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Best Amazon Prime Day Baby Deals of 2024: Deals for Moms

Get major savings on big-ticket baby gear during Amazon Prime Day.

Amazon Prime Day Buying Guide

When is Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day 2022 was held on July 12th and 13th.

Amazon Prime Day 2021 took place on June 21st and 22nd.

What is Prime Day?

Prime Day is a one-day-only shopping event hosted by Amazon where they offer substantial discounts on most of their products. The event is much like Black Friday. However, Prime Day is only hosted online via the Amazon store. That means you won’t need to risk your life trying to snatch up a great deal on a flat-screen TV.

As the name implies, Prime Day is geared toward serving Amazon Prime members, offering them exclusive and early deals on electronics, baby gear, home goods, and more.

Get Prime

As the name might suggest, Amazon Prime Day is exclusively for Prime members. But don’t fret; you don’t necessarily have to shell out $119 right away to get these deals. Here are a few tips that can help you save big without spending a ton of money to access Prime Day.

30 Day Trial Period

If you are brand new to Amazon Prime, the company offers a 30 day free trial period to introduce you to the program. During that trial period, you have access to free two-day shipping, all Prime Video options, and Prime Day deals — if you play your cards and calendar right. Just remember to cancel the subscription if you don’t want to keep it after the trial period, as your credit card will be automatically charged after 30 days.

Ibotta App

If you are new to Ibotta and know that you want to keep Prime for more than the 30-day trial period, consider signing up through the Ibotta App. This app not only gives you cash back on everyday items from your favorite stores, but it also gives you a $20 Amazon gift card when you sign up for a year of Prime through the app.


Swagbucks is a program that gives you points, which you can then redeem for prizes or gift cards in exchange for doing surveys, playing games, and watching short videos. It also offers an entire section of deals, so if you sign up for a service, you can get a gift card or a certain amount of points.

If you sign up for a one-year membership through Swagbucks, you can get a $15 Amazon gift card. This is a great option for those who already have the Ibotta app and can’t sign up that way.

Government Assistance

Amazon raised their rate, hoping to cover improved features like same-day delivery in many cities (1). But they know that $119 can be impossible for families already struggling to pay their bills.

That’s why Amazon Prime offers a discounted program to families on government assistance such as TANF, Medicaid, or SNAP (also known as Food Stamps). All you have to do is prove you are in one of these programs and you can get Prime for $5.99/month.

Short Term Plans

Have you already had Prime in the past, but you don’t want to sign up for a year? You can sign up with a monthly membership to allow you to get Prime benefits during Prime Day. The monthly fee is only $12.99, which you can easily earn back in Prime Day Savings. Just make sure to cancel your membership before the end of the month so your card is not charged again.

Share With Family And Friends

Sharing is caring, and Amazon Household allows you to do just that. With Amazon Household, two adults, or even an adult and a teen, can link their Amazon accounts together to form a household. The adults retain their separate accounts but agree to share the Amazon Prime fees. This is a great way to save on memberships!

Set An Alarm

You don’t want to miss this event, trust us. And we know motherhood can be a busy and hectic experience. Heck, I can’t count the times I have forgotten to take the clothes out of the washer, much less remembered the dates of a sale.

So set your alarm right now. Although it seems Amazon has not officially announced when Prime Day will be, many sources are predicting it will start July 10th since this is the second Tuesday of July, the day when previous sales were held (2). If the sale follows last year’s trend, you will actually be able to start shopping on the evening of July 9th.

Yay for shopping when the kids are in bed!

Make a List

With hundreds of items going on sale, it is easy for your mouse — and your budget — to get out of control fast. This is why we suggest creating a list of things you want to purchase ahead of time. You can do this on Amazon’s site as well. That way, you’ll know what you want to spend and won’t go overboard.

Also, many deals will be available to see 24 hours before the sale launches, so keep an eye out and use those product previews to make your list.

Don’t Be Too Brand Loyal

You might be disappointed to find that an item you wanted did not go on sale in the brand you wanted. But if you expand your horizons a little, you might find a similar item at a deep discount. So, if the Kitchen Aid tea kettle doesn’t go on sale, try the Cuisinart one instead. The items regularly cost similar prices, have similar reviews, and look just as good on your stovetop.

