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200+ Beautiful Last Names That Start With B

These last names that start with B are brilliant, beguiling, and bright.

Are you blessed enough to have a last name starting with B? If so, you’ll adore this comprehensive roundup. We’ve included rare and popular surnames starting with B, so there’s a good chance you’ll find your surname.

We’ve also included some fun facts, origins, and fascinating history. Everyone wants to know more about their past, and with this collection of surnames, you’ll unlock pieces to your puzzle. Sit back and relax; the best last names that start with B are coming right up.

70 Foreign Last Names That Start With B

These exotic last names starting with B are bonita!

  1. Babcock – joining the ranks of 7-letter surnames, meaning “son of Bab” in English.
  2. Baca – an Albanian surname traditionally given to the oldest brother or son of the oldest brother.
  3. Baccaros – of Italian origin, an occupational surname for cowherders or ranchhands.
  4. Badillo – means “ford” in Spanish and was first given to families dwelling near rivers.
  5. Baez – a common Hispanic patronymic title meaning “son of Pelayo,” meaning “of the sea.”
  6. Balderas – a bold respelling of Valderas, meaning “from the threshing floor” in Spanish.
  7. Balderrama – hailing from Spain, a habitational title for those from Valderas.
  8. Baltazar – among religious last names that start with B, pointing to the Three Wise Men.
  9. Banuelos – a habitational surname derived from “banos,” meaning “baths” in Spanish.
  10. Barahona – refers to those living in Barahona, a city in the Dominican Republic.
  11. Barajas – of Spanish origin, an ambiguous surname rumored to mean “watering hole” or “fenced.”
  12. Barboza – a unique respelling of Barbosa, which means “goat’s beard” in Spanish.
  13. Barcia – a topographical Albanian title that means “cultivated land close to the river.”
  14. Barrera – means “barrier” in Spanish and is traditionally given to families living near gates.
  15. Barrientos – of Spanish origin, meaning “barrier” and “loamy,” pointing to fertile soil.
  16. Barrios – hailing from Spain, meaning “outlying suburb,” perfect for country bumpkins.
  17. Barros – a Spanish and Portuguese title that means “clay loam,” an ideal crop soil.
  18. Batista – joins the ranks of biblical surnames starting with B, connected to John the Baptist.
  19. Battaglia – an Italian title that means “fight” or “battle,” often given to soldiers.
  20. Bautista – the Spanish word for “baptist,” pointing to Christ’s cousin, John the Baptist.
  21. Bazan – of Spanish origin, meaning “pheasant,” symbolizing majesty and beauty.
  22. Beau – a French surname that doubles as a moniker for a boyfriend or handsome man.
  23. Beauchamp – of French origin, a habitational surname given to those dwelling near beautiful meadows.
  24. Beebe – an English title first appearing in Leicestershire, meaning “bee keeper’s place.”
  25. Beil – is of German origin, an occupational surname for those who made ax heads.
  26. Bello – an Italian, Spanish, and Latin pick, meaning “handsome” and “beautiful.”
  27. Beltran – the Spanish version of Bertram, meaning “bright famous” and “raven.”
  28. Benitez – means “son of Benedictus” in Spanish, connected to blessings and benedictions.
  29. Benoit – a French surname meaning “blessing,” pronounced “ben-WAH.”
  30. Bermudez – means “son of Bermudo” in Spanish, often connected to wrestler Alfredo Bermudez.
