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Best Products for Morning Sickness in 2023

These are the best products for easing and eliminating morning sickness.

There’s no getting around it; morning sickness is the worst. But with so much advice and so many products out there, how can you find out which products are the best for helping with morning sickness?

You ask real moms! That’s exactly what we did to find the ten best morning sickness products. We’ll also answer your questions about morning sickness to help you cope with one of the more difficult aspects of pregnancy.

Our Top Picks

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Product Comparison Table

Product Image of the Prince of Peace Original Ginger Chews, 4 oz. – Candied Ginger – Candy Pack...
Best Ginger Product
Prince of Peace: Original Ginger Chews
  • Candies are individually wrapped
  • No pregnancy branding
  • Made w/o artificial flavors or additives
Product Image of the BOOST High Protein with Fiber Complete Nutritional Drink, Very Vanilla, 8 fl oz...
Best Supplement Shake
Boost: High Protein & Fiber Nutritional Drink
  • Small enough to carry with you
  • Available in a variety of flavors
  • Provides plenty of nutrients
Product Image of the Solgar Vitamin B6 25 mg, 100 Tablets - Supports Energy Metabolism, Heart Health...
Best Vitamin
Solgar: 25mg Vitamin B6 Tablets
  • Made in the US
  • Vegan, kosher, dairy- & gluten-free
  • Comes in glass, recyclable bottle
Product Image of the Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers, Farmhouse Cheddar - Gluten Free, Healthy...
Best Snack
Simple Mills: Almond Flour Crackers
  • Grain-free for food sensitivities
  • Organic ingredients and gentle on stomach
  • Gluten-free
Product Image of the ​MegaFood B12 Energy - Vitamin B12 Gummy for Cellular Energy Support - Vegan,...
Best Nausea Gummies
MegaFood: Certified Organic B12, Ginger Gummies
  • Certified organic
  • Non-GMO project verified
  • Tested for 125+ herbicides & pesticides
Product Image of the Oat Mama Morning Sickness Relief Tea: Decaf Ceylon Black Tea, Organic Ginger...
Best Tea
Oat Mama: Morning Sickness Tea
  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold
  • Teabags are convenient for use outdoors
  • Tea bags can be re-steeped
Product Image of the UpSpring Stomach Settle Nausea Relief Drops - Fast-Acting Pregnancy Nausea...
Best Nausea Candy
UpSpring: Stomach Settle Drops for Nausea
  • Individually wrapped drops
  • High B6 levels
  • Not too sweet
Product Image of the Provent Vertigo X Relief Oil, 0.15 Ounce
Best Essential Oils
Provent: Vertigo X Relief Oil
  • FSA & HSA eligible
  • Drug-free
  • Fits in your pocket
Product Image of the Psi Bands Acupressure Wrist Bands for The Relief of Nausea – Crystal Clear
Best Nausea Bands
Psi Bands: Acupressure Wrist Bands
  • Non-invasive
  • Adjustable wrist size & pressure
  • Waterproof product
Product Image of the Healqu Hospital Vomit Bags - 24 Pack 1000ml Car Throw Up Bag - for Airsick...
Best Barf Bag
Healqu: Hospital Vomit Bags
  • Fits in a pocket or bag
  • Seals in vomit & odors
  • Easy to dispose of

The Best Products for Morning Sickness of 2023

Combining our personal experience with the buying guidelines, these are the ten best products for morning sickness.

1. Prince of Peace: Original Ginger Chews

Best Ginger Product for Morning Sickness

Prince of Peace ginger chews come individually wrapped, so the pieces do not stick together, and you can keep a few floating around in your purse “just in case.”

As a ginger-flavored product, it has that peppery, spicy taste you would expect, but it’s not overwhelming like some ginger-flavored products.

There are only four ingredients in these chews: cane sugar, ginger, tapioca starch, and coconut oil, but there is no taste from the tapioca or coconut, just the ginger. There are no artificial additives or preservatives to worry about, but they are not organic, which keeps the price affordable.

In addition, they are not covered in pregnancy or even nausea references, so it’s easy to be discreet, which is especially important if you’re not ready to share your news with anyone just yet.


  • The candies are individually wrapped.
  • No pregnancy branding, so it’s easy to keep your pregnancy to yourself.
  • Made without artificial flavors, colors, or other additives.


