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200+ Dark Last Names: With Mysterious Meanings

These dark last names are truly to “die” for!

Do you need dark last names for your characters, or are you curious about the history of a specific dark surname? Well, you’re in the right spot!

Whether from real life or fantasy, the dark family names we explore add a bit of mystery and fun to the stories they tell. Join us as we uncover the secrets behind these marvelous and mysterious dark surnames together.

70 Traditional Dark Surnames

Let’s explore the timeless charm of traditional dark surnames, rich in history and brimming with mystery!

  1. Alaister – meaning “the one who repels” in Greek, is also associated with a cruel demon of Hell.
  2. Ashcroft – of English origin, combining “ash” and “croft” (enclosure), evoking a serene yet shadowy landscape.
  3. Aragon – from the name of a Spanish community, Aragon has a dark and regal quality.
  4. Balcom – in Old English, Balcom means “evil” or “calamity,” suggesting a family associated with dark circumstances.
  5. Bates – an Old English occupational surname for a boatman, associated with the Psycho character Norman Bates.
  6. Baudelaire – a French surname derived from a term for a short, broad, and curved sword.
  7. Belial – means “worthless” in Hebrew, used as another name for Satan.
  8. Belladonna – an Italian surname meaning “beautiful lady,” associated with the toxic plant, adding a dark allure.
  9. Blackburn – this Old English surname meaning “black stream” is elegant and sinister.
  10. ​​Blackwell – denotes a dark, deep well, giving it a mysterious quality.
  11. Blair – in Scottish, Blair means “plain” or “field,” associated with The Blair Witch Project.
  12. Bundy – derived from Old English “bunda” (bound), associated with serial killer Ted Bundy.
  13. Burton – means “fortified town” in Old English, borne by the dark and whimsical director Tim Burton.
  14. Cairns – a Gaelic surname for those living by stone monuments, adding an air of ancient mystery.
  15. Crane – an English surname associated with birds, often used in dark tales.
  16. Craven – this Irish surname, rooted in Ó Crabháin or Mac Crabháin, adds a touch of mystery.
  17. Creed – an English surname, hinting at possibly dark or unconventional beliefs.
  18. Crook – this Old English surname was initially given to staff makers or hunchbacks.
  19. Cross – this English surname meaning “cross” may reference the religious symbol or crossroads.
  20. Crowe – means “crow” in English, linked to intelligence and mystery.
  21. Crowley – of Irish origin, meaning “fierce hero,” associated with the occultist Aleister Crowley.
  22. Damon – one of the spookiest dark last names on our list, from the Greek “damān” (to kill).
  23. Dark – originally an Old English surname for someone with dark hair or complexion.
  24. Devlin – the Anglicized form of the Irish Ó Doibhilin, derived from the Gaelic “dobhail,” meaning “unlucky.”
  25. Douglas – a common choice among dark family names, from the Scottish Gaelic “dubh glas” (dark stream).
  26. Drakon – which means “dragon” in Greek, symbolizes power and a connection to mythical creatures.
  27. Draven – likely from the Old English “drǽfend” (hunter), gained popularity from The Crow movie.
  28. ​​Drury – this English surname, reminiscent of “dreary,” has a dark and mysterious undertone.
  29. Dunkel – derived from the Germanic word “dunck” (conceited, dark).
  30. Edge – a dark surname of Old English origin, originally for someone living on a ridge.
  31. Fravel – from the German Frevel, a nickname for an evildoer.
  32. Gacy – means “vigilant” or “watchful” in Irish, associated with the infamous serial killer.
  33. Galloway – meaning “place of foreign Gaels,” Galloway is rooted in Gaelic-Norse history.
