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110+ Harry Potter Last Names: for Witches and Wizards

These stellar Harry Potter last names will cast a magical spell on you!

Are you looking for a roundup of the best Harry Potter last names? Maybe you want to impress your friends with your character knowledge. Either way, this buffet of surnames will test your skills and help you level up. We’ve included everything from malicious Harry Potter surnames to heroic titles.

One thing is for sure: this list will leave you entranced. Pull up a chair and turn on the fireplace; the most extraordinary Harry Potter last names are just around the corner.

45 Elegant Harry Potter Surnames

These sophisticated Harry Potter surnames are brilliant.

  1. Abbott – means “priest” in Old French, borne by Hannah Abbott, a burgeoning witch.
  2. Alderton – a Muggle-born wizard sent to Azkaban for stealing magic and warping wands.
  3. Bell – of English origin, given to those who rang bells, borne by Katie Bell, a Quidditch player.
  4. Binns – a beloved wizard and member of the Ministry of Magic who taught students until his death.
  5. Brown – hailing from the U.K., describes families with brown skin, borne by Ron Weasley’s girlfriend.
  6. Bryce – of Celtic origin, joins the ranks of characters murdered by Lord Voldemort.
  7. Burbage – among funny-sounding Harry Potter last names, borne by a beloved teacher.
  8. Chang – a Chinese surname meaning “everlasting,” doubles as the surname of Harry Potter’s love.
  9. Clearwater – a cool surname reminding hearers of oceans, borne by Ravenclaw student Hannah Clearwater.
  10. Corner – a half-blood wizard appearing in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.
  11. Dawlish – of Welsh origin, meaning “dark stream,” borne by John Dawlish, a famous Auror.
  12. Delacour – borne by Flor Delacour, a good witch from France who competed in tournaments.
  13. Derwent – a former headmaster of Hogwarts, known for her bravery and fairness.
  14. Dumbledore – among the best Harry Potter-inspired surnames, borne by a magical headmaster.
  15. Edgecombe – an English surname pointing to families dwelling near valleys.
  16. Flamel – borne by the intelligent maker of the Philosophers’ Stone, Nicolas Flamel.
  17. Fletcher – taken from “flechier,” meaning “arrow maker” in English.
  18. Flint – joins the ranks of nature-inspired ideas borne by a Slytherin student.
  19. Goldstein – a Yiddish surname meaning “gold stone,” inspired by a Hogwarts House Prefect.
  20. Granger – of English and French origin, borne by Hermione Granger, known for her style and brains.
  21. Gryffindor – borne by Godric Gryffindor, founder of Hogwarts House.
  22. Hufflepuff – a Hogwarts House known for their loyalty and patience.
  23. Johnson – means “son of John” and is one of the top British and American surnames.
  24. Jorkins – a funny surname borne by Bertha Jorkins, a victim of Voldemort’s.
  25. Krum – of Turkish origin, means “governor,” inspired by the dreamy Viktor Krum.
  26. Lovegood – joins the list of made-up Harry Potter surnames borne by Luna Lovegood.
  27. Lupin – a horror-esque surname borne by werewolf Remus Lupin.
  28. Maxime – borne by a French half-giant, doubling as Hagrid’s love interest.
  29. McGonagall – inspired by Minerva McGonagall, the head of Gryffindor House.
  30. McLaggen – of Scottish origin, borne by a prominent wizarding family.
  31. Myrtle – a tree symbolizing eternal love or a moaning ghost who haunts bathrooms.
  32. Parkinson – an English surname meaning “son of Parkin.”
  33. Patil – the surname of two beautiful twins who excelled at Divination.
  34. Pince – a fictional surname borne by Hogwart’s organized librarian.
  35. Podmore – of English origin, means “toad moor,” inspired by a Hogsmeade soldier.
  36. Potter – borne by Harry Potter, the series protagonist known as “the boy who lived.”
  37. Rosmerta – a Gaulish surname meaning “caretaker,” inspired by the caretaker of Hogsmeade’s Inn.
  38. Scamander – the title of a Greek river god and the protagonist of the Fantastic Beasts films.
  39. Shunpike – borne by Stan Shunpike, the conductor of the Knight Bus.
  40. Sinistra – inspired by Aurora Sinistra, an astronomy professor.
  41. Smith – derived from “smid” meaning “to strike” in English, often given to blacksmiths.
  42. Thomas – borne by Dean Thomas, a Muggle-born Gryffindor student.
  43. Tonks – inspired by Nymphadora Tonks, the sister of Bellatrix LeStrange.
  44. Wood – an English surname given to those who worked with wood or lived near woods.
  45. Yaxley – joins the ranks of scholarly Harry Potter last names borne by police officer Corban Yaxley.