  • The candy sizes are not consistent.

Product Specs

Number in pack Two bags, 30–35 pieces in each
Format Chewable candy
Flavor/aroma Ginger
FSA or HSA eligible? No

2. Boost: High Protein & Fiber Nutritional Drink

Best Supplement Shake for Morning Sickness

Suffering from morning sickness can leave you worried about getting enough nutrients for you and your baby. Boost provides 27 vitamins and minerals and 240 calories in a small bottle, which is perfect if you can’t keep a lot down.

Another great feature is that these particular Boost shakes are high in protein and have added fiber, both of which are shown to help with morning sickness.

The fiber may help clear nausea-inducing chemicals out of your body. But there’s not so much fiber that it slows down your digestive system, making the morning sickness worse.

A lack of protein can also increase nausea. The protein hit from Boost shakes can reduce the effects of low-protein-induced morning sickness while remaining easy to digest.


  • Small enough to carry with you.
  • Available in a variety of flavors.
  • Provides plenty of nutrients.


  • Dairy can make morning sickness worse for some people.

Product Specs

Number in pack 24 single-serve bottles
Format Milkshake
Flavor/aroma Vanilla
FSA or HSA eligible? No

3. Solgar: 25mg Vitamin B6 Tablets

Best Vitamin for Morning Sickness

For some people, vitamin B6 helps to relieve or even eliminate morning sickness entirely. B6 is needed for the production of norepinephrine and serotonin, which are essential neurotransmitters, and it is thought that this rise in chemicals in your brain helps relieve nausea (1).

Vitamin B6 is thought to help with morning sickness, but it is also possible to take too much of this vitamin. That’s why we like Solgar’s B6. The dose is high enough to be effective but low enough that taking two a day keeps you at half the level for potential danger.

This takes us to the importance of consulting your doctor.

While vitamins are needed, even the most naturally produced options, such as Solgar, can cause damage or illness if they are not taken correctly. Never take any supplement while pregnant without consulting a doctor first.


  • Made in the US.
  • Vegan, kosher, dairy-free, and gluten-free.
  • It comes in a glass, recyclable bottle.


  • Best taken with food, which can be difficult when nauseous.

Product Specs

Number in pack 100 tablets
Format Dry tablet
Flavor/aroma Unflavored
FSA or HSA eligible? No

4. Simple Mills: Almond Flour Crackers

Best Snack for Morning Sickness

Simple Mills crackers are made with a mixture of almond, sunflower seed, and flaxseed flour with tapioca starch, cassava flour, and sunflower oil thrown in too. They are flavored with sea salt, organic onion, and organic garlic for flavor.

Although they include rosemary extract, you can’t taste it. So if you don’t like rosemary, there’s no reason to avoid this option.

The crackers themselves are salty, but not overwhelmingly so, and have a light, crisp feel. This means it’s easy to eat a small number of crackers without suddenly tipping into “oh no, I shouldn’t have eaten that last one” territory!

You can safely keep a box next to the bed because they don’t have a strong smell to greet you first thing in the morning.


  • Grain-free, for people with certain food sensitivities
  • Light texture and organic ingredients that’s very gentle on the stomach.
  • No strong taste or smell.


  • May not be salty enough for high-salt pregnancy cravings.

Product Specs

Number in pack 3 boxes
Format Thin crackers
Flavor/aroma Almond flour & salt
FSA or HSA eligible? No

5. MegaFood: Certified Organic B12, Ginger Gummies

Best Nausea Gummies for Morning Sickness

Even if you are not especially concerned about eating organic foods or whether or not your food comes from genetically modified sources, it’s good to know that these ginger gummies from Megafood do not contain anything known to be potentially harmful.

The sweetener is organic cane sugar, and the maximum of two gummies a day will cost you 4% of your daily recommended amount of sugar allowance.

However, that recommended daily limit of two gummies is why this didn’t make it a five-star morning sickness product. Not because they aren’t fabulous — they are — but because they’re a vitamin product, and you cannot chew through as many as you want.

This limits how effective they might be if you have constant, all-day nausea, although you can supplement your morning sickness treatment treasure chest with other options.


