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200 Delightful Last Names That Start With D: With Meanings

These last names that start with D are truly dynamic!

Are you curious about last names that start with D, or just want to understand more about the diverse world of surnames?

Look no further! In this article, you’ll find gorgeous last names starting with D from around the globe, offering unique origins, meanings, and fascinating family histories.

Whether you’re exploring your family’s origins or are simply fascinated by the stories behind names, join us on a delightful journey through the rich tapestry of surnames, starting with D.

33 Common Last Names That Start With D

Here are some last names starting with D you’ve likely come across before!

  1. Dale – this 4-letter surname means “valley” in Old English, indicating residence near a valley.
  2. Dalton – is derived from a place name that means “valley town” in Old English.
  3. Daniels – an English surname meaning “son of Daniel,” widely used in the United States.
  4. Davenport – meaning “market town,” Davenport is associated with the English aristocracy.
  5. Davidson – in English, this classic surname means “son of David,” associated with comedian Pete Davidson.
  6. Davis – a prevalent surname of English origin, meaning “son of David.”
  7. Dawson – meaning “son of Daw,” Dawson is a cool surname and given name for boys.
  8. Day – this lovely 3-letter surname was originally a diminutive of David, also associated with daytime.
  9. Dean – from the Middle English “dene” (valley), associated with iconic actor James Dean.
  10. De Jong – this Dutch surname meaning “young” is widely used in the Netherlands.
  11. De Leon – suggests familial origins in the Leon region of Spain.
  12. Dell – a somewhat common English surname referencing a “small valley” or “glen.”
  13. Dennis – a surname from the given name, referring to Dionysos, the Greek god of wine.
  14. Dermody – a common surname in Ireland, meaning “descendant of Diarmaid.”
  15. Devi – this Sanskrit surname meaning “goddess” is commonly used by Indian women without a family name.
  16. Dexter – this surname is popular in English-speaking countries, meaning “skilled.”
  17. Diaz – this Spanish surname meaning “son of Diego” is very common in Latin America.
  18. Dickinson – an English surname meaning “son of Dicun,” borne by poet Emily Dickinson.
  19. Dixon – this surname meaning “son of Dick” is prevalent in English-speaking regions.
  20. Dobbs – from the medieval name Dobbe, an English diminutive of Robert.
  21. Dobson – an English surname meaning “son of Robert,” with Robert meaning “bright fame.”
  22. Dominguez – prevalent in Spain and Latin America, Dominguez means “son of Domingo” in Spanish.
  23. Donaghue – is derived from the Irish personal name Donnchadh (brown warrior).
  24. Donalds – a powerful surname for a future world leader, meaning “ruler of the world” in Scottish.
  25. Donnelly – means “brown valor” in Irish, linked to Niall of the Nine Hostages descendants.
  26. Donovan – from the Old Irish “donn” (brown) and “dub” (dark), meaning “dark brown.”
  27. Douglas – meaning “dark river” or “black stream,” Douglas is linked to Scottish nobility.
  28. Downs – in Old English, Downs means “hill,” indicating someone’s residence.
  29. Doyle – a mysterious choice among our D last names, meaning “dark stranger” in Irish.
  30. Duane – in Irish, this is an Anglicized form of Ó Dubháin, meaning “little dark one.”
  31. Duncan – this Gaelic surname meaning “brown battle” was borne by two Scottish kings.
  32. Dunn -meaning “brown” in Irish, Dunn was originally chosen for those with dark hair or features.
  33. Duran – this surname comes from the given name Durand in Catalan and southern French.

99 Unique Last Names Starting With D

Discover these rare surnames starting with D, with fascinating meanings and histories.

