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200+ Charming Last Names That Start With C

These last names that start with C are a charming addition to any family tree!

Are you curious about last names that start with C? You’ve come to the right place!

Each name has a cool story, from the classic Clark to the globally charming Chang. We’ll uncover what these C last names mean, where they come from, and the fascinating tales behind them. Join us for a journey into the world of family histories that all begin with the letter C.

Get ready for some fun discoveries!

53 Common Last Names That Start With C

Let’s explore some familiar surnames starting with C, each with unique origins and histories.

  1. Calderon – an occupational surname for a maker of cauldrons or kettles, common in Hispanic cultures.
  2. Caldwell – this gorgeous surname is associated with water, meaning “cold well” or “cold spring” in Scottish.
  3. Camacho – of Spanish origin, possibly derived from Celtic “kambos” (crooked, bent).
  4. Cameron – a funny surname meaning “crooked nose,” popularized by Clan Cameron in Scotland.
  5. Campbell – this surname, meaning “crooked mouth,” is associated with one of the most powerful Scottish clans.
  6. Campos – of Spanish and Portuguese origin, meaning “fields” or “countryside.”
  7. Cannon – referred to someone who operated a cannon, symbolizing strength and military prowess.
  8. Cardenas – from the Spanish “cárdeno” (purple), this surname is common in Hispanic cultures.
  9. Carlson – this last name means “son of Carl,” suggesting a link to Scandinavian heritage.
  10. Carpenter – an English occupational surname signifying a family of skilled woodworkers.
  11. Carr – means “marsh” or “swamp” in English, reflecting a historical tie to marshy landscapes.
  12. Carroll – of Irish origin, meaning “pointed” or “sharp,” associated with author Lewis Carroll.
  13. Carter – this popular 6-letter surname means “cart driver” in English, associated with President Jimmy Carter.
  14. Carver – an occupational surname for a carver or sculptor, symbolizing craftsmanship.
  15. Case – an English occupational surname for a maker of boxes or chests.
  16. Casey – a prevalent Irish surname beginning with C, meaning “descendant of Cathasaigh.”
  17. Castaneda – means “chestnut tree” in Spanish, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  18. Castillo – this gorgeous Spanish surname meaning “castle” is the 232nd most common worldwide.
  19. Castro – this Spanish and Portuguese surname meaning “castle” is linked to Cuban president Fidel Castro.
  20. Cervantes – of Spanish origin, associated with the renowned writer Miguel de Cervantes.
  21. Chambers – was originally an English surname for an overseer of a room or dwelling.
  22. Chang – in Chinese, Chang means “to prosper,” symbolizing family fortune.
  23. Chapman – an English occupational surname for a merchant or trader.
  24. Chavez – a common Spanish surname derived from the Roman family name, Flavius (golden-haired).
  25. Chen – a common 4-letter Chinese surname meaning “morning” or “auspicious.”
  26. Cheng – means “rule” or “order” in Chinese and is used as a given name.
  27. Cho – this prestigious 3-letter surname is associated with the royal family in Korea.
  28. Choi – a Korean surname meaning “pinnacle” or “high,” symbolizing achievement and excellence.
  29. Christensen – this common Scandinavian surname means “son of Christian,” indicating a familial connection to Christianity.
  30. Chung – in Korean, Chung means “hanging bell,” referring to bell-like flowers.
  31. Clark – meaning “clerk” or “scholar,” Clark is a classic English surname.
  32. Clays – in English, this surname denoted someone who worked with clay.
  33. Cline – a cute surname of German origin, meaning “small” or “little.”
  34. Cobb – an Old English surname meaning “lump,” possibly denoting a large man.
  35. Cochran – derived from a place in Renfrewshire, Scotland with an unknown meaning.
  36. Cohen – of Hebrew origin, Cohen means “priest,” common among Jewish communities.
  37. Cole – means “swarthy” or “coal-black” in English, representing dark-haired or dark-complexioned individuals.
  38. Coleman – in Irish, Coleman means “dove,” symbolizing peace and gentleness.
  39. Collins – an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Collin,” associated with musician Phil Collins.
  40. Colon – this Spanish surname meaning “dove” was popular among early Christians.
  41. Conner – of Irish origin meaning “descendant of the hound,” symbolizing loyalty and strength.
  42. Contreras – this Spanish surname meaning “opposite area” is common throughout the Hispanic world.
  43. Cook – of English origin, meaning “cook” or “chef,” suggesting a culinary heritage.
  44. Cortez – a Spanish surname meaning “courteous” or “polite,” perfect for a good-hearted family.
  45. Cox – has origins in English (little, rooster) and Welsh (red), originally given as a nickname.
  46. Crawford – means “ford of crow” in Old English, suggesting English or Scottish lineage.
  47. Crosby – in English, Crosby means “at the cross,” suggesting a familial connection to Christianity.
  48. Cruise – from Old French “creus” (hollow), associated with actor Tom Cruise.
  49. Cruz – of Spanish origin meaning “cross,” shared by actress Penélope Cruz.
  50. Cummings – this common 8-letter surname comes from the Old Irish “camm” (bent, crooked).
  51. Cunningham – a Scottish surname meaning “chief’s family,” linked to noble heritage.
  52. Curry – has Scottish and Irish roots meaning “marshland” or “spear.”
  53. Curtis – a refined option among C last names, meaning “courteous” or “polite” in Old French.

