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200+ Wonderful Last Names That Start With W

These last names that start with W are winsome, warm, and wondrous.

Are you the lucky owner of a W last name? If so, you’ll be delighted with this extensive roundup of last names starting with W. We’ve included the greatest exotic, popular, and unique surnames. You’ll learn meanings and origins, including a few interesting namesakes.

By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have discovered something new about your heritage.

Kick back and relax; a buffet of brilliant surnames starting with W awaits you!

67 Exotic Last Names That Start With W

These foreign last names that start with W will have you dreaming of exotic lands.

  1. Waclawski – of Polish origin, a habitational option for families from Waclawice.
  2. Wadhwani – means “descendant of Wadhwa” in Pakistani and Indian.
  3. Waffle – a syrupy sweet surname inspired by the fluffy breakfast pastry.
  4. Waguespack – a variation of Wagenbach, a German habitational surname.
  5. Wahab – of Arabic origin, meaning “liberator” and “giver,” ideal for generous clans.
  6. Wahba – a 5-letter Egyptian option meaning “present giver” in Arabic.
  7. Wahlig – among the most mysterious last names that start with W, hailing from Germany.
  8. Wai – joins the ranks of 3-letter Chinese surnames, meaning “favor,” “to bestow,” and “benevolent.”
  9. Waible – a German occupational surname for bailiffs or those serving in court.
  10. Wakabayashi – of Japanese origin, meaning “young forest,” fitting for tree-hugging families.
  11. Wakim – a variation of Hakim, meaning “learned wise” and “physician” in Arabic.
  12. Walco – an alternate spelling of Walkoe, meaning “woods of defense” and “destroyer” in German.
  13. Waletzko – the German version of Walecko, a Polish surname with an unknown meaning.
  14. Wali – of Arabic origin, meaning “lord,” “protector,” and “saint,” also a moniker for Allah.
  15. Walicki – means “from Waliska” in Polish, among many habitational surnames beginning with W.
  16. Wallach – of Welsh origin, meaning “Welshman” and “foreigner,” ideal for travel-loving families.
  17. Wallis – a 6-letter pick that means “from Wales” in Welsh, a respelling of Wallace.
  18. Walraven – of Dutch origin, meaning “raven ruler,” traditionally given to dark-haired men.
  19. Walski – a Polish habitational surname for families hailing from Waly.
  20. Walthour – an alternate spelling of Waldhauer, meaning “woodsman” in German.
  21. Walvatne – of Norwegian origin, means “ford shallows” and “lake water.”
  22. Walz – means “descendant of Walter” in German, borne by Tim Walz, governor of Minnesota.
  23. Wambach – a German habitational surname borne by soccer star Abby Wambach.
  24. Wampler – of Swiss origin, meaning “from Wandfluh” and “mass of rock.”
  25. Wanamaker – a German occupational surname given to basket weavers, doubling as a rare forename.
  26. Wandersee – an alternate spelling of Vanderzee, meaning “from the sea” in Dutch.
  27. Wang – of Chinese origin, a 4-letter option meaning “king,” belonging to royalty.
  28. Wanink – a rare European surname, most popular in the Netherlands.
