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186 Magical Elf Last Names: From Fantasy and Fiction

Each of these elf last names carry a tale of magic and wonder!

Step into the enchanting world of elf last names! In this article, we’ll explore their origins, meanings, and significance.

From fictional languages like Sindarin to famous names from beloved fantasy tales and games, join us on a journey to discover the fascinating lore behind these magical monikers.

Whether you’re a fan of Tolkien’s Middle-earth or an avid Dungeons & Dragons player, these elven surnames are sure to captivate your imagination!

59 Awesome Elf Last Names from Movies, Books, and Games

Check out these 59 badass elf surnames from your favorite fantasy games and stories!

  1. Aegnor – in LOTR, this is a powerful elven warrior whose name means “fell fire” in Sindarin.
  2. Aelorothi – one of the prominent sun elf families in Forgotten Realms.
  3. Aenarion – an influential high elf character from Warhammer.
  4. Ahmaquissar – in DnD Forgotten Realms, these elves are thieves and con artists.
  5. Aicantar – is a high elf conjurer in The Elder Scrolls.
  6. Alastrarra – an elven family symbolized by the falcon in DnD.
  7. Aldmeri – the surname of an elven warrior princess in The Elder Scrolls.
  8. Altmer – another name for the high elves in The Elder Scrolls.
  9. Amarillis – one of the powerful moon elf families in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  10. Amarthen – is a little-known elven house mentioned in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  11. Ancano – a formidable elven sorcerer and antagonist in The Elder Scrolls.
  12. Arwen – a half-elf character beloved for her grace in The Lord of the Rings (LOTR).
  13. Avallac’h – an elf who could travel between worlds in The Witcher.
  14. Celeborn – in LOTR, this is Galadriel’s husband and co-ruler of Lothlórien.
  15. Celebrían – the elven Lady of Rivendell in LOTR whose name translates to “silver queen.”
  16. Dabairr – borne by an Aen Saevherne elf in The Witcher.
  17. Dlardrageth – a family of sun elves who consorted with demons in Forgotten Realms.
  18. Doomstar – the surname of Thalandor, the elven lord of Argwylon in Warhammer.
  19. Dunmer – the race of dark elves in The Elder Scrolls.
  20. Elrond – the wise Elven lord and keeper of Rivendell in LOTR.
  21. Eplear – the ancient elven king who united the wood elves in The Elder Scrolls.
  22. Eroth – in DnD Forgotten Realms, this is a moon elf house.
  23. Faendal – the loyal wood elf archer and follower in The Elder Scrolls.
  24. Figwit – a fan-created name for an unnamed elf in The Lord of the Rings.
  25. Findabair – in The Witcher, this was the surname of the elven sorceress ​​Francesca.
  26. Galadriel – an ancient and powerful elf, the Lady of Lothlórien, in LOTR.
  27. Gil-galad – associated with an ancient elven high king in LOTR.
  28. Glorfindel – a wise high elf in LOTR whose name means “light-haired.”
  29. Gwindor – born by an elven prince of Nargothrond in The Silmarillion.
  30. Haldir – belonging to the guardian of the elven land of Lothlórien in LOTR.
  31. Hawksong – a badass moon elf family that can ride eagles in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  32. Helas – is associated with a hostile elven sorcerer in The Elder Scrolls.
  33. Idril – an elf who marries a human in Tolkein’s Middle-earth legendarium.
  34. Irithyl – one of the powerful sun elf families in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  35. Korianthil – in DnD Forgotten Realms, the Korianthil elves train ​​dogs, hawks, and horses.
  36. Legolas – the renowned elven archer from The Lord of the Rings.
  37. Le’Quella – belongs to the unconventional moon elf family in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  38. Lharithlyn – an elf family specializing in musical instruments in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  39. Lindir – a minstrel elf from LOTR whose name has two translations: “chant” or “sing.”
  40. Lúthien – an elf maiden known for her beauty in The Silmarillion.
  41. Malgath – a malicious-sounding elf name from the fantasy game DnD.
  42. Meir – a dark elf who feeds on pain in The Witcher.
  43. Miritar – an elven family from the island of Evermeet in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  44. Morganna – a moon elf from the Candlekeep Mysteries in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  45. Muircetach – the king of the Aen Elle elves in The Witcher.
  46. Nierdre – a sun elf house with a black dragon sigil in DnD Forgotten Realms.
  47. Nightstar – in Forgotten Realms, this is a moon elf house led by twins Halaema and Saelihn.
  48. Nimrodel – a Tolkein elf-maid whose name means “lady of the white grotto.”
  49. Olyrnn – one of the most elegant elf surnames, borne by a noble family in DnD.
  50. Orion – a common elf name associated with an immortal elven god in Warhammer.
  51. Shaelara – one of the most whimsical elf surnames from DnD Forgotten Realms.
  52. Shiadhal – the surname of Lara, the elven sorceress in The Witcher.
  53. Silverspear – in DnD Forgotten Realms, this was a small moon elf house.
  54. Tauriel – belonging to the elven love interest of Kíli in The Hobbit.
  55. Thranduil – the regal elven king of Mirkwood in The Lord of the Rings.
  56. Tinúviel – a name from literature, meaning “daughter of twilight” in Sindarin.
  57. Undómiel – means “evening star” or “evenstar,” belonging to Arwen, an elven princess in LOTR.
  58. Valenwood – the home of the wood elves in The Elder Scrolls.
  59. Vyshaan – the clan of power-hungry sun elves in Forgotten Realms.