59 Beautiful Last Names Starting With C

Let’s discover some gorgeous last names beginning with C, bursting with elegance and charm.

  1. Caballero – a Spanish surname meaning “gentleman” or “knight,” symbolizing chivalry and honor.
  2. Cadieux – of French origin, meaning “battle,” originally a nickname for a warrior.
  3. Caesar – means “ruler” in Latin, related to ancient Roman emperors like Julius Caesar.
  4. Cain – of Hebrew origin meaning “acquired,” associated with the first son of Adam and Eve.
  5. Calhoun – in Scottish Gaelic, this 7-letter surname means “narrow wood” or “narrow forest.”
  6. Calloway – an English surname meaning “pebbly stream,” associated with picturesque landscapes.
  7. Canales – this elegant surname is of Spanish origin, meaning “canals” or “waterways.”
  8. Cantrell – meaning “hill,” Cantrell was initially given to someone from Cantrell in Devon, England.
  9. Cardona – a Spanish surname for a person from Cardona, demonstrating their regional identity.
  10. Carlisle – an English surname meaning “stronghold of Lugus,” relating to a Roman god.
  11. Carmen – a Spanish surname, meaning “garden” or “orchard,” representing nature’s beauty.
  12. Carmichael – this Scottish surname comes from a village in Scotland, meaning “fort of Michael.”
  13. Carmona – originally denoting someone from the city of Carmona in Andalusia, Spain.
  14. Carrillo – originally a surname for someone with a unique cheek or jaw in Hispanic cultures.
  15. Carvalho – among the most beautiful last names that start with C, meaning “oak tree” in Portuguese.
  16. Cassidy – in Irish, Cassidy means “curly-haired,” perfect for a family with beautiful curls.
  17. Castilla – means “castle” in Spanish, initially indicating a person from the medieval city of Castile.
  18. Cavalier – of French origin, meaning “horseman” or “knight,” symbolizing chivalry and grace.
  19. Cavallari – this lovely Italian surname means “horse dealer.”
  20. Chamberlain – was originally an occupational surname for an overseer of a mansion.
  21. Chandler – this English occupational surname denoted a candlemaker or someone responsible for household goods.
  22. Chandra – an elegant choice among last names starting with C, meaning “moon” in Sanskrit.
  23. Chaney – of English origin, from the medieval Latin “casnetum” (oak grove).
  24. Channing – of English origin, meaning “young wolf” or “descendant of Cain,” reflecting strength and resilience.
  25. Charles – of French and Germanic origin, meaning “free man,” representing freedom and nobility.
  26. Chase – means “to hunt” in English, originally an occupational surname for a hunter.
  27. Cherry – this cute surname beginning with C is related to cherry trees or the fruit.
  28. Childs – originally a Middle English nickname meaning “child” or “infant.”
  29. Church – originally given to someone who lived near a church or worked in one.
  30. Cisneros – a beautiful option among last names that start with C, meaning “swan” in Spanish.