  34. Graves – a common choice among dark family names meaning “steward,” also linked to burial grounds.
  35. Grimes – from the Old Norse “grim” (masked person, shapeshifter), perfect for wizards or other fantasy characters.
  36. Grimm – originally a nickname for a fierce person, associated with the folklorists the Brothers Grimm.
  37. Griswold – a Gothic surname with Old English roots, meaning “from the gray forest.”
  38. Harding – an English surname, meaning “son of Hard” or “strong and resilient,” signifying toughness or endurance.
  39. Harrow – this English surname, meaning “heathen shrine,” has a dark allure.
  40. Hatchett – an English surname, possibly derived from the Middle English word “hachet,” meaning “small axe.”
  41. Heller – a German name for a small medieval coin, but it sounds demonic due to its “hell” association.
  42. Hitchcock – means “son of Richard” in English, associated with filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.
  43. Igor – a Slavic-origin surname, often associated with evil assistant characters in Gothic literature.
  44. Kane – derived from the Old Irish “cath” (battle), suggesting a violent past.
  45. Locke – an Old English surname meaning “enclosure,” also related to locks.
  46. Loveless – originating from the Old English “lufulēas,” meaning “without love,” historically linked to a woman-chaser.
  47. Lurch – suggests a slow, awkward movement in English, giving this surname an eerie undertone.
  48. Manson – means “son of Magnus” in Scottish, associated with the infamous Charles Manson.
  49. Marwood – from the French “malreward,” indicating someone associated with an “evil eye” or an ominous gaze.
  50. Mort – derived from the Old French “mort” (dead), hinting at families interested in the macabre.
  51. Poe – an English surname meaning “peacock,” linked to dark poet Edgar Allan Poe.
  52. Prescott – means “priest’s cottage” in English, borne by protagonist Sidney Prescott of the Scream franchise.
  53. Quade – possibly a nickname for an evil person from the Middle Low German “quat” (evil, malicious).
  54. Ransom – an English surname, suggesting a connection to redemption or payment for freedom.
  55. Raven – associated with the black bird, symbolizing mystery and intelligence.
  56. Ripley – means “grove clearing” in Old English, borne by the character Ellen Ripley in Alien.
  57. Roth – of German origin, meaning “red,” suitable for characters with fiery tempers.
  58. Sable – possibly a medieval nickname for some with black features.
  59. Salem – means “peace” in Hebrew, ironically associated with the infamous Salem Witch Trials.
  60. Savage – an interesting choice among dark surnames, suggesting fierceness or an untamed nature.
  61. Severin – derived from the Latin name Severinus, meaning “stern” or “serious.”
  62. Sinclaire – from the French town of Saint Clair, perfect for a rich character with hidden darkness.
  63. Slaughter – derived from the Old English word “slohtre,” meaning “butcher or slaughterer.”
  64. Strode – in German, Strode means “thicket,” borne by Laurie Strode from the Halloween franchise.
  65. Thatcher – an English occupational surname for roofers, suitable for resourceful characters with a dark, cunning edge.
  66. Toth – potentially Anglicized from the Hungarian Tóth or linked to German words for “dead” or “godfather.”
  67. Vesper – in Latin, Vesper means “evening,” which is associated with the Greek personification of the Evening Star.
  68. Winter – a chilling and mysterious family name, linked to the cold darkness of winter nights.
  69. Wolf – from the German or English word for the animal, embodying strength and mystery.
  70. Wriedt – derived from the German “wrēt” or “wrede,” meaning “fierce,” “evil,” or “angry.”

