower slides are as appropriate outside the home as inside.

Personal experience tells me they’re a popular beachwear item, a must-have for those sharing a bathroom at college, and an easy-to-clean option for parents who suffer from their kid’s stinky feet.

Vivi Electric Mountain Bike

Powered Support

In our very hilly area, this Vivi mountain bike powers through 44 to 50 miles on a single charge with up to 330-pound teen and their basic college gear onboard.

Charging the 36V 8Ah lithium-ion battery will take approximately four to six hours making this an incredibly affordable form of transport. Moreover, the battery is even removable.

Bedside Caddy

Keeping The Floor Clear

Designed to fit practically any style bed, this bedside caddy organizer will hold up to 20 pounds of whatever your teenage boy would generally leave on the floor next to his bed.

There’s a sizeable internal laptop pocket, three external pockets for tablets, phones, and a strap to hold headphones. The soft pressed felt fabric won’t scratch glasses or screens, and the entire thing is machine washable.

There’s even an opening at the bottom through which you can thread charging cables, so your teen doesn’t have to get up and plug things in. It’s also something that will come in handy if your child plans to live in a college dorm.

Ticket Stub Organizer and Diary

No Stub Left Behind

Whether your 17-year-old boy likes to attend concerts, sporting events, theatre shows, or any other event that requires tickets, this organizer provides a spot to keep all of those meaningful ticket stubs safe in one place.

Each page has two pockets on each side and a place to write notes about the event, such as who else was with them, what they bought, or anything else of importance.

Hydro Flask Water Bottle

Tough Hydration

This wide-mouth water bottle holds up to 40 ounces of hot or cold fluids. The inside is made of pro-grade stainless steel, which ensures there are no unwanted odors or tastes transferred to the contents. The outside is powder-coated for a sweat-free, easy-grip surface.

Honeycomb insulation ensures hot fluids retain their temperature for up to 6 hours while cold liquids stay chilled for up to 24.

Anker Portable Charger

For The Forgetful

Teens seem to be especially prone to forgetting to charge devices, making a portable charger an ideal gift for a 17-year-old boy.

Using a 10W power cable, recharging the power bank takes about 10.5 hours, and if you use a 5W cable, it will take a full 20 hours. Recharge the power bank with a USB-C or Micro USB cable, although charging of devices is only possible through the USB ports.

Twin USB ports let you recharge two devices at once, and you’ll get around five full phone recharges from a full power bank.

X Rocker Floor Chair

For An Epic Gamer’s Seat

The X Rocker is an extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed chair with neck and lumbar support and Bluetooth connectivity, twin speakers, and a subwoofer for an immersive music or gaming experience.

Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled gaming systems, computers, tablets, phones, and more, it can also be connected via HDMI cables to non-Bluetooth devices. The chair also has RCA outputs and a headphone jack for those times you don’t want the entire house to enjoy your teen’s sounds.

Double Arm Book Light

For Book Fueled All-Nighters

Dubbed the Lamborghini of book lights, I’ve never owned a Lamborghini, so I can’t say if this is accurate. However, there are five LEDs in each lamp, and you can swap between white, yellow, or natural light modes.

A full charge provides up to 130 hours of use, and there’s a USB cable for mains use. The arms are flexible, and you can clip the light onto your book, hang it up, or stand it on a flat surface.

High Peak 4-Season Tent

Year-Round Comfort

At 9.7 pounds, this four-season tent from High Peak is just as suitable for longer-term backpacking as it is for a weekend away with buddies.

Clip-together poles make this a quick and easy tent to erect. The taped, double-stitched seams, water-resistant fly, and waterproof floor provide a dry camping experience. Two vestibules give enough room for one camper and loads of gear or up to three when storage space isn’t essential.

HyperX Cloud II - Gaming Headset

Where Comfort And Quality Collide

Available in both wired and wireless models, HyperX combines a durable aluminum frame with memory foam cushioning to create a headset that stays comfortable for hours.

There’s 7.1 virtual surround sound, and the earpiece design blocks almost all external noise distractions. Meanwhile, the detachable noise-canceling microphone is Discord, and TeamSpeak certified.

The 53mm drivers provide excellent quality, immersive sound, and the wireless model has a range of over 65 feet and up to 30 hours of battery life.

Speks Fleks Desk Toy And Fidget

Brain Boosting Bendability

Each of the eight pieces in this desk toy is made of silicone with rare earth magnets in each end and with four straight, two Y-shaped, and two four-way pieces. That’s a total of 22 magnets. You can connect the pieces in over 100 ways or simply fidget with one or two while you work.