  31. Bernardo – a Portuguese title meaning “strong as a bear,” ideal for mighty clans.
  32. Betz – a German patronymic surname for relatives of Berthold and Bernhard.
  33. Bey – a short respelling of Beye, meaning “storyteller” in German and Dutch.
  34. Bianchi – of Italian origin, meaning “white” or “pure white.”
  35. Biano – taken from Fabius, a Latin surname meaning “pearl,” “bean-shaped object,” or “granule.”
  36. Bischoff – of German origin, an occupational surname for bishops or priests.
  37. Blanchett – a French title initially given to makers of white cloth, borne by actress Cate Blanchett.
  38. Blanco – of Spanish and German origin, meaning “bright white,” given initially to fair-haired families.
  39. Bledsoe – means “mound” in English, given to families dwelling in hilly areas.
  40. Bocanegra – a Spanish surname doubling as a moniker for sassy men.
  41. Boehm – hailing from Germany, meaning “from Bohmen” and “homeland.”
  42. Bolanos – a Hispanic surname that means “stone cannonballs” or “stone shots.”
  43. Bolduc – taken from Bois-le-Duc, a popular city in France, pronounced “bohl-DOO.”
  44. Boles – a simple respelling of Boyles, an Irish surname for those who made bowls
  45. Bonilla – of Spanish origin, a habitational title for those from Bonilla, Spain.
  46. Bono – taken from Bonus, meaning “good” in Latin, borne by singer and activist Bono.
  47. Borja – a Spanish habitational surname for families who dwelled near towers.
  48. Borrego – means “lamb” in Spanish and Portuguese, but can also be a moniker for a kind person.
  49. Bostick – is of English origin, a funny surname meaning “outlying farm” and “lime tree.”
  50. Boucher – the French word for “butcher” and “slaughter,” ideal for meat-loving families.
  51. Boudreaux – an edgy variant of Boudreau, meaning “messenger” in French.
  52. Bourgeois – a French surname that means “freeman of a fortified town.”
  53. Bracco – of Italian origin, meaning “hunting dog,” given to men with dogish features.
  54. Bravo – a Spanish and Italian surname meaning “good,” “skillful,” and “brave.”
  55. Brito – of Portuguese, Spanish, and Galician origin, meaning “from Brito.”
  56. Brittain – a beautiful respelling of Britain, traditionally given to those from Brittany.
  57. Bronson – hailing from the U.K., meaning “son of Brown” or “son of the brown one.”
  58. Broome – of English origin, meaning “broom,” but can refer to those from Brome, Germany.
  59. Broussard – an elegant respelling of Brossard, meaning “brush maker” in French.
  60. Bruno – means “polished” and “brown” in German, as mentioned in Disney’s Encanto.
  61. Buchanan – of Scottish origin, meaning “of the canon” and “home.”
  62. Buell – a German habitational title meaning “hill dweller.”
  63. Bueno – the Spanish word for “good,” ideal for classy, high-achieving families.
  64. Buenrostro – among the longest last names starting with B, meaning “good face” in Spanish.
  65. Bui – joins the ranks of 3-letter Chinese surnames, meaning “long garment.”
  66. Burdette – taken from Burdo, a German surname given to mule caretakers.
  67. Burgos – a Spanish habitational title referring to families dwelling near Burgos in Castile.
  68. Bushee – of French and Irish origin, meaning “from the bushes” or “bush-like.”
  69. Bustamante – a distinguished Spanish surname meaning “pasture of Amantius.”
  70. Bustos – means “meadow” and “willow” in Spanish, invoking images of serene fields.