65 Cool Elven Surnames that Mean “Elf”

Check out these 65 awesome elf family names, all with elf-related meanings!

  1. Aafje – a cute Dutch nickname for names beginning with “alb” (elf).
  2. Aelfgar – a badass Anglo-Saxon name meaning “elf spear.”
  3. Aelfgifu – one of the stranger elven surnames on our list, meaning “elf gift.”
  4. Aelfheah – derived from the Old English “ælf” (elf) and “heah” (high).
  5. Aelflaed – means “elf beauty,” a perfect choice for a beautiful elven queen.
  6. Aelfnoð – among the bravest elven last names, meaning “bold elf” or “daring elf.”
  7. Aelfric – a regal Anglo-Saxon name meaning “elf king.”
  8. Aelfsige – this medieval elf name signifies victory in battle, meaning “elf victory.”
  9. Aelfstan – this Anglo-Saxon name is perfect for a grounded elf, meaning “elf stone.”
  10. Aelfswiþ – is an Old English name meaning “strong elf,” reflecting inner strength.
  11. Aelfthryth – an Anglo-Saxon name signifying the might of elves.
  12. Aelfweard – this Old English combines “ælf” (elf) and “weard” (guardian).
  13. Aelfwig – a strong choice for a warrior elf, meaning “elf war” or “elf battle.”
  14. Aelfwine – symbolizes the strong kinship between elves, meaning “elf friend.”
  15. Aelfwynn – a happy name for a sun elf, meaning “elf joy.”
  16. Ailill – an Old Irish name meaning “elf,” carried by several early Irish kings.
  17. Alba – a beautiful name with multiple translations, including “elf” and “dawn.”
  18. Alberic – one of the best elf surnames for a leader, meaning “elf ruler” in Germanic.
  19. Alberich – the name of a mythical sorcerer in German myths.
  20. Alberico – an elegant Italian name meaning “elf ruler.”
  21. Alboin – the name of an ancient king of the Lombards, meaning “elf friend.”
  22. Alf – a mythical name from Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Norse mythology, meaning “elf.”
  23. Alfarr – means “elf warrior” in Old Norse, well-suited for a strong Norse elf.
  24. Alfbern – means “elf bear” in Germanic, ideal for a protector.
  25. Alfhard – a resilient Germanic name meaning “hard elf” or “brave elf.”
  26. Alfher – the Old German form of Alvar, meaning “elf army.”
  27. Alfhild – a mythical name from Norwegian and Swedish, meaning “elf battle.”
  28. Alfie – this name carries youthful elvin charm, as a cute diminutive of Alfred.
  29. Alfr – a mystical name from Norse mythology, meaning “elfin beings.”
  30. Alfred – means “elf counsel,” befitting a wise, ancient elf.
  31. Alfreda – a dignified female elf name, meaning “elf counsel.”
  32. Alfredo – the refined Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese form of Alfred.
  33. Alfvin – from Old Norse, meaning “elf friend.”
  34. Algar – an English name meaning “elf spear,” invoking a fierce and skilled warrior.
  35. Algautr – means “elf Geat,” after a tribe in Old Norse, befitting an elf with warrior blood.
  36. Alger – a strong English name representing a noble elf.
  37. Algot – the Swedish form of Algautr, conveying inner strength.
  38. Alphege – an illustrious Middle English name meaning “high elf.”
  39. Alv – the Norwegian form of Alf, conveying magic and mystery.
  40. Alva – the feminine form of Alf, signifying grace and beauty.
  41. Alvar – meaning “elf warrior,” Alvar is ideal for a courageous hero.
  42. Alvena – a graceful English name epitomizing elven beauty and elegance.
  43. Alvilda – a rare Danish variation of Alfhild, meaning “elf battle.”
  44. Alvilde – in Norway, this is a rare variant of Alfhild, symbolizing courage and strength.
  45. Alvin – one of the happiest elf surnames, meaning “elf friend.”
  46. Alvina – the feminine form of Alvin, befitting a gentle moon elf.
  47. Elba – a melodious name meaning “elf” or “dawn,” symbolizing new beginnings.
  48. Elfa – a mystical Icelandic name encompassing enchantment and wonder.
  49. Elfleda – this vintage English name means “beautiful elf.”
  50. Elfreda – a timeless English name meaning “elf strength.”
  51. Elfrida – a pretty variation of Elfreda, perfect for elven nobility.
  52. Elfriede – the refined German form of Elfreda, exuding mystery and beauty.
  53. Ellfþryð – the Old English form of Elfreda, meaning “elf strength.”
  54. Ellington – meaning “elf town,” Ellington works as a surname and a place name.
  55. Elric – a medieval English name meaning “elf ruler.”
  56. Elva – a timeless feminine form of Alf in Denmark and Iceland.
  57. Elvar – means “elf army,” an ideal name for a valiant leader.
  58. Elvin – as a variant of Alvin (“elf friend”), Elvin signifies a charming and friendly nature.
  59. Elvina – an enchanting English variant of Alvina.
  60. Elwen – a poetic Welsh name for a “blessed elf.”
  61. Elwin – another variation of Alwin, signifying a friend of elves.
  62. Gandalf – means “elf wand,” associated with the legendary wizard from LOTR.
  63. Keijo – means “elf” or “fairy” in Finnish; Keijo is one of the rarest elf surnames on our list.
  64. Olwen – an elegant Welsh surname meaning “white tracks,” perfect for a moon elf.
  65. Vilde – a short form of Alvilde (“elf battle”), among the best elven surnames for a warrior.