  31. Clarendon – this surname comes from a place in England, meaning “hill of Clare.”
  32. Cleary – in Irish, Cleary means “clerk” or “scribe,” representing literacy and knowledge.
  33. Clements – derived from the Late Latin “clemens” (merciful, gentle), symbolizing kindness and compassion.
  34. Clifton – an elegant option among last names starting with C, meaning “settlement near a cliff.”
  35. Coates – this English surname signifies a person who lived in a humble cottage.
  36. Collier – an English occupational surname for a coal miner, symbolizing industriousness and resourcefulness.
  37. Combs – a lovely option among surnames starting with C, denoting someone who lived near a valley.
  38. Connelly – this charming Irish surname means “descendant of Conghalach,” from a nickname meaning “brave” or “valiant.”
  39. Connors – this Irish beauty means “descendant of Conchobhar,” symbolizing a familial connection.
  40. Conrad – means “brave counsel” in German, reflecting strength and wisdom.
  41. Conway – means “holy water” in Welsh, linked to a town in North Wales.
  42. Copeland – of English and Old Norse origin, meaning “bought land,” reflecting historical land ownership.
  43. Cordero – this innocent Spanish surname meaning “lamb” is related to shepherds and Christianity.
  44. Cornelius – of Latin origin, meaning “horn,” borne by a 3rd-century Christian pope and saint.
  45. Corona – means “crown” in Spanish and Italian, symbolizing royalty and honor.
  46. Coronado – of Spanish origin, meaning “crowned” or “topped,” symbolizing prestige and distinction.
  47. Cortes – in Spanish, Cortes means “courteous” or “polite,” symbolizing elegance and courtesy.
  48. Corwin – an English surname from Old French “cordoan” (leather), initially given to tanners or leather workers.
  49. Costa – in Portuguese and Italian, this stunning surname means “coast” or “riverbank.”
  50. Costello – this sweet Irish surname means “resembling a deer,” perfect for a good natured family.
  51. Cottrell – a stunning choice among C last names, from the Old French “coterel” (cottager).
  52. Covarrubias – is most common surname in Mexico, meaning “red cave” in Spanish.
  53. Cowan – a Scottish surname meaning “born lucky” or “well-born,” perfect for a prestigious family.
  54. Coyle – is an Irish variation of the surname Mccool, meaning “stranger.”
  55. Craig – is of Scottish origin, meaning “rock” or “crag,” giving it a rugged appeal.
  56. Crescent – this English surname alludes to the moon’s shape, giving it a celestial feel.
  57. Crespo – in Spanish and Italian, Crespo means “curly” or “wavy,” referencing a person with curly hair.
  58. Crowe – means “crow” or “raven” in English, originally a nickname for those with dark features.
  59. Cuevas – means “caves” in Spanish, suggesting a familial connection to cave-like dwellings.

90 Unique Surnames Starting With C

These rare last names starting with C are as cool and distinctive as the families that hold them!

