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200+ Outstanding Last Names That Start With O

These last names that start with O are “Oh,” so wonderful!

Are you fortunate enough to have an O last name? If you do, you’re in for a treat! We have compiled an extensive list of last names starting with O. Our list contains exotic, popular, and unique surnames. You’ll also learn about their meanings, origins, and exciting namesakes.

By the time you finish reading through our list, you’ll be shocked by how much you’ve learned. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy our bountiful selection of fascinating surnames that begin with O.

70 Exotic Last Names That Start With O

These foreign last names that start with O will make you say, “Ooh, la la!”

  1. Oakry – of English origin, meaning “from near the oak tree.”
  2. Ocampo – hailing from Spain, meaning “from Ocampo, Galicia” and “campus.”
  3. Ocasio – a derivative of “ocaso,” meaning “time occasion” and “last phase” in Spanish.
  4. Ochoa – joins the ranks of animal-inspired last names starting with O, meaning “wolf” in Spanish.
  5. Odom – a 4-letter option meaning “son-in-law” and “brother-in-law” in English.
  6. Oeth – of German origin, among the rarest surnames with an unknown meaning.
  7. Oetzel – a variation of Oz or Otzen, meaning “strength” and “courage” in Hebrew.
  8. Offerman – a Dutch surname for those guarding the church’s donation box.
  9. Officer – of Scottish and English origin, referring to servants or officers of any capacity.
  10. Offill – means “from the low village” in English, joining the ranks of 6-letter topographical surnames.
  11. Offutt – a derivative of “off-ut” an English phrase referring to land set apart from main property.
  12. Oganesyan – taken from Ohanesian, an Armenian surname connected to the biblical title John.
  13. Ogilvie – a unique respelling of Oglesby, meaning “from Ogilvie” in Gaelic.
  14. Ogilvy – a variation of Ogilvie, a Gaelic topographical surname popular in Ireland.
  15. Ogle – of English origin, means “hill,” ideal for families who love rolling acres.
  16. Ojeda – a Spanish habitational title given to clans dwelling near leafy valleys.
  17. Oka – of Japanese origin, meaning “hill” and is often used as a prefix.
  18. Okane – taken from Ó Catháin, meaning “battle,” initially given to soldiers.
  19. Okwilagwe – a Nigerian surname with an unknown meaning, most popular in its country of origin.
  20. Olaeta – of English origin, an occupational title for ironworkers or those living in iron homes.
  21. Olagbaju – of Nigerian origin, meaning “wealth” and “celebration,” traditionally given to rich families.
  22. Olczak – taken from Olcza, meaning “lives near the alder” in Polish.
  23. Oldenkamp – of Dutch origin, referring to families dwelling near old fields.
  24. Ole – means “ancestor’s descendant” in Danish and Norwegian and “bravo” in Spanish.
  25. Olean – of English and Scottish origin, meaning “from the city of Olean.”
  26. Oles – means “defender of men” in Greek and was initially given to elite servicemen.
  27. Oleska – the Ukranian variation of Aleksy, connected to Alexander meaning “defender of men.”
  28. Oley – a German occupational title for oil millers or those who sold oil.
  29. Oliva – of Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese origin, meaning “olive tree,” a symbol of peace.
  30. Olivares – hailing from Spain, referring to families living near olive tree groves.
  31. Olivarez – a beautiful respelling of Olivares, meaning “olive groves” in Spanish.