62 Whimsical Elf Surnames for Fantasy Characters

These 62 lovely elf last names are beautiful enough for a mystical elven prince or princess.

  1. Aeglin – inspired by the ethereal beauty of woodland elves, meaning “graceful light.”
  2. Aetherwind – from “aether” (ether) and “wind,” symbolizing ethereal elven magic.
  3. Arthedain – from the fictional elven language, Sindarin, meaning “noblemen.”
  4. Aurorasong – a mystical elven surname reminiscent of the northern lights.
  5. Baragund – a regal name for a high elf, meaning “elf prince” in Sindarin.
  6. Bedevere – an elven warrior name inspired by the Arthurian knight Sir Bedivere.
  7. Castleroy – of French roots, evoking a lordly presence and a connection to castles.
  8. Celebrien – inspired by elven nobility, meaning “noble star” in the elvish tongue.
  9. Celestria – inspired by “celestis,” which is Latin for “heavenly,” evoking celestial beauty and grace.
  10. Cyprus – an alluring elven name associated with the Mediterranean island.
  11. Dagon – a mighty elven name associated with the Semitic god of agriculture.
  12. Damaris – is of Greek origin meaning “gentle,” befitting a beautiful elven queen.
  13. Dökkálfar – in Norse mythology, these “dark elves” dwelled underground.
  14. Dreamwander – an alluring name for elves who travel in the dream realm.
  15. Dreamweaver – a unique choice for an elven mage who shapes dreams and reality.
  16. Eledhwen – from Sindarin, meaning “elf maid,” perfect for a beautiful female elf.
  17. Ellon – means “elf man” in Sindarin, well-suited for a strong male elf.
  18. Elros – is among the most beautiful elf surnames, meaning “star foam” in Sindarin.
  19. Elwood – means “elder tree forest” in English, ideal for a wood elf.
  20. Emberheart – well-suited for a sun elf who forges their own destiny.
  21. Evermoon – an elven name embracing the beauty of the moon and its cycles.
  22. Evershade – one of the best elven last names for a stealthy and mysterious elf.
  23. Frithswith – from the Anglo-Saxon “frith” (peace) and “swith” (strong), signifying a peacemaker.
  24. Frostgale – a whimsical name befitting an elven ice queen.
  25. Frostglow – a name for ice elves living in a white, glowing landscape.
  26. Frostwillow – suited for ice elves, representing their resilience and adaptability.
  27. Gwydion – means “born of trees” in Welsh, well-suited for a wood elf.
  28. Hilith – derived from Old Norse “hildr” (battle) or “hilmir” (helmeted).
  29. Lightfoot – perfect for a swift elven hunter or scout.
  30. Loresong – evoking the wisdom and knowledge of ancient elven bards and historians.
  31. Luna – is from Latin meaning “moon,” symbolizing the moon’s enchantment.
  32. Merlin – a famous sage rooted in Arthurian legend.
  33. Moonsea – a tranquil and mystical elven surname for a female moon elf.
  34. Moonshade – inspired by moon elves, symbolizing their love for moonlit forests.
  35. Moonshadow – an enchanting surname for moon elves.
  36. Moonstone – a gender-neutral surname for an elf specializing in moon magic.
  37. Morwen – in Sindarin, this mysterious female surname means “dark lady.”