  1. Cabeza – from the Spanish word for “head,” originally a nickname for a big-headed person.
  2. Cabral – a Portuguese surname meaning “place of goats,” from the Latin “capra” (goats).
  3. Cabrera – this Spanish surname means “place of goats,” reflecting rural origins.
  4. Caddell – a Scottish surname meaning “son of Cadell,” indicating a familial link.
  5. Caden – this lovely 5-letter surname means “descendant of Cadán,” suggesting Irish heritage.
  6. Cadiz – of Spanish origin, indicating a familial connection to Cádiz city, Spain.
  7. Cadman – this Old English surname was given to cask makers or “servants of Cade.”
  8. Cadogan – means “battle glory” in Welsh, perfect for a strong military family.
  9. Cadwallader – a unique Welsh surname meaning “battle leader,” associated with a 7th-century king of the Britons.
  10. Caetano – means “from Caieta” in Portuguese, referencing an ancient Italian city.
  11. Cafaro – a rare surname beginning with C, meaning “unbeliever” in Italian.
  12. Caffrey – of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of Gothradh,” showing one’s ancestral roots.
  13. Caggiano – originally given to those from Caggiano, a place in Salerno province, Italy.
  14. Cagle – is the English form of the German Kegel, meaning “pin,” referencing a bowler.
  15. Cagney – means “descendant of Cagán” in Irish and is associated with actor/dancer James Cagney.
  16. Cagnoni – of Italian origin, possibly derived from “cagna,” meaning “female dog.”
  17. Callaghan – from the Old Irish “Ceallach” (bright-headed), borne by several early Irish kings.
  18. Calvert – an English occupational surname for a herdsman or cattle driver.
  19. Camp – comes from the Middle English “kempe” (champion, warrior).
  20. Cano – a Spanish and Portuguese surname derived from the Latin “canna” (reed).
  21. Cantu – comes from the Italian town of Cantù, which has an uncertain origin.
  22. Cao – this Chinese surname references the ancient state of Cao, existing during the Zhou dynasty.
  23. Capps – this English surname means “cap hat,” originally given to a hat maker.
  24. Carbajal – signifies a person from several places called Carbajal in Spain.
  25. Carey – an English surname from the Irish “ciar” (black), likely given to those with dark features.
  26. Carney – means “descendant of Catharnach” in Gaelic, ultimately from a byname meaning “warlike.”
  27. Carranza – signifies a person with roots in Carranza, Spain.
  28. Carrasco – of Spanish origin, meaning “holm oak,” giving it a beautiful association with nature.
  29. Cartwright – in English this means “maker of carts,” indicating the family’s ancestral occupation.
  30. Caruso – of Italian origin, meaning “boy” or “youth,” perfect for a family young at heart.
  31. Cash – originally given to a person who dealt with money, linked to singer Johnny Cash.
  32. Cason – an Old Norse surname from the personal name Kálfr (calf) and “tun” (town).
  33. Castle – signifies someone who lived near a castle, symbolizing nobility and strength.
  34. Catalano – an Italian surname for someone from Catalonia in Spain.
  35. Cates – an English surname from the Old Norse “káti” (boy).
  36. Caudill – a unique English surname referencing a “hot cup of wine or ale.”
  37. Cavazos – this Spanish surname means “calabash,” referencing a plant with a gourd-like fruit.
  38. Ceja – in Spanish, Ceja means “eyebrow,” possibly indicating a distinctive physical feature.
  39. Cerda – means “bristle” or “tough hair” in Spanish, perfect for a family with thick hair.
  40. Chacon – from a Spanish nickname meaning “gecko.”
  41. Chadwick – this classic 8-letter surname means “settlement belonging to Chad” in English.
  42. Champion – signifies a winner or victor, perfect for a family known for their success.
  43. Chappell – originally an English surname for someone residing near a chapel.
  44. Chavarria – a Spanish variation of the Basque Etxebarria, meaning “new house.”
  45. Childers – means “child’s house” in English, possibly referring to an orphanage.
  46. Childress – is of English origin, likely a nickname for an orphan.
  47. Christie – in Scottish, Christie means “follower of Christ,” symbolizing religious devotion.
  48. Chu – is a variation of the Chinese surname Zhu, meaning “red” or “cinnabar.”
  49. Cleveland – a strong Old English surname meaning “land of cliffs.”
  50. Cody – an Anglicized form of Irish Ó Cuidighthigh, borne by frontiersman Buffalo Bill Cody.
  51. Coffey – derived from Ó Cobhthaigh, an Irish surname meaning “victorious.”
  52. Coffman – of German origin, meaning “merchant” or “trader,” symbolizing commercial expertise.
  53. Coker – this surname means “crooked” and is associated with a group of villages in Somerset, England.