Lightning Deals Are The Main Thing

Spotlight Deals are the main deals on Prime Day. These deals include the top brands, the most popular items, and the largest inventory. These deals, unlike Lightning Deals, last until all items are sold out.

Lightning Deals Are Your Friend

Lightning deals are amazing, the discounts are deep, and the products are awesome. But the kick is that they only have a limited supply and last for only five minutes, which is not a lot of time to do your shopping.

However, you can view Lightning Deals 24 hours before they are launched, and you can go ahead and put the item both in your list and in your cart. Lightning lists in your “list” on Amazon will ping you when they go live, ensuring you don’t miss out.

You Can Also Ask Alexa

Do you have an Alexa device? This is Amazon’s handy-dandy virtual assistant that can do everything from play music to order your goodies. If you own one, Alexa might be of help when it comes to this year’s Prime Day.

Last year, Amazon rolled out some Alexa-exclusive deals. They also rolled out some extra savings through Alexa on products available online. These discounts are limited to one product per account, but the savings are worth it. And who needs 37 televisions anyway?

The Savings Await

Having a baby who was born in October, Amazon Prime Day has been a lifesaver for me. I can buy all his birthday stuff at a discount while also getting a jump start on my Christmas shopping (yes, I’m one of those moms). But whether you’re looking for a new Keurig or some windshield wiper fluid, Amazon Prime Day can be a savings godsend for any mama.

Do you have any tips for getting the best deals and discounts during Prime Day sales? Leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear your ideas. And don’t forget to share this article with all of your frugalista friends. Everyone loves a good deal; we just want to help you find them.


What are the Perks of Amazon Prime Day?

Tons of items are going to be on sale on Amazon Prime Day. Not to mention, Prime Day is when Amazon has some of their best sales going on.

It isn’t just AmazonBasics or other Amazon products that are going to be marked down, either. Other companies that sell on Amazon will want to get in on all the deals, too.

Do You Really Save Money On Amazon Prime Day?

Yes, Amazon Prime Day can save you more money than you’d expect! Prime Day is an awesome time to get birthday and early Christmas shopping done-especially if you want to buy any Amazon-exclusive products.

Amazon products like the Kindle Fire and Echo Dot will be cheaper on Prime Day than they’ll be all year.

If you’re not sure if Prime is a good fit for you but you still want to take advantage of all the Prime Day deals, sign up for a free trial. Amazon lets everyone have a free 30-day trial with their new Prime membership.

Does Everything Go On Sale On Prime Day?

Not everything goes on sale on Prime Day, but the majority of popular items will be. AmazonBasics? Amazon exclusive products? Tons of big name brands? They’ll all be on sale.

You have to account for independent sellers and small businesses who won’t be participating in the sales on Prime Day, but even then, some of those sellers will be marking down prices. Enough items will be on sale that it’s worth it to at least check out the deals in case there is something you’ve been looking for.

Does Prime Give You Free Shipping?

Prime does give you free shipping. In fact, Prime gives you free two-day shipping, so you won’t be waiting around forever for your products to arrive.

Not every item on Amazon is eligible for free shipping with Prime, but so many products can be shipped free that the membership is often worth the price.

If you’re a frequent Amazon customer, then a Prime account will usually save you a lot of money and unnecessary wait times.

Is Amazon Prime Day the Same Day Every Year?

No, which is kind of confusing. Usually, Prime Day is held sometime in June, but one year it was in October. Amazon’s birthday is June 15th, which is why the unofficial internet holiday takes place in late spring.

When is Prime Day this year?

The official date for 2023 hasn’t been announced but expect it to be around June 11th.

Does Prime Day End at Midnight?

Let’s say Prime Day is June 11th this year. In that case, Prime Day would start at midnight when June 10th is turning into the 11th. Prime “Day” actually lasts for a full two days, so in this case, Prime Day would end at midnight on the 13th.

Make sure you’re keeping up with updates about Prime Day so you don’t miss your 48-hour window for sales!

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