  1. Dabblestone – this uncommon and whimsical surname is a combination of the two English words.
  2. Dagostino -an Italian family name initially given to a “son of Agostino.”
  3. Dalgaard – from the Old Norse “dalr” (valley) and “garðr” (yard, farmstead).
  4. Dalmat – a Croatian surname associated with the Dalmatian coast, suggesting coastal charm and regional heritage.
  5. Dam – this 3-letter Dutch and Danish surname means “dike” or “dam.”
  6. Dane – indicating a person from Denmark, referencing Danish origin or nationality.
  7. Danzig – a Jewish surname linked to Gdańsk, Poland’s main port, initially acquired by merchants and residents.
  8. D’Aramitz – this surname references someone from Aramits, a commune in France.
  9. Darrell – derived from the Norman French D’Airel, originally denoting a person from Airelle in France.
  10. Darzi – in Persian, this occupational surname means “tailor.”
  11. Das – this Sanskrit surname means “servant” or “devotee,” signifying a cultural or religious connection to service.
  12. Daubney – inspired by various towns in France called Aubigny.
  13. Debenham – originally for people from Debenham in Suffolk, derived from the River Deben and “ham” (home).
  14. Dedrick – from the given name Dederick, an older form of Derek, meaning “ruler of the people.”
  15. DeGarmo – the Americanized form of French “de Garmeaux,” possibly linked to a place in Normandy.
  16. De Haan – this Dutch surname meaning “rooster” likely originated from someone with rooster-related characteristics.
  17. Dekker – means “roofer” or “thatcher” in Dutch, reflecting this family’s occupational history.
  18. Delfino – an Italian word for “dolphin,” symbolizing intelligence and a love for the sea.
  19. Dellenbach – in German, Dellenbach means “deep stream,” giving it a lovely association with nature.
  20. Demirci – a strong option among surnames starting with D, meaning “blacksmith” in Turkish.
  21. Demirtas – in Turkish, Demirtas is derived from “demir” (iron) and “tas” (rock, stone).
  22. Dempster – from Scottish meaning “judge,” indicating historical ties to judicial or legal roles.
  23. Denali – from the Native Alaskan language Koyukon meaning “the great one,” linked to a national park.
  24. Denholm – of English origin, Denholm means “valley island,” embodying quiet strength.
  25. Dennard – derived from the Old English “denu” (valley) and “ford” (river-crossing).
  26. Denton – this lovely English pick originally referenced people who settled in valleys.
  27. Denzil – inspired by Denzell, Cornwall, with uncertain meaning, adding an air of mystery.
  28. De Rege – an Italian variant of Rey, meaning “king,” giving it a regal flair.
  29. Derrickson – means “son of Derrick,” emphasizing familial lineage and paternal connection.
  30. De Santis – is the Italian form of Santo, meaning “saint” in Spanish and Portuguese.
  31. De Smet – a Flemish variant of Smit, meaning “metalworker” or “blacksmith.”
  32. De Snaijer – this Dutch form of Snyder means “tailor,” referencing the occupation.
  33. Dessler – a modern surname linked to Michelle Dessler from the action drama TV show 24.
  34. De Veen – the Dutch form of Van der Veen, meaning “from the swamp.”
  35. Devlin – from the Irish family name Ó Doibhilin, meaning “descendant of Doibhlin” or “unlucky.”
  36. De Vos – means “fox” in Dutch, derived from the Middle Low German surname Voss.
  37. Devos – is the Flemish form of Vos, meaning “fox.”
  38. De Vries – means “the Frisian” in Dutch, indicating a connection to the region of Friesland.
  39. De Witte – in Dutch, De Witte means “the white,” often a nickname for someone with white hair.
  40. Di Antonio – means “son of Antonio” in Italian, suggesting familial lineage.
  41. Dickens – a diminutive of Dick associated with renowned writer Charles Dickens.
  42. Dickerson – a powerful choice among last names starting with D, meaning “brave ruler” in German.
  43. Dickman – this Old English surname combines “dic” (ditch) and “man” (person), indicating a ditch digger.
  44. Diefenbach – in German, this unique surname means “deep creek.”
  45. Dierickx – a strange Flemish option among last names that start with D, meaning “son of Dirk.”
  46. Dimaggio – in Italy, this was originally a surname for a child born in the month of May.
  47. Di Martino – this classic Italian surname is derived from the given name Martino.
  48. Dimov – a Bulgarian surname meaning “son of Dimo,” indicating paternal lineage.
  49. Dinsmoor – from Scotland meaning “hill fortress,” suggesting a familial association with strategic locations.