  54. Colvin – a rare option among last names that start with C, from the Welsh “colwyn” (puppy).
  55. Comer – this occupational surname was initially given to a maker or seller of combs.
  56. Compton – in English, Compton means “valley settlement,” reflecting a geographical connection to valleys.
  57. Conklin – is likely of Dutch or German origin, meaning “conspirator.”
  58. Conley – of Irish origin, meaning “valiant,” symbolizing strength and resilience.
  59. Cooley – this rare Gaelic name means “son of the servant of (Saint) Mochúille.”
  60. Cope – was an Anglo-Saxon surname for someone who wore a long cloak or cape.
  61. Corbett – originally a French nickname meaning “little raven,” associated with actor Ronnie Corbett.
  62. Corbin – of English origin, meaning “raven,” originally given to those with dark hair.
  63. Corcoran – means “purple” in Irish and was initially given to a descendant of Corcrán.
  64. Corley – this Irish surname is perfect for a good-natured family, meaning “cheery” or “benevolent.”
  65. Cormier – a French topographic name for someone who lived near a service tree.
  66. Cornell – in English, Cornell means “horn” and is associated with the prestigious university.
  67. Cote – of French origin, meaning “cottage” or “dweller in a small house.”
  68. Cotton – derived from the Old English “cotum” (cottages), also related to the plant.
  69. Couch – this Cornish surname means “red,” originally denoting a person with red hair or features.
  70. Courtney – of French origin, means “short nose,” reflecting a physical characteristic.
  71. Covington – means “settlement of Cofa” in English, indicating a historical association with a specific settlement.
  72. Crabtree – originally signifying a person who lived near a crabapple tree.
  73. Craft – in English, Craft is an occupational surname for someone skilled in a craft or trade.
  74. Crain – a cool Manx surname meaning “son of Ciarán” or “son of the devotee of Ciarán.”
  75. Cramer – in German, Cramer was an occupational surname for a “shopkeeper” or “trader.”
  76. Crane – a pretty choice among last names starting with C, from the Old English “cron” (crown).
  77. Crocker – an English occupational surname for a potter, symbolizing craftsmanship.
  78. Crockett – means “large curl” in English, associated with American folk hero David Crockett.
  79. Cronin – an Irish surname meaning “brown” or “saffron-haired,” linked to the hair color.
  80. Crouch – an English form of Cross, denoting someone who lived near a cross symbol or crossroads.
  81. Crowder – this English surname means “player of the croud,” referencing a stringed instrument.
  82. Crowell – means “well of crows” in English, symbolizing a connection to nature.
  83. Crowley – is of Irish origin, meaning “strong hero,” symbolizing strength and courage.
  84. Crum – a medieval English surname meaning “curved” or “bent,” possibly indicating a geographical feature.
  85. Cuellar – from the town of Cuéllar in Spain, possibly derived from Latin “collis” (hill).
  86. Cullen – meaning “holly tree,” this Irish surname is linked to the vampire family from Twilight.
  87. Cummins – this Irish surname was originally given to a grandson or descendant of Comán.
  88. Curran – a bold choice among surnames starting with C, meaning “little spear” in Irish.
  89. Currie – of Scottish origin, meaning “wetland” or “bog,” reflecting a connection to marshy landscapes.
  90. Cyrus – a gorgeous surname of Persian origin, meaning “lord” or “young.”

Last Names That Start With C FAQs

What Is the Most Popular Surname Beginning With C?

The most popular surnames starting with C vary by culture and region; however, Chang stands out globally, particularly in Chinese-speaking communities. In the U.S., the most common C last names are Clark, Campbell, Carter, Cook, and Collins. Other common ones you’re likely to encounter are Cox, Cooper, Cole, Coleman, and Carlson.

What Are the Fanciest Surnames Starting With C?

There are plenty of gorgeous last names that start with C, with standouts like Calloway (pebble pathway), Castilla (castle), and Caldwell (cold well). Some more unique beauties are Cartwright (cart maker), Cullen (holly tree) and Cyrus (young). These names are beautiful and sophisticated, adding a touch of charm to your family tree.

What Are Some Italian Last Names That Start With C?

There are plenty of gorgeous Italian last names that start with C, including Cavallari, an occupational title for a horse rider, and Colombo, a common surname meaning “dove,” popular among early Christians. Another lovely choice is Corona, a Spanish and Italian last name meaning “crown.” These names sound delightful and hold a bit of Italy’s fascinating history.

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