A stainless steel plate gives you somewhere to park the pieces when not in use.

The Naked Roommate

Essential College Prep

For those who are off to college, this fully updated edition of The Naked Roommate takes you on a behind-the-scenes journey through life in higher learning.

While high school focuses on getting you into college and how to succeed academically once you’re in, there’s little preparation for things like how to budget, save, and earn money, the complexities of relationships, and how to deal with roommates of every type.

The Naked Roommate gives sensible advice on all of this, and more along with real-life stories from students on over 100 campuses.

Musicians Grip Hand Exerciser

Flex Fans

Those who play an instrument requiring strong and nimble fingers may appreciate this gift.

The musician’s grip builds strength and flexibility in the muscles and tendons of the fingers, wrist, and elbow, and a creative ambidextrous design makes it suitable for either hand.

The palm piece allows you to adjust the bands’ placement to increase or decrease the tension. The inner padding ensures the exerciser remains comfortable, even after extended use.

Garland Avery Area Rug


An area rug is a simple, affordable way to add a splash of color and comfort to a room either at home or in a college dorm.

This simple striped design comes in five colors and six sizes, so with 30 options to choose from, you’re likely to find something suitable for the 17-year-old boy in your life.

Brute Force Sandbags

Builder of Strength

For the teen who wants to build their strength, endurance, and agility, these sandbags from Brute Force are a made-in-the-U.S. option that’s good enough for the country’s military, law enforcement, firefighters, and elite athletes.

The bags come in three sizes, each of which has multiple fillable inserts so you can train with a variety of weights.

Toaster Bags

Less Mess

We can buy the teenagers in our lives cookbooks, but we can’t make them cook. So for those who are culinarily challenged, there’s this pack of ten toaster bags, in three sizes, each of which can be used up to 100 times.

In addition to the toaster, you can use these non-stick bags in a toaster oven, regular oven, grill, microwave or almost anywhere as long as it’s under 500 degrees.

Goodthreads Slim-Fit Cargo Pant

Modern Vintage

These vintage-inspired cargo pants get a modern-day twist with slim through the thigh legs, a 15-inch leg opening, and distressed pocket edges for that yesterday meets today vibe.

Made from a 97 percent cotton and 3 percent elastane mix fabric, these cargo pants are hard-wearing but have enough give to make them comfortable all day long.

Bose SoundLink Micro

Big Sound, Tiny Package

The passive radiators and transducer produce crisp, clean sound and an amount of bass far above this speaker’s small proportions.

Meanwhile, with a built-in microphone, you can take calls without having to grab your phone, and the Bluetooth pairing enables hands-free voice prompt use with your phone’s personal assistant.

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

Timeless Footwear

These sneakers have the traditional look and feel of Converse with the one-inch rubber sole, canvas upper, and metal eyelets for the laces.

A padded collar, ortholite insole, and inner elastic tongue combine to create an incredibly comfortable new incarnation of the classic Converse, Chuck Taylor All-Star.

Amazon Gift Card

The Gift Of (Almost) Anything

When you’ve tried your best to covertly extract a gift idea from your teen, but nothing has been forthcoming, an Amazon gift card may be your best option.

Choose from a physical gift card with a range of holders — the tiny Amazon box is our favorite — or a virtual gift card that will hit their inbox almost the instant you hit checkout.

Fregenbo Bluetooth Eye Mask

Musical ZZZ’s

Bluetooth connectivity lets you hook up this eye mask and listen to music, white noise, or other sounds as you relax or drift off to sleep. A two-hour charge gives 10 hours of playing time, and the electronics are removable so the mask can be machine washed.

Padding around the nose and the eyes make this eye mask comfortable, and a soft, adjustable, elasticated headband ensures this mask will be a comfortable fit for almost any size head.

Stack 52 Quick Sweat Fitness Dice

Decisions, Decisions

For beginner, intermediate, and advanced exercise guidance, this box of dice will allow the fickle finger of fate to dictate your exercise regime.

Each level of difficulty has five dice. With a different exercise on each of the six sides, there are 30 potential exercises. Three other dice dictate your number of reps, ranging from 4 to 16.

Finally, there’s an instruction booklet and a QR code to access videos so you can see how to do each exercise correctly.

Screen Printing Starter kit

Personal Style

Creative gifts for 17-year-old boys can be tricky to find, which is why we are excited about this beginner’s screen printing starter kit. The set has the basics you need to get started, including a variety of frame sizes, mixing sticks, and transparency film.