67 Fantasy Dark Last Names

Check out these dark last names from movies, novels, and games — where magic and mystery collide!

  1. Aizen – in the anime series Bleach, Sosuke Aizen is a manipulative character with dark intentions.
  2. Ashenwood – this fictional surname is perfect for elf characters tied to wooded realms.
  3. Bane – an English surname adopted by DC Comics for the iconic nemesis of Batman.
  4. Baratheon – from Game of Thrones, is linked to a house entwined in dark politics and power struggles.
  5. Baudelaire – featured in A Series of Unfortunate Events, associated with a gloomy and unfortunate family.
  6. Bauglir – a dark and powerful figure featured in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Silmarillion.
  7. Blackthorn – this English surname, referencing a thorny shrub, featured in the supernatural TV show Shadowhunters.
  8. Cimmerian – from Greek myths, describes people living in perpetual mist and darkness.
  9. Crouch – associated with Bartemius Crouch, a wizard with a dark past in the Harry Potter series.
  10. Cullen – means “colony” in English, associated with the vampire family from Twilight.
  11. Darkholme – meaning “dark valley” in Old English, Darkholme was Mystique’s alias in X-Men.
  12. De Vil – linked to the villainous Cruella de Vil, inspired by the English word “devil.”
  13. Dolohov – from the Harry Potter series, associated with the dark wizard Antonin Dolohov.
  14. Dracula – the iconic vampire and symbol of gothic horror.
  15. Drogo – in Game of Thrones, Khal Drogo was a fierce and formidable warlord.
  16. Ebonhart – a fictional surname and the name of “The Black City” in the Elder Scrolls.
  17. Eclipsarum – an embellishment of the Latin “eclipsa” (eclipse), referencing the celestial event.
  18. Frostbourne – suggests a connection to icy and mysterious places in the Elder Scrolls universe.
  19. Gauntfrom Harry Potter, associated with the pure-blooded and dark wizarding family.
  20. Grindelwald – the surname of a dark wizard and antagonist in the Fantastic Beasts series.
  21. Hades – named after the underworld in Greek mythology, denoting a realm of darkness.
  22. Harkonnen – inspired by House Harkonnen in Frank Herbert’s Dune, known for its dark and ruthless nature.
  23. Ishida – associated with Uryu Ishida, a Quincy with dark powers from the anime Bleach.
  24. Kaneki – borne by the half-ghoul protagonist Ken Kaneki in the Tokyo Ghoul anime series.
  25. Krueger – a German surname notably associated with horror icon Freddy Krueger.
  26. Kuran – from the pure-blooded vampire Kaname Kuran in the anime series Vampire Knight.
  27. Kuroyukihime – means “black snow princess,” associated with a mysterious character in the anime Accel World.
  28. Lachance – the surname of a Dark Brotherhood assassin in the Elder Scrolls.
  29. Lannister – associated with the powerful and often morally ambiguous Lannister family in Game of Thrones.
  30. Lecter – borne by the chilling and brilliant cannibalistic character from The Silence of the Lambs.
  31. Leonhart – means “lion heart” in German, inspired by Annie Leonhart, an antagonist in Attack on Titan.
  32. Lestrange – means “foreign” in French, associated with an evil follower of Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter.
  33. Lioncourt – inspired by the vampire Lestat de Lioncourt from Anne Rice’s “The Vampire Chronicles.”
  34. Lucifer – often used for dark and malevolent characters, like in the Lucifer TV series.
  35. Macbeth – means “son of life” in Scottish, tied to the Shakespearean character, suggesting a cursed lineage.
  36. Majere – in the Dragonlance fantasy series, Raistlin Majere is a dark and complex wizard.
  37. Malfoy – associated with Lucius Malfoy from Harry Potter, known for his affiliation with dark forces.
  38. Mordred – the treacherous figure often associated with the downfall of King Arthur in Aurthurian legends.
  39. Moriarty – inspired by the arch-nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, known for his criminal mastermind.
  40. Moros – associated with the Greek god of doom, suitable for a character with a foreboding presence.
  41. Morwyn – this Welsh surname meaning “maiden” is well-suited for a mysterious female elf.
  42. Necroshade – merges “necro” (death) and “shade,” ideal for wizard characters with deadly magic.
  43. Nyx – is the goddess of night in Greek mythology.
  44. Nyxaris – a creative surname inspired by Nyx, the Greek goddess of the night.
  45. Okumura – means “ridge village” in Japanese, associated with the devil’s son in the manga series Blue Exorcist.
  46. Palpatine – inspired by Sheev Palpatine, an evil emperor in the Star Wars saga.
  47. Potter – best associated with Harry Potter, a wizard in J.K. Rowling’s famous book series.
  48. Ravenlock – perfect for a fantasy novel, this surname hints at a mysterious, dark location.
  49. Ravenwing – a striking surname for an elf, wizard, or other fantasy character with raven-like qualities.
  50. Riddle – the birth name of Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter, associated with dark magic.
  51. Ryuk – borne by a supernatural creature associated with death in the anime series Death Note.
  52. Saruman – the corrupted wizard and antagonist from Lord of the Rings.
  53. Scar – references a mark left on the skin, often associated with the Lion King villain.
  54. Sephiroth – a fictional name, borne by an iconic villain in Final Fantasy VII.
  55. Shadowcaster – a perfect surname for a wizard specializing in dark magic.
  56. Slynt – from Game of Thrones, associated with House Slynt, is known for its controversial and dark history.
  57. Snape – associated with Severus Snape from Harry Potter, adding mystery and depth.
  58. Sweeney – an Irish surname meaning “joy” or “pleasure,” associated with deadly barber Sweeney Todd.
  59. Umbridge – a character from Harry Potter known for her dark methods and pink outfits.
  60. Vesperal – a perfect surname for a night elf, derived from the Latin “vesper” (evening).
  61. Voidreaper – this creepy surname is perfect for the Elder Scrolls universe.
  62. Vorhees – a scary option among dark surnames, associated with the iconic horror character Jason Voorhees.
  63. Wesker – linked to antagonist Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil video game series.
  64. Wormtongue – is an evil advisor to King Théoden from Lord of the Rings.
  65. Yagami – means “night” in Japanese, inspired by Death Note protagonist Light Yagami.
  66. Yaxley – means “woodland of cuckoos” in English, borne by a Death Eater in Harry Potter.
  67. Zahdros – is one of the best dark surnames for an evil elf.