  38. Mowbray – an ancient English elf name meaning “muddy fort.”
  39. Nardol – this cool sun elf name means “fiery head” in Sindarin.
  40. Nenuial – a poetic choice among elf last names, meaning “lake of twilight” in Sindarin.
  41. Nightshade – this mysterious name is well-suited for dark elves living in shadowy realms.
  42. Orodruin – in Sindarin, this cool surname means “mountain of blazing fire.”
  43. Osgiliath – a whimsical option among elf last names, meaning “fortress of stars” in Sindarin.
  44. Peredhel – well-suited for a character with elven blood, meaning “half-elf” in Sindarin.
  45. Rainilda – a Germanic surname combining “ragin” (advice) and “hild” (battle).
  46. Rauros – this powerful elven surname is perfect for nature lovers, meaning “roaring foam” in Sindarin.
  47. Shadowblade – a fierce surname for male elven warriors.
  48. Shadowthorn – this surname is perfect for a night elf with a fierce nature.
  49. Shadowveil – a mysterious name for secretive night elves.
  50. Silverleaf – evoking the elegance of silver-haired elves, symbolizing wisdom and longevity.
  51. Sirannon – means “gate river” in the fictional elven language of Sindarin.
  52. Starbloom – a beautiful surname signifying elves’ connection to cosmic energy and growth.
  53. Starcrest – a majestic surname for sun elves, symbolizing their high status and radiant presence.
  54. Starleaf – an ideal elven surname for a wood elf.
  55. Starshadow – one of the best elven surnames for night elves.
  56. Stormdancer – a badass elf last name for a character who doesn’t play by the rules.
  57. Sundance – a joyful option among our elven last names, reflecting a joyful and lively nature.
  58. Sunfire – reflecting the radiant energy of sun elves, symbolizing their passion and warmth.
  59. Sunflare – a majestic elven surname for sun elves.
  60. Sylvanwood – a name evoking a deep connection to wood elves and their forest homes.
  61. Tinnúviel – this beautiful title means “daughter of twilight” in Sindarin.
  62. Túramarth – a powerful elf surname for Tolkien fans, meaning “master of doom” in Sindarin.

Elf Family Names FAQs

How Do Elven Last Names Work?

Elven last names are like magical badges of honor! Rooted in family, achievements, and nature, some elves earn cool titles for extraordinary deeds, while others inherit ancestral names. Many elf surnames come from fictional languages like Sindarin and Quenya, imbued with powerful meanings. All elf last names weave a tale of each elf’s history and distinctive traits, offering a glimpse into their unique stories.

What Are Famous Elf Last Names?

The most famous elf surnames originate from fantasy stories and games. In Middle-earth, names like Thranduil, Galadriel, and Legolas are widely recognized among fans of J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic tales. In Dungeons & Dragons, names like Evergreen, Moonshadow, and Silverleaf are popular picks for elven characters in the game. Each of these elf last names carries a magical charm that captivates those who adore the enchanting world of elves.

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