  50. Di Pasqua – means “of Easter” in Italian, indicating a connection to the Easter holiday.
  51. Disney – originating from Isigny, a French town and famously borne by Walt Disney.
  52. Dobashi – this unique Japanese surname means “ground” or “field.”
  53. Dobos – from the Hungarian word “dob” (drum), initially for a drum player or maker.
  54. Dobrev – in Bulgarian, this lovely family name means “good water.”
  55. Dobrinka – another Bulgarian option among last names starting with D, meaning “good river.”
  56. Doctor – in Latin, this prestigious surname originally meant “teacher” or one with medical expertise.
  57. Dodge – derived from Dogge, a medieval English diminutive of Roger.
  58. Doherty – means “descendant of Dochartach” in Irish, from the nickname Dochartach (obstructive, resistant).
  59. Dohman – this strong German surname comes from the given name Thomas (twin).
  60. Doležal – a humorous option among last names that start with D, meaning “lazy person” in Czech.
  61. Dong – means “direct” or “supervise” in Chinese, reflecting leadership or a managerial role.
  62. Donne – from the Gaelic “donn” (brown), originally given to those with brown hair.
  63. Dorell – an uncommon option among surnames beginning with D as a unique form of Darrell.
  64. Doubek – means “small oak,” derived from the Czech word “dub” (oak).
  65. Downard – a diminutive of Downhead in Somerset or Donhead in Wiltshire, England.
  66. Downer – an English surname denoting residence on or near a “down,” an elevated area or hill.
  67. Doyenarte – this unique medieval Basque surname means “a place near the forest.”
  68. Draganov – means “son of Dragan” in Bulgarian, with Dragan being a common given name.
  69. Dragić – a Slavic patronymic surname derived from names beginning with Drag.
  70. Dragon – a French and English surname, possibly from a nickname for a fiery individual.
  71. Draven – this spooky 6-letter last name was initially used in the action film The Crow.
  72. Draycott – from the Old English “draeg” (close by) and “cott” (a dwelling place).
  73. Drayton – with Old English roots, Drayton means “portage settlement” and is associated with several English towns.
  74. Drechsler – means “turner” or “lathe worker” in German, related to woodworking.
  75. Dreher – from Middle High German “drehen” (turner, lathe worker).
  76. Dreschner – this German surname means “to thresh,” referencing a person who separates grain.
  77. Dresden – the name of a German city, meaning “settlement of people in the forest.”
  78. Drexler – a German and Jewish variation of Drechsler, associated with woodworking.
  79. Dries – from the given name Dries, a Dutch short form of Andrew.
  80. Du – a Chinese surname meaning “prevent” or referencing the birch leaf pear tree.
  81. Duarte – in Portuguese and Spanish, Duarte means “wealthy guardian” or “protector of prosperity.”
  82. Dubanowski – this family name indicates a person from Dubinowo, a Jewish colony in Belarus.
  83. Dùbhghlas – the complex Scottish Gaelic form of Douglas.
  84. Dubicki – initially given to someone from the town of Dubica in Poland.
  85. Duff – the Anglicized form of Mac Dhuibh, a Gaelic surname meaning “son of the dark one.”
  86. Dunajski – derived from the Polish “Dunaj,” the name for the Danube River.
  87. Dunkel – in German, Dunkel means “dark,” which is likely a descriptive name for someone with dark features.
  88. Dunleavy – this rare Irish surname either means “brown-haired man” or “chieftain,” radiating authority.
  89. Dunlop – from Scottish, meaning “muddy hill,” related to the family’s residence.
  90. Dunmire – this rare surname is traced to medieval Scotland, meaning “large fortress.”
  91. Dunsworth – an English name suggesting a dwelling in or near a hill.
  92. Duvinsky – a Ukrainian or Slovakian habitational surname from places named with “dub” (oak).
  93. Drazkowski – this Polish habitational surname is associated with a place called Drążek.
  94. Drummond – from the Gaelic “drumainn,” meaning “ridge,” giving it a strong yet natural feel.
  95. Duncombe – means “valley settlement” in English, evoking images of picturesque landscapes.
  96. Duneworth – a rare variant of Dungworth, associated with Dungworth in Yorkshire, England.
  97. Dungworth – an English surname from “dung” (manure) and “woth” (enclosure), suggesting a connection to agriculture.
  98. Dymond – an English variant of “diamond,” symbolizing strength, brilliance, and endurance.
  99. Dynhart – this fictional 7-letter surname is a fusion of “dynamic” and “heart.”