  • Certified organic.
  • Non-GMO project verified.
  • Tested for over 125 herbicides and pesticides.


  • You can take a maximum of two per day.

Product Specs

Number in pack 1 bottle, 70 gummies
Format Chewable gummy candy
Flavor/aroma Ginger
FSA or HSA eligible? No

6. Oat Mama: Morning Sickness Tea

Best Tea for Morning Sickness

Oat Mama was founded by two moms who wanted to create products for pregnancy, postpartum, and breastfeeding that they would like to use themselves. The business is still owned and run by the same pair who started it, and they have a hand in every new product.

The morning sickness tea is one of a range of teas. The other three in the line are all trimester-specific.

This lemon tea has a strong but not unpleasant, zesty lemon aroma when you open the packaging, but the smell is greatly diminished by the time you have brewed your tea. This is not a problem unless you are hoping for a tea you can enjoy smelling as you drink.

The tea also contains ginger, but this appears to be for the stomach-calming property and not for taste as we couldn’t detect even a hint of gingery spiciness.


  • Can be enjoyed hot or cold.
  • Teabags are convenient for use outside the home.
  • You can re-steep the tea bags for two servings from one bag.


  • Packaging is not discreet.

Product Specs

Number in pack 1 pack of 14 tea bags
Format Teabag
Flavor/aroma Lemon, ginger, black tea
FSA or HSA eligible? No

7. UpSpring: Stomach Settle Drops for Nausea

Best Nausea Candy for Morning Sickness

These hard candy drops from UpSpring contain ginger but taste strongly of mint, so if you are sensitive to any particular smell or flavor, that is the one you have to worry about.

Because the drops contain B6, you can’t consume unlimited amounts. The packaging recommends a maximum of four a day. However, this is based on the average non-pregnant adult, so, as with other items containing nutritional supplements, check with your doctor before trying these drops.

These aren’t at the top of our list because of the high price for the number of drops in the package. But many people swear by them, so they are worth a try if you’re dealing with unrelenting morning sickness.


  • Individually wrapped drops are easy to take with you.
  • High B6 levels.
  • Not too sweet.


  • Wrappers create additional waste.
  • Not the best value for money.

Product Specs

Number in pack 1 bag with 28 candies
Format Hardboiled candy
Flavor/aroma Mint, lemon, ginger
FSA or HSA eligible? No

8. Provent: Vertigo X Relief Oil

Best Essential Oils for Morning Sickness

Don’t be fooled. Although this essential oil roller is labeled as a product for vertigo relief, in reality, it is effective for any kind of nausea, including morning sickness.

Many of the morning sickness products we’ve tried work brilliantly for one person, but not at all for the next, but this roller seems a little more hit and miss than some other options. It seems to either help a lot or not at all.

Because this product is FSA and HSA eligible, it is certainly worth trying. It is drug-free, so you can use it as often as you like. However, some people find they’re sensitive to the peculiar smell, which is best described as “palm trees.”


  • FSA & HSA eligible.
  • Fits in your pocket.


  • Smell may make your morning sickness worse.

Product Specs

Number in pack 1
Format Essential oil roller
Flavor/aroma Made with lavender oil, smells like palm trees
FSA or HSA eligible? Yes

9. Psi Bands: Acupressure Wrist Bands

Best Nausea Bands for Morning Sickness

Nausea bands are thought to work by applying pressure or an electrical impulse to a specific point on your wrist. In traditional Asian medicine, this is called the “P6” or “nei kuan” point. This is roughly two fingers width from the top crease on the inside of your wrist.

While no one is entirely sure why acupressure and acupuncture work, practitioners say that the application of pressure disrupts, inhibits, or improves the flow of the body’s energy and changes the body’s response to negative stimuli.

Some studies show an improvement in the symptoms of morning sickness in users, while others claim that the only benefits are through the placebo effect.

For example:

  • One study found there was no significant difference between those who tried the band and those who did not. The study did find that some women found them helpful (2).
  • A second study, with a control group, found acupressure bands did not help at all (3).
  • Another study compared the use of nausea bands with vitamin B6 and discovered that there was no difference between the two when it came to relieving morning sickness. However, this study didn’t say whether bands were helpful or not, just that their effect was no different than with vitamin supplements. Therefore, there could be a placebo effect at play in either treatment (4).
  • Yet another study used a 7-day clinical trial of acupressure bands for morning sickness and found there was a significant improvement in symptoms for women using the bands (5).