70 Popular Last Names Starting With B

These famous last names, starting with B, will blow your mind.

  1. Bailey – of English origin, meaning “bailiff” and “steward,” can also refer to members of law enforcement.
  2. Baker – an English occupational surname for those who baked bricks or bread.
  3. Ballou – a derivative of Balowulf, meaning “torment” and “wickedness” in German.
  4. Banks – of English origin, will remind hearers of money but truly refer to nature.
  5. Bard – a Scottish occupational surname given to poets, can also mean “battle ax.”
  6. Barnes – derived from Beorn, meaning “warrior,” was also given to those living near barns.
  7. Barney – an English habitational surname or a patronymic surname for relatives of Bernard.
  8. Baron – of Hebrew origin, meaning “noble landowner,” often associated with high-ranking officials.
  9. Bateman – a respelling of “boatman,” borne by actor Jason Bateman known for his role in Ozark.
  10. Bates – a moniker for Bartholomew, meaning “son of furrows” in Aramaic.
  11. Bauer – of German origin, meaning “friend” and “neighbor,” ideal for kindhearted families.
  12. Baum – a German surname meaning “tree,” most prevalent in Europe.
  13. Bay – an English moniker for a brown-haired man or a habitational surname for families living near bays.
  14. Beck – is among the most peaceful 4-letter surnames, meaning “brook” in German.
  15. Becker – of Dutch origin, meaning “baker of bread,” a tasty surname for any clan.
  16. Beer – a German and English surname for strong men, bound to remind anyone of a pub.
  17. Bell – an English occupational surname for bell ringers or bell makers.
  18. Bellamy – of Latin origin, meaning “handsome,” and can also point to families from Belleme.
  19. Bennett – taken from Benedictus, meaning “blessed,” associated with religious services.
  20. Bentley – means “bent grass” and “woodland” in English and will remind hearers of cars.
  21. Bentz – a rare variation of Benz, meaning “bear” and “war banner.”
  22. Bernier – of French origin, meaning “bear army,” given to the best soldiers.
  23. Bevins – a Welsh surname meaning “son of Evan,” a form of John.
  24. Bingham – of British origin, pointing to those dwelling near “hollow homesteads.”
  25. Bixler – the ideal surname for those who like the “X” factor, meaning “wooded area” in English.
  26. Black – of English and Scottish origin, doubling as a moniker for raven-haired men.
  27. Blackwell – an English surname for clans dwelling near dark colored pools.
  28. Blake – is of English and Scottish origin, meaning “swarthy” and “dark-haired.”
  29. Blanchard – a French surname meaning “whitish” and “bordering on white.”
  30. Blanke – of French origin, meaning “fair,” often given to those with pale skin.
  31. Blankenship – a respelling of Blenkinsopp, pointing to homeowners living near Cairn.
  32. Bloom – will remind hearers of flowers, but was given to English iron workers.
  33. Blunt – of French origin, meaning “fair,” and English origin, meaning “dull.”
  34. Bode – means “messenger” and “representative” in Dutch.
  35. Bohannon – is the Americanized version of Ó Buadhachanáin, meaning “victorious” in Irish.
  36. Bolte – a derivative of Boltezar, also given to French flour sifters.
  37. Booker – an English occupational title for scholars, a fantastic 6-letter surname for nerds.
  38. Boss – taken from “bossu,” a crude French moniker for hunchbacked peasants.
  39. Boswell – of French origin, meaning “the village of Beuze,” borne by biographer James Boswell.
  40. Bourne – an English topographical title for families dwelling near streams.
  41. Bowers – of English origin, referring to bow makers or cottage owners.
  42. Boyd – a Scottish and Irish surname traditionally given to blondies.
  43. Bradford – means “broad ford” in English, a good surname for innovative families.
  44. Bradley – hailing from Britain, meaning “broad meadow,” perfect for free spirits.
  45. Brady – the Anglicization of Ó Brádaigh, meaning “spirited” and “broad” in Irish.
  46. Braggs – an Old English surname meaning “ostentatious” and “spirited.”
  47. Brandon – a handsome Celtic surname turned forename, meaning “king.”
  48. Brennan – of Irish origin, meaning “little raven,” symbolizing mystery and intrigue.
  49. Brenner – a French and German surname, meaning “to burn,” given to fire tenders.
  50. Bridges – hailing from the U.K., meaning “bridge-keeper” and “from Bruges.”
  51. Briggs – means “bridge” in English, given to those dwelling near prominent bridges.
  52. Bright – is an Old English option that means “bright” and “shining.”
  53. Bristowe – of English origin, meaning “from the fortified place” and is most prevalent in America.
  54. Brooks – means “brook” in Irish, a popular surname in soap operas.
  55. Brothers – of English origin, referring to someone who belonged to a guild or brotherhood.
  56. Brown – an Old English title for someone with a brown complexion or brunette hair.
  57. Browne – a classy respelling of Brown, given to those who preferred brown clothing.
  58. Bruce – is of Scottish, English, and French origin, meaning “from the willowlands.”
  59. Bryan – a variation of Brian, meaning “noble” and “high” in Irish.
  60. Bryant – taken from Bryan, meaning “virtuous” and “honorable” in English.
  61. Buffington – among the most unique English names beginning with B, means “village.”
  62. Burd – a variation of “bird” or “bord,” which means “beard” in Yiddish.
  63. Burns – taken from Ó Broin, meaning “burn house” in Irish.
  64. Burris – an Irish surname initially given to families dwelling near hills.
  65. Busch – of German origin, means “bush,” often connected to beer.
  66. Butler – a derivative of “butuiller,” a French term for someone in charge of the wine cellar.
  67. Butterfield – of English origin, meaning “open country” and “daisy field.”
  68. Buxton – an English surname that means “to brew stones” or “from the village Buxton.”
  69. Byers – means “someone who lives near a cattle shed” in Scottish.
  70. Bynum – a variation of Beynon, meaning “from the village of Beinum” in Dutch.