68 Beautiful Surnames Starting With D

These gorgeous last names beginning with D will add elegance to any name!

  1. Dalí – means “noble” and is associated with the famous Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dalí.
  2. Dantzler – an occupational surname for a dancer, derived from the Middle High German word “danzære.”
  3. Darcy – originates from Bois-d’Arcy, France, and is famously linked to the character in Pride and Prejudice.
  4. Darnell – derived from the Old French “darnel,” referencing a type of grass or weed.
  5. Darrow – an intriguing option among surnames starting with D, from the Gaelic “darach” (oak tree).
  6. Da Silva – this sophisticated Portuguese surname means “of the forest,” connected to nature and tranquility.
  7. Davignon – a gorgeous 8-letter French surname from David, meaning “beloved.”
  8. Davila – with Spanish and Portuguese origins, Davila possibly comes from the word “avila” (enclosure).
  9. Dawkins – indicates a patronymic link to the name David, emphasizing a family’s connection.
  10. Deighton – an Old English surname combining “dic” (ditch) and “tun” (enclosure, town).
  11. De La Fuente – means “of the fountain,” suggesting residence near a fountain or water source.
  12. De Klerk – from the Dutch “klerk” (clerk), related to the English Clark.
  13. Delacroix – in French, Delacroix means “of the cross,” which is linked to the Christian symbol.
  14. Delamarre – a lovely French option, meaning “of the pond” or “of the sea.”
  15. Delaney – from the Norman French “de l’aunaie” (from the alder grove), connecting it to natural surroundings.
  16. De Laurentis – this elegant Italian surname means “son of Lorenzo,” suggesting family heritage.
  17. Del Bosque – means “from the woods” in Spanish, giving it a connection to beautiful forests.
  18. Dellucci – this surname beginning with D suggests a connection to the city of Lucca in Italy.
  19. Delvecchio – in Italian, this lovely title means “of the old one” or “of the old place.”
  20. Demir – this lovely 5-letter Turkish surname means “iron,” initially referring to ironworkers.
  21. Deniau – a lovely French form of the surname Daniels.
  22. Denis – this cute French surname comes from the given name Denis or Dennis.
  23. Descoteaux – in French, Descoteaux translates to “from the hillside.”
  24. Desjardins – means “from the gardens” from the French “jardin” (garden).
  25. Desroches – means “from the rocks” in French, suggesting an ancestral connection to rocky landscapes.
  26. Desrosiers – in French, this floral D surname means “from the rose bushes.”
  27. Devin – from the Old French “devin” (divine, seer, fortune teller), giving it a mystical quality.
  28. Diamante – means “diamond,” symbolizing strength, brilliance, and enduring beauty in Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.
  29. Dias – a familial surname meaning “son of Diogo” in Portuguese.
  30. Diaz de Leon -this regal-sounding family name means “son of Leon” in Spanish.
  31. Dibra – from the Albanian name for Debar, a city in Macedonia.
  32. Di Caprio – references the island of Capri, possibly from the Latin “capra” (goat) or Greek “kapros” (wild boar).
  33. Di Nardo – a noble Italian surname originating in Tuscany.
  34. Dinsmore – an English surname indicating someone from a fortified hill or fortress.
  35. Dior – possibly from the French “doré” (golden), associated with iconic fashion designer Christian Dior.
  36. Domingo– from the given name Domingo, meaning “of the Lord,” giving it religious significance.
  37. Donati – this Italian surname comes from the given name Donato, meaning “gifted” or “given.”
  38. Doran – this classic Irish surname means “exile” or “wanderer.”
  39. Dorsey – means “from Orsay,” tied to a town near Paris, France.
  40. Dowling – comes from Ó Dúnlaing, an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Dúnlang.”
  41. Downing – an English surname likely derived from Dunning, referencing the settlement of Dunn’s people.
  42. Drake – from Old Norse (Draki) or Old English (Draca), both meaning “dragon.”
  43. Draper – an occupational surname from the French “draper,” meaning “a maker or seller of woolen cloth.”
  44. Driftwood – suggests a connection to coastal areas, possibly tied to occupations like fishing or shipping.
  45. Driscoll – in Irish, Driscoll means “descendant of the messenger,” referencing a herald or news bearer.
  46. Drystan – an unusual option among D last names, as the Welsh form of Tristan.
  47. Dubois – this 6-lettered beauty means “from the forest” in French.
  48. Duchamp – means “from the fields” in French, borne by influential French artist Marcel Duchamp.
  49. Ducharme – in French, this beautiful family name means “by the hornbeam (tree).”
  50. Dudley – means “Dudda’s clearing” in Old English, linked to a noble family.
  51. Dufort – means “from the fort” in French, signifying a historical connection to a fortress.
  52. Dufour – a French occupational surname for a baker, originating from the French word “four” (oven).
  53. Dufresne – a French surname, Dufresne signifies “from the ash tree,” symbolizing strength and endurance.
  54. Duggan – is the Scottish and Irish variant of Dugan (small dark one).
  55. Duguay – means “from the ford” in French, indicating a connection to a river crossing.
  56. Duke – from the Latin “dux” (leader), initially a noble title, later a nickname for duke-like behavior.
  57. Dukes – indicates descent from a person with the given name Duke, signifying noble ancestry.
  58. Dulcet – from the Old French doucet (sweet, pleasant), perfect for a sweet family.
  59. Dulcinea – derived from the Spanish “dulce” (sweet), associated with the heroine from Don Quixote.
  60. Duluth – from the French word “du luth,” meaning “of the lute,” referencing the musical instrument.
  61. Dumas – this wholesome surname means “from the farm” and is linked to author Alexandre Dumas.
  62. Dumont – a good surname for nature lovers, meaning “from the mountain” in French.
  63. Dumoulin -in French, Dumoulin means “little mill,” suggesting an association with the milling profession.
  64. Dunstan – means “dark stone” in Old English, giving it a spooky feel.
  65. Durham – this 6-letter family name means “hill island,” associated with a city in North Carolina.
  66. Dussault – with French origins, Dussault references families historically living near a willow tree.
  67. Duval – a classy option among last names starting with D, meaning “from the valley” in French.
  68. Duvalle – this French title is associated with picturesque landscapes, meaning “from the valley.”