Either way, it seems to work for enough people that you have a pretty good chance of seeing at least some benefit.


  • Non-invasive.
  • Adjustable wrist size and pressure.
  • Waterproof product can be worn anywhere.


  • No definitive proof on whether they work.

Product Specs

Number in pack One pack, two bands
Method of use Wear on wrist
Flavor/aroma None
FSA or HSA eligible? Yes

10. Healqu: Hospital Vomit Bags

Best Barf Bag for Morning Sickness

As this is a list of the best products for morning sickness, not the best cures, here’s a product for those people unfortunate enough to find any relief — barf bags.

Yes, you can carry a couple of scrunched-up carrier bags in your pocket, but there are disadvantages to that. It can be tricky to get the bag out of your pocket so you can throw up in it, and the wide opening can be challenging to control.

Finally, and most unfortunately, if you fail to notice a hole in your plastic bag, you’ll be dripping vomit onto the floor before you can do anything about it. (I’m speaking from experience on this point.)

That’s why these barf bags are great. There’s a plastic ring at the top that makes it easy to hold in place. And when you’ve finished emptying your stomach, you simply twist the bag into the notched rim to seal in the vomit and any odors.


  • Fits in a pocket or bag.
  • Seals in vomit and odors.
  • Easy to dispose of.


  • Only leakproof if you keep the bag upright and lean over the opening.
  • More expensive than just using plastic bags.

Product Specs

Number in pack 24
Method of use Hold in hand
Flavor/aroma None
FSA or HSA eligible? No

Product Comparison Chart

Product Best Number in pack Format Flavor/aroma FSA or HSA eligible?
Prince of Peace: Original Ginger Chews Best Ginger Product 2 bags, 30–35 pieces in each Chewable candy Ginger No
Boost: High Protein & Fiber Nutritional Drink Best Supplement Shake 24 single-serve bottles Milkshake Vanilla No
Solgar: 25mg Vitamin B6 Tablets Best Vitamin 100 tablets Dry tablet Unflavored No
Simple Mills: Almond Flour Crackers Best Snack 3 boxes Thin crackers Almond flour & salt No
MegaFood: Certified Organic B12, Gummies Best Nausea Gummies 1 bottle, 70 gummies Chewable gummy candy Ginger No
Oat Mama: Morning Sickness Tea Best Tea 1 pack of 14 tea bags Teabag Lemon, ginger, black tea No
UpSpring: Stomach Settle Drops for Nausea Best Nausea Candy 1 bag with 28 candies Hardboiled candy Mint, lemon, ginger No
Provent: Vertigo X Relief Oil Best Essential Oils 1 Essential oil roller Smells like palm trees Yes
Psi Bands: Acupressure Wrist Bands Best Nausea Bands 1 pack, 2 bands Wear on wrist None Yes
Healqu: Hospital Vomit Bags Best Barf Bag 24 Hold in hand None No

Types of Products for Morning Sickness

Nobody is sure what causes morning sickness, but it’s thought to be your body’s response to the climbing levels of hCG, the pregnancy hormone (6).

Not knowing the exact cause is one reason why finding a treatment or cure is so difficult. The other reason is that no two women, or even the same woman during different pregnancies, experience morning sickness in the same way.

That’s why there’s such a wide range of products available. It’s also the reason you may have to try several before finding what works for you.

Morning sickness products include:

Candies, Gummies, and Drops

You can try any candy, gummy, or drop for morning sickness; they don’t have to be branded specifically for pregnancy or morning sickness.

Choose from ginger, lemon, and other sour options, as they are most frequently helpful. But be careful — many of these candies contain vast amounts of sugar that can not only be bad for your teeth but also your overall nutrition.

Nausea Bands

Nausea bands exert pressure on your body’s P6 acupressure point, disrupting the signal to your brain that says, “I feel sick.” The jury is out on their effectiveness, with some people swearing by them and others finding no relief. But they can’t do any harm, so it’s worth seeing if they work for you.


Taking vitamin B6 can have a dramatic effect on nausea levels (7). But it can take up to a week for your body to respond.