70 Unique Surnames Starting With B

These abstract B last names are unbelievably beautiful.

  1. Bacon – means “fight” in English, borne by actor Kevin Bacon, known for his role in Footloose.
  2. Baldwin – is of English and German origin, meaning “bold” and “brave.”
  3. Ball – an English patronymic surname for sons of Baldwin and Bald.
  4. Ballard – means “bald head” in English, an ironic title for clans with luscious locks.
  5. Baptiste – of Greek origin, meaning “one who washes,” connected to baptisms.
  6. Barker – an English occupational surname for those who tan leather.
  7. Barlow – a topographical surname that means “bare hillside” in English.
  8. Barn – of German, Irish, and English origin, given to those living near barns.
  9. Barrett – a fierce English and Irish surname meaning “warlike people.”
  10. Bartlett – derived from Batholomew, meaning “son of furrows” in Aramaic.
  11. Barton – of Old English origin, meaning “barley settlement,” borne by nurse Clara Barton.
  12. Bass – means “low short” and “thickset” in Middle English; can also be related to fish.
  13. Battle – a ferocious French surname meaning “warrior” and “man of the battle.”
  14. Baugh – a derivative of Bach, meaning “little” in Welsh.
  15. Baxter – an English occupational surname meaning “baker,” perfect for a family of sweeties.
  16. Beach – a variation of Bitsch, a German title for those living near streams.
  17. Bean – an English occupational surname for men who sold or grew beans.
  18. Beard – of English origin, a moniker for those with impressive beards.
  19. Beasley – taken from “beos,” an Old English word meaning “bent grass” and “woodland clearing.”
  20. Benedict – a Latin title initially given to relatives of Benedict, meaning “blessing.”
  21. Bernstein – of German origin, meaning “amber,” pointing to the precious stone.
  22. Berry – among the sweetest last names starting with B, given to British families from Bury.
  23. Berryman – an English topographical surname for families dwelling near castles.
  24. Best – a derivative of “beste,” meaning “the beast” in English, originating in the Middle Ages.
  25. Bethel – a biblical surname meaning “house of God,” used by many churches.
  26. Biddle – taken from Beadle, meaning “one who executes processes” in English.
  27. Bishop – means “overseer” in English, often referring to a clergymember.
  28. Blackmon – is a unique respelling of Blackman, pointing to dark-haired people.
  29. Blair – of Scottish origin, meaning “plain,” “field,” and “meadow.”
  30. Bland – an English title meaning “commotion,” giving this surname a stormy countenance.
  31. Bliss – of English origin, initially given to those with joyful attributes.
  32. Block – a derivative of “bloc,” pointing to woodworkers or bricklayers.
  33. Blount – an alternative spelling of Blunt, an English surname given to fair-haired men.
  34. Blue – a Scottish moniker for blue-eyed people, doubling as a rare surname.
  35. Blum – of German origin, meaning “flower,” often given to florists.
  36. Bobo – a 4-letter derivative of “baube,” which means “stammerer” in Latin.
  37. Bolden – of Scottish and Irish origin, meaning “dweller on top of the hill.”
  38. Bolton – a habitational English surname describing families from Bolton, England.
  39. Bond – of Norse origin, meaning “farmer,” taken from Bondi.
  40. Bonner – connected to “debonnaire,” a French title meaning “courteous” and “gentle.”
