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200+ Jazzy Last Names That Start With J: With Meanings

These juicy last names that start with J will leave you wanting more.

Are you looking to learn more about your family name? If so, you’ll love this list of last names that start with J. We’ve included a diverse collection of popular, exotic, and rare options to explore.

You’ll discover each title’s origins, meanings, and notable namesakes. With over 200 last names starting with J, there’s a good chance your name is on this list. So, grab a drink and relax. The best surnames starting with J are just around the corner.

71 Exotic Last Names That Start With J

These foreign last names that start with J will make you jump with joy.

  1. Jabara – is of Arabic origin, meaning “adherent to the doctrine of reincarnation.”
  2. Jacaruso – joins the ranks of 8-letter Italian surnames, meaning “lad boy.”
  3. Jacobi – an edgy variation of Jacob, meaning “supplanter” in Hebrew.
  4. Jacobo – is of Spanish and Hebrew origin, meaning “to follow” and “supplanter.”
  5. Jacobucci – an alternate spelling of Iacobucci, an Italian option connected to Jacob.
  6. Jacoby – a variation of Jacobi, meaning “supplanter,” among biblical last names that start with J.
  7. Jacquemin – a moniker for Jacques, meaning “to follow after” in Hebrew and Latin.
  8. Jacquez – of Basque origin, meaning “supplanter,” connected to Jacob.
  9. Jaeger – means “hunter” in German, ideal for families who adore the outdoors.
  10. Jafari – a variation of Jafar, meaning “small born” and “rivulet” in Persian.
  11. Jager – among the most popular German surnames, meaning “hunter.”
  12. Jagger – is of English origin and was traditionally given to men who owned many horses.
  13. Jaggi – hailing from Germany, meaning “He who Jehovah has favored with a son.”
  14. Jagiello – of Polish origin, meaning “from Jagiella” in Polish.
  15. Jahraus – a variation of Jarausch, meaning “strong” and “lush rank” in Slavic.
  16. Jaime – of Hispanic origin, meaning “supplanter,” connected to the biblical title James.
  17. Jaimez – an exotic variation of Jaime, meaning “supplanter” in Spanish.
  18. Jain – among Indian surnames starting with J, meaning “follower of Jina.”
  19. Jalufka – is of Czech origin and was initially a nickname for naive young men.
  20. Jamison – among patronymic 7-letter surnames, means “son of James” in English and Scottish.
  21. Jamroz – the Polish version of Ambrose, meaning “immortal” in Greek.
  22. Jang – is among the most popular Korean surnames, meaning “archer.”
  23. Jankovic – is of Croatian and Slavic origin, meaning “son of Janko.”
  24. Jankowski – means “from Jankowo” in Slavic, a great way to show pride in your country.
  25. Jaques – the French version of James, meaning “supplanter,” pronounced “JAHKS.”
  26. Jaquez – of French and Spanish origin, means “supplanter” and “substitute.”
  27. Jara – means “from Jara” and “rockrose” in Spanish, among rare habitational titles.
  28. Jaramillo – is of Spanish origin, meaning “of the Jaramago tree.”
  29. Jarrell – hails from Germany, meaning “spear ruler,” connected to Jerald.
  30. Jasper – is of Persian origin, meaning “treasurer,” doubling as a common forename.
  31. Jasso – an English topographical surname meaning “near the sorghum tree.”
  32. Jaunich – means “kin of John” in Slavic and is pronounced “YAH-nihk.”