  32. Olivas – a variation of Olives, initially given to Spanish families who sold olive oil.
  33. Olive – of French, Italian, and Spanish origin, meaning “seller or extractor of olive oil.”
  34. Olivera – means “olive tree” in Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, doubling as a common forename.
  35. Olivo – a 5-letter Spanish and Italian option referring to those dwelling near olive trees.
  36. Olk – of German origin, meaning “property riches,” given to the wealthiest landowners.
  37. Olle – a moniker for Olaf, which means “ancestor’s relic” in Norse, pronounced “OH-lee.”
  38. Ollom – the German version of Ulm, meaning “flow,” inspired by rivers.
  39. Oloyede – a fierce Nigerian option that means “the chief has come,” ideal for A-list families.
  40. Oltz – short for Olrich, which means “rich” and “powerful,” ideal for families of leaders.
  41. Olvera – of Spanish origin, meaning “from Olvera,” can also point to prominent families.
  42. Olvey – a variation of Aldway, meaning “noble war” in English and German.
  43. Omori – means “large grove” in Japanese, given to those dwelling near large forests.
  44. On – among the shortest O last names meaning “yellow” and “to fall through” in Chinese.
  45. Onder – of Turkish origin, an occupational title given to city leaders or famous business owners.
  46. Ong – a 3-letter pick meaning “king” and “monarch,” pronounced “WANG.”
  47. Ontiveros – of Spanish origin, meaning “strong,” “vine,” and “genuine.”
  48. Onwuka – an Ibo option that means “dignity,” fitting for sophisticated clans.
  49. Onyenwere – an ultrarare Nigerian option with an undetermined meaning.
  50. Ooman – a derivative of “oom,” meaning “uncle” in Dutch and German.
  51. Opdahl – of Norse origin, meaning “up” and “valley,” can also be a variation of Oppdal.
  52. Oppenheimer – means “from Oppenheim” in German, borne by physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer.
  53. Opsal – hailing from Norway, meaning “hall house farm,” joining habitational surnames starting with O.
  54. Orji – a respelling of Oji, which means “strong and mighty tree” in Ibo and Nigerian.
  55. Oropeza – means “from Oropesa” in Spanish, doubling as a respelling of Oropesa.
  56. Orozco – taken from “orosius,” meaning “place of the holly trees,” in Latin, associated with Christmas.
  57. Orr – of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “dark” and “pale,” can also refer to a coat of arms.
  58. Ortega – means “nettle,” “quail,” and “black grouse” in Spanish, given to small, birdlike men.
  59. Ortiz – of Spanish origin, meaning “brave” and “strong,” ideal for mighty clans.
  60. Osberg – means “river mouth” and “mountain” or “hill” in Norwegian and Swedish.
  61. Oshea – of Irish origin, meaning “fortunate,” fitting for blessed families.
  62. Osorio – hailing from Portugal and Spain, means “wolf hunter,” symbolizing bravery.
  63. Oster – of Swedish and German origin, given to families living in eastern settlements.
  64. Otero – means “height” and “hill” in Spanish, joining habitational Hispanic titles.
  65. Oullette – a derivative of “oulle,” meaning “small stream” in French, prevalent in Canada.
  66. Overbeck – of German origin, meaning “from the other side of the stream.”
  67. Oviedo – hailing from Spain and traditionally given to families dwelling near mountains.
  68. Ox – of English origin, an occupational surname for ox farmers or those selling oxen.
  69. Oyvey – means “wild boar” in German, initially given to men with wild personalities.
  70. Oz – of Hebrew origin, meaning “strength,” “heroism,” and “courage.”