36 Malicious Harry Potter Last Names

These evil Harry Potter Last Names will have you seeing red.

  1. Aragog – a fierce Acromantula spider doubling as Hagrid’s pet.
  2. Black – an English surname given to those with raven locks, borne by Sirius Black.
  3. Bones – a prominent family in the wizarding world who came to an untimely demise by Voldemort.
  4. Bulstrode – of English origin, means “overgrown marsh,” inspired by Millicent Bulstrode.
  5. Carrow – borne by Alecto Carrow, a Dark Witch and Death Eater.
  6. Crabbe – a respelling of Crabb, a German surname given to fishermen.
  7. Cresswell – an English surname borne by Dirk Cresswell, a primary target of Lord Voldemort.
  8. Crouch – among villain-themed Harry Potter surnames, inspired by Barty Crouch.
  9. Dolohov – borne by Antonin Dolohov, a prominent Dark Wizard and Death Eater.
  10. Dursley – the surname of the Muggle family who mistreated their nephew, Harry Potter.
  11. Filch – an English title borne by Argus Filch, Hogwarts’ cruel caretaker.
  12. Gaunt – the surname of a pure-blood family known for marrying their cousins.
  13. Goyle – inspired by Gregory Goyle, one of Draco Malfoy’s best friends.
  14. Greengrass – of English origin, given to families living near green fields, borne by Draco Malfoy’s wife.
  15. Greyback – a fictional surname inspired by Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf with an appetite for children.
  16. Karkaroff – borne by Igor Karkaroff, a headmaster with a dark past.
  17. Kettleburn – a fictional wizard who lost most of his limbs in a tragic accident.
  18. LeStrange- the surname of a pure-blood wizarding family with intense loyalty to the Dark Lord.
  19. Lockhart – inspired by a French moniker for cross-eyed people, borne by Gilderoy Lockhart.
  20. Macnair – borne by Walden Macnair, a minor antagonist in the Harry Potter films.
  21. Malfoy – among the most wicked Harry Potter last names, borne by Harry Potter’s archenemy.
  22. Moody – an English surname for temperamental men, inspired by Professor “Mad-Eye” Moody.
  23. Nagini – the name of Lord Voldemort’s pet snake, kept alive by Horcruxes.
  24. Norris – a Norwegian pick meaning “the Noreis,” borne by Mrs. Norris, Filch’s cat.
  25. Ollivander – borne by Garrick Ollivander, the owner of Ollivander’s Wandshop.
  26. Pettigrew – of Scottish origin, means “small growth,” borne by Voldemort loyalist Peter Pettigrew.
  27. Quirrell – inspired by Quirinus Quirrell, a professor featured in the first Harry Potter book.
  28. Rookwood – an English surname given to those living near woods, borne by Death Eater, Augustus Rookwood.
  29. Rowle – borne by Thorfinn Rowle, a Death Eater who tormented Harry Potter in later books.
  30. Skeeter – inspired by Rita Skeeter, a snarky journalist known for penning lies.
  31. Slytherin – the title of Hogwarts’ most malicious house, famous for rivalry and tricks.
  32. Snape – derived from “snap,” an English surname given to unfortunate landowners.
  33. Trelawney – inspired by Sybill Trelawney, the eccentric professor of Divination.
  34. Umbridge – a fictional surname borne by many viewer’s least favorite Harry Potter character.
  35. Voldemort – the primary antagonist, also known as “He Who Shall Not Be Named.”
  36. Zabini – of Italian heritage, borne by Blaise Zabini, a Slytherin belonging to Malfoy’s crew.

38 Cool Harry Potter Surnames

These rad Harry Potter surnames are the cat’s meow.