65 Spooky and Dark Family Names

Get ready for a spooky adventure as we explore these eerie and dark family names!

  1. ​​Abyssborne – a foreboding option among dark last names, suggesting a family with hidden secrets.
  2. Baneblood – implies a family with a bloodline tied to evil forces or curses.
  3. Blackvale – a Gothic-sounding surname suggesting a family with ties to a mysterious valley.
  4. Blight – an English word for a detrimental force, fitting for a character with a destructive presence.
  5. Bloodthorn – a surname that hints at a family with a dark and dangerous history.
  6. Caliginous – this adjective describes something dark or obscure, perfect for a fictional villain.
  7. Crimson – inspired by the deep red color; ideal for a character with a dark, passionate nature.
  8. Cryptshade – associated with crypts, shadows, and secrecy.
  9. Cryptum – resembles the Latin word “crypta,” meaning “a vault” or “underground chamber.”
  10. Darkblade – this surname hints at a character with a powerful weapon, perfect for fantasy stories.
  11. Darkhaven – implies a dwelling or lineage tied to darkness, giving it an eerie quality.
  12. Darkling – a demonic-sounding surname, ideal for characters with dark intentions.
  13. Darkmoore – meaning “dark marsh,” implying a mysterious and foreboding environment.
  14. Darkwater – this mysterious last name is great for a boy or girl character with hidden depths.
  15. Demonspawn – for descendants of demons, suggesting a sinister lineage.
  16. Doom – a Flemish surname meaning “the brother-in-law,” associated with the English word for impending destruction.
  17. Drakonus – a Greek-inspired surname meaning “dragon-like,” symbolizing power and darkness.
  18. Dreadstorm – suggests a family associated with storms and dark magic.
  19. Dreadthorn – this spooky surname is popular in fantasy literature and games.
  20. Duskborne – signifies a family born or associated with the twilight hours, carrying an air of mystery.
  21. Fang – a sharp and impactful surname, typically associated with mythical creatures or fierce characters in fantasy.
  22. Gravesend – ideal for a character connected to the supernatural or the afterlife.
  23. Grimshaw – a cryptic surname for families with a “grim” past or future.
  24. Hallowgrave – suggests a sacred yet ominous resting place.
  25. Hellshade – fitting for characters with demonic associations or ominous traits.
  26. Inferno – a demonic surname evoking images of intense heat and fire.
  27. Lurksorrow – a surname suited for brooding characters with tragic pasts.
  28. Lurkspeare – blends “lurk” with a touch of Shakespearean elegance, perfect for a character with hidden intentions.
  29. Malefic – means “wicked” or “harmful,” suitable for characters with a dark or malevolent nature.
  30. Malificar – blends the Latin “malus” (evil) and “facere” (to do), suggesting a lineage tied to dark deeds.
  31. Morbidus – is derived from the Latin “morbid,” suggesting a family fascinated with the macabre.
  32. Morgrave – a cryptic surname related to graveyards and death.
  33. Morose – meaning “gloomy or sullen,” suitable for individuals with a melancholic disposition.
  34. Mortimer – this spooky Gothic surname means “dead sea” or “dead pond” in Old French.
  35. Mournvale – a dark surname linked to mourning, giving it a melancholy feel.
  36. Netherfield – an otherworldly surname, suitable for characters with a supernatural or mysterious nature.
  37. Nighthollow – a sophisticated choice for shadowy characters, adding an elegant touch to their mysterious persona.
  38. Nightshade – an English surname referring to a dangerous poisonous plant.
  39. Nigrescent – a poetic word for turning dark, perfect for a character who goes from good to evil.
  40. Nocturna – is directly derived from the Latin “nocturnus,” meaning “night” or “of the night.”