70 Popular Last Names Starting With O

These famous surnames, starting with O, are positively spellbinding.

  1. Oakley – hails from Britain and means “meadow of oak trees.”
  2. Oaks – of English origin, referring to someone dwelling near oak groves.
  3. Oates – means “wealth” in German and English, often associated with the pop duo Hall and Oakes.
  4. O’Bear – a derivative of Ó Béara, given to descendants of men named Bear or Beara.
  5. O’Berry – a variation of Ó Béara, meaning “descendant of Béara” in Gaelic.
  6. O’Boyle – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “son of the rash one,” fitting for hot-tempered clans.
  7. O’Brien – taken from Ó Britain, meaning “high” and “noble,” initially given to moral families.
  8. O’Cahan – a derivative of Ó Catháin, meaning “descendants of Cahan” in Irish.
  9. O’Callaghan – inspired by Ó Ceallacháin, which means “relatives of Ceallacháin” in Gaelic.
  10. O’Casey – taken from “cathasaigh,” meaning “vigilant” and “watchful” in Irish.
  11. Ockenfeld – of German origin, a habitational title meaning “from Ockenfels.”
  12. Ocker – means “dwelling near the Ocker River” in German.
  13. O’Clery – of Irish origin, inspired by O’Cleirigh, meaning “clerk” and “cleric.”
  14. O’Connell – inspired by O’Conaill, meaning “strong as a wolf” in Gaelic.
  15. O’Connor – means “descendant of Conchobhar” and “hound of desire” in Irish
  16. Oddy – a derivative of Eadwig, meaning “war prosperity,” given to victorious soldiers.
  17. Ode – of English origin, referring to a poem or lyrics, ideal for wordsmiths.
  18. Odell – means “woad hill” in English, pointing to flowers used for blue dye.
  19. Oden – of Norse and Scandinavian origin, meaning “frenzy” and “raging,” associated with mythology.
  20. Ogletree – an 8-letter Scottish option meaning “from the Ogle grove.”
  21. Ogrady – inspired by Ó Grádaigh, meaning “chief of the name” in Irish and Gaelic.
  22. Oh – means “king” in Japanese and “why” in Chinese, among multicultural surnames beginning with O.
  23. O’Hagan – a respelling of Ó hAodhagáin, meaning “little fire from the sun” in Irish.
  24. O’Halloran – of Irish origin, meaning “stranger” or “across the sea.”
  25. O’Hara – taken from Ó hEaghra, meaning “descendant of Eaghra” in Irish.
  26. Olaf – means “idol” and “hot duck” in Chinese and “ancestor” in Norse.
  27. Olah – of Hungarian origin, meaning “Romanian,” often confused with Olaf.
  28. Oldaker – of English origin, traditionally given to those dwelling near old plowed fields.
  29. Oldham – means “old lands” in England, making it a topographical and habitational option.
  30. Oldroyd – a variation of Ollerhead, meaning “growing with alders” and “top summit” in English.
  31. Oldt – of German origin, inspired by Alt, meaning “old,” ideal for mature families.
  32. Olguin – hails from Spain and means “to enjoy oneself” and “to be happy.”
  33. Oliver – is of Norse origin, meaning “olive tree” and “ancestor’s descendants,” doubling as a cute forename.
  34. Olivia – means “olive tree” in Latin, symbolizing peace and unity among family.