You do have to buy the ink separately, but this allows your gift recipient to choose the colors they would like.

Ultimo Strategy Game

Pocket Fun

The two-player game consists of 15 pentagonal face dice, one of which is gold. The pieces are poured onto the playing surface, and players take turns to remove either one, two, or three pieces on each turn.

The aim of the game is to pick up the gold piece, but you can only do that on the last play, so a great deal of planning and strategy is involved, especially when you don’t know how many pieces your opponent will take each turn.

Flippy Multi-Angle Pillow

Multi-Angle Stand

While we’re not fans of the name, we do adore the Flippy pillow in practice. Use the Flippy to hold your book, magazine, or tablet while you cook, snack, or kick back and relax.

Designed by an optical engineer, it’s eleven inches wide by eight inches tall and nine inches deep, with a different viewing angle on each side. You can choose the pitch that’s most comfortable whether you’re standing, lying, or somewhere in between.

Hercules DJ DJControl Compact

Portable Tracks

The DJControl Compact weighs less than 1.3 pounds and measures 13.4 inches x 3.9 inches.

The twin deck DJ Controller has four pads and four modes per deck, one volume potentiometer, and two equalization potentiometers per deck. Two 2.95-inch jog wheels allow natural scratching and control the navigation and pitch within the tracks.

Compatible with most major DJ software and all MIDI-compatible software, we have no idea what most of these specs mean, but our teens assure us that this is a cost-effective, wantable option for beginners.

ASUS ZenScreen

Portable Multi-tasking

Reading from or viewing video on a tablet or phone while typing on your computer or laptop can be difficult, tiring, and can result in mistakes. That means a second monitor screen can be invaluable for today’s teens.

Low blue light and flicker-free technology minimize eye strain and physical effects of late-night use while power and signal are carried to the screen via a single cable.

Meanwhile, the auto rotation display allows you to use the monitor in either vertical or horizontal mode, and the lite, foldable storage case converts into a stand for either orientation.

Corsair Smart Lighting Tower


The smart lighting tower starter kit from Corsair extends your PC’s RGB lighting to create an immersive ambient lighting experience. Sync the lighting with your PC or gaming system to enhance your experience or connect it to your stereo for musical visualization.

Each tower has 46 LEDs and is 16.6 inches tall. Set the towers facing forward for a bright, intense experience or turn them to face away for more diffuse lighting.

How Not to Be a Dick

Much-Needed Guidance

How Not To Be A Dick is a book that offers practical, no-nonsense advice interspersed with hilarious, early-reader style Dick and Jane illustrations.

From the seemingly obvious “Don’t stare at someone’s boobs while you’re talking to them” to the less evident “Try to smell of nothing in particular,” this book will provide a road-map through the unexplored lands of adulthood.

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Have Fun Keychain

Gift Simplicity

Gifts don’t have to be big or expensive to be meaningful. This U.S.-based company makes a diverse range of stainless steel keyrings with cute, amusing, and occasionally sweary slogans.

This particular example is engraved with a message reminding your teen to have fun, be safe, make good choices, and call their mom.

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System

A Gift In 2,646 Pieces

If your teen is an AFOL, Adult Fan Of LEGO for the uninitiated, they may appreciate this 1980’s Nintendo entertainment system and TV build.

The old-school-style TV has a handle-operated scrolling screen. Crank the handle, and a brick-built screen scrolls Mario as he leaps, jumps, slides, and bounces through the game. If you have the new Super Mario set, place the electronic interactive Mario on the set’s top, and he’ll respond to the “on-screen” action.

Murder Most Puzzling

Mystery Gift

Would-be detectives and fans of old-fashioned literary sleuths will enjoy this book, which contains 20 fictional, darkly humorous murder mysteries to solve.

The illustrations are a modern-day re-styling of 19th-century gothic, within which there are hidden obvious and not-so-obvious clues. You’ll have to call on your observation skills, interpret some subtle word trickery, and mine the depths of your trivia stores, but it’s worth it.

Signal-Boosting HDMI Cable

Practical Power

This signal boosting, directional, HDMI cable is available in nine lengths ranging from 15 to 165 feet.

The built-in signal booster supports 4K, 3D, 1080P, increasing your transfer speed to 18 Gbps, while the 24K gold-plated connectors with 99.99 percent oxygen-free copper conductor ensure superior sound and audio transmission.

Haundry Mesh Shower Caddy

Hefty Hauler

This polyester mesh shower caddy has one large central compartment and seven additional pockets around the outside. The top of the caddy is trimmed with Oxford cloth, with handles of the same material.