  33. Jauregui – is of Spanish origin and means “palace,” “manor,” and “house.”
  34. Javier – hails from Spain and means “new house,” related to Xavier.
  35. Jaxon – of English origin, referring to sons of Jack, which means “God is gracious.”
  36. Jean – a beautiful French, English, and Chinese option meaning “from Genoa” and “God is gracious.”
  37. Jeanbaptiste – of French, Greek, and Hebrew origin, meaning “John the Baptist,” pointing to Christ’s cousin.
  38. Jeanson – a variation of John, meaning “God is gracious” in French.
  39. Jeckyll – a respelling of Jekyll, meaning “generous lord” in Celtic, ideal for benevolent families.
  40. Jedynak – of Polish and Russian origin, meaning “only child.”
  41. Jeffords – means “peaceful territory” and “strangers cross” in Welsh and English.
  42. Jekel – taken from Yekl, a Yiddish moniker for Jacob, meaning “heel” in Hebrew.
  43. Jenks – of English origin, meaning “little John” or “son of John.”
  44. Jennwein – a German option traditionally given to big-hearted families, meaning “kind.”
  45. Jeong – a variation of Jung, meaning “young” in Korean.
  46. Jereme – an alternate spelling of Jeremy, meaning “God exalts” in English and Welsh.
  47. Jeremias – the Americanization of Yirmiyahu, meaning “sent by God” and “appointed by God.”
  48. Jermyn – an English, French, and Irish habitational surname meaning “German.”
  49. Jesus – of Greek and Spanish origin, meaning “God is salvation,” among the most religious surnames.
  50. Jethro – means “excellence” and “preeminence” in Hebrew, fitting for A-list clans.
  51. Jewett – of French origin, a variation of Judith, meaning “praised” in Hebrew.
  52. Jex – among the most unique J last names, means “Jacks” in English.
  53. Jiang – hails from China, meaning “river,” and can also be a variation of Shang.
  54. Jiao – of Chinese origin, meaning “anxious” and “scorched,” fitting for conscientious families.
  55. Jimenez – means “son of Jimeno” and “son of Simon” in Spanish.
  56. Jimison – a variation of Jameson, meaning “son of James” in English and Scottish.
  57. Jindra – taken from Jindrich, which means “home ruler” in Czech, connected to Henry.
  58. Jing – of Chinese origin, meaning “bright,” “circumstance,” and “scenery.”
  59. Jo – means “castle” and “emotion” in Japanese and “good” in Hungarian.
  60. Joachim – taken from Yoyakim, meaning “God has granted me a son” in Hebrew.
  61. Jobe – an alternate spelling of Job, meaning “persecuted” in Hebrew, found in the Old Testament.
  62. Jolivette – of French origin, means “joyful,” fitting for cheerful families.
  63. Jolly – means “of a pleasant and attractive disposition” in English, Scottish, and French.
  64. Jose – the Spanish equivalent of Joseph, meaning “God shall add.”
  65. Joshi – an Indian occupational surname given to astrologers or mystics.
  66. Juan – the Spanish variation of John, meaning “God is gracious.”
  67. Juarez – a Spanish patronymic surname that means “son of Suero.”
  68. Jubril – of Arabic origin, meaning “archangel,” referring to the biblical figure Gabriel.
  69. Juby – a derivative of “jubee,” a French option describing joy and jubilee.
  70. Jung – means “young” in German, ideal for attractive clans with good genes.
  71. Jurado – of Spanish and Portuguese origin, means “sworn,” inspired by court officials.