  29. Watroba – is of Polish origin, traditionally given to men who hold grudges.
  30. Waugh – a Scottish nickname turned surname, meaning “foreigner” and “Britons.”
  31. Wawro – short for Wawrzyniec, meaning “laurel” in Polish, associated with victory.
  32. Way – of English origin, traditionally given to families living near paths.
  33. Wayda – a derivative of Wajda, meaning “leader” in Russian.
  34. Wazny – is of Polish origin, beginning as a nickname for self-righteous clans.
  35. Wee – means “to rule over” in Chinese, among the most ironic last names starting with W.
  36. Weeks – a unique English option that means “battle war” and “small village.”
  37. Weeldreyer – a Dutch surname meaning “wheelwright” or “lathe operator.”
  38. Weems – a simplified respelling of Wemyss, meaning “cave” in Scottish.
  39. Wefel – of German origin, meaning “wevil,” pointing to an annoying man.
  40. Weg – means “way” and “path” in German, first recorded in the Middle Ages.
  41. Wehrli – a derivative of Wehr, meaning “fort” and “protection” in German.
  42. Wei – of Chinese origin, referring to the gates of a palace or mansion.
  43. Weir – a Scottish habitational title for families dwelling near river dams.
  44. Weis – of German and Yiddish origin, meaning “fair,” given to blonde clans.
  45. Weiss – a respelling of Weisz, meaning “white” in German, pronounced “VYES.”
  46. Welsh – of Scottish, Irish, and English origin, meaning “foreign” but can also point to a Welshman.
  47. Wendt – means “wind” in German, given to families living in blustery locales.
  48. Wenzel – is of Slavic origin, meaning “greatly to be praised.”
  49. Wesolek – a Polish nickname for jesters, comedians, or pranksters.
  50. Wetzel – of German origin, given to landowners with young forests.
  51. Whatley – an English habitational surname meaning “woodland clearing.”
  52. Wiles – of English origin, an occupational surname for hunters, fishermen, and trappers.
  53. Wimpy – means “descendant of Wimpory” in English.
  54. Wing – a derivative of Weng, meaning “pillow” in Scandinavian.
  55. Winn – an alternate spelling of Gwyn, meaning “fair,” ideal for blonde families.
  56. Wisniewski – among the top 10 surnames in Poland, pointing to towns with cherry trees.
  57. Witte – of Dutch and German origin, meaning “the white one.”
  58. Wojcik – means “village headman” in Polish, ideal for families who like to lead.
  59. Wong – of Chinese origin, meaning “king” and “strongest of its type.”
  60. Woo – an alternate spelling of Wu, meaning “witch” and “shaman” in Chinese.
  61. Wooten – an English habitational surname meaning “from the farmstead.”
  62. Worley – an English topographical last name given to families dwelling near myrtle bogs.
  63. Wozniak – taken from Wozny, meaning “carrier,” traditionally given to coachmen.
  64. Wray – of Norse origin, meaning “nook” and “corner of the land.”
  65. Wu – means “large” and “big” in Mandarin Chinese, borne by actress Lisa Wu.
  66. Wylie – a derivative of “wilig,” meaning “well-watered meadow” in English.
  67. Wynn – means “friend” in English and may have been inspired by sharing wine.

