37 Genius Parenting Hacks That Every Mom Needs To Know

From baby-proofing to play-time, 37 ways to fool other people into thinking you have this whole parenting thing figured out.

Bathroom & Cleaning Up

1. Put an end to snotty tissues everywhere around the house and in your pockets. Attach an empty tissue box to a full one using a rubber band.

From mommyshorts

2. Never get soap in your little one's eyes again by using a babies shower cap. 3 PCS Baby Shower Cap, Kids Bath Hat Shampoo Visor, Toddler Hair Washing Shield,...

3. Bathe your child in a laundry basket, so they don't slip into the water, and their toys don't float away.

From Reddit

4. Child proof your toilet paper rolls with a hair or elastic band to prevent your kids from TP'ing your house.

From ckandnate

5. Create a bath time baby rave by throwing some non-toxic glow sticks into the water

From racheldomisticated

6. Use toothpaste to remove permanent marker stains from wooden surfaces.

From spotremoval

7. Keep one of these in your handbag and effortlessly remove any stain from children's clothing using Tide To Go Instant Stain Remove Pens Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Liquid Pen, 3 Count

8. Use Painters Tape to prevent your little ones from locking themselves inside the bathroom.

From kidsactivitiesblog

9. Kids don't want to brush their teeth? Make it fun by adding these adorable Pete Dog Toothpaste Caps Spread Heads Toothpaste Caps - Toothpaste Pete Dog Cap

Food Time!

From instructables

11. Let your kids help you made a Cheerio necklace then use it to distract them next time you're out shopping.

From todaysthebestday

12. Save yourself a lot of money by making your own hands free breast pump bra.

From lil-miss

13. Prevent little hands and clothes from getting sticky by attaching cupcake or muffin holders to the bottom of Popsicle sticks.

From twentytwowords

From anwjohnston

15. Nobody likes accidentally eating a strawberry stem. Simply remove them for your kids using a straw.

From twentytwowords

16. Are your baby bibs are all in the wash? No problem. The dish towel bib is a cheap, absorbent and easy to come by alternative. Plus, you'll still have a use for them when your kids all grown up.

From kidsactivitiesblog

Play Time!

17. Use an empty inflatable pool as a play area for your child and their toys.

18) Keep your kids entertained on the go by transforming an empty DVD case into a portable art kit.

From tipjunkie

19. Make a super simple (yet cool!) play fort using only a bed sheet and a box fan.

From grosgrainfabulous

20. Use tape on a canvas and let your baby channel their inner Picasso.

From imgur

21. Use an empty egg carton to help your kids hold their cards when playing games like UNO or Go Fish.

From inlightofthetruth

22. Get arty in the garden using an old bed sheet

From callmemamaleisha

23. Connect young children with both their love of blocks and family using Mega Bloks and cut outs from old holiday cards.

From happilyevermom

Health & Safety

24. Baby proof sharp corners on the cheap using only Plumbing Foam Pipe and duct tape.

From instructables

25. Keep pacifiers clean when on the go using Souffle Cups or any other small container.

From cyndittha

26. Use a pool noodle covered in fabric to baby proof your crib. It's perfect for preventing babies from teething on the wood or falling and bumping their heads.

From babybumpapp

27. Having a difficult time giving your child their medicine? Cut a hole in their pacifier and use an eye dropper to give it to them hassle free.

From Pinterest

28. Cookie Cutter Cabinet Locks! Try saying that five times quickly; I dare you.

From redtri

29. Soothe your baby and take their temperature at the same time with this pacifier thermometer. Vicks Pacifier Thermometer

30. Sneak in and out of your babies room without making a peek. This DIY door latch cover requires no sewing and will keep your kiddo sleeping soundly.

From projectnursery

From twentytwowords

32. If all else fails, use this extensive Baby Proofing Checklist to make sure your house is a safe environment for your little bundle of joy.

From hellobee

Storage & Others

33. Stick a Command Utility Hook on the back of your high chair to hold bibs or cleaning supplies.

From definitelyjennifer

34. Get a Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Organizer to store toys and snacks for when you're on the go. Freddie and Sebbie Backseat Organizer - Luxury Backseat Car Organizer For Kids -...

35. Ever tried shoe shopping with a small kid? It's a nightmare. Trace their feet so you can do the shopping without having to bring them along.

From abeautifulruckus

36. Turn cheap tube socks into baby leg warmers.

From yourbabydays

37. Cut a sticker in half and put it inside your kids shoes to help them easily tell the left from the right.

From onecreativehousewife

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