73 Popular Surnames Starting With J

These famous surnames, starting with J, are the real MVPs.

  1. Jablonski – of Polish origin, means “apple tree,” referring to orchard owners.
  2. Jack – means “God is gracious” in English and is short for John.
  3. Jackel – hails from Germany and is a form of Jacob, meaning “supplanter.”
  4. Jackley – of German origin, an alternative to Jacob and Jaeckel.
  5. Jacko – a Hebrew option meaning “supplanter,” connected to the biblical figure Jacob.
  6. Jackson – an English patronymic title that means “son of Jack,” most popular in America.
  7. Jacobitz – among the longest last names starting with J, meaning “son of Jacob” in Yiddish.
  8. Jacobsen – of Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch origin, meaning “son of Jacob.”
  9. Jacobson – a respelling of Jacobsen, meaning “kin of Jacob” in English.
  10. Jacobsson – a good alternative to Jacobsen, meaning “son of Jacob.”
  11. Jaffee – a rare respelling of Jaffe, meaning “beautiful” and “pleasant” in Hebrew.
  12. Jagneaux – among French surnames starting with J, taken from Jean, connected to John.
  13. Jagusch – a simpler respelling of Jagusz, which means “supplanter” in Polish and German.
  14. Jahn – of Slavic origin, meaning “God is gracious,” viewed as an alternative to John.
  15. Jahner – means “hunter” in German and is connected to Jaeger.
  16. Jahnley – of German and Swiss origin and has a debated meaning of “hunter.”
  17. Jaimes – the Anglicization of Jaimez, meaning “he will watch” and “may God protect” in English.
  18. Jakeman – of French origin, connected to Jacques, meaning “supplanter.”
  19. Jakes – means “supplanter” in English and is borne by American preacher T.D. Jakes.
  20. Jakeway – means “Jack person” in Old English and was initially given to vagabonds.
  21. Jalloh – an Arabic option taken from Diallo, meaning “bold” and “adventurous.”
  22. James – of English origin and refers to sons or kin of men named James.
  23. Jamieson – means “son of Jamie” in Scottish and is an alternate spelling of Jamison.
  24. Jamrog – a variation of Jamroz, meaning “ambrose” in Polish.
  25. Jan – of English origin, meaning “God is gracious,” connected to John.
  26. Janacek – taken from John, meaning “God is gracious” in Czech.
  27. Janas – a derivative of Yehonasan, meaning “God has favored” in Polish.
  28. Janda – inspired by John, which means “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  29. Jandl – a German and Polish variation of Janda, connected to John.
  30. Jandt – of German origin, taken from Johannes, meaning “God has favored.”
  31. Janelle – a derivative of Johannes, meaning “God is gracious” in English.
  32. Janeski – of Greek origin, meaning “from Janishki,” can also refer to relatives of Jane.
  33. Janet – a French forename turned surname that means “God is gracious.”
  34. Janey – means “son of Jahn” or “son of Jan” in English, originating in the Middle Ages.
  35. Janice – of Hebrew origin, meaning “gift of God,” perfect for blessed families.
  36. Janisse – is of French origin and is connected to Janice, meaning “God’s gift.”
  37. Jansen – means “son of Jahn” in Dutch and German, an alternate spelling for Johnson.