68 Popular Surnames Starting With W

These famous surnames, starting with W, will “wow” anyone!

  1. Wade – is a derivative of “wadan,” meaning “to go” and “ford” in English.
  2. Waiters – a 7-letter occupational surname for Scottish guards and customs officers.
  3. Walden – inspired by “walh,” meaning “foreigner” and “serf” in German and English.
  4. Waldorf – of German origin, meaning “village in the woods,” mentioned in the hit show Gossip Girl.
  5. Walker – a German surname given to those working with fabric.
  6. Wall – an English topographical pick for families dwelling near large structures.
  7. Walsh – of Irish origin, meaning “Briton” and “foreigner,” possibly pointing to Welshmen.
  8. Walter – means “commander of the army” in German, perfect for military families.
  9. Walton – of English origin, meaning “walled town,” mentioned in the hit 70s show, The Waltons.
  10. Ward – an English option given to guards or those with personalities that warded people off.
  11. Ware – of English origin, meaning “dam,” “guardian,” and “wise.”
  12. Warner – a derivative of Warnier, meaning “guard” and “army” in French.
  13. Warren – of French and English origin, meaning “park keeper,” doubling as a beautiful forename.
  14. Washington – means “hunting homestead” in English, borne by former president George Washington.
  15. Watkins – is of English and Welsh origin, meaning “son of Watt” or “kin of Watt.”
  16. Watson – hailing from Scotland, meaning “son of Walter,” borne by actress Emma Watson.
  17. Watt – inspired by Walter, meaning “powerful ruler” in English, often given to army generals.
  18. Watts – of English origin, initially given to relatives of a man named Walter.
  19. Wayne – means “wagon driver” in English, borne by actor John Wayne.
  20. Weathers – a derivative of “weder,” meaning “weather,” likely given to weather forecasters.
  21. Webber – of English origin, meaning “cloth weaver,” can be a respelling of Weaver.
  22. Webster – means “weaver” in French, joining the ranks of occupational surnames starting with W.
  23. Weinstein – of German and Yiddish origin, meaning “wine stone,” pointing to wine fermenters.
  24. Werner – hails from Germany and means “the defending warrior,” given to the best soldiers.
  25. Wesley – a British option meaning “western meadow,” invoking serene images.
  26. West – of English and German origin, borne by rapper and songwriter Kanye West.
  27. Westbrook – hailing from the U.K., meaning “western stream,” ideal for lake dwellers.
  28. Westfall – a German option taken from Westphalia, meaning “western fields.”
  29. Weston – is of British origin, meaning “from the western town.”
  30. Wharton – means “shore” and “bank settlement” in English, initially given to farm owners dwelling near rivers.
  31. Wheat – of English origin, meaning “active,” can also refer to wheat farmers.
  32. Whitaker – means “the white acre” in English and Scottish, borne by actor Forest Whitaker.
  33. White – is an English pick initially referring to blonde-haired families.
  34. Whitman – is of British origin, meaning “white man” and “strong man.”
  35. Whitmore – means “white moor” in English, ideal for mysterious clans.
  36. Whittaker – a respelling of Whitaker, meaning “white acre” in English and Scottish.
  37. Wilde – of English origin, meaning “high spirited,” given to gentlemen with wild attributes.
  38. Wilder – an English and German pick meaning “untamed,” borne by author Laura Ingalls Wilder.
  39. Wiley – a respelling of Wylie, meaning “from the willow clearing” in English.
  40. Wilkins – of English origin, points to sons or relatives of William.
  41. Wilkinson – an English and German patronymic surname meaning “son of Wilks.”
  42. Willett – is of English origin, meaning “stream” and “son of Will.”
  43. Willey – an alternate spelling of Wiley, meaning “willow clearing” in English.
  44. Williams – means “son of William” in English, borne by tennis pros Venus and Serena Williams.
  45. Williamson – of English and Scottish origin, meaning “son of William.”
  46. Willis – an English option given to relatives of William, borne by actor Bruce Willis.
  47. Willoughby – hailing from Britain, meaning “farm in the willow meadow.”
  48. Wills – short for Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protection” and “helmet of protection” in English.
  49. Wilson – an English option originating in the Middle Ages, meaning “son of Will.”
  50. Winchester – of English origin, meaning “from Hampshire,” often associated with Britain’s royals.
  51. Winfrey – a derivative of Winefrid, meaning “friend” in German, borne by talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
  52. Winslet – hailing from Britain, meaning “joyful” and “stream,” claimed by actress Kate Winslet.
  53. Winslow – an English habitational title meaning “from Winslow, Buckinghamshire.”
  54. Winston – the simplified version of Wynstan, meaning “joyful stone” in English.
  55. Winters – means “son of the lad of winter” in Irish and Dutch.
  56. Wiseman – an English moniker turned surname, given to intuitive men.
  57. Witherspoon – of Scottish origin, meaning “sheep,” borne by actress Reese Witherspoon.
  58. Wolf – means “wolfish” in German and can also refer to those living near wolf statues.
  59. Wolff – a common respelling of Wolf, a German option given to men with wolfish features.
  60. Wolfgang – of German origin, meaning “wolf” and “journey,” borne by chef Wolfgang Puck.
  61. Wood – means “of the woods” in English and can also refer to woodcutters.
  62. Woodall – an English topographical surname for those dwelling near Lincolnshire.
  63. Woodruff – taken from “woderove,” meaning “sweet woodruff” in English.
  64. Woods – of English origin, pointing to families dwelling near woods.
  65. Woodward – means “forester” in English, referring to those tasked with caring for the game.
  66. Worthington – of English origin, meaning “fenced farm” and “farmstead estate.”
  67. Wright – hailing from Scotland, meaning “a craftsman,” ideal for artistic clans.
  68. Wyman – means “battle protector” and “warrior” in English.

68 Unique Surnames Starting With W

These off-the-wall surnames starting with W are wacky, wild, and wonderfully rare.