You should always talk to your healthcare advisor before taking any supplement during pregnancy.

Essential Oils

Just as some smells can trigger morning sickness, other scents can help calm a nauseous stomach. They do not have to be pure essential oils to work but do look for products made by a reliable manufacturer.

Teas and Snacks

Eating and drinking can relieve you when you are suffering from morning sickness and can make you feel a little more human. The things that seem to help most people, most often are:

  • Crackers, ready salted chips, and pretzels: Foods high in starch help absorb stomach acid, reducing nausea. Eating some crackers as soon as you wake up can help you head off the queasy feeling in the morning.
  • Nuts and other high-protein foods: A lack of protein can make nausea worse, no matter what the cause, and morning sickness is no different. If you can only manage to eat a tiny amount, try nut butter on your crackers.
  • BART: BART stands for bananas, apples, rice, and toast. All of these options are good for nausea because they are bland and don’t overtax your digestive system. Choose dry toast, applesauce, plain boiled rice, or any of the four foods in any way you like.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is high in moisture to help with dehydration and low in flavor and smell to minimize the chance of turning your stomach. They are the unsung heroes of the morning sickness treatment arsenal.
  • Teas: Some people find ginger, peppermint, or lemon teas helpful for symptoms such as nausea and stomach cramps. However, peppermint tea is potentially harmful in large amounts. You should not drink other teas such as chamomile or liquorice during pregnancy as they increase the risk of miscarriage or pre-term labor (source).

How to Choose the Best Products for Morning Sickness

The best morning sickness products for you may not be the best for the next mom, and what works for you in one pregnancy may not work in the next. However, there are some guidelines to help you choose.


You may not feel like eating at all, but hunger and low blood sugar can worsen nausea. If you have no appetite, or if food comes straight back up at certain times, go for hard candies, nausea bands, and products where the smell is the main sickness-fighting feature.


Morning sickness products will only work if you use them, so don’t get something you know you don’t like just because someone says it’s effective. For example, forcing yourself to down ginger ale when you hate the stuff will only make you feel even more miserable.


Don’t get drawn in by pregnancy-labeled items. They are more expensive and no different from the standard alternative. For example, a can of pregnancy drops might set you back $15 for 10 ounces, but a 50-ounce bag of Lifesavers is $8.

Other Helpful Remedies for Morning Sickness

  • Eat multiple small meals rather than three meals a day. This will minimize the chance of you feeling sick due to an empty stomach.
  • Some people have found hypnosis, self-hypnosis, or meditation to be helpful.
  • Skip spicy or fatty foods; they are more likely to cause nausea.
  • Stay hydrated with water, flat lemonade, ginger cordial, electrolyte drinks, popsicles, and foods with high moisture content.
  • Set your alarm early, and keep a stash of crackers or arrowroot cookies by the bed. Then sit up in bed and have a snack before you get up.
  • Get rest, but don’t nap until at least an hour after eating. This will give your body a chance to digest food before you sleep.

FAQs About Morning Sickness

These are the questions we’re asked most about morning sickness.

Does Throwing Up Help Morning Sickness?

Some people feel better after throwing up, but most do not. Instead, you may find yourself in a vicious circle of emptying your stomach, which lowers your blood sugar and gives you a belly full of acid, which then causes you to feel sick again.

When Does the Nausea Stop While Pregnant?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a hard and fast rule for this one. For most people, the sickness peaks between 8 and 11 weeks of pregnancy and fades by week 12. For others, it continues into the second trimester or even the third.

Some moms remain sick until the moment their baby is born.

Is Extreme Nausea a Sign of Miscarriage?

Left untreated, extreme morning sickness, known as hyperemesis gravidarum, can cause organ failure for the mother, low baby birth weight, or preterm labor (8). However, it does not appear to have a bearing on miscarriage.

Although it’s not a hard-and-fast rule, those who experience morning sickness are less likely to suffer a miscarriage (9).

This Too Shall Pass

No matter how bad your morning sickness is or how much of the day you spend feeling nauseous or vomiting, you can at least reassure yourself it won’t last forever.

As a researcher and mom with plenty of morning sickness experience, I can confirm that these are the best products for morning sickness, and each one is worth a try.

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