  1. Babbling – a made-up surname inspired by the professor of the Study of Ancient Runes.
  2. Bagman – borne by Ludo Bagman, a Quidditch player known for his charisma.
  3. Bagshot – of English origin, means “small animal,” namesakes include Harry Potter historian Bathilda Bagshot.
  4. Boot – an English occupational surname borne by Terry Boot, a Ravenclaw student.
  5. Cattermole – borne by Reginald Cattermole, a British wizard working for the Ministry of Magic.
  6. Creevey – inspired by Colin Creevey, a young wizard who was petrified, holding a camera.
  7. Diggle – an English surname meaning “ditch hill,” borne by a member of the Advance Guard.
  8. Diggory – inspired by Cedric Diggory, a primary character in the 4th Harry Potter book.
  9. Doge – a type of cryptocurrency or a powerful wizard doubling as Dumbledore’s best friend.
  10. Figg – borne by Arabella Figg, Harry Potter’s Muggle neighbor.
  11. Finnegan – taken from Ó Fionnagáin, an Irish surname meaning “fair.”
  12. Flitwick – inspired by Filius Flitwick, a Ravenclaw teacher and professor of Charms.
  13. Fudge – a decadent chocolate treat or the surname of the Minister of Magic.
  14. Grindelwald – borne by Gellert Grindelwald, a dark wizard in the Fantastic Beasts series.
  15. Hagrid – a fictional surname inspired by Rubeus Hagrid, Hogwarts’ gamekeeper.
  16. Hooch – another word for “alcohol,” or the surname of a witch doubling as Hogwarts’ flying instructor.
  17. Hopkirk – borne by Mafalda Hopkirk, whom Hermione Granger impersonated.
  18. Jordan – a spiritual river or the surname of Lee Jordan, a friend to the Weasleys.
  19. Longbottom – among the funniest Harry Potter surnames, borne by student Neville Longbottom.
  20. Macmillan – hailing from Scotland, means “bald,” inspired by Hufflepuff Ernie Macmillan.
  21. Malkin – borne by Madam Malkin, owner of a Hogsmeade clothing shop.
  22. Nott – a British nickname for a balding man or Slytherine student Theodore Nott.
  23. Peverell – the surname of a Middle Ages wizarding family loosely related to Harry Potter.
  24. Pomfrey – borne by Poppy Pomfrey, a strict witch who worked in Hogwarts’ Hospital Ward.
  25. Ravenclaw – one of four Hogwarts Houses known for its intelligence and creativity.
  26. Riddle – inspired by Tom Riddle, Voldemort’s pre-villain title, used when he was a Hogwarts student.
  27. Runcorn – of English origin, means “wide creek,” borne by high-ranking wizard Albert Runcorn.
  28. Scrimgeour – a respelling of Scrymgeous, an English title given to sworders.
  29. Shacklebolt – borne by Kingsley Shacklebolt, a studious Hogwarts pupil.
  30. Slughorn – inspired by Professor Horace Slughorn, a renowned Potions Master.
  31. Spinnet – a fictional surname claimed by Quidditch athlete Alicia Spinnet.
  32. Sprout – a Dutch surname meaning “young person,” borne by the Head of Hufflepuff House.
  33. Thicknesse – of English origin, claimed by Pius Thicknesse, a Ministry of Magic employee.
  34. Twycross – means “double crosses” in English, borne by Apparition Instructor Wilkie Twycross.
  35. Vance – of English origin, meaning “marshland,” claimed by student Emmeline Vance.
  36. Vane – claimed by Romilda Vane, a Gryffindor student and a friend of Harry Potter.
  37. Vector – borne by Septima Vector, a British witch and Professor of Arithmancy.
  38. Weasley – the last name of a lovable redheaded family who are close friends of Harry Potter’s.

Harry Potter Last Names FAQs

Why Do Harry Potter Characters Use Last Names?

There are many reasons why J.K. Rowling gave her characters last names. Many of the characters’ surnames are inspired by their real-life meaning. For example, Snape is taken from the surname Snap, given to those with bad luck. It’s also a proven fact that characters are more memorable when they have complete names.

What Are Known Families in Harry Potter?

The Harry Potter series is full of wonderful families, some not so much. One of the first families readers meet is the cruel Dursley family, who houses Harry Potter. On the flip side, the Weasley family is a gang of redheads who show kindness to everyone. Other notable families include the Patils, the McLaggens, and the Bones clan.

What Is Harry Potter’s Last Name?

Harry’s full name is Harry James Potter, after his father. Throughout the series, we see many boys with patronymic middle names, such as Draco Lucius Malfoy. Potter was an Old English occupational surname given to those who make pottery. Real-life namesakes include Beatrix Potter, the English author of the Peter Rabbit books.

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