  38. Javens – taken from Evan, which means “gracious gift of Jehovah” in Welsh.
  39. Javi – is short for Javier, meaning “the new home” in Spanish, pronounced “HAH-vee.”
  40. Jax – an edgy variation of Jacob, meaning “heel” in Hebrew.
  41. Jayson – of English origin, means “healer” and “son of Jay.”
  42. Jean-Charles – means “God is gracious” and “free man” in French.
  43. Jeanfreau – of French and German origin, meaning “wild goose” and “peace.”
  44. Jean-Jaque – of Hebrew and French origin, meaning “God preserves.”
  45. Jean-Pierre – a combination of John and Peter that means “God is merciful.”
  46. Jedlicka – a Czech habitational surname given to families dwelling near small fir trees.
  47. Jee – an alternate spelling of Chi, meaning “moat” and “wisdom” in Korean.
  48. Jeffers – of English origin, meaning “son of Jeffrey,” doubles as the name of a Minnesota town.
  49. Jeffery – means “peace” in German, ideal for families that value inner balance.
  50. Jenkins – of Welsh origin, meaning “little John,” often referring to the father’s namesake.
  51. Jenner – an English surname for engineers, borne by model and actress Kyllie Jenner.
  52. Jenson – of English origin, a patronymic option meaning “son of Jen or John.”
  53. Jeremiah – a biblical pick meaning “God exalts,” mentioned in the Old Testament.
  54. Jerome – of Greek origin, meaning “sacred name,” pronounced “jer-OHM.”
  55. Jessie – a 5-letter moniker surname referring to family members of John, Jan, or Jessica.
  56. Jessing – of German origin, meaning “small stream,” pointing to landowners dwelling near water.
  57. Jeter – means ”thrown out” and “weeder” in German and French, borne by baseball star Derek Jeter.
  58. Jett – of French origin, connected to the biblical title Judah, borne by rocker Joan Jett.
  59. Joe – short for Joseph, meaning “May God add,” inspired by Christ’s earthly father.
  60. Joelson – of English origin and was traditionally given to sons of Joel.
  61. Johnson – means “son of John” in English and is most popular in Europe and America.
  62. Johnston – a Scottish topographical title meaning “from John’s town.”
  63. Johnstone – of English origin, meaning “John’s town,” likely referring to Scottish families.
  64. Joiner – an English occupational surname given to woodworkers, fitting for talented artisans.
  65. Jones – among the most popular American surnames, meaning “son of John.”
  66. Jorden – inspired by Yarden, a Hebrew option meaning “to flow down.”
  67. Jorgensen – of Danish origin, meaning “son of Jorgen,” connected to George.
  68. Jorgenson – a respelling of Jorgensen, meaning “kin of Jorgen” in Danish.
  69. Joseph – of Hebrew origin, meaning “may God add a son,” borne by the Old Testament leader.
  70. Judd – a derivative of Jordan, meaning “to flow down,” borne by singer Naomi Judd.
  71. Judson – an alternative to Jordan, meaning “flowing down,” inspired by the biblical river.
  72. Julian – is of Latin and Greek origin and means “sky father” and “youthful,” connected to Jove.
  73. June – a derivative of “jeune,” meaning “youthful” or the sixth month of the year.