  41. Booth – of Scottish and English origin, traditionally given to those with small barns.
  42. Boston – an English habitational surname or a bustling city in Massachusetts.
  43. Bowie – means “fair-haired” in Irish, borne by musician David Bowie.
  44. Bowles – taken from Boll, meaning “steward” in English or “from Bouelles.”
  45. Bowman – an English and Scottish occupational title for skilled archers.
  46. Boyle – of Irish origin, derived from “geall,” meaning “pledge.”
  47. Brand – a shortened variation of Brando, meaning “sword” in German.
  48. Branham – a fancy Irish surname that means “sorrow,” perfect for the Emo family.
  49. Breedlove – an English surname with a debatable meaning; a rumored favorite for popular people.
  50. Brewer -is of English origin and an occupational surname for alemakers.
  51. Britt – short for Brigid, meaning “bright” and “exalted” in Scandinavian.
  52. Brock – of British origin, meaning “badger,” symbolizing wit and intellect.
  53. Brogan – taken from Ó’Brógáin, meaning “sturdy shoe” in Irish.
  54. Browning – of Scottish and English origin, traditionally given to brunettes.
  55. Brubaker – joins the ranks of 8-letter surnames, which means “from Brubach” in German.
  56. Buck – an English topographical title for families dwelling near beech trees.
  57. Bull – of English origin, a surname for men who could fight like bulls.
  58. Bullock – means “a young bull” in English, borne by actress Sandra Bullock.
  59. Burch – an Old English title that means “one who lives by the birch tree.”
  60. Burger – of Dutch, English, and German origin, bound to remind hearers of fast food.
  61. Burgess – a French occupational surname for members of the town council.
  62. Burr – a derivative of “burre,” a literary nickname for a clingy boyfriend.
  63. Burrell – of English and French origin, meaning “red-brown,” likely referring to hair color.
  64. Burton – an English option that means “fortified settlement,” borne by animator Tim Burton.
  65. Busby – of Scottish origin, meaning “village in the thicket” or “from Busby.”
  66. Bush – an English habitational surname for those living in bushes, borne by the political Bush family.
  67. Buss – a unique respelling of Bush, given to families who owned plenty of bushes.
  68. Butcher – an English and French occupational surname for butchers, borne by actor Paul Butcher.
  69. Bynes – among 5-letter surnames starting with B, meaning “from Byne” in English.
  70. Byrd – of English origin, given to bird catchers or someone with a great singing voice.

Last Names That Start With B FAQs

What Are Rare Last Names Starting With B?

Consider yourself unbelievably blessed if you have a rare last name starting with B. Obscure titles like Beer, Bacon, Buck, Bird, and Bean are some of the rarest options. Foreign titles are also rare in most parts of the world. Surnames that fall under this category include Banuelos, Barcia, Beau, and Benoit. Other unique picks include Blount, Bushee, Ballou, and Bode.

What Spanish Last Names Start With B?

Spanish last names starting with B are seen as handsome and elegant. Among the most notable Spanish surnames is Barcia, a fun twist on Garcia, given to those dwelling near water. Spanish surnames often include religious touches, with Baptiste being a prime example. Other honorable Hispanic surnames include Bazan, Blanco, Bocanegra, and Bolanos.

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