  41. Nocturne – an elegant option among dark last names, with beautiful Gothic undertones.
  42. Nyxshade – signifies a family linked to the Greek night goddess Nyx and her mysteries.
  43. Obsidianthorn – a fictional surname for a family with sharp or dark qualities.
  44. Oleander – a poisonous plant-inspired surname, hinting at beauty with a hidden toxic nature.
  45. Phantasmal – derived from the Greek “phantasma,” meaning “apparition” or “phantom.”
  46. Ravenshroud – alluding to a mysterious and cloaked family heritage.
  47. Ravenwood – conjuring an image of shadowy forests, ideal for a character with mystical or mysterious qualities.
  48. Sablecroft – this French-inspired surname merges “sable” (black) with “croft” (enclosed field), suggesting a dark family history.
  49. Sepulchral – connected to burial chambers, ideal for individuals tied to graveyards or ancestral tombs.
  50. Shadowdancer – this mystical surname is ideal for a girl with a graceful yet secretive nature.
  51. Shadowheart – combines “shadow” with “heart,” suggesting a mysterious nature.
  52. Silvershade – this elegant surname is fitting for characters with a graceful, enigmatic presence.
  53. Sombrecorazón – literally translates to “shadow heart” in Spanish, ideal for a mysterious fantasy character.
  54. Strife – an evocative English surname suggesting conflict or hostility.
  55. Talon – a predatory surname evoking the image of sharp claws, suitable for powerful characters.
  56. Tempest – references a violent storm, ideal for a powerful and relentless character.
  57. Tenebrus – a creative variation of the Latin “tenebrae,” with meanings of “dark” or “shadowy.”
  58. Thornfield – this Gothic surname conjures images of a family surrounded by thorns.
  59. Threnody – comes from Greek, referencing a song, hymn, or poem of mourning or lamentation.
  60. Umbrage – meaning “offense” or “annoyance,” ideal for a character with a dark and brooding demeanor.
  61. Venomheart – is well-suited for characters with bad intentions and evil natures.
  62. Venomshade – a creative combination, ideal for an assassin or other deadly characters.
  63. Vorhelm – a surname with an ominous ring, well suited for a medieval fantasy world.
  64. Wraithborne – a spooky pick mong dark surnames, referencing wraiths or vengeful spirits associated with death.
  65. Zorg – means “worry” in Dutch, but it is often used as a fictional and ominous surname.

Dark Last Names FAQs

Can Dark Be a Last Name?

Absolutely! The surname Dark likely originated as a nickname for someone with dark hair or a dull or pale complexion, traced back to Middle English “darke” and Old English “deorc,” both meaning “dark.” This surname is especially prevalent in the West Country of England. While it may not be your everyday last name, it certainly has a mysterious allure that adds to its appeal.

What Are Gothic Last Names?

Gothic typically describes a medieval style known for its dark and intricate designs. Gothic last names draw inspiration from this period, giving them an ancient and sometimes eerie feel. Names like Ravenheart or Shadowborne might make you feel part of an old tale. Options such as Darkthorn, Nightshade, Grimshaw, or Moonshadow can add a sense of mystery. Choosing other Gothic surnames for characters, like Blackraven, Bloodmoon, Ashenbrook, or Silentgrave, could also bring drama to their identity.

What Are Some Edgy Last Names for Fantasy Characters?

To infuse your fantasy characters with a cool, edgy vibe, consider dark family names such as Shadowthorn or Nighthawk. Boys can carry names like Darkblade or Nightshade, while girls might suit picks like Ravenheart or Moonshadow. These edgy last names are perfect for mysterious wizards, dark elves, or other fantasy characters you develop!

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