Last Names That Start With D FAQs

What Are the 10 Rarest Last Names Starting With D?

Some of the rarest last names that start with D include options like Dunstan, meaning “dark stone,” Dreiser, associated with woodworking, and Duquette, meaning “little leader” in French. Danhauer is an occupational surname for a tavern owner, Devers references “green landscapes,” and Dallaire means “from the alder groves.” Additionally, there is Dziuban, a Polish name meaning “beak,” referencing birds, and Dobrinka, meaning “good river” in Bulgarian. These unique D last names have fascinating histories and unique meanings, offering insights into the family’s occupation, residence, and more.

Why Do Italian Last Names Start With D?

Italian last names starting with D, like Di Matteo or De Luca, often originate from a practice called patronymics, where names indicate the father’s first name. “Di” means “of” or “from,” linking the person to their father, while “De” suggests a connection to a particular place or profession. This tradition helps trace family lineage and regional affiliations. So, Italian last names beginning with D offer a glimpse into familial ties and historical roots, enriching the understanding of Italian heritage with each distinctive name.

What Are the Most Beautiful French Names Beginning With D?

There’s a wealth of beautiful French surnames starting with D. Delacroix, meaning “of the cross,” and Dupont, translating to “of the bridge,” radiate elegance. Dufresne, from “of the ash tree,” and De La Fontaine, meaning “of the fountain,” add sophistication. Options like Durand, with its regal sound, and Dubois, evoking woodsy charm, provide a peek into the diverse beauty of French heritage. Many French last names beginning with D boast a melodic and enchanting quality, making them exceptionally lovely and reflective of French culture.

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