  35. OImos – of Latin origin, meaning “elm tree,” symbolizing the power of deep roots.
  36. Olson – of Scandinavian origin, meaning “son of Olaf” and “son of Ole.”
  37. Olverson – a derivative of Oliverson, given to Scottish relatives of Oliver.
  38. Omar – means “flourishing” in Arabic and “gifted speaker” in Hebrew, fitting for families of orators.
  39. Omdahl – a respelling of Omdal, meaning “elm valley,” can also be a variant of Almdair.
  40. Oneal – of Irish origin, meaning “champion” and “hero,” connected to Niall.
  41. Onion – an English occupational surname for onion farmers or onion merchants.
  42. Ono – joins the ranks of 3 letter Japanese surnames, meaning “field,” borne by activist Yoko Ono.
  43. Onorato – of Italian and Latin origin, meaning “honored,” initially given to revered men.
  44. Onri – means “gratitude,” “favor,” and “kindness” in Japanese, depending on the symbols used.
  45. Onsager – hailing from Norway, means “cultivated field” and is connected to the mythical god Odin.
  46. Oog – a derivative of Auge, meaning “eye” in Dutch, referring to those with good vision.
  47. Ooi – of Chinese origin, meaning “yellow” and “to fall through.”
  48. Opal – a Sanskrit option meaning “precious gemstone,” referring to the cloudy jewel.
  49. Orbee – hailing from the U.K., meaning “Orri’s farmstead” and “Orri’s village.”
  50. Orbit – of English origin, meaning “to encircle,” often associated with astronomy.
  51. Ord – means “place” and “corner of land” in English, referring to those with pointed land plots.
  52. Ordaz – a derivative of Fortunio, meaning “lucky” and “fortunate” in Latin.
  53. Orders – taken from “hordere,” meaning “keeper of provisions” in English.
  54. Ordonez – inspired by Fortunio, a Latin option given to wealthy men.
  55. Ordoyne – a variation of Ordonez, meaning “lucky” and “wealthy” in Spanish.
  56. Ore – means “from Woore” and “unstable” in English, ideal for free spirits.
  57. Orellana – of Spanish and Latin origin, meaning “estate of Aurelius” and “from Orellana.”
  58. Orlando – means “famous throughout the land” in Italian, doubling as a city in Florida.
  59. Ornelas – taken from Dornelas, meaning “vat tub” in Portuguese.
  60. Orosco – a sophisticated respelling of Orozco, meaning “place by the holly trees.”
  61. Orourke – inspired by O’Ruairc, meaning “famous king” or “red king” in Irish.
  62. Osborne – of English and Norse origin, meaning “god” and “bear,” given to ferocious fighters.
  63. Osburn – a variation of Osborne, a Norse title given to men with bearlike qualities.
  64. Osman – a simple respelling of Ossmann, meaning “god man” in Dutch.
  65. O’Sullivan – is of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of the one-eyed man.”
  66. Osuna – is of Spanish origin, meaning “bear” and “estate of Ursus.”
  67. Oswald – means “god,” “rule,” and “wealthy” in English and Scottish.
  68. Otis – of German origin, meaning “wealthy,” doubling as a vintage forename.
  69. Outlaw – means “outside of the law” in English and was often given to criminals.
  70. Owens – of Celtic and Welsh origin, meaning “noble,” ideal for honorable clans.

