Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Review

Ameda Purely Yours Ultra Review (2017 Edition)

Last Updated July 24, 2017

Choosing a car might be an easier decision than breast pump shopping. There’s so many features to consider, and if you choose incorrectly, you might sour yourself on the whole breastfeeding experience.

If you’re considering Ameda, a popular breast pump brand, you’ll want to read this Ameda Purely Yours Ultra review to see if this pump lives up to its hype.


Product Overview

Moms who don’t have much time on their hands for pumping would be best off buying a double electric pump, like the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, if they plan to express milk several times a day.

This closed system has a Proven Airlock Protection feature to safeguard your baby’s health by keeping bacteria, viruses and even mold away from the breast milk you are pumping.

This set includes:

  • the breast pump unit
  • the milk collection system
  • a tote
  • a cooler bag
  • flanges
  • a power adapter
  • ice packs
  • milk storage bottles​


  • Inexpensive for a double electric pump.
  • Comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Closed system.


  • Tends to lose suction over time.
  • Noisy pumping experience.

Key Features

  • This is a closed system pump, and it uses the HygieniKit Milk Collection System
  • Large easy-to-use dials
  • Can be used for double pumping or single pumping
  • You can control the pumping phases, suction and speed
  • Two built-in bottle holders
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Every part that touches your breast milk is BPA free and DEHP free.
  • Comes with a small cooler and ice packs
  • You can use the pump with an included power cord or with 6 AA batteries.
  • The pump can also be used with a car adapter that can be bought separately.

The Benefits

It's Easy to Use

The Purely Yours Ultra pump is simple to figure out how to operate. Although it comes with instructions, you shouldn’t have any trouble figuring out which parts go where.

How to Use Ameda Purely Yours Ultra with HygieniKit

The built-in bottle holders are a great feature because the bottles used with some pumps are easy to tip over and spill. There’s nothing more frustrating than going through the time, expense and trouble of pumping, and watching all your hard work vanish right before your eyes when your collection bottle accidentally gets knocked over.

It's Very Portable

Although this pump is a little loud so it might not be a great option for pumping breast milk at work, it is extremely portable.

Because it is so lightweight and easy to pack up, it’s a good option for taking with you on vacations or weekend getaways.

If you choose to pump at work and you don’t like to draw attention to yourself, you might want to invest in the car adapter so you can express without having the telltale noise of the pump let everyone know what you are doing.

It's Safe & Easy to Clean

The system employs a silicone diaphragm which stops milk from flowing into the pump’s tubing. That means there is less chance your milk will become contaminated during future pumping sessions.

The HygieniKit has been approved by the FDA as a way to keep breast milk separated from outside air. It has Proven Airlock Protection to keep your breast milk safe and untainted.​

The closed system is a big perk because it amps up the safety of your breast milk for your baby. Plus, it makes cleaning the pump easier because fewer parts touch your breast milk – unlike some other pumps where milk sometimes flows back into the tubing. Less cleaning time makes for a happier mom.

How Does It Compare?

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Freemie Freedom

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First Years Quiet Expressions

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Who Should Buy This Pump?

Double electric breast pumps that provide enough suction to get the job done can be expensive. If you don’t have enough suction while breastfeeding, you won’t express as much milk and it might eventually cause you to kick breastfeeding to the curb.

Purely Yours Ultra offers the suction you need at a middle-of-the-road price.

The closed system ensures you won’t spend all your free moments during the day taking your breast pump apart and cleaning it.

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