68 Unique Surnames Starting With J

These unusual surnames, starting with J, will grab anyone’s attention.

  1. Jaber – of Arabic origin, means “comfort healer” and “bone setter,” perfect for doctors.
  2. Jabs – an edgy 4-letter option that means “people” and “gift.”
  3. Jackman – of English origin, initially referring to Jack’s servants, borne by actor Hugh Jackman.
  4. Jacob – among biblically inspired surnames beginning with J, means “to supplant.”
  5. Jacobs – taken from Jacob, meaning “supplanter” or “heel” in Hebrew.
  6. Jacobsma – inspired by Jacob, a biblical forename mentioned in the Old Testament.
  7. Jacock – a derivative of Jacox, meaning “son of John” in English.
  8. Jacome – of Spanish origin, meaning “son or relative of Jacob.”
  9. Jadwin – a variation of Jaed, meaning “God’s gift” in English.
  10. Jameson – means “son of James” in Scottish, English, and Dutch.
  11. Jamgochian – an Armenian occupational surname for bell ringers.
  12. Janes – a variation of Johannes, meaning “gracious gift of Jehovah,” ideal for religious families.
  13. Janiak – joins the ranks of 6-letter Polish surnames, referring to “sons of Jan.”
  14. Janikowski – is of Polish origin, a habitational surname that means “from Janikow.”
  15. Janish – a variation of Janis, meaning “relative of Jan or John” in German.
  16. Jank – taken from Janos, the Hungarian spelling of John and Jan, meaning “God is gracious.”
  17. Janoff – a respelling of Janow and Janov, meaning “the Lord is gracious” in German.
  18. Janos – of Hungarian and Slavic origin, meaning “God is gracious,” connected to John.
  19. Janosko – a Slavic option inspired by Janos and Jan, meaning “God is good.”
  20. Janota – of Czech and Polish origin, meaning “relative of Jan,” or Portuguese origin, meaning “lovely.”
  21. Janow – means “from Janow” in Polish, pointing to families from Slovakia.
  22. Jansma – of Dutch origin, referring to men in the Jan family lineage.
  23. Janssen – means “son of Jan” and “son of John” in Dutch.
  24. Janulis – of Polish origin and is connected to Jan, the European version of John.
  25. Japhet – means “enlarged,” “fair,” and “persuasive” in Hebrew.
  26. Jaqua – a variation of Jacques meaning “he who supplants” in Hebrew.
  27. Jaquette – of French origin, meaning “supplanter,” connected to Jacques.
  28. Jarboe – a variation of Gerbaut, meaning “bold” and “spear” in French.
  29. Jardine – taken from “jardin,” the French word for “garden,” ideal for florists.
  30. Jarmer – inspired by Jaromer, which means “lush rank” in German, given to soldiers.
  31. Jarmon – an English respelling of German, referring to immigrants from Germany.
  32. Jarnot – of English origin, an occupational surname for those selling pomegranates.
  33. Jarreau – a French occupational surname for crock and jar makers.
  34. Jarrett – hailing from the U.K., meaning “spear strong,” connected to Garret.
  35. Jarry – a topographical French option that means “barren land,” given to unfortunate landowners.
  36. Jarvela – of Finnish origin, meaning “from the large lake.”
  37. Jarvi – of Finnish and Estonian origin, initially referring to families dwelling near lakes.
  38. Jarvis – taken from Gervase, meaning “spear” in English, pointing to warlocks.
  39. Jarzombeck – of Polish origin, meaning “grouse,” given to those with birdlike features.
  40. Jarzynka – a derivative of “jarzyna,” meaning “vegetable,” referring to gardeners.
  41. Jasinkski – means “from Jasien” in Polish and is among the most confusing J surnames.
  42. Jaslow – a respelling of Jaslau, meaning “devout” in Yiddish, traditionally given to priests.
  43. Jasmine – a fragrant flower or a Persian surname meaning “gift from God.”
  44. Jauquet – an alternate spelling of Jacquet, meaning “supplanter” in French.
  45. Jay – of English origin, meaning “blue jay,” pointing to families full of singers.
  46. Jeffcoat – an English variation of Jeffcock, given to sons or relatives of Jeff.
  47. Jefferson – means “son of Jeffrey” and “pledge of peace” in English, borne by President Thomas Jefferson.
  48. Jeffries – of German origin, meaning “peace,” ideal for tranquil souls.
  49. Jennings – means “little John” in English, given to the father’s namesake.
  50. Jensen – of Danish origin, meaning “son of Jens,” a variation of John.
  51. Jernigan – hailing from Britain, meaning “son of Gernegan,” first found in Norfolk.
  52. Jessup – a variation of Joseph, meaning “God will increase” in Hebrew.
  53. Jester – taken from “ceaseter,” meaning “Roman fort,” can also point to the village comedian.
  54. Jeune – of French origin, referring to a young person or someone with an immature personality.
  55. Jewell – means “lord,” “generous,” and “bountiful” in Celtic, often associated with gemstones.
  56. Jin – of Chinese origin, a 3-letter option meaning “gold,” among the most popular Asian surnames.
  57. Johansen – a Scandinavian patronymic surname referring to sons of Johan.
  58. Johanson – a respelling of the Scandinavian Johansen, given to relatives of Johan.
  59. Johns – inspired by Johanan, meaning “God is gracious” in Hebrew.
  60. Johnsen – the Danish variation of Johnson, meaning “son of John.”
  61. Jolie – of French origin, meaning “joy,” borne by American actress Angelina Jolie.
  62. Jonas – means “dove” in Hebrew, borne by singers Kevin, Joe, and Nick Jonas.
  63. Jordan – of Hebrew origin, meaning “flow down,” referring to the biblical Jordan River.
  64. Joy – means “happiness” in English, traditionally given to optimistic men.
  65. Joyce – a derivative of Josse, meaning “lord” in Irish and French.
  66. Joyner – an English occupational surname for those who made wooden furniture.
  67. Judge – of English origin, initially given to judges or those who looked down on others.
  68. Justice – means “uprightness” and “vindication of right” in English and Scottish.

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