70 Unique Surnames Starting With O

These rare last names, starting with O, are global sensations.

  1. Oakes – sits among nature-inspired last names that start with O, meaning “lives by the oak trees.”
  2. Octavius – a derivative of “octavus,” meaning “eighth” in Latin, traditionally given to eighth sons.
  3. O’Day – a variation of Ó Deaghaidh, meaning “descendant of Deaghaidh” in Celtic.
  4. O’Dell – of English and Irish origin, meaning “from the dell” and “from Odell.”
  5. O’Donovan – means “descendants of Donovan” and “relatives of Donnabháin” in Irish.
  6. Odorizzi – of Italian origin, an alternative to Odorsio, meaning “wealth” and “prince.”
  7. O’Driscoll – taken from O hEidirisceoil, meaning “bearer of news,” given to pageboys.
  8. Oe – hails from Japan and means “lit,” “large inlet,” and “large bay.”
  9. Oestreich – taken from “ustrih,” meaning “in the East,” and “ostar,” which also means “from the East.”
  10. O’Farrell – of Irish origin, meaning “descendant of Fearghal,” inspired by Ó Fearghail.
  11. O’Friel – means “descendants of Friel” in Irish and Gaelic.
  12. Ogden – an English habitational surname meaning “oak valley,” a good title for families who love forests.
  13. Oghagbon – a Nigerian option with an unknown meaning, most popular in Africa.
  14. Ogier – a variation of Audagari, which means “wealthy spear” in French and English.
  15. Oglesby – a 7-letter respelling of Ugglebarnby, meaning “a farmstead or settlement” in Scottish and English.
  16. Ohana – means “son of Hannah” in Hebrew and “family” in Hawaiian.
  17. Ohanesian – of Armenian origin, a patronymic surname reserved for relatives of Ohan or John.
  18. Ohashi – of Japanese origin, meaning “large bridge,” symbolizing new adventures and connection.
  19. O’Hea – inspired by Aodh, the Irish version of Aiden, meaning “little fire.”
  20. Ohien – a Nigerian option with an unknown meaning, perfect for families who love mystery.
  21. O’Higgins – of Irish and Gaelic origin, meaning “Viking,” ideal for fierce clans.
  22. Ohl – is of German origin, meaning “meadowland surrounded by water” and “from Ohl.”
  23. Ohland – means “from Oland” or “from the island” in German.
  24. Ohlsen – a unique respelling of Olson, traditionally given to Scottish and German sons of Ohl.
  25. Ohm – is of German origin, meaning “maternal uncle” or a scientific term for electrical connections.
  26. Oiler – a German occupational surname for oil sellers, can also mean “hard weapon.”
  27. Oja – of Estonian and Finnish origin, meaning “stream,” “ditch,” and “brook.”
  28. Ok – hails from China and means “happy,” “joyful,” and “celebration.”
  29. O’Keefe – means “gentle,” “noble,” and “kind” in Irish.
  30. Okeke – of Nigerian origin, meaning “man born on Eke day” or “man born on market day.”
  31. Olafson – originated in Iceland, referring to sons of Olaf or sons of Olafur.
  32. Olde – of English origin, initially given to those with old souls or gray hair.
  33. Olds – an English nickname turned surname, an ironic pick for the forever young.
  34. Oleary – an Irish surname for those tasked with caring for calves.
  35. Oliveira – of Portuguese origin, meaning “from near the olive tree,” often spelled “de Oliveira.”
  36. Olmstead – means “from Olmstead Green,” referring to a place in Cambridge.
  37. O’Loughlin – a derivative of Ó Lochlainn, meaning “descendant of Lochlann” in Irish.
  38. Olsen – a respelling of Olson, meaning “son of Ole” in Danish and Norwegian.
  39. Olympia – of Greek origin, meaning “from Mount Olympus,” doubling as a girl’s forename.
  40. Omalley – an Irish option meaning “prince,” “champion,” and “poet,” mentioned in Grey’s Anatomy.
  41. Omozee – of Nigerian origin, meaning “because of this child, I feel alive.”
  42. Oneil – a variation of las Néill, meaning “grandson or relative of Neil” in Irish.
  43. O’Neal – a respelling of O’Neill, meaning “relative of Niall” in Gaelic.
  44. Oneill – a respelling of Oneil, given to Irish relatives of Niall or Neil.
  45. Oramas – hails from Spain and means “from Oramas, Spain.”
  46. Orefice – of Italian origin, an occupational surname for goldsmiths and jewelers.
  47. Oreilly – a derivative of Ó Raghallaigh, meaning “from Raghallach” in Gaelic.
  48. O’Riordan – of Irish origin, meaning “royal poet,” perfect for writers.
  49. Orris – of English origin, a derivative of Orridge, connected to Horace.
  50. Orta – means “garden” in Portuguese, ideal for families with green thumbs.
  51. Osborn – of Norse origin, meaning “bear god,” fitting for clans who love mythology.
  52. Osbourne – a respelling of Osborn, meaning “god bear” and “god warrior” in Norse.
  53. O’Shaughnessy – means “descendant of Shaughnessy” in Irish, joining the ranks of patronymic surnames.
  54. Osterberg – means “from the eastern mountain hill” in German.
  55. Ostrander – of Swedish origin, meaning “man” and “from the east border.”
  56. Ostrich – a German surname that means “kingdom” or a large bird.
  57. Oswalde – of English origin, means “rule” and “power,” ideal for strong clans.
  58. Otoole – a derivative of Ó Tuathail, meaning “descendant of Tuathal” in Celtic.
  59. O’Toole – taken from Ó Tuathail, for a “descendant of Tuathail” in Celtic.
  60. Ott – the Estonian variation of Otto, meaning “bear” and “prosperity.”
  61. Otto – of German origin, meaning “wealth” and “prosperity,” can also be a male forename.
  62. Outlow – an English option that emerged in the Middle Ages, meaning “outside the law.”
  63. Outten – of English origin, meaning “from the outside village.”
  64. Ovalle – a derivative of “vallis,” meaning “valley” in Latin, can also mean “from Galicia.”
  65. Overstreet – hailing from the U.K., meaning “from the other side of the street.”
  66. Overton – an English habitational title meaning “upper settlement” and “river bank.”
  67. Ovieda – a variation of Oviedo, meaning “mountain dweller” in Spanish.
  68. Owen – taken from Owain, meaning “well born” in Welsh, can also be a male forename.
  69. Oxendine – is of English origin, meaning “valley of the oxen” and “from Oxendean.”
  70. Ozzy – means “spear of the gods” and “god’s power” in German.

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