The caddy’s bottom is mesh, which allows water to drain, preventing water build-up and mold. Machine washable and quick-drying, these caddies remain usable for years.

Motorcycle Name Art


Suitable art for a 17-year-old boy can be tricky to find, but the Personal Prints Store creates themed name art in a variety of colors and styles.

Choose from interests such as hunting, motorcycles, music, space exploration, adult coloring, and more. There are also options for a small number of professions, such as firefighters. Then you decide on an alternative such as a block mounted, framed canvas, or vintage look.

Personal Print Store will then create a one-of-a-kind art piece with whatever name you request.

Traveler Guitar Solid Body Electric Guitar

Mobile Music

Weighing 3 pounds and measuring 28 inches long, this travel electric guitar has a full scale, yet will still fit in an airplane overhead locker.

With a choice of three fretboard woods, up to six colors, and left or right-handed configuration, there’s a guitar to suit almost everyone. You can also buy the guitar alone or choose a guitar kit with a gig bag.

EBags Laptop Backpack

Secure Transit

This backpack from eBags has a padded, air mesh back panel to keep you cool during extended wear and fleece padded shoulder straps for long-trip comfort. The bag fits into most airplane overhead bins and under airplane seats.

A padded inner sleeve protects laptops up to 17 inches and multiple compartments, mesh pockets, and zippered sections make organization a cinch.

Klask The Party Game of Skill

Hybrid Fun

If air hockey and foosball had a baby, that child would be Klask.

Each player holds their handle under the table and uses it to direct the ball into their opponent’s goal while avoiding the in-table magnets. Shipped fully assembled, this tabletop game can be played straight out of the box, and each game lasts roughly 10 minutes.

BookLover Socks

Read My Feet

Out Of Print produces a range of socks, each of which has a literary theme. Options range from cartoon-style animals with books such as “book sloth” and “cats and stacks” to pairs with slogans like “book nerd” and “fight evil read books.”

There’s also a variety of title or author-specific pairs. So, if your teen’s a fan of Fahrenheit 451, The Shining, or Edgar Allen Poe, there’s a gift here for them.

No Screw Pull Up Bar

Fixings Free

This simple-to-install, expandable pull-up bar can be mounted within any door frame between 28.35 inches and 35.43 inches. The bar’s weight limit is 440 pounds.

Designed with cushioned, non-slip grip pads, using the bar is gentle on the hands without the risk of blisters, even after extended use. However, the pads are already fixed on the bar which is something you have to note.

Home Linens Essentials Bundle

Practical Gift

For teens who are off to college or a home of their own, this 20-piece bundle includes a mattress topper, bedding, towels of various sizes, and a laundry bag. The bedding fits XL twin beds, and the fitted sheets are deep enough to accommodate the mattress topper.

You can choose between 33 bundles, each of which has a different design and color scheme.

What Gifts Do Teenage Boys Like?

As we grow older, it becomes less appropriate to generalize what gifts someone would like according to their age and gender. People have a wide range of interests.

If you have no idea what to give, gift cards or cash may be your best bet. At least that way, you won’t be wasting your money, and your teen will get something they want.

However, if you’d rather get a tangible gift, there are ways to narrow down the possibilities. You can:

  1. Try to chat casually about what they are planning to do in the near future and try to choose something that links to their plans.
  2. Ask if they’re planning to give a gift to a friend or what their friend wants for their birthday. Then you can sneakily listen to your teen’s opinion on that gift.
  3. Get your teen to maintain an ongoing “Things I would like or would be useful” Google document, an Amazon wishlist, or something similar. Then your teen can share the list with friends and family.
  4. Ask what they would like. Although you might enjoy an element of surprise when it comes to gift-giving, finding an item they want without the surprise is better than an unwanted gift as a surprise.

If you’re thinking of giving an accessory for a phone, computer, gaming system, or another electronic item, be sure the gift you are considering is compatible with your teen’s hardware or existing accessories.

When you choose gifts to support hobbies, ensure you know exactly what your teen likes to use. If they enjoy painting in acrylics, your teen might have a specific brand of paint or palette of colors they prefer.

The same goes for music, books, and other media. Just because someone enjoyed a particular book or album doesn’t mean they will automatically want other books or albums by the same artist or on the same theme.

Choose Wisely

It might sound like a cop-out, but the best gifts for 17-year-old boys are the ones they want. The trick is finding out what they would like as a gift and then finding a gift in your budget.

For those cases where you can’t find out, or your teen doesn’t know what they want, we hope this gift guide helps you find something they’ll be happy to receive.

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