  1. Waag – is of German origin, meaning “standing water pool.”
  2. Waddell – means “from Wadden Hall” in English.
  3. Wagner – hailing from Germany, meaning “wagonmaker,” fitting for families on the move.
  4. Wagoner – of German origin, meaning “wagon driver,” doubling as a respelling of Wagner.
  5. Wahl – a derivative of “wal,” meaning “field” and “election” in Yiddish.
  6. Wahlberg – of German origin, meaning “mountain hill” and “field meadow.”
  7. Wakefield – an English habitational surname for those dwelling near watch fields.
  8. Waldron – of English origin, meaning “from Waldron, Sussex.”
  9. Wallace – means “foreigner” and “Celt” in English, derived from “wylisc.”
  10. Waller – a Middle Ages option meaning “wall maker” in English.
  11. Walls – an English topographical title for those dwelling near large walls.
  12. Walters – means “son of Walter” in English, belonging to news anchor Barbara Walters.
  13. Warden – of English and Scottish origin, meaning “watchman” and “guard.”
  14. Washburn – means “from the flooding brook” and “swift current” in English.
  15. Wassom – hailing from Norway, meaning “farm at the end of a lake.”
  16. Wasson – a respelling of Wason, which means “son of Wace” in Irish.
  17. Waterman – an English occupational title meaning “servant of Walter.”
  18. Waters – a derivative of Wauter, the German version of Walter, meaning “army ruler.”
  19. Weaver – means “cloth weaver” in English, borne by actress Sigourney Weaver.
  20. Webb – of English and Scottish origin, meaning “weaver,” likened to a spider weaving a web.
  21. Weber – a German option meaning “weaver” can also be a respelling of Webber.
  22. Weed – means “mad crazy” in English, but can also point to landowners of thorny ground.
  23. Weiner – of Yiddish origin, meaning “wine merchant,” ideal for fun-loving families.
  24. Welch – an English option meaning “foreign,” referring to Welshmen.
  25. Weldon – hails from the U.K. and means “spring stream.”
  26. Weller – is of English origin, meaning “welder” or “metal worker.”
  27. Wells – hailing from Britain, meaning “from the well” and “spring.”
  28. Whalen – means “clan of the wolf” in Irish, ideal for fierce families.
  29. Whaley – taken from Wallis, meaning “by the water,” in Celtic.
  30. Wheatley – an 8-letter English topographical surname for those dwelling near wheat fields.
  31. Wheeler – is of English origin, a good occupational surname meaning “wheel maker.”
  32. Whelen – a derivative of O Faoilain, meaning “wolf” in Irish.
  33. Whipple – means “scourge whip” in English and is among the scariest W last names.
  34. Whitehead – of English origin and was traditionally a nickname for blondies.
  35. Whitfield – a derivative of “hwit,” meaning “white,” referring to those owning lush white fields.
  36. Whiting – of Saxon origin, meaning “white offspring,” ideal for fair-haired clans.
  37. Whitley – which means “white meadow” in English, comes with the moniker Whit.
  38. Whitlock – an English habitational title for those dwelling near white enclosures.
  39. Whitney – hailing from Britain, meaning “white islands,” doubling as a prominent forename.
  40. Whitt – of English origin, meaning “white hair,” a symbol of wisdom.
  41. Whitten – a respelling of Whitton, meaning “white homestead” in English.
  42. Whittington – of English origin, meaning “Hwita’s estate.”
  43. Wicker – derived from “wiker,” pointing to farmhands, ideal for acreage owners.
  44. Wiggins – of Breton origin, meaning “son of Wigand.”
  45. Wilburn – means “willful” and “bright” in English and Norse.
  46. Wilcox – of English origin, meaning “the son of William” or “Will’s kin.”
  47. Wilhelm – a derivative of Wilhelmus, meaning “helmet of protection” in German and Dutch.
  48. Wilkerson – means “son of Wilker” and “son of William” in English.
  49. Wilkes – is a derivative of Wilhelm, meaning “resolute protector” in German.
  50. Willard – of French and English origin, meaning “will desire” and “brave.”
  51. William – means “descendant or son of William” in French and English.
  52. Willingham – taken from Wifel, meaning “village” and “homestead” in English.
  53. Wilt – a sophisticated variation of Wilde, given to Englishmen who were untamed.
  54. Windham – of British origin, referring to those dwelling near village homesteads.
  55. Winkler – a German occupational surname for shopkeepers.
  56. Winter – of German, Dutch, and Scottish origin, initially given to those with chilly personalities.
  57. Wise – an English surname given to sage men or the village brainiacs.
  58. Withers – means “wood” and “willow” in Norse, but can also refer to a warrior.
  59. Witt – of German origin, referring to someone with white hair.
  60. Wolfe – a respelling of Wolf, a German option given to men with wolfish faces.
  61. Womack – of English origin, meaning “belly” and “stomach,” traditionally given to large men.
  62. Woodard – an English occupational surname for those tending to farm animals.
  63. Woodson – means “son of Woody” and “from Woodsome” in English.
  64. Woody – a derivative of Wood, meaning “from the woods” in English.
  65. Woollacott – an alternate spelling of Wulfnookot, meaning “cottage hut” in English.
  66. Workman – of English origin, meaning “laborer,” ideal for hardworking families.
  67. Wren – a derivative of “wrenne,” which means “small person” in English.
  68. Wyatt – hailing from Britain, meaning “war strength” and “brave warrior.”

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